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Apr. 30, 2007
My mother was born in Kansas, Ohio... My mother/father, grand parents/great grandparents are buried in the Kansas, Ohio cemetary. Many of my relative rest there.
- jamespdunn
I have lived in hubbard 4 a while and frekin love it!!!
- mogan
Haven't been there but Stoneridge looks like the place to live.
- ROZIE1970
Apr. 29, 2007
Just back from Galena for the first time. Impressive. Not many restored towns are so pristine looking. Very happy to find that Walmart is over the hill and no advertising points the way there. I am thinking of moving to Galena because the businesses are many but lack much quality. They mostly sell trinkets. I would like to open a business. What a successful weekend it was. The Boy Scouts were there for there annual pilgrimage complete with parade and American flags. I thought I had died on the way from Chicago and was in heaven.
- watcher
I am thinking about moving to the wayne county area and was wondering if any of the locals would care to share about their communities. The job market, schools, fun things to do etc. I am a waitress in fl. Thank you
- sharonbender

My name is Karen (Blankenship) Lantis and am looking for a childhood friend who graduated from Russell Springs Kentucky appx 1961. I would appreciate any information you may have on his whereabouts.
- Karenblankenship
My mother and sister just purchased a home in Woodbury
want to meet others from the area.
- mojitogirl
Ansel is a place that I enjoy greatly. Just this past Thursday I went fishing there. It is an amazing place just to go to and think, spend time outdoors, and admire nature.
- IceMasterEasthamJazz
Apr. 28, 2007
I have recently received a postcard from Vehicle Services of St. Peters. Does anyone know anything about this company?
- kagrell
My husband's grandmother and her family lived in this township in the early 1900's. I'd like to see if I can find out more about the area and the property records there.

Debbie Craig
- jdcraig8166
looks like a great place to raise a family. is it?
- johnnyH
Burrton is usually a quiet little town. The biggest assest of the community is it's investment in education. The school works closely with each and every student to promote his/her success.
- ksroadrunner
looks like a beautiful place.
- arabrab
If anyone would like to see and review the history of my personal standing water issue I have a personal blog that can be viewed at there is a slide show on it as well as the history of what has occurred. I need support and facts! Contact me at or respond to my blog. Thank you
- residentegv
I am looking for other residents in Elk Grove Village IL with standing water issues or knowledge about standing water on private property. I have had standing, algae filled water (6 inches at times) for over 6 months now, caused by, what I believe to be, our Village lacks in following up on what residents do on their properties, building sheds without permits, land fill, landscaping etc. Causing others to be a basin. I have spoken in front of our Village Board and am in need of further facts. I also believe that our Village's water table is rising, and the village chose not to expound on that point during the board meeting. I am in a dire situation with mosquito season around the corner and the concern I have and fear for my neighbors of West Nile Virus. Cook County was the number 1 count in IL last year for reported cases. I have and will continue to work with the NWMAD (mosquito abadement department) PLEASE HELP. Contact me at - THANK YOU
- residentegv
is it a nice place?
Whats the crime rate?
what kind of storms do you have?
Nearest town?
- evie458
Apr. 27, 2007
We are considering moving to Osage Beach Missouri and would like to know from local residents what businesses they think their town needs. We have made many trips and love the area and the people who live there. There is not much industry there and the way the condos are going up we are wondering if we should just focus on a service company like a Mr Fix It or Condo Cleaners. Any ideas of other businesses or what are your thoughts about those?
- rita13
I really enjoy visiting and fishing in the Warsaw area.
I have considered a vacation residence in the community.
A comfortable apartment would even be nice.
- fdgood
Grew up in this great little town. I always felt safe and cared for. Its not the same anymore as so many middle class families have left and second home buyers from NYC have bought property. They don't live there, don't send their children to school there, and don't patronize the businesses the way visitors to the area did in the past. Beautiful town no matter what!
- lar2brook
its a fun place to live
- Kontessa
there is nothing here. It is just a road. Near by Roberta should be county seat
- Randyarmon
I was once the female keyboard player who played at the Slab Inn in Post Falls in 1977. Sparky, Rex, and Dale were playing. A guy named Pat Crnich hung out there several nights a week. My roommate, DZ, came with me to most of my gigs. When I wasn't playing at the Slab Inn, we were visiting nearby places in Rathdrum and Coeur d'alene.

I've been back in Texas for twelve years, playing an occasonal gig and wondering whatever happened to those people from 1977 in Post Falls, Idaho?

- julietur
Apr. 26, 2007
I'm thinking about moving my family to Adams County, my daughter owns an arab & rides hunter/jumper & cross-country. Are there any English horse riders in the county? Thank you!
- cricket23
Does anyone know someone that went by either the Dutchman, the big Dutchman or Dutch from the 1940's?
- Dutchman
I recently visited the Elk Creek Vineyard Restaurant, and enjoyed a delicious lunch. The restaurant is unique and the employees were more than accomodating.

