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Aug. 31, 2007
looking for places to rent for trailer while working in pOMEROY, iowa?
- cbiddlecome
Great place to stay at the Horn Dorset.
Nice community.
- buddybakerstein
This looks like a great place
- lisap64
I was born and raised in Ford Heights, and as of 2007 I could honestly say that the crime rate has went down.
- Olivia420
Step back to yesteryear and visit a quaint and historic waterfront village. St. Marys is steeped in history beginning with the native Guale Indians and the Spanish who settled here in the 1500s. In 1787, an English-speaking colony began in St. Marys. Homes, B&Bs, churches, and attractions dating back as early as 1801 are still standing.
St. Marys has three historic museums, which include the St. Marys Submarine Museum, Orange Hall, and the Forgotten Invasion / Cumberland Island National Seashore Museum. St. Marys is home to many antique and other unique shops. Among its many fine dining choices are great restaurants featuring seafood, ethnic, and down-home southern cooking. Beautiful bed and breakfast inns and three wonderful hotels offer great accommodations to fit everyone's budget.

St. Marys is the gateway to Cumberland Island National Seashore. The ferryboat carries visitors and overnight campers and their gear from St. Marys to Cumberland Island to see wild horses, loggerhead turtles, over 300 species of birds, the Carnegie mansions, and the ruins of Dungeness. Cumberland Island's 16 miles of unspoiled beach has been chosen by the T ravel Channel as the best wilderness beach in the USA. Coastal Living Magazine chose Cumberland Island as the seventh best shelling beach. The late JFK, Jr., held his wedding reception at the world-renowned Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island.
For travel arrangements and more detailed information on St. Marys and Cumberland Island, please call 800-868-8687 or visit with a 20-minute video.
St. Marys is three miles from the Georgia-Florida state line, eight miles east from Exit 3 on I-95. St. Marys is only 20 minutes from the Jacksonville International Airport.
- StMarysWelcome

Aug. 30, 2007
The Brown County Old Settlers Reunion will be held on September 22, 2007 at the Brown County, Indiana Fair Grounds in Nashville, Indiana. It will not be held on Labor Day week-end this year.
- JuliaIN
I jsut moved to essex and find the town to be filled with a lot of people who think they own it. It seems like all the people want to do is complain and get into other peoples business. Complaints were all ready made about us because we had our dog of his leash. Well if thats how it is going to be I will take the names of every person who has their dog of its leash and complain to the village. Maybe then people will mind their own business and find better things to do with their time.
- noseytown
Best areas to live in Chattanooga?
- richilesley
I was born and raised in Mathiston . It hurts to see all the changes , I miss all the older people who have gone on . /They are the ones who really built Mathiston
- dwf46
Aug. 29, 2007
I'm hoping someone can help me, we just moved my
> grandmothers house, which was over 90 years old.
> While we were cleaning up and we found a glass bottle
> for a drink called Tasty, bottled in Lake Arthur, La.
> My question is what kind of drink was it and when were
> they sold. Just curious about our findings. We would
> like to know anything you could tell us about it.

