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Jan. 31, 2007
what about salley?
- josalley
I am actually looking at moving to Whitefish/Kalispel. Wondering if anyone out there has pros and cons of the area.
What about employment and housing? Things to do?
I think Palm Coast is a beautiful place to live.
- Josie2499
Seeking name and address and phone of witnesses who live on Devine Ave, Groveton, Texas, near First Baptist Church, who witnessed an incident on September 7, 2001, about 9:30 to 10:00 PM, when a police car stopped in front of their house. Please contact:
- johnpizer
Jan. 30, 2007
I live in Spokane, Wash., but my father (James Beck Floyd)and his family lived in Texline before they moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1925. They had lived in Greer County, Oklahoma, before that, and I'm trying to gather as many details as I can about exact dates and what if any stops they made along the way. I have some interesting photos that show him as the captain of the 1924 Texline High School basketball team. Also one of the Floyd Garage that my grandfather owned there. Why they upped and left when they did, I don't know. Dad had a younger brother and three younger sisters and they all headed for Oregon in 1925. Dad was working for the Fort Worth and Denver RR at the time and he stayed around, possibly to tie up some family loose ends, until 1926. My grandmother was a Beck and had quite a bit of family in the area, including in the Oklahoma panhandle. I'd be obliged to anyone who has information to share or resources to recommend.
- dougfloyd

I am trying to find out information about Aberdeen and what the town has to offer in day care and churches.
- Lula
I'm a new resident, and I'm looking for the history of this village.
- Dotidriple
i love piedmont
- mountaintex
I am planning a camping trip to wilderness state park in the first week of July. I will be staying for a full week, and was wondering if anyone could tell me about the local area. Are the any laundromats, restaurants, grocery stores, etc? I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
- bbaldwin22
Hey I'm new and was wondring if any one out there has any information about Hazelmere school I went there in the 1950's. I know in was still running in about 1980 with just 1 or or 2 students. It was a small school located at Rodgers Bar how ever I think there was one more school called Hazelmere that was located west of ther just above the old Brooks place at Nine Mile. My mother and her sibblings went to.The Jerred children.
- Raedine
What is the history of this town?
- wilkens
Anyone remember Captain Sey (sp) the childrens show from the mid 60's?
- CB
Where would I find a small room for a birthday party
- gfschick
Was there a lighthouse on or next to Richmond Island in the late 1800's? I can't seem to find anything on this. My grandfather was born on Righmond Island and my great-grandfather was a lighthouse keeper. Does anyone have any information?
- blacksburgbunny
I'm thinking of retiring to New Bern. Is it a good place for retirees? How's the weather?
- baabaalu
Jan. 29, 2007
It was destroyed by the raging Volga River in 1999. Only one home remains on the flood plain with several homes on the surronding hills. Hope Lutheran Church was moved to top of the town hill. It sits in a wonderful new location with great views of the valley. The town of Littleport has since been turned into a public park. The park has facilities for picnics and camping, etc..

I was born in Littleport in 1918 and it was a wonderful place in which to grow up.

Submitted by: Ruth Corson Tuecke 1-29-2007
- dtuecke
Looking for information on a Milly ( Mildred) Maddox. Owner of Millies Flowers. Beleive married to Merle Maddox and a adopted son John? Son died aprox 1958? Millie died in 1990's. Looking for genology information and any life stories or photos. Please email me at Thanks
- sam
We here in Electra are watching our little town disappear. The oil boom is long since over and we have failed to find something else to base the economy on.
- tattler
I just want to know about the town councol so i a can prepare.
- BlaKarma
I lived in gloucester city most of my childhood on bergen st. the fire dept was right next door and boy do i still remember the fire alarm it was soo loud.I was there recently and the waterfront looks great I remember when there was a pool and park there and of course the lady is still standing.I miss coming up in gloucester however i can't afford the taxes to move back there.I still have family in nj so whenever i get home i always go to gloucester to see if some things are still there and as always leave feeling a little sad for the old days of my childhood
- ladybug
Dear Folks,

My father, William McKinley Gordon, was born in 1896 and raised in Calhoun TN. I wonder where the records of births and deaths are recorded. Would anyone know?