This restaurant was recommended by the Owen County Heath Inspector. My many thanks to her.
- grunge
I have lived in Tulia twice in my life and it is a great place to live! The people are close and very friendly.
I am concerned now for the welfare of my friends there, since the tornado that caused so much damage Sat., Apr. 21, 07.
If you have any information about the people in town, I would appreciate hearing about them. I have some very dear friends there.
- Leta
I'm looking for relatives who might be living in the Whitewater or Cape Giraradeau area. My great grandfather Joseph and wife Louisa lived in Whitewater.
Mary J, Frank David, Veni, Catherine were some of their children. Frank David would be my grandfather. He married Cora Belle Daughtery of Sedgewickville.

email me if you know any of these people
- jag136
Apr. 25, 2007
Hi I'm hoping to find someone with information about living in Conway AK
- mamasmith
I love Dandridge, TN. I have lived here for 10 years.
- Dragonaire
Apr. 24, 2007
Hello! Just checking on the old hometown. Is anyone still around out there? This is Patti Olson, now living in Colorado. Was wondering if anyone has heard from any of the old gang that grew up together there? You know, the ones who went to Oro Grande Elementary, played softball at the center, hung out at The Big Park. The good ol' days. If anyone has heard or seen any of the old gang, please let me know. The Bakers, The Green's, The Durant's, The Lopez's, The Sisk's. etc. etc. Thanks, Patti
- pattirhudson
As a kid I remember the Sugar Notch Rod & Gun Club or Conservation Club had a lake called Pat Boyle's. I was wondering what ever came of that lake and do they still have it? I remember my Dad and Uncles would get a badge they would wear to show they were members and a key to get in. Spent a many summers camping there and some great times at Pat Boyle's. Thanks for anyone that knows about Pat Boyle's and any memories they may have had. Fishing was not great but the area and atmosphere was second to none!
- patboyles
SLoan is the best place in the world. WIth all the great peopla and what not i wouldnt want to live any where else !!!.. thisplace is soo awesome form SLIZzoan park to the hoops at woodrow... i mean its soo great...!!!! everythings in walking distance so no problems if you dont drive !!.

peace !


sloan not just village, but a way of life!
- twotone
Help! I bought an adorable teddy bear with a tag that said it was from Adrian Antiques, Beaver Falls, PA. The tag sewn on to the bear stated that it was actually made by Adrian. Does anyone know anything about Adrian Antiques? Is there a section of your town called White Township? I think 30th Street? That's where the shop was located. I don't have the bear with me to say exactly what the tag read. I am hoping to date the bear somewhat and maybe find out a little bit about "Adrian". I don't know where to look for resources. Can anyone help? Jenny you can contact me at
- justjenny
My Dad's family lived in Big Bay, Michigan from 1918 to 1936 and I have quite a bit of information on the town at that time. Trying to connect with other interested people.
- chrismolson
Apr. 23, 2007
I am looking forward to visiting Caneadea, NY. My mother's family is from Caneadea where they lived in the late 1800s until their death. I grew up in SD but moved to New York state in 1968. My family and I live in Tully, NY.
I always wondered where Caneadea was and until yesterday, I realized it was in Allegany County where my youngest son lives going to Alfred University. He told me he has driven through Caneadea on his way to church.
I want to go to the cemetary and find the graves of my Great Great Grandparents, James and Henrietta Scribner.
Thanks, Nyla Hilfinger.
- nylanana
Been along time since I have been to Parkton. I was coming up 95 yesterday and all those road signs reminded me of the great people I knew there.
- classof67
Apr. 22, 2007
My third great grandfather was John Woodull who died in 1852 and is buried in Woodhull cemetery. Looking for information about his relationship to the town. Also interested in knowing if there are any of my relatives still living in the area.

Steve Stone
- saltyfrog
Free teen library programs: Monday night movies, Thursday afternoon Teen councel meetings, and Monday night summer programs.
- dirtclark
I am a family man with a wife and one child that is considering moving to the Heathsville area. I have lived in Metropolitan areas all my life and am in my mid-30s.
How are the schools? Job possibilities? Social scene?

We are simple people that love God, family and fun. Is this a good place to live? I also love golf. Any courses around?
- Rattlerrio
Property owerns invested in the Falcon Vista development. Do you have an interest in finding out what the MHCG Unsecured Creditors Committee (UCC-comprised mostly of lenders), El Paso County and others up to these days?--falconvistasense
- falconvistasense
I ran across this in an old journal ('96 or '97). It well defines Shepherdstown from the perspective of someone trying to scrape by . . . not from a DC transplant who would most likely refer to this same scenario as "quaint".


"Saturday afternoon, the riff-raff of tourists and crunchies was all but imbearable on German St."
- cheeks
Apr. 21, 2007
what a wonderful place
- lemansgirl
Has anyone found any Panther tracks?
- travisceo
Any one finding tracks of a large panther?
- travisceo
What's the deal with the girl from Fred who got run over up there. I never heard anything about it back in '05, now it's all over the news and the papers. Anybody hear about this before???
- gjohnston
Today my husband, mother, father and daughter drove to New Amsterdam, Indiana for their annual Rememberance Days. From Louisville it took approximately 50 minutes driving 64 west to 135 south. Upon arriving we were ushered to a parking spot by one of the town's friendly residents, and yes I said residents with an s! There are approximately 20 people living there presently. There is a small general store that seems to be the focus of the town. According to the man we first met, the flood of 1937 washed most of the homes away, and the remaining residents either stayed and rebuilt, but the majority moved away to a safer, flood-free area.
In about an hour and a half we were finished walking around the town. They food was cheap and good, 3.00 for a pork chop sandwich and 50 cents for a soda. We ran into West Point's town historian, Richard Briggs and had a friendly chat with him.
I do not regret the drive on the beautiful day, and will fondly remember the little town in photos.
- ChrisLueken
any good fishing around here? Greene Lake for example..
- dickpepe
I lived in Monte from 1932 to 1943, graduating from high school. We lived at 404 Kamilche Ave during this period. I am in touch with Pete Bolles and his wife, Joyce Fry Bolles; Harold Isaacson; Don Mustard; and Nadine Robertson Rockwood.