Thank you>
- mvdomingue
I would like to know why there is a large armor tank used for transporting units during large scale chaos? In a quite docile little town....I sent ur site the pic...
- fujiga
i have been looking for a resident that might still live in pearsall, name is Paul Sanchez, Paul if you see this ad contact me at or . if you remember i am from anson,texas i have been looking for you since you called and talked to rudy.
- juanita
Can anyone tell me anything about what it is like to live in Lufkin, Texas, if you are a senior?
- mar3539
I grew up in Richfield. It was very peaceful and quiet. I miss it very much. My family moved away when I was 15 and I've only been back twice since (about 10 years ago). My friend tells me about all the changes. I would like to see some pics. This is my first blog, so I guess I'll wait and see what happens with it.
Bye for now.
- misshome
Aug. 28, 2007
great village
- ehipp22
So, what can you tell me about the area?
- rusty050701
I am surprised that there are no blogs about Clinton. I attended Douglas,Lincoln,Webster and Washington schools. Clinton is a hub for the Illinois Railroad. I have been away from Clinton since 1951. I have a lot of memories as to people there. I remember Jake Tick,Dr Pugh,Dr Schraag,Short Isaac,Emil Myers,HG Beatty hardware,Radio Shack,John warner Bank,Famous Cash,ect. I would like to see more blogs. I reside in Philomath Oregon and have for the past 35 years. Lets hear from you Clintonians. Don Ayers
- loneranger
It looks beautiful. I want to move there I want to know more about it
- fairytaletrash
Steinhatchee has some beautiful, furnished new homes on the river in Summer Pointe. It has a pool and docks. Well worth checking out.
- kirklandbarb
Aug. 27, 2007
It is now August and we have lived here for eight months. My family and I love our new home and the friends we have made here. The real estate market is booming for buyers, with a great combination of huge homes selling for low prices. The new Walmart has opened, giving this small town a growth spurt and a buzzing competion with the local Meijer's. There has been a flurry of activity as festivals come and go and with the weather turning cooler many people are out and about. Also, the resident artist is working on the corner W. Michigan upholstry shop and it is looking great. My husband has spoken with the gentleman restoring the downtown theater and it sounds as if it may be near completion, in it's original form. There is also a bit of talk, that someone tied to the restoration of the downtown theater, will also be opening a bakery and a pizzaria downtown! There is so much opportunity here and I hope my Marine Corps family and I will be able to stay a while.

~Here is a link for those families interested in joining a playgroup. I have gained so much support from both Mom's of Michiana and Modern Mom's.
- mcspouse
I have lived in Graham County for 20 of my 23 years. It has its positive points and of course it has its negatives. I will have to say that after moving to the city for a year I was happy to come home to my small town. We have a movie theater, a miniature golf course, batting cages, 3 swimming pools, a community college, and many other ways to enjoy your free time.
- kl
HELP,i was adopted and i am looking for my birth father, he was born noble eldon burns in the mid 20's in comanche oklahoma, married lois claudine davis, i was born in portland oregon in the late 50's, i have two older brothers and three older sisters, noble was 32 at the time of my birth,
- caseyjae
Aug. 26, 2007
TEll me about the health statictis in san pedro
- lavernekwilliams
John Wilson, known for living in a cave near Tuscumbia or Brumley in the early days, was my ggg-grandfather. I hope to visit there in October and look for information about his life there. If there are any descendants for John (uncle Jack) living there I would appreciate an email.

Thank you, Newell Stallones
- nstallones
Aug. 25, 2007
Don't drink the water, Have had mud in the water for months, after complaining it all falls on deaf ears
- davidmichael
Tell me what you know about Smith River
- durango799 Clarkton Missouri's Online Community
- wisedocks
years ago I was a student at Church Point high I am interested in what class the school is 3A or 4a

- drlavergne
I used to vacation on this lake as a child, but have not been there for over 30 years. The cabin we stayed in for years was owned by the Knief family and was destroyed by a tornado many years ago. The cabins were small, white log cabins. We could see Rutgers resort from a distance. I am wondering if anyone knows the former location of these cabins as I would like to make a nostalgic visit to Deerwood.
- mcgean
Aug. 24, 2007
Im looking for some of my cousins who live or did live in ringwood (hudson)
- travelingjoe
My daughter and I just moved to Oolitic Indiana and it seems as if it's a nice place to live.
If anyone has any idea how to look up information on a residence we are living in to figure out it's history please let me know if the Oolitic Museum or Town Hall might have some information. Thanks!
- jodyteipenholbrook
Aug. 23, 2007
Moved here about a year ago. I loved getting away from city life, but now I'm starting to see some of the same problems here... now my husband & I are wondering if this is the right place to raise our kids?
- Please
anderson rules
- atown1
I was born in Johns, AL, but I understand from searching the web site that the town is now called either Saint John or as above North Johns, AL My father/Mother used to live right off the main street into Johns. My father had a soda shop right on the main street into Johns. Please advise when or if Johns, AL ever existed as my birth certificate clearly says Johns, AL.

