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Dec. 31, 2007
this is a really nice place to live. the people are friendly even though there is not much activity that goes on here. if you want a nice communtiy to live in where you can be yourself and nobody bother you then this is the place for you. your children can have a place to play where you dont have to worry about the things around them. the fire department is a wounderful thing to be on. it like a little family in its self. i love this little community and wish that there was more people that could shear the experience with us. there are a few houses for rent and for sale at the moment. the town might not have much as far as stores go but what other small towns do you know of that the kids can go sledding right in?? i really havent seen many flaws in this town the eniter time that we have lived there and that has been about 6 years now. i didnt want to move there but once you get there you dont want to leave.
- teachout

My name is Nigel, and I come from New Zealand. I am a Kiwi.
Living in Petal is a very dear friend of mine who has told me a lot about this little town. One day I hope to come and see it for myself and experience the wonders of a different country other than my own.
If your town is as nice as some of its inhabitants, I will be in for a lovely experience.
See you all soon. I hope.

- Kiwi
Dec. 30, 2007
Downieville, CA is a great place with a charming history. It all started about the summer of 1849. The town was originally called the Forks, because the location of the settlement was at the forks of the North Fork of the Yuba River and what is now call the Downie River. Around the fall of 1849, Major William Downie and his party arrived at the Forks. Legend has it that when the town's folk decided to rename the town, Downie actually paid to have it named after him.

with a population of about 220, Downieville has gone through several evolutions. Mining, timber, and now tourism. Downieville is one of the top 10 mountain biking meccas in the world and home of the Downieville Downhill Classic.

My wife and I, own the Downieville Grocery Store. The store began in the late 1881. The store has never been closed.

Come visit us and stay at the great hotels and lodges. The Lodge at Downieville , Carriage House, and The Riverside Inn. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED I'M SURE!
- Dano
great small town if you like small town quaintness. River is fun
but hard to find part deep enough for boat.
look for Egypt Bend rd access
- RiverRatz
Pros: Awesome school district. One of the best I could have asked for for my children. Family oriented city. Perfect place to raise a family. Friendly neighbors.

Cons: traffic is really bad at times. Other than that none. If you can deal with the traffic it is worth it.
- storyfam

You can find out about the history of the Fairchance Borough High School by going to (Fairchance Historical Events)
- bobandboots
I was born in Tucumcari, raised in california. I went back to Tucumcari and stayed for 6 months, then returned to No. California. I loved being there the only bad thing about Tucumcari is that there isn't anything to do. My sister would take me out driving through the country roads, we went to Ute Lake but the mosquitos were eating us alive. The video store on First St. was more up to date than the video store on Rte 66.
I still can't get over the 7 A. M. REPORT of traffic stops,etc in the mornings, and the weather reports it is always "Partly Cloudy".
What Tucumcari needs is to "seriously " ask themselves
"Why are people moving away? What can we do for our town to keep people from moving? The people from Tucumcari have no choice as to where to shop for groceries, for clothing, for used items because the thrift shop on Main St is only open occasionly. The whole town goes into hibernation at lunch time.
Don't get me wrong I would move back in a heart beat, I love Tucumcari.
- nanabebe
Dec. 29, 2007
If you want to learn about Red River County see the website or .
- rrpolitics
Anyone anticipating living and/or owning property in Sampson County should first make themselves familiar with the local laws or absence thereof. Currently, laws allow firing a weapon down or across a public highway in pursuit of wild game, but only during season of course! It is also perfectly legal to hunt while intoxicated or to drink while you hunt. This means that it is lawful to fire a weapon down or across a public highway while intoxicated or drinking and hunting, but only during season of course! If you plan to purchase or lease property for the purpose of hunting, please understand that the use of deer dogs is rampant in this county. If you hope to have exclusive rights to your property, as a hunter or a homeowner/landowner, you can forget it. For those of you who might think about posting "No hunting, trespassing..." signs, forget it. I have been told by many dog hunters, "Them dogs can't read them signs!" I have battled unsuccessfully for ten years...want to buy a farm?
- farmowner
Dec. 28, 2007
The beautiful little town of La Grange is a quaint, wonderful place to visit. There are artists and gallery's opening all over town, nice restaurants, great little shops, and friendly people. A major feature is that the railroad tracks run right down the center of Main Street and there are about 35 trains per day that travel through town. Quite a sight to behold if you have never visited. For train watchers, it just doesn't get any better.