Joel Gordon
- Joel
looking at moving there, what are the good and bad points of doing so
- chas
I've never been there. I was hoping to find out.

I've never been there. I was hoping to find out.
- lunateak
How old is the Hackberry school,and is it still being used?
- ripy2
I and my two cousins worked at the Plaza Hotel back in the 40's and have a lot of memories about the old town. I graduated in 1948. I started in the Auto Parts business at J. Burdman Auto by the old Central High during 7th grade. The hangout during high school was Meeker's on Main St. It's sad to see how Trenton has gone down hill so to speak, seems like when the Rock Island left so did everything else. Werner Robertson
- rwr
hey,i have an eagle scout project coming up, and i was thinking about making a walking path through fairmont, up in the whitehall area. can u guys give me some ideas as to where to put the path?
- grux12
Before my father ( Thomas Victor Ballard) died, he told me that I have family in Troy, Alabama. My name is, Tim Ballard. My father's grandfather was, Walter Jefferson West who had a daughter (my grandmother) Hattie Sue West, from Troy Alabama. I am hoping to find some family members still in the Troy area.
- tim
I would be interested in talking with anyone who might have lived in Great Notch from 1949 to 1959.
- mrdxcld
I have lived here since 1999 and find it is a friendly and great place to live. Lots of great people here. The public schools of Austin, Cedar Ridge and Julian Harris have been good for my children.
- reallady
Hi, I'm looking for Roy J. Mccool.. Rusty please, if you manage to read this message answer me. Thank you!
- italiangirl
Hello, I have some questions about something that happened in Bunker a few years ago. Does anybody remember the Garry Watson case and the sewer line?
- KittyBurglar
My father's family came from around the area. Maybe Ashland and Rush Ky. I visited when young but don't remember much. Last name was Henson. I am wondering if there is a cemetary with Henson's in it. Does anyone know where one could be located. Perhaps a map of the names there?
- chloegrandma
Jan. 28, 2007
Does anyone remember what newspapers were being published in Mineola in 1953? I'm looking for an article about the day I was born in my Grandma's house.
- cgrace