Many thanks,
Charlotte McCulley Tolliver
- ctollive
Schoolhouse Estates...another Love Canal?
- somar72
Aug. 22, 2007
The good people of West Valley City should look into why one of their fire engines is manning Bluffdales Station today 10-22-2007. Bluffdale is a paid volunteer dept that sucks resourses from other citys
- poleslider
South BA needs attention - The retail is Walmart centric - it feels like the North is getting the better quality restaurants and most of the econmic $$.
- new2town
Aug. 21, 2007
best little town in the world
- tpbear69
my name is donna phelps and I am looking for info about a fretilizer plant that use to be in social circle in the 1930 to 1940. my grandfather and grandmother owned the land now I am living on some of the property now. my grandparents names are C.P. Okelley and Pearl O kelley. theres alot I dont know and would like to. please help.
- donnaphelps67
Do NOT move here ! This town is a joke. If you move here, you will regret it.
- kottonmouth
I came to Oklahoma in 1961 and the local "knowledge" was that the land for Warr Acres was donated to the city with the stipulation that they would never sell alcholic beverages in Warr Acres. True? I would like to hear about it.
- butchl
Never been there. Considering moving there from California. Any advise or thoughts?
- SteveL
I have not lived there yet, but am thinking about moving there to get away from the rude people in S. FL and the rising cost of insurance and taxes. I was in Charleston several years ago for vacation and loved it. People were very friendly and laid back.
- LuvVball
Aug. 20, 2007
Born & raised was the best
Remember Donald Campbell coming to the lake for world water speed record ~1958
- talltim
1:Light : Is it possible to drape bright LIGHTs down all 4 holes, periodically turning them off for a second or two, both as a signal and attention getter, but bright lights, main purpose, to provide light which can be seen or detected by the trapped miners, from a great distance
from within the mine, to guide them to the location of the holes.

2. Is it possible to drape lights from the small 2 inch hole giving back lighting or better lighting, for the camera in the second hole (9inch hole), to get better images working the holes together.
- suggestion
What a great site ! I have many happy memories of that area. My Great Grandmother was Jessie Atkinson. She married my Great Grandfather Edgar Waterbury. My Grandfather Earl Waterbury was a special man. His second wife, Matie Barclay was a wonderful person. Would love to be in contact with someone that has knowledge of both families. I think most of the family is buried in Daysville cemetery. Would anyone be willing to take pictures of the head stones for me?

Thanking you in advance
Barbara Feeney
- buzzybee
Just purchased property- Interested in comments on the Homeowners association
- bventuri
If the miners and their families voted for Bush in 2004, then they got what they deserved. Anyone with half a brain should have known that Bush and his cronies would relax worker protections in favor of increasing business' profits as they rape the landscape.
- Wahoowa
Why doesn't the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce have anything posted about the Oak Harbor's Apple Festival or about the Ottawa County Fair?

I had to do an Internet search under "Oak Harbor, OH Apple Festival" to find out the dates of it.

The Chamber of Commerce better begin doing a better job is they want visitors to attend these activities and/or they want the Village of Oak Harbor to grow!
- BJ1949
good place to live I can say is my utopia
- yaninak
Aug. 19, 2007
In Janaury of 1969 or 1970 I picked up a young soldier who was hitchiking in Arkansas and becaseu it was late and very cold I took him all the way to his destination which was his grandparents home on a rural road in the general area of Poplar Bluff . I think it may have been east
of Poplar Bluff in a farming area.

The next day I heard on the news that he ahd tried to climb in a window to surprise his grandparents with whom he lived and the grandfather shot him.

I don't rememember his name and would like to find an old newspaper article or something about that what happened that night.
- redskin
I would like to know if Mount Carmel has any festivals and when?