La Grange has a rich and colorful history. Each fall during the months of September and October, The Spirits of La Grange Ghost Tours are very popular. They are guided , candle light walking tours that take you inside three "haunted" locations. Information about the town and it's happenings can be found at
- BarbaraEdds
Great place to raise a family, people are friendly,willing to help and are alot more polite to strangers than some areas I have been in. It is always nice to come home. I just wish there were more jobs for people to come HOME to....
- jedro3
Santa Clara is a small town formerly known as Central New Mexico. I grew up here with my father in a house next to the catholic church. The house was owned by priests before it was sold to my father. My father's family is the Rico family. Only three of the original Rico family members still exist, Onorio, Billie and Della.
- trico
There is also the Jensen Center which is a community center. Amherst also has a very nice library.
- Impurrn
Genesee County has so much going for it that there is no reason for all the economic problems we now face. Our community needs to be positive about the good things we do have and work on rebuilding without the "help" of some large corporate benefactor.
- shastachat
Amherst has a wonderful elementary school. We actually have a K-12 school system, however I'm not so thrilled with the high school teachers & administration and even less happy with the middle school principal.

Amherst is in the perfect location with major cities such as Appleton only 45 minutes away and minor cities such as Waupaca to the east at 15 minutes, and Stevens Point to the west only 20 minutes.

We have a great grocery store, hardware store, gas station, post office, laundry mat, antique stores, a dental office and medical clinic, beauty salons, fire station, Amherst Marine, B-Bar 10 Western Wear, and nice places to choose from to eat. Subway, Ambrosia Pub & Grill, the Sunshine Restaurant, Frontier Restaurant, the Tomorrow River Supper Club & Motel. There is also the Amherst Bed & Breakfast. There are two banks to choose from and many churches. (Bars too.)

We also have a great fair grounds and sponsor a Little Britches Rodeo.
- Impurrn
Dec. 27, 2007
Sumner is one of the nicest small townes in north-central missouri. Having lived there for almost ten years, then moving away, i miss the hospitality and friendly atmosphere of Sumner. I will always consider Sumner my home town.
- mom2em1999
Dundas, Virginia is also a community in Lunenburg County. They have a post office, country store, numerous homes, churches, and a ruritan club. Lunenburg has 2 towns, and 3 smaller communities, not just the 2 listed. Please include Dundas.
- chaseflamz
Having lived here for almost five years, you can see that I either love it, or can't afford to move. Fortunately; I love it! And while there are too many churches, but not enough night clubs, this area seems ripe for growth and social progress.
It is unfortunate that Hill County is one of the less affluent in the Sate of Texas, causing an inadequate level of community services (road care) for the surrounding towns and Whitney itself, but at least we're growing and not receding.
I have met some of the finest people here, and after all, that is what really makes anyplace one calls home the worthwhile element. The physical attributes of the community are a given, around and within which, we all live. Of course, as with anywhere; there are a fair share of redneck, bigoted monsters living around here, too. So if you visit or plan to move here, there is good reason to keep on your toes and your wits about you, so as not to be found like Matthew Shepard or James Bird.

Most ammenities are easily found here, although we could do with some more high-end dining and a Public Transportation System or Taxi Service. Beyond that, if you enjoy Nature, country living, lake and river features, people of all kinds; join us in our "Heart of Texas Home"! We will be happy to meet you!
- jeffstick
Dec. 26, 2007
Nothing for young people, basically all elderly live here, taxes are VERY high, you get no services, would not recommend to live in this area
- sallymarie
Dec. 24, 2007
I was raised in Crystal City. It is above all the friendliest town in South Texas. I moved to Dallas in 1979, married and raised 3 beautiful daughters. To my surprize my middle child has decided to call Crystal her home. Wise move. God has a special place in his heart for the beautiful people of Crystal City Texas. Visit Crystal and you will see what I mean.

God Bless,
- GloriaFoulks
Dec. 23, 2007
I lived with my parents and two brothers in Sandstone from 1941-1946. My dad, George Gregory, was a correctional officer at the federal prison until he entered the Marine Corps in 1944. He was badly wounded on Iwo Jima and spent almost 18 months in a military hospital before returning to Sandstone in 1946, at which time he was transfered to the Alcatraz Federal Prison, where he served until he retired and the prison closed in 1964.