We presently live in Green Valley, AZ 85614.
- davereid
Apr. 20, 2007
I love Lakewood. I am so happy to live here. My kids are both in terrific schools and we are close enough to downtown long beach & los angeles to go there a lot.
- marriedwithtwo
For those of you interested I am the grand daughter of Jim Wilcox Sr. and Betty Wilcox of sheridan michigan. I was born in Greenville in 1980, and was raised in Sheridan Michigan from 1980-1990. I feel feel that sheridan michigan is a wonderfull place to live and grow up. Not a day went by that I didnt have an adventure. I lived on muskrat road from 1980-1986. I ran through the corn feilds...and played in the evergreen cemetary....I even swam in the swamp that was in our back yard. The life of sheridan often reminds me of mayberry hill....everyone would greet us as we went into town. For me life wonderful...It wasent until 1986 that I moved into town. We lived on Sherman street. My uncle Roger Wilcox was the village cleanup manager. And lived right by the water tower...My grandpa was the pastor of sheridan assembly of God off of 66th....and my Greenhoe family all owend and operated the dairy farms on town hall road.

I grew up swimming in Pearl lake on hot summer days, and bowling at the local bowling alley. It wasnt until I was 9 years old in 1990 that I moved away. My father Jim Wilcox jr. was transfered from Carson city prison to the new Oaks correctional facility in Manistee mi....where he is a corrections officer. I have been in Grand Rapids ever since. However I dream of the day I can venture back to sheridan and start a family.
- JennaVeeVee25
Apr. 19, 2007
I am looking at a house in Birk City. I was told it was an orphanage at one time. Could anybody out there send me a picture of the Birk City Orphange? Or could anybody tell me any info about it?
- kristimeh
I am considering Coshocton as a place to retire. I do not live in Ohio and would appreciate any information on the community in general. Answers to any of these questions would be helpful.

1. Does the community welcome new residents, or is there a feeling of suspicion and mistrust?

2. Is crime a problem ? against persons? property?

3. How is the economic health of the community?

4. Are property/school tax rates reasonable?

5. Are financial institutions eager to acquire new business such as home mortagages?

Thank you for your time.
- tengai
Apr. 18, 2007
My grandmother and her parents, Paul and Marguerite (Lebel) Michaud left Van Buren in the early 1890's and moved to Frenchtown (Missoula), Montana. Paul was the son of Paul Napoleon Michaud. Paul, my grandmother and their descendants are the only Michaud family in the west (of whom I am aware). Hello to anyone who is my family.
- BonjourFrancais
Molena is my home. It is small and I like it
- kareng
Home of the Huskers. We are proud of our little community which is situated about 45 minutes east of KC, Missouri. We have strong rural roots & some of the most fertile soil in all the land. We have a progressive parks & recreation department, a strong city government, & a very good school district for our size. We are also blessed to have a wonderful State Park with an actual graveyard dedicated to soldiers who fought in the Civil War. It's a good town to raise a family in. Our high school boasts very good sports teams & more importantly good academics. Ever heard of the NASA Moonbuggy challenge for high schools & colleges? Our school has engineered vehicles for said challenge & has beaten teams from across America to win this challenge multiple times. The ratio of kids going on to college from Higginsville is well above average. Downsides to Higginsville include lack of restaurants & access to grocery stores past 9:00 p.m. Entertainment options in our area are also somewhat limited.
- nadx
Apr. 17, 2007
We had a house fire that destroyed everything we owned. I had a picture of "Grace" which originated in Bovey. How can I get another one and what do they cost? Thanks for your help.
Betty Cummings
- betty
Anyone know of any haunted houses on lincoln avenue as well as who may be doing the haunting?

Anyone know of a link to research carbondale homes, who lived where in the 1930, 40, 50?

Any assistance would help. Thanks.
- ghostshush
Apr. 16, 2007
I used to spend weekends up in N Salem near Ridgefield and would go to Hayday to shop for my latest Bon Apetite receipe! And now after several years, I am thrilled to be returning to Ridgefield on May 11th at The Ridgefield Playhouse to perform my show, THE HEAT IS ON! A Life in Concert celebrating Rita Hayworth.

Last month we sold out Ruth Eckert Hall and The Kravis Center in Fl and BB Kings in NYC. The show is backed by an amazing 11 piece big band arranged by Tedd Firth hits like
(?Long Ago and Far Away,? ?Put The Blame On Mame,? ?I?m Old Fashioned,? ?Zip,? ?The Lady is a Tramp? & ?Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered?)