I would like to know if Mount Carmel has a hotel? If not what is the nearest town to Mount Carmel that has a hotel?
Does anyone have any info about the car accident that took place on hwy 395 just south of Lone Pine around 3:30 pm on August 18, 2007????
- hdbratchild
I grew up in Albert Lea and miss the those days.
- mikehath
Is there anyone out there that can say what the pluses are of Banks???
- newbee
Aug. 18, 2007
The lake rocks.
- ckinka
am wondering where i can get some old info about my fathers family that lived in cresco in the early 1900, dad grew up and had an orchestra called les walker orchestra and played all over wisc and iowa.hid dad,s name was william and had a farm and were related to the sawvels.
- church
Odctober 13, 2007 3rd annual BC alumni dance at Richeyville Fire Hall
- dslagle
Anybody around from the 30's? My father, Maurice Meyer, grew up in Tannersville, lived next to the Synagogue. He had a sister Lilly and two brothers, George and Harry. He moved to the Bronx when he was about 15 or 16 and married Thelma Waldman.

My father is 91 years and now lives in Maryland near me, but he talks of Tannersville all the time and has some wonderful stories. I've been going through old photographs and there are some wonderful photos of Tannersville in the 1930's that he took as a teenager, of main street, the fires in town, etc.
- HickMeyer
any bars?
- ppacenka
Does anyone know the population of Burlington?
Where are the city limits?
Are there any other businesses in Burlington other than the tavern and the used tire guys?
I'd like as much information as possible about Burlington.
Please call me at (503)706-6776.
- Chinook
I am trying to find out if there are any " Oyster Chicken Salad " dinners being held at the Elmer Grange Hall at Pole Tavern during the months of September or October 2007. I am planning a motor trip to NJ at that time and would like to find out the dates of such events. I am a former resident of Burlington County NJ and used to attend the dinners when I was a resident. I know that there used to be several held by Salem County Fair association, Daretown volunteer Fire Company, Daretown Boy Scout Troup, Monroevill Volunteer Fire Company. Would appreciate any information that anyone could furnish on any such event, so I can plan my trip so I may be able to attent.
Thank you, Walter Riddell / Lake Placid, FL.
- lpwally
Our family has been offered the opportunity to move to Cedar Rapids. The fact that they have a diversity commission is just a little bit of a concern to me. Is there, or was there a problem with diversity?
- keepitmovin
Aug. 17, 2007
any information on best apts availabe?
- ceclayton
I lived there when I was very young 235 W Buffalo St. Anyone remember Ruth Silber or any of her family?
- gin
Aug. 16, 2007
Curious about tavern for sale at 185 Main St
- joker16
A wonderful, sleepy country village, great place to spend your childhood. Everyone knew everyone, or was related to someone.
Meandering creeks, dense woods, fields rich with wild blackberries to pick. Farms, now mostly all gone. Trick or treat was done by car. School was at least 5 miles away by bus, bumping down dusty dirt roads. Lazy summer evenings sitting on the front porch swing, listening to the crickets and the frogs croaking in the pond. The Hartsgrove General Store, the only store in town, still sells the most delicious custard you'll ever taste. A town of one gas station, one church, one tavern, all the important things yu need in life. It was a different was slower, people could be trusted, we never locked our doors.
- Ahimsa47
WOW, has no one else submitted anything about Madrid? By the way, it is NOT pronounced Ma-drid like Madrid, Spain. The accent is on the 'Mad' as in Mad-rid. I was born the 70 years ago ...
- patnsky
Walnut Cove Could Be such a beautiful, quite town. It once was.
There is a certain family who owns most of the property there and everything they own looks like the city trash dump.
It don't seem to bother them that some people still have a little pride. Walnut Cove residents and visitors have to look at the mess this family always leave behind. But why should they care? They live out of town. They leave thier run down mess for everyone else to see. Why can't these people clean up their trash? Do they like owning a city dump? What kind of people are this self centered??????
- Artie
Is there employment in Isleta for non-tribe members?
- Lynnie
has any new RV rental sites opened in Holly beach?
- sandy59
Aug. 15, 2007
I was born 1944 and lived in Eclectic until 1952, parents Joe and Fannie (Smith) Wingard. My Uncle Reedie Wingard owned the feed mill in Eclectic. He was married three times, Opal S. Cotton, until his death. I am trying to find information on my father's maternal grandpartents-John Gillispie ( I was told that he had been a school superintendent) his wife Mattie?
My grandparent's homestead was the old Wingard place near Methodist Church just west of town (Central).
- marydcrain44
Aug. 14, 2007
Thinking of potentially moving to Grahamsville. Can anyone tell me if there are flooding problems in this town or the immediate surrounding areas.? thanks in advance.
- bluk
my heart goes out to all the families and friends of the trapped miners...I am praying for the miners and their families...God is holding them in the palm of His hands...Blessings to all
- coalminersgranddaugh
Evergreen Park Tween Club will hold its annual registration from 7:30 to 9 pm on Monday, August 27th at the Evergreen Park Community High School, 99th and Kedzie Avenue. Membership is open to Evergreen Park Residents in grades sixth to eighth. Dues are $45. A refundable chaperone deposti of $25 is required.
- sheilasenjanin
Wardner idaho is one great city
my father was bron in a house there and is still part of the city at the great age of 75 the wild life is a wounder it is a peacefull place to live
- wardneridaho
Does anybody know of a cave on dale hollow reservoir (tributary stream) not far from the Livingsto boat dock?
- lindsleylove
South of Orick is Stone Lagoon Campground and RV Park. Here I had the worst camping experience of my life. A party in the adjacent site, with over a dozen drunks shouting obscenities until 3 AM. No action from the management until I asked for a refund. At that point, they told ME to leave!
- bingonna
Aug. 13, 2007
Help Savie the Morrisville Pool - there is an urgent problem; the current membership fees only cover two thirds of the pool's operations budget for this summer. The board and member volunteers are working hard to make up the difference with fund raising, as well as, coming up with a plan to ensure the pool will be available to the local community for the next 50 years .