Can anyone tell me about crime at Marquette U?
- JohnMagen
What do you think about Granite Shoals as a new area for growth and development along lake LBJ?
- teckard
I want to know the history or something about a old community named Phillip Eye
- weezie
I went to school at oatville for 3 years. I thank it was
1943 = 1944 = 1945 The school was on West st.and
- virgil
Good things and bad things about Alpharetta?
- sulee
I'm trying to find out about a fire in a community close to Hobart. I think it was on Christmas eve, in a school or church. I read an article along time ago and now I have lost it. I am going to come through there soon and was wanting to stop and see if there is some kind of marker or monument. I would like to have another newspaper clipping if possible. Thanks!
- Furdealer
I miss living in Cohasset.
- gail
i would like to the news about the place i grew up in
- mommasue
I am trying to get intouch with the local Masonic Lodge #266 there in Grandview. My Name is Ron DJ past master and am trying to find out the new officers so I can pay my 2007 dues. Any help would be apreceated
- hyramabif
Jan. 27, 2007
Can someone please tell me the actual meaning of the word "niota." We have struck an interest in this town and would just like to know what it means. Thanks!
Dear readers.Please can you help. I am looking for any information about a Harry Callaway and his wife Beatrice and daughter Stella. I know that Beatrice and Stella arrived in Minetto in 1921. They came over on the ship called The Carmainia. I believe that Harry was a shade worker but what is that and for how long did they stay and have they any relatives ie sons / daughters. The family originated from Bradford in Yorkshire. My email address is
- bradfordbull
looking for any members of the disbrow family,e-mail me at
- peggie
Jan. 26, 2007
The Marion County Republican party has new officers elected in the January 2007 meeting.Chairman Travis Layne,Vice Chairman Chris Ables and Secretary Roy Curtis.The meetings are every Month on the 3rd thursday at 6:30 at the election commission office.
- hawk
We are also thinking of relocating to RI. Any info would be helpful
- Joanne
I lived in Lynnville in the late 70's and love it, it is one place I would like to go back to, I miss the closeness of the community.
- dodgechick09
In my biased opinion, having grown up right next door in Far North Dallas, Richardson is the Dallas area's best suburb.
It's close to downtown, so commute times to Dallas down the toll-less Central Expressway aren't bad. Or, if you'd rather relax and read the paper on your commute, you can take DART's light rail. Of all the suburbs served by the system, Richardson has the most stops, four.
In only the past two decades, UTD has exploded and now serves 15,000 area college students. Its students' SAT test scores are actually highter than those of students at the University of Texas at Austin.
The school district is good, diverse too. Housing is still cheap. There are manks parks and a growing bike trail system.
In general, Richardson is a lot less stuffy than other Dallas suburbs.
- gunnardallas
I am looking for information about menasha WI around 1930. My mother was Charlotte Heckrodt and I am looking for photos of the band - hs etc for her 90th birthday. The HS football stadium was named for my uncle Nathan Calder. Thanks if any one has a bit of info from that time.
Sue Kearney
- sgkearney
I'm trying to get some information on a family who lived in Baldwin Park on Hornbrook st. in 1970. A young mother and daughter were killed, and the younger daughter was shot (that's me). It's been 37 years and I still don't have answers. Does anyone remember this?
- squirrleykids
Jan. 25, 2007
Would love to hear about the pluses and minuses of living in this area.
- SotoSue
Searching for relatives of Charles A. Painter born April 31, 1919 died March 1969 Wellsburg, WV. Husband of Mary Ellen Sandreth

Surnames Smith, Gilkey, Williams, Painter
- jrsmith58
Looking for my daughter Ashley Haseltine, last klnown place of residence was greenwell springs La.
- davidhaseltine
I am searching for Graves in Muhlenberg County, KY.
Specifically the South Carrollton Cemetery in South Carrollton, KY.
The Graves I search for are between the years of 1850 & 1866.
The surname is Kirby.
I believe they were of the Baptist faith as their son became an ordained Baptist Minister.
Any information about the Cemetery or any Baptist Church in the area is very Welcomed!
Thank you!
- SweetThing2U121363
Hi, I was visiting a few weeks ago and had the most wonderful experiance and found the most helpful people in Fort Gay. As I came across the Louisa, KY bridge there was a gas station right there at the end of the tracks. I wished I had gotten the name of the place I do remember then young man who helped me his name was Charlie. He was so helpful and nice. I would like to write to that gas station/party store? I believe it was a BP but not forsure. Could anyone help me in getting that name of the address and phone # of the store and maybe the last name of the young man. I was told they thought they young man's name was Charlie Pigg. He was so helpful I would like his company to know what an wonderful employee they have.

Thank you
- lovedisneygirl
Does anybody have any history on the old cheese factory that operated in Wayan?
- bglover
we're considering moving to Anderson and would like to learn some nice things about Anderson
- jean7
Am interested in Harbor Point which straddles Boston and Dorchester. Is it a safe community? Where are the closest places to shop for groceries? What is the crime rate? Is Harbor Point close to the U.Mass/JFK Library red line stop on the MBTA?
- ssmith38
Jan. 24, 2007
I am looking for a long lost room mate and good friend. I believe she is in this area. Her name is Lynette Ranz. Her maiden name is Messner.Please have her contact me at this email adrress. Thanks for any help.
- suvilicious
Pioneer heights is the worst place to purchase a house. We bought our house in Aug. of 2006 and did not realise that most of the people here are renters who do not care of the fellow neighbor. There are cars all over the streets and children unsupervised by parents. Cars and trucks racing all up and down the roads and putting childrens lives in danger here. The yards are unkept and the landlords do not care on who moves in here. Many reports have been filed on one family for exessive speed and vehicle noise and nothing has been done about it. So if you are thinking this a nice neighborhood because the houses look nice and the prices are cheap, do not be fooled as we were.
- darkembrace1964
I would love to visit during one of Freeburgs summer picnics or homecomings. Can anyone tell me when they might be? Thanks
- 2sunny
Perth Amboy is where I am from and growing up there was a beautiful experience. Although we lived lower class the beauty was the waterfront is what they used to call it back then. You can always go there to think alone, or with family and friends.
- chqui
Aetna is very small.
- lukethePuke
Is Stephens city a nice place to live?
- colleen
Looking for information on D. Jefferson McRee, brn. mid-1800's, Barbour County, Clayton, AL. Was married 3 times. I may be reached at
- johnthomasmcree
Looking for an old friend that now resides ( or did recently) in Twin Falls. Her name is Angela Kohlbaker (unless she has gotten married. If anyone can help me locate her or get in contact with please post here.