THE HEAT IS ON! explores Miss Hayworth?s infamous marriages to Orson Welles & Prince Aly Khan, her turbulent relationship with her final struggle with Alzheimer?s.

DATE: Friday May 11th at 8 pm
PLACE: Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, CT

RESERVATIONS: Phone: 203.438.5795

Video at
- qlemley
I love Alburnett...great school, beautiful country and wonderful people!

Sergeant S.W.Foster
US Army Reserves
- SgtFoster
Evansport has wonderful ATTRACTIONS and
fun,exciting ENTERTAINMENT!!!!
- callyann21
great place to live and raise a family. Just need to get rid of the thieves and drug addicts.
- jaraleno
Apr. 15, 2007
I'm looking for stories and descriptions of the old Margaret Hotel in Bonner, Montana (1890s-1957). In February 2007 we started a history roundtable of the Bonner area and are gathering whatever infor, stories and photos we can get.
Kim Briggeman
- Kimb
Hello, my wife and I are thinking on relocating to Canton, NY and we'd like to know more about the area.
We reside in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, if anybody has any information or a web site or pictures about Canton or Potsdam, We'll appreciate it.
Carlos and Jen.
I grew up in Southwest Greensburg until about 1960. I have many memories and would love to return to see the changes. We had a good sized yard with woods beside the house and many apple trees, and cherry trees, and a pear tree. I remember Jack's Run and calling it a "crick", not a creek. Once in awhile I will talk to a friend who still lives in the area, and I marvel because now that I have lived other places..........I can hear her accent, which other people occasionally hear in me. Something I never realized we that grew up in Gbg area had. I remember with fondness, the old grade school that was tore down, and the Jr. High School where summers spent at the playground were so much fun...........and I recall a large Mulberry tree and made the sidewalks near the school red with its dripping fruit. Ahhhhhhhhh memories.
- Carole7

Was the free world's largest production center for Uranium Metal during the entire Manhattan Project and beyond. Didn't know that I bet.
- NuclearLou
The County was named for John F. Mercer, a Revolutionary War general.
- missouri9949
My family roots also lead back to the 1800's and South Bristol Maine. John McFarland was my great great grandfather and he was married to Margaret Gamage. I do not have any information on the Gamage side, and very little on the McFarland side prior to John. I know that their son ran the Thompson Inn in South Bristol. Any information you have to share would be appreciated! Contact me at:
- defordj
Apr. 14, 2007
Great place to live. People are nice and friendly.
- chamber
Please define Barnaby Woods-- borders, vs. Chevy Chase, pros and cons
- mccaffrey
What is the name of the Ferry county Newspaper? Does Republic have a local Newspaper?
- pkubena
I think Kingwood is a very nice place. I have a neice who lives there with her husband and 2 children. The parks there are really nice. It s a quiet and country setting and I think its great. Nice to live somewhere besides the hustle and bustle of the big cities.
- phuffman
thinking of relocating to the area. Any pros and cons on housing, schools would be helpful.
- relo
"And when I look into the heavens and see an angels face. I know I'm standing at the summit of God's enchanted place."

Excerpt from my poem: The Duke City
Margaret King

I would never leave Albuquerque. I moved here in March of 1968. The high desert, the Sandia Mountains, Old Town, The Rio Grande Zoo, Sandia Tramway, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque Downs, the multi-culture, the blue skies and gorgeous scenery, are unsurpassed in North America...
- sloopman111
Apr. 13, 2007
I am trying to answer the ladies questions about the Creamery. There was more than one in Keyes at that time. My step-dad is still living there and could remeber
there was more than one.
He and his wife are checking records to try to find out where it might of been.
Keyes is pretty well dried up now. At one time there was Goverment Helium Plant, a villiage north of town that
was at a gas compaines location.
The school struggles to stay open and there is not really much there to do. Most of the farming is in CRP programs.
There is still a lot cattle produced there but jobs are very scarce.
- okie76
Where did the original Robert Cottier come from. My Great-great grandfather was a barister in Ft. Laramie and came from Switzerland in 185?. My grand father was Benjamin Cottier from Pine Ridge, South Dakota
- allenechockiecottier
Looking for family history on Dickson...
- RDickson
northern/west part of the town is more urban whereas the southern/east part of the town is more rural. The two parts of the town are not very well-connected (only via Rte 17 and Rte 2).
- tj4126
Lake County has a vast assortment of natural resources available to the public. Around 50 % of the county is state / federal land which is great for hunters and fishers. In winter the snow falls and snow mobile season quickly comes into effect. The property is very fairly priced and the area agents are extremely helpful. Dealing with Coldwell Banker North West Realty is painless and simple. And with the amount of expertise they have along with the great choices of lake front or recreational real estate available you could easily find yourself living in this great northern michigan setting.
- cbnwr
The Riverside community is besieged with Cobb County traffic using our residential streets as cut throughs. The attempt to resolve this problems by the use of speed bumps has been a dismal failure and has only inconvenienced the residents of the neighborhood.
The real solution to the problem would be for the police to religiously enforce the no right turn between 7:00 and 9:00 am for cars going south on Riverside Drive. For some reason the police have totally failed to enforce this regulation. Why has our police force failed in their duty?
- julianecm
Apr. 12, 2007
I just purchased a Ridge Home. I also would like to know more about them.