As you may remember, the Morrisville Community Pool was significantly damaged by the April 2005 river and canal flooding at the park and as a result a vital asset, our lower pool was destroyed.

Join us for our Friend of the Pool/ Wine & Food Pairing Event and Live Auction/Raffle on September 16th at the Crossing Vineyards in Washington's Crossing.

For more information on how to get tickets go to
- poolboardmember
Town of Persia
M. Kristen Schaus Town Clerk
8 West Main Street
Gowanda, New York 14070
(716) 532-4042
(716) 532-4607-fax
Open: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays: 9:30-12:30, 1:30-5:00
Closed for lunch, Wednesdays, Saturdays & Holidays
Assessor Hours: Mondays: 9:00am-12:30
Court: Tuesdays @ 7:00pm
District Attorney's Night 2nd Tuesdays @ 6:00pm
No court on 5th Tuesdays
Town Board Meetings on 2nd Thrusdays @ 7:00pm
- mkschaus
T or C is a Great city to live in!
Aug. 12, 2007
Can anyone tell me what it's like living in Maple Falls?
- nanabell
If anyone could give me this history of Cerulean and how it got its name, I would appreciate it. I grew up nearby. Thank you, Brenda Rickman
- brendakay
Aug. 11, 2007
I grew up on 55th St Maspeth. Lived near the RR crossing. There was a piegeon club right there.
I am writing a paper for college about cultural diversity in dundee. I have been having trouble finding any thing related to culture other than statistic. If any body sees this, any and all comments are welcome to help me find out how people in this community feel about what different cultures we do have. I know it is a small amount compared to most other cities. any comments from people in or around dundee would be helpful.
- tanyabrown
Why is this a good place to live? And is this a very liberal city.
- Mahrya
a great place to live
- aspenbound1
Tell me about the Midway Chamber of Commerce.
- marianneeryan
Aug. 10, 2007
I am searching for information regarding Henry Humphries who was married to Sarah Pearson during the 1800s. One of their children was Harvey Humphrey who married Annie Buxton. One of Harvey's children was my grandfather Robert Buxton Humphreys, brother to Paul Humphrey. I will greatly appreciate any information. Thanks.
Janis Humphreys Gibbs
- Janis
Having lived here for 51 years I think it is a great town.It is the fastest growing(or was) till a special interest group with there on agenda set out to knock the town back 100 years.Many fine transplants are in the process of turning the town around this year (ITCFP)with the election in Nov.They see where we are heading under the present council (to the dogs) are ready and willing to put us back on course for being a model to other towns.The SIG has stopped a downtown center,Major road expansions,raised the taxes,for what?,changed zonings to there taste,paying outrageous contract for sheriffs deputies instead of starting there own police dept.,have over 20 employees in planning dept,more than Monroe or Matthews put together,the list goes on an on .Just goes to show what Left Wing politicions will do to get back ,because one of them got caught with there fingers in the cookie jar(mouse trap).But I wouldnt want to live any where else.
- larryd
Aug. 9, 2007
I have been away from Cuba, NM for 19 years now, but it's never left me, What I learned from living there has become a part of me. There is no place more beautiful, no place with nicer people, and I miss them all, than Cuba. It's that special.
I'm so grateful that I was fortunate to have experieced that life. May others have that unique experience, and may those who still call it home, and have for generations, Live Long and Prosper!!
Are we ready to do our church history?
I am. What do ya thank.
- Dorcas
camping and wedding @ Belvedere Lake was worst experience I've ever had. Once a very large sum of money was paid the owners, hosts from hell were spawned; their abject greed was only surpassed by horrendous rudeness, and lack of services. Don't go there! At first they appear charming; soon their "city,"down-state" origin and character emerge. What a shame such a beautiful place is owned by such horrible people.
- imelorin
I need some information about Atchee...Can anyone help?
- iceblue
Whats going on with the water quality. It used to be very clear but now looks like coffee.
- Rusty1
Aug. 8, 2007
hi im 28 year old that lives in AR. thats trying to more of my family. i dont know where we come from, but i like to met others out there. YOU CAN REACH ME AT

