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Feb. 28, 2007
Heaven on earth!
- laborabora
Stroller Strides Arrives in Camden County on March 12th.

FREE Grand Opening Class
Join our Grand Opening Party! Free class, raffles, refreshments, face painting and more!

Fitness For Mom, Fun For Baby
Stroller Strides is the country?s largest fitness program for new moms. Classes offer a stroller workout that combines Power Walking and intervals of body toning using the stroller, the environment and exercise tubing. It?s a great way to get in shape, meet other new moms and have fun with your baby. In addition to the classes, Stroller Strides offers Luna Mom Clubs with fun playgroup activities and community offerings. For more info visit us at:
- strollermom28
What is the average rent for a 1 - 2 bedroom?

What is the best area for a nice little to live?

- pate
This is a first but I wanted to understand the various areas of Las Vegas from a resident's viewpoint and not just a realtor.
Later this year, we're relocating. Everyone says move to Summerlin or one of the master planned Henderson areas.
Questions: If Madeira Canyon has the highest elevation wouldn't it have cooler temps. than Summerlin?
If we're buying a home between 500 - 600K, where's the best one story communities?
We're in our fifties but don't care for age-restricted areas.
In upstate NY, we're used to wide open spaces. The new homes seem to have no property!
In the NW (area code 89149) I've noticed larger lots - is Galileo Dr. a good neighborhood?
We wouldn't care about rush hour traffic, or schools. But we'd love a good view, or a larger lot for a pool.
No doubt, we'll have quite an adjustment - ahh no snow!
It'll be so interesting to hear the pros/cons of the area.
Thanks in advance for your help.
- LR
My family and I are traveling down to see my dad this spring, and was wondering what there is to do for kids (ie zoo's, parks, tourist traps)
- cadman33

Any good realtors to be reccomended??
- rickgodwin
I lived in Sloatsburg from 1970 through 1993. Throughout the 70's we would go snowmobiling from downtown to Greenwood Lake, NY through the woods on our machines...there was nothing like it! There wasn't much traffic and the Police didn't bother with us. Downtown was very small, just a drug store, post office, video store, hardware store, a 7-11 type store, and, of course a bar or two...but if we needed something that wasn't in town, we simply traveled just 15 minutes away to New Jersey. Haven't been back there in many years, have been living in Jersey, Arizona and now North Carolina, but I'm sure it's still the sleepy little town it used to be. If you read this and happen to know David "Homer" Conklin, please tell him that Sue says "Hi".
- cactusneedle
wondering how people like living in Purcellville, traffic and commuter woes, etc.
- sara3t3t
Feb. 27, 2007
I hope that someone can help me. I am looking for my two uncles. I need to get a message to them. My uncles are Tony Bayless (wife Teresa) and Johnny Morris (age 37?). I want to let them know that their sister Evelyn has passed away on February 22, 2007. My mother is Mary their other sister.

E. Johnson
- eyopp
Mobeetie, TX ...I want to learn more about this town. Is there anyone that can tell me current information about Mobeetie. All I know is it is small & dusty. Is this a town with a heart beat? Could this be a nice place to retire? What do land lots in New and Old Mobeetie sell for?
I know the history of the town. What I need to find out is this a place to build a small home, or should I run the other way?
- penmolo
I am searching for info on Rueben Ball born 1802 in Peterstown Monroe county Virginia, now West Virginia
- llada53
When I first arrived in this quaint little town it was like heaven. It was like living in a different time. Everyone seemed so friendly. But the longer I'm here I realized that I will always be an outsider! Unless you are born and raised here or a cousin of someone you'll never belong. It's amazing how city ordinances or laws for that matter only seem to apply to certain people. If for some reason you have a disagreement with "a local" you will always be wrong. From out of the blue there is a new ordinance concerning inoperative vehicles and, of coarse, because I'm an outsider they are going to treaten me with a misdemeanor charge if I don't remove the vehicle from my property within seven days! It's the dead of winter and I'm expected to remove this vehicle without a reasonable amount of time. What makes this more ridiculous is the commisssioner enforcing this new ordinance owns the local junk yard! What a convenient way to get his hands on some cars.
- bettybooper
I understand that this is the birthplace of Sunset Carson. I just saw him on tv today. Does anybody know anything about this?
Richard L. Barnes
Maple Hill, Kansas
- lbhunter
good places to eat
- angela
Feb. 26, 2007
I am considering relocating to the Driftwood area and would like to know how hard it is to get a job and rent a place. Can anyone give me some input please.
- Catherine2u
I am looking for information on the "The Silver Spur Campground" that was operational in the early 1960s. To the best of my knowledge, it was a camp for college-age kids. Do you know anything about the counselors or the programs there? Any information is greatly appreciated.
- Ruthann
How is the employment? What is it like to live their?
Can you commute from any other town? What is the
housing market like?
- snyder
What is the local sales tax in Belle Chasse.
- jrichard
I spent many happy summers in my youth lving in Woolrich with my grandparents - Clarence and Gertrude (Lovett) Ohl.

My 'papa' was sewing room supervisor in the mills for many years. I wish I had a recording of the sound of the mills working at night - it used to put me to sleep.

As I said - many great memories of Woolrich - Chatham run, the pool, the park, playing for the Woolrich little league baseball team and all the guys and girls I knew...
- EdMcM
Cops are out of control
- phatty307
thinking of buying house here - need info
- DonnaFaye
Stayed in Aberdeen in February 2007 for the Pacific Rally Group auto rally. Great place to visit! beautiful, great food, lots to do and friendly people EXCEPT for the Nordic Inn. Never stay here. The owners treated our party very badly and ripped us off.

however, that was the only bad experience we had in Aberdeen and we'll always return for this rally; we'll just stay in a different place.
- mother1ship
looking for information as we are considering relocating
- lauramize
Feb. 25, 2007
i love richmond hill, ny. It has a real small home-town feeling eventhough its part of the great new york city. People refer to it as "New York City's Best Kept Secret".
- vanwyck
I spent many a summer on my grandparents ranch in Des Moines/ Homer and Rosie Schmitt.I fish all over the Americas and Folsum is really one of the best!Im comming to Folsum in October and can not wait to be back home.My name is Paul Martin.
- Pmar77eng
Some of the progressives in Dahlonega are trying to charter a bus to Washington DC for the Peace march on 3/17/2007. If interested send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you.
- mountainlover
I am looking forward to attending the 100th year Alumni Celebration of Eagle High School. My year of graduation was 1958 so if you do the math. My 50 alumni will be in the year 2008. I am looking forward to this event.
Phyllis Schwartman Short
- heidiluke
I am considering a move here from Mn, any advice?
- regina
I Milan J Mason:
Son of Milan F Mason, (Brother to Charles Mason).
Charles Mason died in a train/car crash, Leaving twin dauthers. The dauthers maybe Doris and Dorothy ?
I beleve one or both of the twins lived in the Maple Rapids area.