- davemd1820
I was born and grew up in Kalama in the 70's and 80's. At the time everyone knew everyone else which made it hard to get into too much trouble. The town was just a big "home". I moved away and married then came back to raise my family here. The town has grown and I don't recognize most of the faces when I venture into town but the hometown atmosphere is still the same. The school system is great with an 'accountability' factor.
- kalamagirl

I was raised in corinne, and my family came to Utah in 1942. We lived in the old Railroad section house next to the tracks. Our family, James and Ruth Reed, and children, Patricia, Louise, Gerry, and John. Anyone out there remember us? Would love to touch base with you.
- ganders7d
I was hoping to see a response from someone living on POW, specifically Klawock.
- GerryT
Apr. 11, 2007
We just moved here to Olmsted Falls, Ohio can any one tell me if there are any laws about free roaming cats?
- momof3speedracers
Can someone tell me what is going on with the three constables in Johnson County? :Pulling people over just because they had their hand out the window when it was
80 degrees outside, and this person don't have air conditioning! this is crossing the line! this constable is in
district 3.
- noseybody07
Bryson is cool
- kylie07
Hi again , Muirkirk Scotland here, Muirkirk ,Maryland seems quite a large place whereas my muirkirk is just a small village.
How did your Muirkirk come to be called after Muirkirk in scotland?
Got some really great weather just now which makes a pleasant change , among the hills here it usually rains.
bye for now.
- geordie
Does any one know my brother that died on Friday night? His name is Bo Basham. He had a heart attack and didn't make it. He rode a Harley and his wifes name was Judy. He worked at a factory called France something in Charleston. If you knew him or worked with him, I would love to hear from you. He was a good man that loved to ride his bike, loved to camp in the woods, loved his wife and his dogs He liked many of the guys he worked with and was geat at telling jokes. Any one out there? Thanks, Sherie Smith (his sister in Illinois)
- addiemay76
Please if someone could tell me how McCook got its name.Whom is it named after?
- bgmccook
A good place to make friendship is all school.
- gaamaa
Anyone have any history on Pikesville, in particular Sudbrook Park, from the '40s?
- belle
hi I lived in oakfield maine until I was 12 years old I still have some family there. I remember Oakfiled that there use to be a small school at the bottom of the hill one grocery store the post office across the street there was two grarges one close to the bridge and the other up on the hill
there was the maine street going thru town up on the hill was a street that wentv left just before that was one that went right which led to the old south road or that is what my parents called when we were kids. we use to pick potatoes with my mom and dad was a mechanic for phillip bransum i not sure of the last name spelling. it has been over 30 years since I have been back I am sure alot has changed I remember a large brown house that set up on the hill in town I remember a apartment building burning down in the fiftes
thank you I will never forget oakfiled it is a special place for me. cynthia crane chapin
- 3ynt891
How is the school system?
- awkj03
I am trying to find information on Franklin County, Crime rate, overall review on the county
- awkj03
I am considering moving to Little Gap Estates. Could you please give me the pro's and con's of that area and being on that side of the mountain.

thank you
- maira
Would love to read more about Mccrory, with pictures and names.
- naytaylor
Apr. 10, 2007
Hello. I am so happy to find this site so everyone can have an opportunity to hear about village life. In Johnstown some of the people there are nice, at least to your face. It used to be a place for the average family to live and also raise a few animals. But now, the rules are changing and not for the better of the village but for the satisfaction of a select few. The village boasts a county fair fun for the whole family, come see the rodeo, 3 big performances !! Bring the livestock for judging, horse show etc. Now the select few have decided to push out all livestock and even a few family pets from the village limits. Why you ask? We are unsure at this time. But I know this has caused more than just a small stir. So much for peace and quite in a small village town, Huh? Thinking of retiring here, raise a 4-h project? Better think again because small village government has struck Johnstown!!! Oh ya by the way livestock have been a part of this village for longer than 30 years!!
- likeitis07
Can anyone tell me who provides TV cable service to Louann proper?
- wdallen
what is the economy and what do people do for a living
- loridonlay
can someone out there tell me a little about your city? I am doing a report at school about interesting things in Sullivan County and cannot seem to find much on the web. I would appreciate anything I could get.