- erik
How is Chesterfield. Pros/Cons?
- mocodog
We are in possession of the fixtures from the old Fristoe Missouri post office and would like to contact the Hockory County Historical Society to donate these historical items.
- vmcmillan
Has anyone been to Taylor's Island, Maryland lately? I live across the Chesapeake Bay on the Western Shore at Cove Point and look out and see the Taylor's Island shore on clear days. Has anyone been to the Taylor's Island Museum? I have always wanted a bridge across from
Cove Point to Taylor's Island, but worry about the traffic to the Eastern Shore from the Washington DC area.
- carderock
Just another nasty, little town where the home boys rule and everyone knows the dirt on everyone else whether it's true or not... Been here for 18 years and I'm still a stranger. Not a real friendly community for the most part. Live somewhere else if you can.
- mxvirgil
Aug. 7, 2007
I would like to know the number of registered vehicles in Gillespie County Texas.


- Arlie
Hey there!
Im in Florida wondering what its like there in Farragut. What houses are going for, any jobs, stuff to do, golf, fishing- that sort of thing- Anybody?? Thanks- Ann
- gionta
pretty beach
- aka66
Many years ago i use to go to Watchung Lake for the day and go swimming. We grew up in Brooklyn, NY in an apartment building and we, the whole building would go like a wagon train to the lake for the day and then to a place in the evening that we called Washington's Rock for a picnic. My mom back then told us that was where George washington was during the revolution. (whether that was true or not). This all was back in the 1950's and was a great time in my life. I have been looking online for pictures of the swimming lake but could not find any. I know somewhere in my home in Staten Island i do have them. If ever i go through thousand of pictures i would like to send them to your town. By the way are there any pictures online of the swimming lake
- jvluvsny
A good place to start a life in a small friendly town if you want to grow with the community.
- Juliusjay
I am trying to get some information for an economic report on the "cons" of international businesses in Greenville, SC