If you can help:
Email me at [email protected]
- milanmason
I lived in Wallace in the early 40's... Went to school there,4th 5th and 6th grade... My Grandfather was the owner of the Ryan Hotel at that time... My Father worked at the Elks Lodge... I lived on Cedar St. and at one time across from the old beer brewery... Those were good times...
- bozo
Feb. 24, 2007
Santa Clarita is an awesome place to live! It's the closest to the Midwest/East Coast feel you'll find (friendly, conservative people) in Los Angeles.
- rovingwriter
How or for whom was Porter named,and what year was it established?
Looking for information about a bronze coin made in 1893 about 1/8 inch thick with a side view posed man dressed with tie and jacket and long hair pony style. The dates 1793...1893 at the bottom of coin and the wording in capitol letters Cazenovia N.Y. At the top of coin. The rear of coin has crest in at the center with a tower in the middle of the crest and a bird head at the top..around the top reads centenial of the settlement of Cazenovia N.Y. June 11, -14 1893..Found 1793 Incor. 1810.
This coin was bought in a small shop over 50 years ago and kept in as a lucky piece...Has anybody have any information of who the man on the coin is etc...And maybe what value the coin could have!!
- rcortazal
Feb. 23, 2007
Looking for Lindell Charles Grissom, aka Chuck Grissom. I do not want anything but contact... Please email info to [email protected] He grew up in McDougal, his parents are Kenny and Kathy Grissom and a brother named Kent and I think a sister named Stacey.
- ddakanana

I am interested in finding out about early business in Greensboro. I know my grandfather and his brothers started early sign business in Greensboro. One was under the name of Piedmont Poster company and the other Dixie Advertising Company. As best I can tell, this was around 1915... would be interested in any input. Trying to trace family tree and info.

Terri Garrity.
- tgarritync
We live on Cypress CT. Which backs up against Empire Rd. (the corner of Empire and Cypress Rd. We have lived here for 19 years. The traffic has increased 10 fold on Empire. It is so bad that my 15 year old can not even sleep at night.

I have spoken with the city and written at least two letters addressing this situation. I have asked for a sound study and eventually a soundwall. This is imperative to continue to live here.

I am asking for your help in addressing this sitation. Maybe the city and or Mayor will listen to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Debbie Bertel
[email protected]
- DebbieBertel
There is no blog about Mesilla.....I want to go there, what is it like?
- ranchbabe
I have a project to study 19th century African American political leaders, especially Isaiah T. Montgomery, in Mississippi. This led me to awareness that, at one time, Desha County had at least one African American county clerk. I am interested in learning from of the county's political history between Emancipation and 1900.
- itmproject
Looking for information about family. Sam Sewell born in 1882 and died in 1967 any information will help
- willecho
I was born & raised in Cahaba Heights...the best & worst years of my life were spent in the Heights...the 70's were a great time to be alive there..hanging out at Pasquale's...going to Lake Purdy...

Anybody out there from that era...?????
- michaelarnett
Thanks to ePodunk for this site !! I have lived here in Owsley County all my life. Now am trying to get all the Cemetery picture's here I can. Have over 8,000 stone picture's from over 200 Cemetery's. If you need more info please email me at [email protected] put in the subject line Cemetery invite I think we all owe ePodunk a BIG THANK'S. I want to thank them for taking the picture's I have sent so far. Someone out there has put alot of time and efford into this site here and I am sure alot of money. Thanks for helping me perserve the Cemetery's in Owsley County and the place to share the info and picture's.
Tom Barrett
Rt 3 Box 609
Booneville, Ky 41314
- Tombarrett
Where are the Lake Eufaula people?
- missbee
Feb. 22, 2007
i love grass valley
- kcswim
this is the most ghetto area of houston. it is amazing it can exist at all, massive apartment complexes, crime, drugs,
and federal housing crowding the schools with a free lunch rate at 80% or more. wish it would go away. a real blot on the face of houston.
- joanie
Looking for Bright Box breakfast/Old German feed and Mill
- mcschmidty
Unadilla is a historical community located between Oneonta, NY and Binghamton, NY.
We take pride in out community and are recovering nicely from the flood of 2006.

One of our BIG EVENTS is the "Carnival of Sales" sponsored by the Unadilla Chamber and local businesses. It takes place this year on Saturday, July 7, 2007. This is an all day event with Brooks BBQ chicken & Ribs, vendors, bands, entertainment for kids, games and community wide lawn sales. Each organization has their own sponsored activity.
We are in our 31st year and are visited by folks from all over the NY state and surrounding states.

It's a fun time for all!
- mabickos
My mother was born in Belzoni and she used to cook catfish and red horse bread. I think it is what most people call Hush Puppies. In any case, I can't find a recipe for Red Horse Bread and I'm wondering if any of you might have it.
My aunt was Lois Thompson who lived in Belzoni all her life. She was my mother's oldest sister.
Cappy Hall Rearick
- cappy
An aspiring author, J.C. Wallick has moved to Bridgeport, to continue his sequel to his first novel, and write a story encompassing the residents. While the works are fictional, the story will be first class. We welcome him here.
My ancesters are from sumneytown, would like to know about the past of sumneytown
I'm looking for someone I knew about 30 years ago who used to live in Fernan Lake Village, ID. His name is Brandon Johnson. His parents died in a plane crash when he was in junior high school after which he went to live in FLV with his aunt and uncle. I met him in Hawaii when he was in the Marines. We dated for awhile then I lost track of him when he was transferred to Japan. I would like to find him and see how he's doing 30 years later.

Can you help me?
- jenkjl
We move to Plains five months ago and I and my family love it. It's quiet and the people we have met are so friendly. This is such a great place we recommend more people visit Plains and consider living here.