Although I was a young boy I remember the war years well. Unpaved streets, the iceman delivering ice on a horse-drawn wagon, scrap metal drives, blackouts. Band concerts in the park near the railroad depot on summer evenings. Faima's Dry Goods store. Food rationing. The opening of the Land O'Lakes milk drying plant which made the entire town smell like sour milk. A prison escape requiring all the women and children to be locked indoors while the men (most of whom worked at the prison) scoured the area. And so much more.
- ghgregory
Great palace to live !!!
- toren
Dec. 22, 2007
GUTMAN is my mother's family name. She was born a GUTMAN. I have the family tree back to the first 3 brothers and a couple sisters who came from Germany. What a wonderful bit of information it tells. I would like to know if the old home place still stands. The home and great store with its huge basement. How many hours did Mr. GUTMAN save those farmers and housewives trips into the town. He had what they needed or ordered right there on his wagon, pulled by horses. Glad to be part of the history of the area. Wonder if the house still stands, and or if a plaque of some kind might have been placed at the intersection of the roads to indicate the contribution of the family members. He delivered goods, rain or snow. And there was sure plenty of snow back in those days. Global Warming, I do not know. The snow comes as it always had forever.
- chekwriter
This cities Police Dept. is a joke.My daughter who was with a friend in her car(he was driving) when they were stopped by an Bella Villa police officer for running a stop sign(not a stop light)That is an infraction I know but he made my daughters friend get out of the car with his hands raised in the air. This
man is 65 years old and retired and he doesn't look like a mass murderer.He wrote him a ticket($186.00 fine) with out even asking if there was a reason why he ran the sign,(which there was) He preceded to ask her for her insurance form on her car she showed him the form but he said that it was illegal because it was laminated in plastic (by me)not done by a professional. My daughters friend also used an expletive(shit) not to the officer but to himself but the officer wrote him a ticket for using fowl language in the officers presents.
Please anyone visiting the city of Saint Louis stay out of Bella Villa its a speed trap and a third rate municipality with a bad record.
- daddymegl
Dec. 21, 2007
I Love Parkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- bgat12
My parents, Maurice and Harriet Schiffer, live in Rockport. My son, James, and I went to visit them for a couple weeks during the Christmas holidays in 2004, I think it was. My brother, Rick, who lives up in Palmer, Texas, sent my parents a digital camera, and I tried it out, taking all these beautiful photos that day of the sky, the bay, and the trees, having a wonderful time. I am living in China now, and remembering how peaceful and beautiful it was that Christmas Day in Rockport, so I am giving you this present of the photos that I took. I hope you will want to use some of them on your website.
- gemstonedeva
Pro: Good smaller schools, cheapish rents, relatively safe. There's more stuff in Rapid City and it's only a short drive.

Con: Little community activity here, a car is an absolute necessity, a grand total of 3 restaurants open for dinner (expands to 5 if you want to order pizza), the sidewalks stay pretty much rolled up all day.
- AC



- lokelley
Dec. 20, 2007
Ahh yes, Custer.Grew up there and actually from 1970 to about 1986 when i left.I watched it grow from a small country town o finally bought up land by Canadians and slowly evolving into houses devolopments and destroyed open spaces where Deer use to lay.I remeber the Bi-Centenial Trek that started in Blaine and was to end out East somewhere.Clyde Green didn't live far from us and I believe his family still owns the farm.Loretta Lynn use to come every year to visit old Clyde.He had her Cabin for a long time on Birch Bay Lynden Road.I use to ride my horse around there alot.
- Roxyblu
Dec. 19, 2007
Eureka is one of the nation's last standing historic mining towns. Unfortunately the years of neglect recieved by this romote community has resulted in endangering the unique wooden mining structures. The Blue Bell Mine hopper, often associated with this town, has collasped, as has the Gemini Mine Headframe. Many of the land owners have opted to remove the old outbuildings that represent the earliest homes within the gulch. The loss of Eureka's visual history is not the fault of the EPA, but the residence of the town. If you live in Eureka and want to save the town's history; stop getting rid of the old structures!