- chatterval
All my life there, and I'm sure your life too, there has been the hope that something would bring in the "tourist dollar"to a degree that the economy would thrive. It is frequently stated that the Wise County area is one of the prettiest spots anywhere: so as soon as the roads are improved it will all be better.
Get out and see the rest of Southwest Virginia, or the rest of Virginia and you will discover many places have the same mountain scenery(maybe even better) and they are located much closer to those tourists and their dollars.
I lived there; I watched the struggle and the hope fade over time. My fear is that it will always be that way.
- solidcitizen
Aug. 6, 2007
I went to elementry school in moxee in 1967-68 and moved to atl. ga for 40 yrs and now have moved to portland.
Im going to revisit next week.I have memories there and want to see if my house is still there. I remember that it was called the river house.Is there old maps of the town or pics of that time? If anyone knows or has please e mail me.
- glasgow48
Cash, Texas is a very small community just on the outskirts of Greenville, TX. There are several farms and ranches in Cash and the economy has grown a lot in the last several years. Fishing and rabbit hunting was once plentiful in Cash but fire ants has killed a lot of the rabbit population off and several of the local fishing ponds have either been filled in or dried up.
Baumgartner's General Store is still a landmark in Cash and a good place to buy fishing gear and a Coke.
- ericjgrider
whats happening with whitmire wolverine football
- jamestsuber
On Sat. 4/2007 the bus from the expo had a suprize for the ladies that went on a great shopping trip to me one of the best yet. As we began to leave the expo on the way to Middle town the mayor of Middle town told us all about his town and how proud he was of the town. As we arrived in Middletown there was yes!!!!!!! A bus limo to shuttle us where ever we needed to shop and eat at. That was the first time for me and lot more ladies to ride in a limo bus. I have been in a limo but not a bus with great music to get us in the move to shop. The coca-cola cake was great and the food too. As we left we had to go pick up our suprize .......... A flower from the mayor's wife which owns the florist. What a trip the only thing that was wrong.... Way to short........Maybe longer next time. Thanks for a great time in Middle town. Debbie from Ga.
Now I can realize what the mayor was talking about his friendly town
- debbie35
Where did Lilly get it's name? Is it named after a family? I am a Lilly by birth (and at heart) and it would be awesome if we were down South too !
- bluigirl812
Aug. 5, 2007
Fantastic place - love it
- jbcorp
I just found out about the new police chief of Ironton,Ray Koch.
I worked with him at Rexall Drug years ago in St Louis, I wanted to congradulate him on his new job as chief and hoped I could get in touch with him.