They have a wonderful school district and the schools my children love. Now that's a first! Nevertheless, it's a great place to be, Plains is definately home.

I am a computer repair person and love meeting the people in the area.
- techman443
Were planning to move there so I wanna know more about the place...
- michriley
Feb. 21, 2007
some of the best people in here johnny webster and others i love the school. i only wish our old motel was still standing.
if any one out there knows were debbie reed (maiden name ) is please let me know.
- sandiew
Looking for information about the old one room school house ( 2 buildings ), in Diggins, Mo. I went to the first and second grade in the building, I think they called that building the little room. My Teacher name was Mrs. Wilkerson. This would be the years 1952-1955.
- Youngfarmboy
Looking for family mermbers in murphysboro who are relation to the Baker-Smith Family.
- silverwolf
I looking for relatives in Braham and my english is not so good but I seartch for my family from sweden Hanna Nilsson, born 1889 or 1888 november 25 she was my grandmothets sister.She hade a son named Ed Oquist. That's all I know. Pleace mail to me [email protected]
Have a nice day from cold vinter Sweden Monica:)
- monicapersson
I am looking for a tract of land described simply as "thirty acres more or less on Green Briar Creek on the road that leads to Shamokin." My progenitor, Peter Glick (variously spelled Gluck, Kluck, or Gleck), took out a warrant to purchase this land on May 28, 1752, but he never took possession of it, because he was murdered by Indians. I would like to find this land. Can anyone identify Green Briar Creek for me? Peter resided in Windsor Township south of Shamokin, and Shamokin was on the extreme frontier of then Berks County, so I suspect the land lies to the south of Shamokin. I do not find any maps that show a stream by that name in that area, but the name may have since changed. If you have this information, please email me at [email protected]
Ervie Glick
Harrisonburg, VA
- ervieglick
what is it like to live there?- janej
- janej
Glad to be here. I have heard and,well seen this is a nice community... Is this true?
- Jacquin
Is a awesome town

yeah sure is
- Ashley123
Feb. 20, 2007
the smithsburg cops are jerks
- aaabbbccc123
What is going on with Delano utilities. Why are we being charged more then half our bill for PCA charges. I live in a little tiny apartment and my pca charge is 75.00 the regular bill is less then half of that. What can we do to get this fixed. I own a house in the cities that I am trying to sell so I can purchase in Delano now Im not so sure I really want to live here and pay that much just to keep my family warm. Anyone else out there have any complaints.
- susie
Looking to move to Clearwater / Tarpon Springs area I have 3 small children and we are Greek Family .. Looking for some advice from other greek families in the area..
- jmatheos
I'm looking for information about the Implement that was across from the courthouse in 1936. Also records on tractors bought from there about that year. Please contact me at [email protected]
- Swick
does anyone out there remember the dickerman's in elgin, mn?
- ndickerman
Feb. 19, 2007
Hi, I have heard the home at 631 Manitou Ave (the pink stone house in front of the congregational church one house east of Pawnee) referred to as the old governor?s mansion or the old territorial governor?s mansion. I know that the dates for the territorial governor don?t make sense?? Does anyone have any information on why this may be so?

Thanks in advance,
- rdiedrich
Looking for a home for sale in The Orchards or near Mt. Joy Boro. Anyone selling by owner?
- mimi1111
Looking for an address or phone no. for Carl Seifert. Knew him in college a hundred years ago! Please give him my email or send the other info. [email protected]
Many thanks.
- JulieL
I am trying to gather infomation regarding relocating to
Poquoson......everyday life, activities, schools, etc.
- lindaw
What City or Town would Moseley Creek be near?
- hcarmack
Does anyone know what happened between the two Olmsteads that had the shoot out !!!???? What could have ever gone so wrong that a father and son would have shot each other !!!????
- kimkruse
I grew up in Onchiota and love the place. Anybody that went to the grade school in Onchiota in the 50"s and 60"s I would love to hear from you.

Deborah Gonyea
- debi201
Can anyone give me info on the name and location of old cemetaries for blacks in clarksdale.
- nursekimberly315
Im trying to find out history and informaition about Anderson Music Co. in Big Spring Texas. Pictures, stories, and any informaition would be helpful.
- Blunova2
I have never been to Maxwell, but the town was named after my maternal grandmother's father. I would like to get as much historical information about the town, as well as seeing any photos that people could share with me. Thanks.
- normajhewitt
Feb. 18, 2007
I would love to have any scans of the Corrington family pictures. I have a picture of Mary Felicity [Phillips] Corrington holding James Phillip Corrington. The picture was taken when he was little. James Phillip[b1893 d1957]. I would be happy to scan if you would want it. These folks were in St. Clair Co., IL. Mary
- mandre221
How is life in Pinebluff, NC? I have heard a lot of nice things.
- Cinderella
Lived in Scott County when I was in the second grade. My mothers family lived here since about 1860. We lived in the house that my mother grew up in and that was across the street from where her grandfather had lived. It is surrounded by the national forest so the vegetation was pretty thick. Lots of different kinds of snakes and insects. Quite a wonderland for a curious child.
We visited there every two years until I graduated high school. It is a different world than the Pacific Northwest where I live now. Here I have a greater freedom of hiking around the woods. Down there, it is not greatly favored. A few years ago, I felt very compelled to tromp through the thick vegetation to get to some Passion flowers. Apparently there are "chiggers" that get under your skin and you itch forever until they live through their hellish life cycle. I also saw a snapping turtle, copperhead snake, and a huge walking stick insect. There were also neat little cups of lichen in the crotch of a tree.
- hope
I work with adults with developmental disabilities and I am seeking part time employment opportunities for them. I supply full training with and for them and job coaching let us help you
- irishreblove
I would like to know what it's like to live there. How are the schools.
- lilacj
What is the branch of local government - elected officials, appointed officials?
- panits
points of interest and restaurants in and around pt clyde
- marl
I like living in Belle Plaine better than Wellington, the people are friendlier and the cops. It is in a convient location, kind of in the middle of other cities.
- emwerner
Feb. 17, 2007
Does anyone know where the fire is burning West of Barker Cypress. The blaze is high, but I can't tell what is burning from where I live and the streets are crowded?
- dcwood
I love evansport! especially the guys that live there!
- callyann21
I am interested in the history of the area in Warrior Valley from Samules Chapel up-river to Moodys Chapel Cemetery. This includes Sauls Cemetery, and the area along Dee Nix Road, Burton Loop Road, Moody Chapel Road, Warrior Valley Road. It also includes the site of the former community of NIX, Alabama and the Post Office that operated about 1880 in this area. I am interested in the history of the two Baptist churches at Moodys Chapel Cemetery. Anything and everything about the people, the churches, cemeteries, schools, if there are any. Just any history about the area from the time of the first settlers in the 1820's to recent time. Does anyone have any history to share?
- Dalton
Hello guys, my name is Ken I live in Tokyo, Japan.
I am desperately looking for my best friends in Cedar town.
their name is Mike(His mother's name is Lucy , and his sister is Pam) and Karen Johnson .
we met in college more than 20 years ago , but I have lost their contract right after I moved one to another. He was grew up in cedar town , he lived in Piedmont AL. then moved back into Cedartown about 5 or 6 years ago.
If anyone know anything about them ,
please help me to find them.
thank you in advance.
- Japanese
I know absolutely nothing about Seneca. I would appreciate as much info as possible. What happens in Seneca.
- emslie
Feb. 16, 2007
what is the name of the Floral Park daily newspaper
- harleysan
Where do you ice skate in Ripton?
- smn
Is Mountain Home kind of a country community, but not isolated country? Is there a good selection of properties kind of private, but not totally isolated? We would be transplants from Las Vegas, and former Wisconsinites, so the seasons, if not too severe, should not be a problem. We don't wish to live in a restricted community because we have several pets. We're just looking for a semi-rural setting with a couple of acres or so. We are a retired couple, but love to fish. We're tired of big city living. Any information you can give us about Mountain Home and surrounding areas is appreciated.
- Luckylady
How great would it be for Lumpkin to be cleaned up and become productive? Change is gonna come!
- Lilbev
Just wondering if I have any living relatives still in Cherryfield. My family roots are there, but due to decisions made by others, I've never been able to connect to my immediate family. I think I may have visited as an infant, but I never visited as an adult. I would like to, along with my wife and child, but it would be nice if I could connect with family.