If the larger community doesn't wake up soon and get behind the efforts to save the history of the town, the old structures will be gone ans with them, all that makes this town unique and valuable.
- Eurekasarchaeologist
yea it sucks and it is a retirement town cops are idiots they will do any thing for $$$$$ unless you know them real well small town cops are not supposed to mess with the locals unless they do something REAL bad but not in worthington they screw with everyone
- jb37
griswold appears to be a dying community where meth and other drugs, including alcohol appear to be the center of entertainment.
- oldearl4u
Dec. 18, 2007
Mount Carroll Illinois has a great home town atmosphere. It downtown area has art gallerys, tea/expresso rooms, antiques, and more lineing the streets. You can find alot of great information about Mount Carroll Illinois at
- tingo
Dec. 17, 2007
I was born in Lone Oak, Texas in 1937. Does anyone remember anything about Johnny Monroe Stevens who lived there. His sons and daughters were: Earl M., Johnnie Ethell, J. H., R.V.(Pearl) and Bennie Leo. I would appreciate any info I can find on my family. I will be glad to share info.
- texashome
Recently made a very brief visit to your city and want to thank the nice women at the museum in the park. We arrived about the time they were closing and they were gracious enough to stay past closing to show us around. We had traveled from Oregon to Chicago and were on the return trip when we decided to go to Wamego, as we spent a lot of time there as children and wanted to go back even though we knew we could not be there more than a couple of hours. Kudos to the staff at the museum for letting us look back to a place that I had not been in 50 years. Thank you!
- meadow
As lovely as Buena Vista is, BV is lacking in the many things that make it important to consider before moving there.

BV is a retirement community; the majority of newcomers are retirees, not to mention that the summer-only residents bolster the residency count and make it vitally important to a stable community. The majority of high school students go elsewhere for work and education.

The town is growing. But, the local town officials act at the speed of rewind. Local government seriously hinders growth and does not appear to have a master plan and seems to conform to special interests. One trustee has a personal friendship which appears to seriously hinder growth with a concern there is a dollar value to the "friendship." This also applies to town staff who appear to use their positions to sabatoge and override trustee actions because it does not meet with their approval. Bought?

The local press is an arm of the Chamber and prints no substantative news. Controlled?
- freepress
I would like to find a webcam in Garrison, ny
could anyone help?
- turkmen
I have heard you can get your Christmas cards postmarked with a Rudolf postmark. Is this correct?
- bjpbabruns
Dec. 16, 2007
Our Owsley County Cemetery Project is moving alone good now. We have over 250 Cemetery's and over 9,000 Stone picture's. Please fell free to contact me for help or info. Tom Barrett

Tom Barrett
Booneville, Ky 41314
- Tombarrett
We purchased a 2nd home in Tombstone a couple of years the fun atmosphere, but think the town can be a bit dumpy....the marshals don't follow up much on the "junkyards" in town.....otherwise, we love the place.
- gmooney
I was born and raised in Marvell until age 8.Father and relatives buried there.I am interested in my roots in Marvell.Everything I find on line you have to pay for.I especially want to know if the elementary school or library has a history room.I would like to see classbooks from 1966-1968.
- Wheatley
Dec. 15, 2007
Bradshaw is a great little town. Everyone one knows everyone. This can be good and can be a disadvantage too. In times of death friends are there to help.
- birdog
what is great meadows like
- whattoknow
my family and I live in Knoxville TN and want a change. We are tired of the big city life, and the drugs that are all around. Can you tell me about your town? Is it a nice place to raise 3 small children?
- merrowfamily
Wanting a business for sale in the Marshall County Area
- sha
My mom grew up there, many years ago. I guess it has not changed much in 90 years.
- flyd
Looking for a good accountant in the owensville area. One that can travel to my place of buisness. Thank you
- kaywes
Dec. 14, 2007
My favorite place in the world! Yes, I am a rider, have been all my life. I grew up in the mountains of Northeast GA, left for the "city life". Love Valley is a one of a kind place. NO! It's not fancy and no, there's not much shopping unless you know what you need. Is it really about riding and the trails there? Well, there are certainly more trails where I grew up and they are certainly more scenic, so for me, it's not really about the trails, yes it is about riding. But it's a whole different way of life. All the folks you meet there say "hey"! Where else does that happen? If they don't say hey, well, must be their first time. But you can kick back and it just don't make a damn who you are! No need to dress fancy or put on an impression. It is about riding, kicking back, having a beer, friends and a little fun at night! But if you aren't simple at heart...this isn't the place for you! But you are welcome anyway! Don't forget to go by and hug Andy!
- legacyroseranch
Dec. 13, 2007
The picture that supposedly represents Marcus Hook is completely off the mark. I know it is referred to as a model village, but it not like that at all.
- mary1234
I visited Aiken last year and thought it was a nice blend of downtown and park areas. There does seem to be a lot of traffic on the main roads -- Whiskey Road during the day.
- cdimauro
speed trap
- nannnnnn
Dec. 12, 2007
Nice place to live
- 60517
Hello Dothan,