- nanab
My friend has told me what a crazy place this is. .. and they call themselves "The City Of Action", yes it is, if you want to be harrassed by crazy neighbors. It stands to be one of the worst places to live in Northern California for many reasons. From what I hear **ALLEGEDLY**, code enforcement can mean that neighbors can simply pick up the phone and have an "objectionable" neighbor arrested, for no reason. Second, I have heard that although the walls of the homes in this newer development are supposed to be soundproof, they are indeed not. Third, the commute to the Bay Area (and jobs) is horrible. Altamont Pass is a nightmare to deal with. Fourth, you wil surely bake to death and your plants, too. There is a stringent watering schedule, and you will be heavily fined if you let a single drop run over the sidewalk after the "hours of watering"....
- windharp
I took my new car for a drive this past Easter Sunday and ended up in Big Creek. ( I live in Fresno )
I enjoyed my stay, talked to several locals and did some wondering about:
up Big Creek falls
wondering about the Power House
walking about the Edison Village
climbing up the water pipes--up the hill,,as far as I could go
walking on some old dirt roads, seeing the cities water supply tanks ( I think )
at the point were the main road the right to the left... to the Edison village.....
in a sunken rivine on the left side of the road....I saw a chain link fence surounding a complex of what looked like pools and baths,...
two tiny buildings....with paths made for wheelchairs....
rob gibeau
- rob3gib
Apr. 9, 2007
Great place to live.
- cougarman1983
I am researching my MOSELEY ancestors and wish to know about any Moseleys who lived in Jakin. Any help is appreciated.
- bilmo
i want to find out if its a nice place to live with my wife and 3 children , and which school should I be looking at.
- bigchill64
we are a christian caucasion cpl looking to buy a few acres or small home in or around pick city any reasonable responses to our request will be answered,, thanks Dave &Jessica [ older home preferred 2bd with some property or bare land];;;E-Mail -
- 85jess
I came to Smethport in 1980 from the big city life. My wife Joan and I have considered it a blessing to minister to the good people of this town since 1986.

It is physically beautiful. It sits at the juncture of three great valleys, which bring their waters into Hamlin Lake in the center of town and then on to the Allegheny River near its source. Main Street is the scenic Route 6, which is one of America's top ten most scenic highways, travelling from the Atlantic to Bishop California.

The town is the county seat and the courthouse stands prominent on Main St. And is only slightly shadowed by the magnificent homes of former oil, lumber, and banking barons along Main St. The beautiful and old maple trees that line the way funnel you into an age gone by, where life is simple and slow, and people are familiar and kind.

Rev. Allen Young
- revayoung
my name is terry kaiser..when i lived in mineral city my name was terry finley...would like to hear from anyone that lived there from 1950-1960
- tk
I grew up in Timonium. When I moved there, there was nothing above Timonium Road but farmland to the Pennsylvania border. I still consider it to be my "home" but I could never live there again. It is WAY too overdeveloped and has a totally different element than it did then. Damn shame.
- FountainHiller
Apr. 8, 2007
Looking to get in touch with Ira Thomas Mcclure II, of Ector tx wanting info on a paint horse stallion he has, called Trophys Lil Dakota. I have a full brother and want to put some pictures together for an album and would like to include full siblings. So if anyone knows about this horse pls contact me. Thanks
- paintedpony39
Hi I am looking for people who live in Locust Grove were planning on moving there in September and I am hoping to get to know the area so I can help my daughter to transition
- mystica911
Is there anyone who is familiar with Whiskeytown.
- sueshort
I am trying to find info about the Ferry that used to cross the Kennebec in Sidney off the present day Ferry Road. Any and all accurate info would be greatly appreciated. I am working on a fictional manuscript that would include details of that area and time.
- joseph
would anyone know if the Cafe Bonhof has a web site?
- normasapp
Hi,Muirkirk ,Maryland,
i was browsing the net tonight when i came accross your site.
I live in muirkirk scotland , i expect you have been blogged by someone from here previously, if not here it is.
once I get my fotos set up on my laptop I will post some if you dont mind.
Great to know about another muirkirk.
bye for now.
- geordie
I am looking for my family in the Cave City area. The surname is Miller and they lived near the old icehouse in town. My father;s name was Geroge
- mwetzel1951
Crescent city is considered a "secret place" by other lucky people that have managed to find it. When one moves here local residents invariably ask, "How did you find Crescent City?"

It is a laid back do-your-own thing kind of place. There is a lot of old Cracker history to learn in this part of Florida.

Crescent city was founded by pioneers on horseback and mostly steam boats. They used the steam boats to bring in tourists, visitors, settlers and take out huge live oak, cypress trees and later citrus of all kinds until the great freeze of the late 1880's then again in the 1980's.

Now it is a major agriculture area for potatoes and ferns. The migrant population used to farm the area brings in an interesting mix of diversity for the community.

When I drive around and meet people I never know where or what type of person I may meet. I have met retired advertising executives, bikers, writers, lots of artists, farmers, hypnotizsts. All in this tiny burg of 2,000.
- Yola
Apr. 7, 2007
Is Ava, Missouri a good place to retire?
- Fratelli
I attended St. Joseph's Academy in Chickasha during the years 1949 to 1955 when I moved to Tatum New Mexico. My parents owned and operated the Plaza Motel.

Some of the names I remember are Pat Sullivan, Bruce McCumber, Richard Muller and a Ross and Busby. Hope all are still there and in good health. I look forward to anyone who attended school during that time frame to contact me at My name is Charles Callen.
- ccallen
I am looking for photos of the Spook Rock Inn. Located on the corner of Route 59 and Spook Rock Road. It was one of my favorite hang outs in the 70's.