Langdon L. Sproul Jr.
- llsprouljr
Hey Creekmores I am trying to find the family coat of arms.
Now I know we have one but I can't seem to find it. If you happer to have some information, example, or sugestions regarding this please e-mail it to me at [email protected]

Thank You
- Quicksilver
we are moving to crestwood ky from cincinnati oh and really do not know much about the area and schools. We have a son who will be entering kindergarten fall 2007, could you advise what school is best in the area. Public and private would be great. Plus is there anything that goes on in crestwood that we don't want to miss
- jencigs3
So are there many homes for rent in Amber or even apartments? my cousin Bodie syays its cool
- frostyfirecat15
Fairfield County is one of the 88 Ohio counties that failed to get a description of its name origin entered into the profile on ePodunk Ohio Counties. So, for the record here is the blurb: Fairfield County was formed December 9, 1800, by proclamation of Gov. St. Clair and so named from the beauty of its fair fields.
- ramahg
Most all the counties, listed, have a description of the origin of the name. Howeve, Clermont seems to have been overlooked. So, just for the record, here is that description: Clermont is a french term meaning "Clear Mountains and Hills". Perhaps someone could add this to the list...
- ramahg
I didn't think it was such a great place when I was growing up but, when you move away you come to remember how great it really is!
- Raven1122
Berkeley is still one of the most desirable places to live in the bay area.
- BerkeleyRealtor
Feb. 15, 2007
What is going on in Cofield now?
- micdenphi
I am looking for a web site that has pictures of Cut Bank from the early 1900's to today. Does anyone know if there is such a web sight? I lived in Cut Bank from the mid 1950's off and on until 1986. My parents still live there and it still remains very warm place in my heart.
- jtav
Is there a written history of when the town of Richford was started? How did it get its name?
- Richford
I used to live there. The people are great and friendly. Jack Hurd was one of my good friends. I miss him and Barbara and also Nancy.
- RipQueen
Own a vacant lot in Lehigh Acres and am interested in finding out more information about the town and lot value.
- jolenerfisher
hey my two boys and i just moved here and my oldest son is 6 yrs old and plays baseball. can someone tell me where i need to go or who to call to see about signing him up here in dublin. thank you ahead of time for your help.

- amyparkston
Does anyone know Vernie or Roosevelt Coffey?
- gabriella
I am looking for information and a photo if possible on a diner which I believe was located in Everett called the
Pullman Diner. It was co-owned by Joe Venuti and Ted LaRocca. I was told the diner was sold, razed and moved to another unknown location.
If anyone has any information on this diner it will be greatly appreciated.

[email protected]
- BruceL342
Good morning............boy, it's cold. Signs of spring all around, though: robins in the yard, ewes ready to drop their lambs, and just a hint of red at the tips of the maple branches.
- bosswench59
It's a great place to live.
- birjaytroy
Feb. 14, 2007
A beautiful place, so peaceful.
Seems like a wonderful place to live
- frances23901
i lived here all of my life and its a greeeat town to live in if your very family oriented, its a very close nit town andd everyone basically nos everyone!
- bigfam15
looking for rentals; houses,apt,mobile homes.
- bigh
After WWII I attended school at Adak elementary school. That was about 1948. I have a photo to upload from 1949 of Adak if anyone is interested???
- robtodnn
Would like to see pictures of the Hudson Business District, and find out more about the city.
- vlevey
Hi, Looking for a little more info on businesses in Greensboro, High Point, Winston, etc (basically the whole area). Are there any collection companies?
- wherenext
help - all i want to know is how i can get a copy of the arbutus times for jan 31, 2007? If this is the issue with a lady with a baton on the front page- i hope u can help. thank you
- abcdef
Correction on my previous entry: I want to visit the Presbyterian church where I've been told I have relatives interred particularly my great grandfather and great grandmother. There names are William Keels and Effie Thompson.
- wallspriggs
Feb. 13, 2007
I am curious as to what the residents of Cudahy think of the extension of time for razing the Iceport structure. Does anyone have any thoughts they would like to share? Do the residents want to go forward with this project or one of a similar nature, or would they like to start over from scratch on a new project. If so what type of project would they like to see built on that land?
- dzy4cuday
i'd like to know more about living in frankfort
- janeo
I am trying to find out any information on my great grandfather who was a sheriff in Gloster Mississippi sometime in the early 1900 era. His name was Walter Seth Johnson, originally Johanson, before moving here from Germany.
- antoninia
Wonderful Town
Friendly People
- elainebs63
Hey go to Mr. V's Pizza! It's AWESOME!