I am thinking of relocating. What are you like?
- CatherineKelley
What is it like to live in Carmel?
- isismaria
I visited a farm that claimed to contain an original salt block home. It was on highway north of Belleville, on the east side of the highway. They were selling crafts, making bread etc. at the time.
Can anyone give me the name of that farm?
- shellea
I was with Salvatore Saco during the Korean war. A real great guy/soldier. I was sad at his loss while we repositioned at Ulsan, Korea where he died. Don't know where Sal is buried or if he has relatives in Freeland.
Sal was a great friend with an ever present smile no matter how tough our position was. He was a good and noble patriot.
- Jaybee
I have only lived in Buellton for about 2 years. Last Christmas I sorely missed outdoor lights and decorations at homes. I am originally from Fresno, California where many, many people decorate outdoors beautifully. Fresno has one of the oldest Christmas tree lanes ever and has 3 other neighborhoods that put a lot of time, effort, and money into this season.

This year I found the lights in Buellton. There is one neighborhood in particular that is living up to the spirit of Christmas. I enjoyed the displays of lights and lawn displays immensely last night for the first time!


This incredible display of holiday spirit has already added more to my Christmas this year than you will ever know.
- redhatlady
I grew up in Loving Texas. It is a small community. It is a great place to raise a family. Although I have moved to Wichita Falls, I still have friends who live in Loving. I go and visit Loving every so often. One day when I retire I vow to move back to Loving.
Ogallala is a very small town with lots of older people & very little to do socially. The people are friendly & wave as you drive by but not much real interaction. It has Lake Maconaughy which is beautiful & has 100 miles of white sand beaches. It is easy living, very inexensive to live & home prices are as low as anywhere in the US. It is one hour drive to shop in North Platte & a 3 hour drive to Denver.
- place
What's GOOD about it? Nothing there. No stores, gas stations, no medical facilities, restaurants, etc. etc. Own property that I cannot sell now. No house, just land. No Duplexes, condos, apartments there. No subdivisions. They don't want them. A town board that leaves something to be desired. When I meet strangers and state I have property in Mitchell, they say-OH THAT place. We've heard about it. Everything they say is negative. Some of my friends have sold out and moved away--while they had the chance. No one wants to go there now. SAD,SAD!
- mutz
Dec. 11, 2007
It's been a long time since I've been there. I almost felt like a stranger when I came home to DeQuincy. Everything and everyone has changed so much. I probably have too.
- Mudhole

la salle county is known to its residents as a place where it is impossible to purchase anything. the standard reply to a customer who requests, for instance, "contact paper," is:

"Oh...well, we used to have that."

recent immigrants from arkansas and other points south (who are many) have resulted in the sudden appearance in local grocery stores of Moon Pies and multiple brands of laundry starch, which features prominently in their native cuisine. other signs of the increasingly southern cultural trend is the pronunciation of la salle as "lay sal."

there's little to do in la salle county, and the population are unaware of the existence of such things as ballet, orchestral music, sculpture, and literature. there is, however, a plentiful supply of corn and bigotry. think of it as mayberry, but without the friendliness.
- r3fug33
While the town of Mascoutah is generally a nice community, the high school is vastly unfair and revolting. The administration has no sympathy for students and unavoidable events. Every student is a special situation and should be treated thus. So, if planning to move to Mascoutah, plan to send your children to school elsewhere.
- SeniorKid08
Kannapolis was a place I wanted to 'get away' from! But I've found myself drawn back there time and time again...until I finally realized it was home!

I moved from Clifton, NJ to Kannapolis in August 1962. I'd been there almost every summer visiting my grand mother and other relatives since my mother was born and reared there. When we moved to K-town I was fifteen years old and just starting high school.

AL Brown High was quite a change from the strict Catholic schools I had attended in New Jersey. NO UNIFORMS! Oh - that was the most fantastic thing ever! I could wear what I wanted to!

Of course the social climate was different too...I had three strikes against me from the beginning; I was a Yankee, I was Catholic and I was Polish! There was no escape. Once people found out about my 'three strikes' they teased me incessently. I was even asked to get up in front of a class and talk about being 'Catholic'!