Thank You,
- peteheat
I am looking for decendents of a Mary DeGeeter. Born approximately 1911 - 1912. Any information would be helpful.
- mlamaac2
Apr. 6, 2007
I hear there is a fellow named Tilley around those parts
that claims to have an invention that makes electrvcity, I
hear he said it was seen by news media during the storms
earlier this year...and he was the only one around with power but he is miles from the grid....anyone know anything about this ???
- mythical
Does anyone have information about the quality of the public schools in Holly? I have heard from several people that the quality is poor- akin to that of Pontiac- and that the high schools have significant drug problems as well as metal detectors at the high schools. Also, is anyone familiar with the mobile home park on Dixie Highway? What kind of a environment would this be for a 3 year old girl? Just what kind of a trailer can you rent for $250 per month? Thanks!!!
- Lrising
Apr. 5, 2007
This school board election is crucial. We in Manalapan need people who knows the in and outs in Trenton. We need someone who has the best interest for our children. Right now we have one Board Member looking to run for Freeholder and whispers about others who are thinking about running for Mayor and politics in general. Who on that Board is truly looking out for the best education for our kids and who will personally go to Trenton to fight the cause instead of worring about image for better and brighter endeavors in politics. That is why I hope people vote for Mumolie who is truly interested that every child get sa well rounded education which means extra-curricular activites. He gives his heart and soul. Since I have lived in this town I have never met a man who cares and goes to meetings in Trenton to voice his concerns about education. With his previous experience on the Board and Law Degree and MBA degree I think he is the right man we know who will look out for our children.
- flipper
My dad's family has roots in Watson, MI. Particularly associated with the old Watson School, General Store. Just came across a bunch of old pix that include several people from the area, some Watson School reunion info, etc. Looking for someone else with similar interest. Also received some women's clothing that has got to be close to 100 yrs. old, once belonging to women from the area. Would like to find a historical society or museum local to Watson where these items could be documented and/or displayed. Please email if you have info/interest.

Sherry Hoyt
- sli1955
Is there somebody out there blogging about Hatfield Minnesota? I am Bill Fruen. I lived in Hatfield from 1937 until 1952, and at times thereafter.
- wjfruen
how is this place to live, is there much crime, is it safe? what about as a second home?
- plover
I am looking to relocate somewhere in sc, but I have never been there; I simply need to live in a warmer climate.
I would like some info about the area and possibly a friend or 2 to chat with, maybe even visit with while I check the area out.
- k1m
Hi, first time blogger here.
I wanted to say that I moved here from Anderson County a few years back. I just love Oconee County for its people and places. Both are beautiful.
I run a very small business in rural Walhalla. The business has been picking up each year. I am afraid that I will have a down year this time though, because I had a couple of small signs set out along the main road that leads to my out of the way business, and both have vanished. I don't know why now because they have been there, on private property for 5 years. My competition maybe or a new zoning law I am not aware of?
- bentleaf
Apr. 4, 2007
Rockaway Beach is the best beach that we have ever been to one of the best beaches in the NW.
- lebo4020
i am visisting and was wondering if there was any thing to do there.
- gzaster420
i love woodruff
- kimmyt21
Is there a Motel Hotel in Alexander
- tomdd
Apr. 3, 2007
Albany's downtown is very charming, particularly around Lark Street
- WanderingStar
East Greenbush is an affluent suburb of Albany, NY. It's mostly strip malls and chain stores, and a little bland, but pleasant. The school system is excellent. Public Transportation is virtually non-existent, and the lack of sidewalks in most places makes it a not very walkable city. The University at Albany has a campus located here (East Campus). It is close to Albany, and the view of the skyline from route 20 heading toward the city is lovely. The city does an excellent job of clearing snow from the streets, much more quickly than Albany does, but the locals do not seem to care much about removing snow from their sidewalks.
- WanderingStar
I was just wondering what the general atmosphere & culture of the city are like. I'm visiting Friday, so I wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations on stuff to check out.
- shwamin77
My last blog will probably be deleted because of content
so here I go again with a family friendly version.
I have lived in Riverdale Park since 1989 and while
there are some cool people here, most residents are
yuppie wannabe's who are nitpicky and nosy. If you
move here you will either have to be a yuppie or someone
who can ignore the crap going on around them. I have
one neighbor in particular who has made my life Hell.
She is using the town code enforcement office as her
personal gestapo. It is like she is Emporer of the Galactic
Empire and the code enforcement office is her own
Darth Vader! She has filed complaints ranging from weeds
in our yard to garbage on my walkway that resulted from
a possum spilling my trashcan. This lady has issues and
she takes them out on us. She has my wife feeling under
siege in her own home. She has made my wife and I decide to move and when we sell our house we are
holding out till we find a redneck crackhead with an

I am going to sell my house to someone who will be
this lady's "nightmare neighbor." Just the same as she
has been a nightmare neighbor to us. She thinks we
don't know what she's been doing with calling code
enforcement but we know for a fact that it's her. She
smiles to my face but behind my back she is snooping on
us to find things to call code enforcement on. This lady
is, all by herself, the reason we feel we are forced to move.
Maybe I will find some gang members who need a headquarters or maybe a family of 20 who want to move
in. I hear that some people in town have Chickens as
pets. As a bonus for buying my house I will throw in
a free chicken or better yet a free chicken AND rooster.
Maybe even a hen house. If you are looking for a place
to live where people mind their own business you do
not want to live in Riverdale Park.
- Citizen420
Does anyone know of "The Liberation movement?"
- spatton320
is there golfing
- johnchevlin
I love Franklin NC small town everyone is kind.
I recently visited a lager town in NC will not name the town.
My son was so happy to get back to Franklin because in his word,"everyone is nice here."
We are among the top ten places to live.
- DoubleD
Does anyone know the new tax rate for Chesterfield?
- flolly
My father, Kendall Lucene Anderson and his twin brother, Wendall Eugene Anderson were born in Gilman Aug. 9 1929 to Harry Drake Anderson and Eva Lipcaman (sp?). I am trying to find information on Eva's family. She had a sister, Edna, and I don't know the other sibling names or parent names. Harry Drake's mother was Ruth and his father was Oliver. Would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about either of these families. Thanks! Linda Bassett
Apr. 2, 2007
04/02/07 - Here is something for Wadsworth residents to think about:

Our population is growing.
Our subdivisions are growing.
Many of the homes are custom built.
We pay enormous taxes that keep going up.
What do we have to show for it?