-Grant Whitsitt!
- parsons
I was raised in Aledo and left in 1973 for the military. I am looking for people that still live in that area from that time era. I am looking for a print of Old Aledo by Homer Norris. I was friends with his daughter Beth and his son Danny.

I am startled that our little town of 480 people has turned into a small Fort Worth. I remember walking the streets at night with the Holloway girls or Connie Biggs and knowing who was coming down the road by the sound of the car. Buzzy Riley in his roadrunner, Carl Holloway in his Nova, etc. Those were really great days for me.

Michaela Mahoney
- triggeryellow1
looking 4 pictures that show healy alaska and information on high school
- lost
Feb. 12, 2007
where is the best middle school (academicaly)
- acpaganini
Does anyone know when Hoffman School was built?
- dubbyk
Title: Richmond, VA host families needed for student exchange

I'm helping to arrange for a cultural exchange in the summer of 07. Fifteen 13-17 year old French and Spanish students plus two adult chaperones will need housing from July 2 to approximately July 23 (3 weeks). If you are interested in helping for all or part of the time, please contact me, Joan Hodges, at [email protected] Feel free to peruse the organization web site at Regards!
- joancrown
Can someone please tell me what the requirement is for dog licensure? How many dogs can live in one household? Thanks!!
- yankeedoodle
Cambridge, Ohio at the edge of the Appalachian Mountains is a designated historic downtown, visit our quaint downtown with wonderful antiques, gift shops and so much more..., then enjoy our beautiful city park where you can stroll through the covered bridge, have a picnic lunch and/or feed the ducks on the pond. Have tea and tour at the Colonel Taylor Inn built in 1878, by reservation only!
- coltaylor
Does anyone know a good way to advertise a house for sale within the Evergreen Park community? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
- abbygracekelly
Is there anyone out there that was in Mrs. Foster's first grade class in 1957?
- DebbieTipton
I moved into the Lake Shore Condominium Complex in California City, CA because I work at Edwards Air Force Base.

Anyhow, I have been trying to remodel my condo in the Lake Shore Condominium Complex for about 3 years.

I have hired at least 10 people and only three of them turned out to be acceptable. One was a local HVAC company who installed my split-mini heat pump system. The other was a contractor from Tehachipi, CA that did tile work for me. Another was a plumber I used who was from Palmdale.

California City's workers suck. The ones I have used do poor work and are unreliable. There have been a few of them that down-right ripped me off.
- efittery
I am looking for some information on what happened to the bar The Rail in Genoa. I am wondering if they are going to be opening back up of is this a permanent closure of the place?
- packman577
I am looking to find any intellectual life in this town. If you want this town to grow you must accept all the changes that need to be made.
- cestdommage
My family is considering buying a home in Hamilton. Can anyone tell me pros and cons about this town. I have absolutely no info on it. We currently live in Pa. Thanks
- dmc15658
Feb. 11, 2007
my family is "the camerons" my grandfather is henry cameron and my uncle george and aunt chris lived in a 2 story house. Im trying to find out about my greatgrandfather and my indian great grandmother. His name was charles hall cameron and i think her name was manuela salazar. i spent alot of time out there when i was little and i cant remember a whole lot. i do remember the maguffys. and there is a cemetery out there with alot of my family- thats where my greatgrandfather is, but its not the cemetery on the indian res. its private, i think. if anyone has info on the cameron family there in campo please email me [email protected] thank you.
- ronbri22
Back in the 1960's, my family would vacation at 1000 Islands, Alexandria Bay. It was part of a vacation from Griffis Air Force Base, in Rome New York. There were trailers and cabins and a marina, and a couple children's play grounds, and it was wonderful.

Does anyone know if this campground still exists?
- LC
Hi! This blog goes out to members of the fire department- Richard (Dick), Colten, and Zach and our farmer friend Cody. We all met in Vegas and had a fun time hanging out and I heard many good things about Little Rock and needed to check it out for myself through the website. :) My friend Kylee and I are origionally from very small towns here in British Columbia, Canada so we can appreciate the beauty you all have in your town. Anyway, I don't know if this will make it to our boys but its worth a shot. Best of luck to all of you, good memories were made :) Take Care
- angiekylee
Hi, I would like to know the name of the Cambridge City, Indiana Newspaper, and if can view it on line. Thanks a bunch. Laundry...
- laundry
I lived in Monolith from birth til I was 12...I was also in Tehachapi on and off and raised in the area...Monolith was a thriving community for years....and to see it now, it is a ghost town...
Thinking about moving to your fair city. Any advice?
- hine57
I may have a job lined up at Hofstra. What can yo tell me about housing?
- Wasko
I am looking for information about Ode and Annie Kidd, they are my grandparents and are buried in Junction City cemetery. They were killed in a car wreck around 1962 - 1963 before I was born. My dads name is Maurice Calvin Kidd (80 years old). Any information will be appreciated.
- kidd
Hello, I am trying to locate a Dale Eugene Smith and the last known address was Dansville NY. Please email at [email protected] if you have information. Thanks
- hawaiisweetie

I am a mexican writer working on a biography. The man whose life I?m writing about attended -in the 60?s- a school in Andover, called Sacred Heart School.

I haven?t been able to find any information about this school.

Do yo think you could help me?