I made it through school...and forty years later!
- grandmalea
Dec. 10, 2007
we moved there from tennessee, we were only able to stay for six months, due to lack of affordable housing, but my kids loved it there, and the schools were the best i have ever seen.
- rbiggs
MacClenny is horrible.
there's no movie theatre, and it is small, which some may enjoy.

the town does get together, but the school administrators are idiots. i'm most likely smarter than all of them, but i am gifted, so that's normal.
- thescudman
It's a nice, small town.
- ladybluehawaiian
I am moving to Alabama or Tenn this summer.
My work will be in Huntsville.
Can anyone recommend a good quiet neighborhood.
I prefer a little land ansd close to some water.
- dunnrun
Looking forward to Christmas at The Nest. I heard it has be quite cold with a bit of snow.
I am glad we have plenty of wood and hope to see the Northern Lights this trip.
- Mart
Westerchester is very quite town.
But people need to respect speed limits.
Including school busses
Dec. 9, 2007
bell gardens is a good city and a cool place to hang out with your famili and ilove california and i miss mi mom and mi cuz uncle and ant and i want to go back to life with my famili be cus i ghot send to mexico to get mi theath to get fixt but iam going back in 1 year to bisit my friends?????????????
- juliansandoval
i will be moving to taylors soon tell me everything i need to know??
- poppopcharley
Ticonderoga is a small town.
- Punkus73
A great town that is just east of Penfield.
- sherman
Thought I'd drop a note in but first I have to say HI to Joyce in case she stops in here to read the blog Its really cold here today in Winterset We had a hard snow on Thurs of last week and then again last night and supposed to get more todayNot much else going on I was surprised to get a response from the last blog I left Hopefully Ill get some more ,maybe classmates from the class of '82' Take care and stay warm and have a great Holiday season
- desertdawg
Dec. 8, 2007
We have been looking at ranch land in Edwards County. Our desire is to get out of the city and move to the peace and quiet of the western hill country. Anyone else out there looking to re-settle from city to ranch living?
- cwstexas
I have an original photo of My grandpa J L Farris
He was the postmaster and Marshall Of Farris.
That is about all I know. I want to learn more about my relatives.
If you are related to me please contact me @ or visit
James Farris
- jagged1
Have you heard the news of the "Rails to Trails" plan to go through the Oak Hill/Maytown Rd. area soon and how many of you are are excited about it?
- Redruby
Dec. 6, 2007
I live on the reservation, it is growing fast with people. There definitely a need for more services. The Tribe has tried to do its best with what it has to serve the people on the reservation. The most awful part is the lack of housing. It would be good if the feds could meet our need but with less and less funding it is hard. Just a thought.
- kawiamax
anyone know about how safe chelsea is now?
- artblucat
I'd love to find out about Westport'sd history and cultural traditions. I'm thinking about moveing there.
- dragonfly2
I am trying to find info on a bank robbery in Lorenzo in about 1936. Anyone know any thing about this?
- Ronsma
anyone want to know about the flooding troubles in Plainfield? How about the great Mayor and his concern for those who flood?
- wetone
We are looking for Keri, Chance and William Sibley (or Siblley). Their half-sister Kandis would like to make contact with them. If you know where they are please contact us at THANKS
- glisabeth
St. Eustachius School is a wonderful school, and a great asset to Portageville. The principal Patricia Rone, students, and faculty should be proud of the values that it has set in the community and the standards that it has raised for the town.
- Owensby
A great place to be. Looking forward to arts and convention center- this place needs more culture nearby!
- themonitor
Dec. 5, 2007
I am sorry to see a church destroy the environment and make many animals lose there home and lives! I am talking about the first baptist church of Dunwoody! There is a protected wet land that they are destroying for some parking spaces. They have a parking lot that is accross the street from the church that has never been over 1/4 full within the 3 years that I have lived in this community, so why add more parking spaces. My assumption greed! I would like the church to answer this "where would Jesus park"? Love thy neighbor? Not anymore!
- bbarrett
You have GOT to be kidding!
Foristell is a Freeway exchange with a couple of truckstops, the few homes have been VERY slowly multipling but they have more than 1 Police car per 100 population, and their FAOVORITE pastime is writing speeding tickets on the FREEWAY in order to raise the money to pay for the city's overpriced government.
No, I'm not an irate speeder, I haven't been 'tagged' yet, I work at a small business in Foristell, I keep my eyes and ears open and am amazed by the attitude of small town officials, the way they 'don't care what the law reads' and 'rule this town' as they want.
- CharlieB
I am searching all over Texas for my sibling that was put up for adoption from Odessa Texas we think Jan of 1950. Possible that it could be the last two months of 1949 or the first few months of 1950. This sibling was born at the Gettins Clinic that moved around Odessa in 1949 and 1950. Could have been connected to black market adoption ring at that time. All of the information on siblings birth certificate could be wrong if black market connection is true. Would like to hear from people with information about Odessa in 1949 and 1950. Mother lived for a brief time in the Coats Trailer Park. Names connected could be POWELL, ROGERS, MIZE. We think our sibling could have our green eyes. This sibling might never have been told that they were adopted. Only way to find truth is to call the state of Texas Records and see if there is another birth certificate. Most of the time there were two if adopted. Looking for people that might have gone to school in Odessa with some one that was adopted.