Question: why are we bussing our children to Gurnee to attend school?
Why are we supporting Gurnee schools when we can support our own?
Question: Do we want our own school district?
- Vegetables
I ran across a book about Franklin Park recently. It was nice to look through and remember places and names. I grew up in Franklin Park in the 50's and 60's and then came back to tend bar there in the early 80's. Good memories all around.
- frant52
anybody know anything about the shooting?
- blahblah111111
Anyone with hopes of opening up a new business in Woodbridge had better think twice before making such an endeavor. This, as reported to me, is because Prince William County will put you through so many hoops and red tape that it will be months and months before you can open your doors or make any income. However, the lease payments are due! There is always one more thing that you need to take care of before you're allowed to open. To top things off politicians are annually passing new requirements/encumbrances for new businesses.

It is amazing to learn just how unconcerned the inspectors can be. They don't even seem to wish to help you in any way. They only cause grief. It is apparent that they have no fear of losing their jobs for incompetent errors that they make. As long as the inspectors are protected by unions, things will continue working in this incompetent, uncaring manner. This is not an ideal place to open a business. Very frustrating! Worse than Third World!
- Judydoe
I recently acquired a wax figure and loved her from the start, my son had an accident moving her and we discoverd a business card from Pucky Huddle inside her head. It reads ...Krewson Wax Figure Studio, Martin Krewson, Sr. and was hand dated May 1973. The phone number now belongs to the Red Cross and Mr. Krewson's listed number is disconnected. I am looking for someone who has carried on the family business or can tell me about my life size nun and who could doctor her wounds. Any info would be most appreciated.
- LouAnn
Parents of students at Blanchard School!

Tell me about your experiences. We are considering a move to Boxborough and I would really like to hear from some parents. Do you like the school? Do the teachers go the extra mile? is the school a good one in your opinion? what makes it good? How do they handle bright children? how about the A-B regional middle and high schools? Any info you have to share I would be happy to know! Thanks, Cindy
- cmrussel
I live in Cash and I started the Cash Christmas Parade.
- parademaker
is it a nice place to live and is it affordable?
- brigidone
Hi, i'm from Leeds in England, the place where your fair town is named after. I never knew charles barkley is a Leeds lad (thats what we call a male born here). Anyway, keep up the good work..over and out.
- leedsengland
I should add that Homer is my father and Beth and Danny are my brother and sister. I am also familiar with the names you mentioned in your blog. Please do write if you get the chance.

Mary Lane Garmon (Norris)
- marygarmon
Apr. 1, 2007
Anderson, Indiana is a friendly mid western community. It is small enough to have that hometown feel yet conveniently located to major large cities. It is truely at the crossroads of America. You can get to over half of the country and Canada in 24 hours or less by car.

We have all of the usual shopping venues and eateries. We do, however, lack sophisticated upsacle dining establishments and high end shopping facilities but, these are located within a 25 minute interstate commute.

As of 4/07, the city is trying hard to re-establish itself after losing thousands of auto industry jobs. We are slowly becoming a bedroom community to Indianapolis. The Nestle Corporation is building a new beverage facility here and we have a new state of the art High School. Property values are considered very good in comparison to oher areas as are property taxes and utility costs.

Thank you for considering Anderson, Indiana as your next home. We welcome you!
- Andersonres
I've never been to Cazenovia- however my daughter in law grew up there. I am trying to create a photo-book of her life. If anyone has some town pictures and landmarks I would sure appreciate you adding them so I could download them for my creation. Thanks
- GrandmaDi
This is one of my favorite places I use to spend time with my grandfather. If only I could have seen how peaceful and wonderful this place was sooner. But grampa Dennis would be proud now!!!

Love ya

Dedicated to Dennis E Ehman
- veronicac56
property taxes ouch
- mattandbran
Dennis port is home to Capt Robbie Briggs formally of Bob Briggs Wee Packet restuarant on lower county retired from the rest. business he owns Seaduced fishing Charters , Capt Robbie has been fishing the Cape cod waters all his life . If you are staying on the Cape this summer , make plans to go fishing with the family with Capt Robbie he also has a lobstering trip that is also great for the kids , just a great experience . Capt Robbie is also owner of the Cape Codder boat Co. Building the legendary CAPE CODDER 19, in his spare time with step daughter Kathe . Dennisport is a great vacation destination . We hope to see you on Cape cod .
- fishygirl
Franklin one word Limited!

If you are not a native, you will want to escape eventually.
- sheinthespirit

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