Thank you so much, Laia Jufresa
[email protected]
- laia
The mansionization of Hermosa Beach is turning this once charming beach town into something very different. Gone are the days of single level homes that actually looked like they belonged on the small 30x80 lots. With home prices for just the lot often exceeding 1 million dollars, it's not hard to understand why people tear down and build big....really big. But is too big too much. Yes... and some regulations need to be put in place to reduce the size and lack of open space that modern Hermosa homes now seem to require. Much like the "tall and skinny" moniker that the Golden Hills of Redondo have, it's just a matter of time before every 30x80 lot has a 30 foot, 3500 sq ft home on it. Hermosa needs to follow El Segundo, and Manhattan and begin the discussion of how to regulate building size and keep what charm is left.
- ktkyle
Feb. 10, 2007
Well first of all, I read where the people of Mexia were ashamed of Anna Nicole Smith and wasn't going to honor her life. I personally would be ashamed to call Mexia my hometown if I were her. She may have lived an usual life to say the least, but she called Mexia her hometown. And in her untimely death, your not going to recognize her? You people amaze me. This young lady left behind a infant and had just suffered the loss of her son. I'd like to see how well any of you could come through such an ordeal and still hold your head up and keep fighting. You are the ones that should be ashamed !!!
- sammy1193
Thinking of buying a home in Rockville Centre. Need some feedback. Thank you
- girls123
Does anyone remember the old Dr. Stone Hospital in Hobbs, N.M.? Do you remember any of the names of the nurses who worked in the hospital?
- Holmes
I am looking for the maze featured on a recent episode of CSI. The episode reported it ot be at the Queens County Arboretum, which does not come up in any searches. Any ideas?
- galleons
I remember going to a Cedar Mills grade school - I used to wait at the school bus stop on Cornell with a Teuful girl Now I can only find a Cedar Mill grade school. Is it my imagination, or did someone change the name of the entire area?
My mom (Joan Peterson) grew up there in the 1930-1940's. Her grandparents (Papa & Hilda) lived in Bonny Slope. She had many stories about the swimming hole near the feed store (which many years later became a thrift store).
I just heard they demolished my grandparents' home on Cornell back in the 1990's for a road-widening project. John & Ethyl Peterson had a beautiful cedar-shake home, with Cedar Mills Creek running thru the back yard. After they died, the home went to their daughter, Sally (Mrs. Norm Sperling).
That creek was always flooding. We had a foot-bridge over it so we could get over to the garden area, but the bridge usually got broken up when it flooded - so we'd have to wade across, while watching out for the leeches.
- coriecook
Hello, my great grand father's name was Henry Huss, his wife was Mary or Marie Zweber depending on who is doing the talking. Henry and Mary raised a housefull of kids on a farm in Bridgewater, MN. The sons were Michael, Mathew and Thomas. Henry died in 1923 at home in Bridgewater.
My question is does anyone have any idea where this farm is. Some of the photos that I have may have been taken there but I have no way of knowing for sure. Can anyone help me locate the home of the Huss family? Thanks,Judy

- textennblue
Obituary anouncement:

Preston Lee Rhodes Sr. passed away December 9, 2006. Preston went to be with our lord after succumbing to complications related to an infection surrounding his heart. He will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. He is survived by his five children Mary Katherine, Preston, Eric, Shawn and Alisha. Dad had many friends in Tensas Parish, and had many happy memories there. If you would like to view an online tribute and sign a guest book go to www. and click deaths. You can search dad's name at the bottom of the page.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Marvin and Nita Faye Smith or Leroy and Judy Hendricks please have them email me at [email protected], or call 425-391-1330. And to the people who knew my mother Rayma, she says to tell everyone a big hello. Mom is living in Oregon and is in very good health.
- shawnrhodes
My family and I moved here in December and so far we absolutely love this area. The locals are very nice and helpful. We just love Meijers and the fact that we do not have to drive far to enjoy different activities. The downtown is so colorful and the stores are unique and inviting. Three Rivers is such a nice place and we are so glad to be here!
- mcspouse
Feb. 9, 2007
Is there a photo of the Manida St section between Garrison and Lafayette?
- sasebo
Cowen is a great place to grow up.
- michellestutler
Does anyone in the area around Two Egg no anything about a military aircraft that may have crashed near there on July 18th of 1944. My uncle was killed in the plane. It happened about 6 miles east of the Marianna Airfield near to a radio tower and a general store. I found an old map that shows a radio tower there during that period. There was a witness named W.L. Holmes and one named Tony Horne.
Any info would be appreciated.

How about Holliday in the 50's.
- texasbranguslady
Beware, I purchased Lennar/US Home in the Colonial Heritage gated community in April 2006. The home is of
poor quality and I can not get anything repaired. Ask me
any questions that you like. Please beware.
- mogie1978
Feb. 8, 2007
i need info about an art craft festival at a firemans park in arbor vitae
anyone know when it is this year
- tbrylow
What is Oto, IA about? Is it an agritown? Hospital town?
Countyseat town? An Ebay Seller town?
- jahuja
We are considering Franklin, VA as a town to reside in. Can anyone give me some insight into the community, schools, etc. ?
- TBrown
what is the main job market in norwich?
- fleedark
I am searching for Leech family history in the Smithville/Amory area.
- Juliea
I'm looking for an old friend I was stationed with in the air force from pulaski, ny. I can't remember his last name but his first name is Kevin. His wife's name is Stephanie. I actually visited pulaski with kevin back in 1988 and had a great time. If anyone has any idea please let me know.

Thank you

- markl62
allendale county missing girl. Any news. I heard she had been found'
- agent45
Gilbert is a nice little town of about 1000 people. We are growing and we need a little more people in this town. The taxes are low, and we have a new miidle school. We also have some of the best educated kids in Iowa. Come see us in gilbert.
- shane
We are a homeschooling family looking to relocate to Idaho from TN. Can anyone give me any information about this area or any area south on St. Marie's? We want to live near a small friendly community yet have acreage and seclusion. We want snow, and yet be able to have a garden in the summer. My husband will be working in Orofino and Coeu d' Alene/Sandpoint areas. We also need to be in an area that the real estate prices have not shot through the roof!
- threekidstoomany
Feb. 7, 2007
Does anyone remember a Caudill family that lived on Olive hill?
The parents names were Margery and Cleveland(?)
Some of the children were Clara, Corb, and Maude.
- pamm
I would like to find someone who knew my mother's cousin, Beatrice Stickney, nee Clifford, who lived in Onchiota for many years and died in the 1980's. This is in regard to my genealogy search. I would like to know where she is buried, so as to possibly find other ancestors. Sincerely, Dolores
- dodi56
whatever you do, don't speed through this city. They add $70 on to your ticket so that they can build a new jail. A simple speeding ticket is $209.00 total, $20, fine and the rest is court cost and money for the new jail.
- charisseb
Small Town where my Father began a business as a young man.