- lmarcu
We stayed at the Keene Motor Lodge, on Rte 258 in Richlands NC, it was the most unsanitary place I have ever been to and dangerous with all the broken outlets and ceramic in the bathroom. I have pictures. The sheets were stained and dirty, when we asked the manager to change them he wanted us to change them was the most horrible experience ever!
- troynstef1
Been in Lebanon for about 4yrs now love it here.The people are friendly with its country store and acres of farm its the ultimate country location.My fiance and I are renting at this time but are looking for a good size home for us are two girls and an inlaw apt for my wonderfull future motherinlaw.We hope to find a home so we can settle here forever.
- jbrown319
Dec. 4, 2007
Salado is a unique town with friendly people. We go to church on Sundays, swim at the Mermaid, stop by Sonic for a slushie after school, grab a bite to eat at the Cofffe Shop check out books and movies at the library, pickup up a gift at one of our many hometown stores (no chains). And we can do all of this without a redlight in town.
Salado is a great place to live!
- Jerrysunview
Iam from Oregon and while visiting freinds in Vt and NH Colebrook was part of my visit.
I found it to be a wonderful little town ,rich in history,
As most everyone knows fall in this area is something to behold.
I do plan another motorhome trip there in the coming future....
- mikek64
Levittown is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. The area is safe - very low crime rate - with friendly neighbors who actually know each other. Levittown's location is ideal for commuting to NYC and being in central Nassau County makes commuting to its beaches just minutes away. The area is conveniently located to shopping, entertainment and neighborhood pools.
- ProudToBe
Dec. 3, 2007
My great grandmother was a Harrison (family of the James River Harrisons) related to the two President Harrisons and Benjamin Harrison, who signed the Declaration of Independence. I am interested in the history of Holly Springs during the Civil War and any photos from that period.
- JayK
Spring Hill, Iowa was the home of my childhood. I attended the tall red brick school house and the Methodist Church in the middle of town. I played baseball in the field at the bottom of the big hill in town (even though I was a girl). In the winter I sledded down that hill.
I rode horses across the softball diamonds at the school on weekends (probably not the best idea). I bought things from Bill Hill at the corner store and purchased gas at Ilo and Winkie Alexander's combination store and gas station. I would ride my horse over the big bridge and along the dirt path that circled around by the dump site. It was a great place to grow up!
- pigmama
My family and I are moving to North Carolina. My wife currently works in Greensboro as I remain behind to sell our house. My wife has been all over Greensboro and Kernersville looking for houses. I think we have decided on Kernersville. I guess the questions I am asking are.....Where is the best area to live in? What are the pros and cons about Kernersville? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks
- kimbarali
We are consitering a move to the dripping springs area. One quality of life issue to us is whether there is a college nearby where we can take interesting classes. I really can only find UT, which is quite a drive. Are there other life-long learning resources in the area?

- ghopper
i come from the Square.
- MIKE112
Dec. 2, 2007
My husband and I are looking to relocate to Ulster County can someone tell me alittle about the schools and such. And the towns themselves.
- meganhoppe
Dec. 1, 2007
I'm thinking about moving to Georgia but not sure what part could someone give me some suggestion on Conyers, Ga. I'm looking for an upscale suburban family orientated neighborhood and a good school system . sign relocating
- shellrelocate
I have driven through this little town many times. It looks depressed; Like it has seen better days. What is there that would make me want to move there?
- jlmcbend
Does anyone know if Elberta is now putting out a local newspaper? If so, do you know a phone number I can call to order it? Thanks.
- CADeb

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