Thank You

Bob West
- robertwest
I am interested in any info about Aromas. We are looking to downsize and love the country.
- cat
Lived in Camden from age 3 to 14,from 1953 to 1965. I always loved Camden. Southern california doesnt hold water next to Camden. It's beauty and season are so beautiful. They are breath taking
- vin329
I lived in Wallace as a young boy back in the 40's.. I went to grade school there.. 4th,5th and 6th grades.. My Dad was a bartender at the Elks.. My Grandfather was owner of the Ryan Hotel.. Prior to the Ryan he owned and operated a bar which was called Mac's Ron De Voo.. I can remember those day's like it was yesterday.. Wish I could return someday,but I am now a old man living in Florida and somehow don't think that will happen..
- bozo
Aug. 4, 2007
Looking for relatives of Beulah Kate Davidson-Hays, had 1 brother that lived in Saltville. She was my grandmother on my father's side
- BrendaK
Used to live there many years ago.. sorry to see it going downhill
- RickM
Are there any Tylers in this blog?
- tami
may move from south carolina to here. any advise from the locals?
- newtosc
Had a great time. Our family travels there yearly for a family fest.
- vkosin
Just moved here from the Northshore. I love it here. People are wonderful.
- jefhow22
Aug. 3, 2007
I am doing some genealogical searching, and looking for information on a school my grandmother attended in Baton Rouge called, "Teachers College". She was born in 1874. She taught in Baton Rouge after graduating until 1904. Any help would be so appreciated! Marion in Mississippi
- wahine1
Association President - can anybody tell me who it is?
- joyousbee
I am thinking of buying a condo in Bristol, is this a good move? Looking for a nice place to spend my free time away from Boston burbs. Mtn Biking, beach, run/trails all important to me.
- mabelmaster
Who are living in such a small town in an almost desolate county?????
- kjeldlund
giong to visit soon any tips?
- leonel
I've lived in Aurora for 5 years now. The reason I moved here was that it's a small town, very friendly, home of Hawgwild BBQ and Bootleggers restaurant. There is also the best little community hospital I've ever been in, St. John's Aurora..... ok well I work there, but it 's the best job I've ever had! The employees are great!!!
Now to say that the people are snooty is a stretch. I'm sure there are some snooty people here, as there are anywhere you might go, but the majority of us are pretty friendly, giving and lovable. In the recent Ice Storm of January 2007 the town pulled together and helped one another admirably.
We have until recently only had 4 stoplights but with the addition of a soon to open super walmart we now boast a total of 5 stoplights. WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!
We also can boast about having the best music store in the state. Aurora Music.
There are many many talented people living here, but we could use someone to move in and help us to redevelop our town square
- beatnick
I saw something on the Weather Channle this morning about Barrow and how the sun set. What was that all about?
- KarMayview
Aug. 2, 2007
I recently moved into this area in March and I must say that the short time we've been here has been horrible! I am in awe at the lack of respect from the people in this community. My son is a special needs child and rides the school bus every morning to school in Tinley Park, every morning when putting him on the bus he has to be put in a harness and a seat belt ,and the driver puts her stop sign out, we here nothing but cars honking at the bus, lots of swearing from the cars and truly intimidating the bus driver. I as a parent am here to protect my child from any harm and have to go into local stores and be treated with disrespect from workers in the stores where I spend my hard earned money and who are supposed to be providing me with customer service. I would hate to think that everyone in this community is that ignorant and disrespectful. Why can't we all just get along?
Can anyone tell me where I can find accurate records for Cornwall, are there persons out there who do research for others?
- sometimeinthis
Garrard county fastpitch softball tourney. last weekend was one of the worst directed tournys I have been to in the last 4 years. There was only one person who held all the info. and would not post times or brackets for anyone to see, he would not delegate any responsibilities to anyone and you had to track him down to find out anything. The worst part was he could not remember what he told one team and would tell different people different things. People who were getting ready to playball had already went home for the day and people that didn't need to be at the fields waited around forever. I had alot of people tell me this and witnessed it myself many times over the weekend. a few said they were going to write the paper about how badly it was put on. One thing that really upset me was trying to give a team that had not won a game a "by" to the simi-finals. he also said he would spell everything out with crayon next time . for my team there will be no next time if he's there.
- herarcangel
I lived in East Riverdale from 1931 until 1947. I love it.
- river
Information on jobs, transportation, housing, business, quality life in comparison with other nearby communities.
- Luz
Aug. 1, 2007
hey my name is liz i live on 516 right on the border of matawan and old bridge. there are these 3 houses by the quick stop that are right next to each other. they are all boarded up. its obvious that there was some kind of fire in at least one of them, but then again im not entirely sure. i haven't found any articles about any kind of fires. if anyone knows please e-mail me at queenboo721 AT thank you
- queenboo
Does anyone have any info about the accident on Sat. 7/28 in Palo Verde Ranch that took out an electrical pole, and caused a power outage??? Who or what took out the pole??
- riskitall
Adams County is very cliqueish. Keep that in mind when deciding to move here - especially to Council. The powers that be in this town are deathly afraid of change - even if it's for the better. If you've got great ideas about how to make the town prosper - keep them to yourself, cuz the old fogies 'round here haven't the time or desire to make the community more desirable.
- patrat
Natives of Harford County, David Breth & I (Lindy Scarborough) have seen a few changes over the years!
I miss seeing Betsy the cow, the Blue Bell Restaurant, the old movie theater on Main Street, Richardson's Drug Store, Woolworth's and The Bel Air Bowl! As much as I miss these icons of the old Harford County we embrace the changes which have occurred over the years.
Being fortunate enough to travel to many countries, we both still live in Harford County. Why? Several reasons. Family, close to DC, Philly, N.Y. & our business MAGICTAINMENT. David & I began our entertainment business 3 years ago.
Harford County has ALWAYS been supportive when it comes to the arts. So, we would like to thank everyone who has allowed us to entertain them with our magic, comedy & illusion. We travel frequently, however, will always have time to perform for our hometown!
Thank You For All Your Support!
Magically Yours
Dave & Lindy

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