Would've moved to California, had my grandmother not been there as well as all of the families in which the business supported.
- marti
Does any one know the history of 1115 Main ST
- DL1954
I am from Arkansas but never heard of Mitchellville, I am interested in finding out more about it.
- vmarshall
any kind od history on old shawneetown
- daisyduke
info about some of the homes in west frankfort heights
- frogdog
I grew up in nearby Sharon and lived in Falls Village for several years as an adult. It's the quietest town in the area and maybe still the best real estate bargain. Local towns (esp. Salisbury, 7 min, & Great Barrington, 25 min) have all the cultural amenities you mention, not much in FV itself. If you move there you will get used to driving (maybe biggest con for a retiree) to absolutely everything except the p.o. and a very nice little library. Summers are a bit busier: kayakers on the river, AT hikers (the trail goes right through), summer folks. Locals are a good mix of longtime residents--retirees, families--& weekenders. Socializing: think regional--the whole NW Corner is interconnected. Check the Compass section of The Lakeville Journal for events, meetings, & groups. Meeting people can be tough at first, esp for singles; try yoga or tai chi classes, or get involved in town politics, local theatre, etc. If you're easily bored, FV is not for you, but I'd return in a heartbeat.
- ellekayes
Feb. 6, 2007
Looking to gather information about moving to Sevier County...any information would be appreciated!
I am moving back to Picayune after being gone for 15 years? I am interested in the changes that have taken place, especially since Katrina..
- countrygal
I am moving to pearl river county and am wondering how it has changed in the past 20 years...this is my first blog too! I will live in the area of Uncle Chesters Catfish house which is right on the pr/hancock county line..
- countrygal
I'm looking for family names of Gajewsky, Zemanek, Dudek from the years 1894 to the present. I'm interested in birth dates, marriage dates and death dates. Anything pertaining to the history of people in this area would be of interest to me for family history information.
- suecaldwell

I am trying to find out if there is a neighborhood coalition in place in Andorra. Representatives from neighborhood groups concerned about crime from Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy and Roxborough are interested in meeting with someone from Andorra to form a coalition of all groups from NW Phila.

It has been suggested by our State Rep., Cherelle Parker, that we would be a more powerful and effective voice by banding together to demand more attention to the growing crime problem in NW Philly, particularly as we get closer to the mayoral election.

Thank you!

Jeanne Andrews
- jeanneo10
Why is the city of Los Angeles sending all their rejects up to the Antelope Valley? I heard there was an advertisement telling welfare recipients to go to the Antelope Valley with their welfare checks.
- sixkidsmom
What is it like living in Falls Village on weekends/summers?
What kind of people have homes there? Activities?
Amenities: restaurants, cultural events, galleries, shops, cafes? Do people socialize with each other?

Does it make a good place for retirement?
Best features are?

What's the worst thing about living there?
In winter? In summer?
Any info about it would be greatly appreciated since I am thinking of buy a weekend/summer house there with thoughts
of retirement there too.
- celia
My family (my wife, two kids ages 13 and 16, and myself) is planning a trip out west in June, with a couple days in the Moab area. Can anyone recommend places to stay? Quality things to do? Places to stay away from? Thanks.
- 335player
Feb. 5, 2007
looking for people who remember Ursala and Erwin Weinricht (former owners of the seaside in the 70's and 80's). they live here now in pvb and ursala is about to turn 80
- mariecinpvb
iam interested in the Sentell of
Dixie, LA and the plantation owners of the cario and the other plantations owned by J.M. Sentell and if so are there record who stayed on the plantation that was slaves.
- essiev2
My Grandmother came to Roxbury about age 7. My Mother was born in Roxbury, my two sisters were born their, I was born their and 3 of my 4 children were born in Roxbury.
- heathen
can anyone tell me the good things about wilmington
- tkozz16
We are engaged to be married and we are looking for some one to marry us .We need someone who can legally marry us in Livingston county mi, (Howell) on the 14th of Feb 2007. we are looking for something simple,just vows. We are not financially able to have anything big. Can anyone help us out?

contact us at [email protected] A.S.A.P

Thank you

Jaime & Andrea
- mexban
good morning I am planning to relocate to carbondale from New York city can some one please give me some infomation about this town.
- cuco
I left Franklinton in 1992, there is no other place like Franklinton. I have been around the world and back, I can't wait until I return to Franklinton. I will kiss the ground when I make it back. Its a true saying there is no place like home, BIG PROPS TO FRANKLINTON!!!!!!!!
- anthonyr504
The best place on the you can live!!!!

Very very very nice town!!!!!!
- JAMES1575
Hello I found this website and would like to know if anyone from around the Rosebud Texas area ( Lott, Travis, Cameron or Wesphalia ) are online. I went to Rosebud-Lott High School in 1982 ( Go Cougars! ) when it was the smallest 3-A school in Texas. I know that Rosebud-Lott is now a 2-A school and the cougars finally won a state football championship for the 2-A divison a few years back. I haven't heard if there is going to be a 25 year reunion for the class of 1982??? Please respond if you can. My email is [email protected] Thanks

Henry Saldana
- Henrique
Looking for family members of Jose Grado from Lovington, NM.
Possibly a son named Mauro Grado would be still living there.
Trying to research our family tree.
Any information would be helpful or to have Mauro contact us.
- sharbe
Feb. 4, 2007
I'm trying to locate pictures from Jordan, WVA. I am interested in ANY picyures before it became empty. I lived in Areford, right down the road from Jordan and attended school and church in Jordan. I have no pictures and I would be thrilled to see any that any one might have.

Thank you,
Mary Ann
- holody01
I'd like to know more about what is going on in McCrory since I grew up there, but it looks like no one is posting on this blog. Is anyone out there?
- sanders
I'm trying to find out when Great Notch ceased to be a town on its own and became integrated into Little Falls.
I'm doing a brochure on a property (I'm a Realtor) and it's in Great Notch and I thought it would be a good idea to include some info on Great Notch, but cannot find anything at all.
Can anyone help, please?
- deeleegirl
I am interested in information concerning the death of a cousin, Gary Joe Higgs, this past week. Thank you..
- MHoyt
Would love to know if anyone ever swims at the Quarry there in the summer?

Am considering relocating to the area.
- abbybwood
I have some photos of a Clemmons House that is or was located in Carollton Ill as well as several family members of Clemmons and Corrington's dating back to the 1800's

wondering if anyone would like me to scan and email pictures
- yrdowner
Tell me about Sumerduck's past. Did you have relatives that lived ther in the 1920's? Did you live there in the 1960's?
- CP
Looking for information on the Manchester Project
- ManchesterLand
i want to know is there any polluted environment in Radburn?How do the ppl there keep Radburn as a clean environment.
- kllai03
Feb. 3, 2007
Hi Residents of Cedarpines Park,

I am searching for information on a friend of mine that has resided there for quite a few years. I have know him since he was 16, when he worked at Orhmands Resort in Crestline. I have heard from him every year at Christmas. My mom got a letter returned from the postmaster stating that he is deceased. Is there anyone there that could tell me if this is true, and what happened to him.

Thank you,

Kathleen Rader
- Radermom
I'm moving there from atlanta b/c my husband is in the military so i don't know what to aspect.
- honey07
i was born and raise din justus ohio from 1982-2002 where i also graduated from failress local schools. from what i am told there is a home located on rt 62 south just past the fairless high school that used to be called the justus hotel. a home located on the corner of rt 62 and angelway st was a church. there was a general store and a post office located on justus ave. my father was one of the first to graduate from the new fairless high school in 1967
- mirandab
what can you tell us about Flat Top? I can't find it on a map.
- gbell
It's quaint!
- jt
Here is a chance for people to voice their opinions without having to disclose who they really are.

I will start this blog by expressing my disappointment in the elected officals and Police department.
It is my observation that the general public are discontented with the actions of the council and the performance of the Police.
The town is as divided as it has ever been. Grey Hill, Downtown, South St. Paul, and West Hills, and let us not forget our friends in Virgina City.
Please use this forum to make you voice heard.

Power Plant YES or NO?
Happy with the Police?
Happy with the Mayor and the Council?
I am looking for old pictures of Baldwin, Wisconsin in St. Croix County. Can you help? Lloyd
- lniccum
I was looking to possibly re-locate to Cartersvile. I would like to find out about hte pros and cons to the city. Are people friendly, is it family oriented, are there thing to do, etc.

I would appreciate any help. Thank You
- jjjust
Feb. 2, 2007
Does anyone know anything about the MT. BRANSON LODGE which probably was in existance sometime between 1915 and 1930 at least? I wold appreciate any information.
- jwestv
Hi My gt Uncle& Aunt emigrated to America in the 1900's they lived in Wilkes Barre then moved to Shavertown their names were William& Elaine Brown they lived on Terrace Drive and celebrated their 50 anniversary in 1952.

How would i find out more information and what newspaper would i contact in Shavertown to get more info and possibly a photograph
thanks to anyone who can help
- anfieldlass
what is happening? what streets did the tornado hit? interested in Rosebury loop. thanks.
- mfo52
Best part of the Jersey shore - quiet and uncrowded on the beaches - a few good restaurants or a short drive to some more - just love it there - sorry the mini golf course is gone - that was just perfect for the little ones - that and an ice cream cone and everyone's happy!
- surf156
Just curious about living conditions in Woodworth.
- smartinez
What are some fun things to do in Hancock in April??
- jackie4au
A Historical City with roots going back to the mid 1600s. New London's haydays were during the American Revolution until its burning in 1781 and again during the Whaling era of the 1820s'thru 1850s. While much of the architecture from the 1st periods are gone via either the torch or the wrecking ball there are some places still visible. The 1754 Shaw Mansion (, 1676 Hempstead House & 1756 Hugenot House, 1750 Tim Green Printing Studio, Nathan Hale School House ca. 1770 ( and a # of others including those on Green Street (79 and 102 Golden, 7 Greens Alley ( all dating to the late 1700s. New London is slowly shedding its demons and evolving into a fun and artsie place with galleries, cafes and more. Located on the Thames River with a wonderful waterfront park New London can only look fwd to the future.
- brynulf
I remember in the late '50s there was something called "county ditches" that we played in that ran across middle of Harper Woods just north of Beacon School on Beaconsfield Rd. These ditches were tunnelized with concrete sewers around 1960 when all the streets of HW were paved with concrete. Before then the neighborhood streets had shallow ditches running alongside asphalt paved streets.

Are there any photos or maps of HW that show the "county ditches"?

I lived on Washtenaw near Sanilac until the early '60s.

I was in the first kindergarten class when Tyrone Elementary opened in 1954,
- AlTreska
Feb. 1, 2007
who owns big ralphs, what happen to jolly bear, and where is Joe Mags
- homeinspector
hows the lake?
- kia420
my blog isn't actually a bolg...It's a reach to find someone who is very dear to me.. I think he lives in Aumsville, Or which has got to be right ( or atleast close ) because I remember him from Dallas,Or. His name is Matt (or Matthew) Steven Betschart. Or Matt Betschart. I moved from Dallas 14 years ago and have missed him everyday since. He was very dear to me and I would love to talk to him again. Anyone with any information please write me at [email protected] my name is tamra..thank you
- tamra
I found out recently that in the late 1800's and early 1900's that my greatgrandmother owned and operated a boarding house in Chandlerville. Her name was Caroline Dickinson. She had one son, William J. Dickinson and he had 6 children.
I would like to know if the boarding house is still standing in Chandlerville.

Beth Dasch
- bdasch
I am trying to find information on my great-grandmother Lula Mae Stratton Hite family before she married Eugene Jacob Hite from Catlettsburg. Her parents were Thomas/Mollie Stratton. They were from Paintsville. Thanks!
- Annetta
i miss going every other summer, to hardy. I would like to know if any one remembers me? i loved being in the small town. it made me feel special.
- mommypooh691
Nice Place, Good People. Knew someone from there once.
- shaldni
Contra Costa Family Court System is horrible. Most of the attorneys just keep taking your money. They don't file documents such as orders after hearings. They don't look out for the children.

I am tired of paying my attorney to do nothing but yack on the phone. I would like to start an attorney blog about how unhappy I am with the system. The custody evaluators are no better and the whole system needs revision.

Does anyone feel the same?
- tratch
Can anyone help me? I am looking for a man named John who was the Clarke County conservation director back in the 1980's. I don't recall the last name. Thanks.
- BonnieWilson
I have never been to this area, we are not golfers, are there other things to do in the area, and how are the restaurants?
- ter514

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