- Bryu12
I'm doing family research and am looking for an Elmhurst, NY resident named Miriam West Roiss.

I live in California and can be reached at P.O. Box 356, Igo, CA 96047, or

Thanks for any help you can give.

- deanhart
Jan. 23, 2007
Juliette is a lovely small town where my ex-husband was born. He has always loved Juliette more than any spot on earth. If anyone there runs into Larry Aldridge (his father was James H. Aldridge) please tell him that his daughter and grandchild love him and need him. She has not heard from him in so long and has a child he has never seen. Thank you.
- greatdanethor
On the main page of the Rouses Point website - link is - there is a lovely house with a beautiful wrap around porch. I asked about it in Email and understand the photo was taken in 1923!

I would really appreciate it if someone could give a bit of history about the old house. And if it's still standing, what it's used for now. Was it ever a B&B? Lake view? Private beach? Anything!

I was last there in the early 1960s! Don't remember the house, but we were usually in a hurry to get to Burlington or Plattsburg from Montreal where I lived at the time.

now on the other coast, near San Francisco
- Gayle
I live in Swansea, South Wales in the UK. Someone tell me about this place in Illinois.
- evs
I have never been to Medina, but I have discovered that I have a relative who was born in Medina on Dec 17, 1842. His name was George W. Bradford. He died in 1919 in Easton Twp, Ionia County, Michigan. His father was James Madison Bradford and his mother was Jane Anne Flagler. George's older brothers and sisters were all born in Canton or Plymouth Twp. His younger brother William P. Bradford was born in Easton Twp. in 1845. The family was apparently migrating from Canton/Plymouth to Easton, and took a detour to Medina where George was born. It seems to be quite out of the way (no offense intended). I am wondering if maybe they owned property in Medina and went there to sell it.

My question: Do any of the genealogists out there have a record of the history of Medina in the 1840's?

Please send me a message at:
- BobSanborn
Can someone help me out? I was trying to do some research on the jewish population in Kildeer, IL....
- dawndawncm
i have a letter written 21 july 1847 by a great great great named augusteen bowers to a son george k bowers who lived at ellejoy post office, tenn. also have other comments from family about a community named maryneal. can anyone help me find ellejoy or maryneal? actually interested in the records of the baptist church in either place from 1830 to 1860. augusteen was writting from calhoun, grundy county, tenn
- jimbob62939
OK, so...I tried to get to my cabin today, and due to lack of information, I could NOT get up the road in my passenger car, even tho the rest of the town was perfectly plowed, clean and clear.

Is anyone out there in the same boat?
- Inky
January 2007

This year entered very quietly to this tiny little town as we had very little snow, in fact, none except on snow making trails on Belleayre Mountain. Our tourist town needs skiers to tide us thru the entire year for our taxes, insurance etc.
This has been the warmest weather I have ever seen in my 50 years here.
This week there is a Winterfest that Belleayre Mt. created for our small towns. Tonight is the wonderful "Taste of the Town". All of the great restaurants contribute food for this wonderful event with music and dancing on the mountain. Pine Hill will have tomorrow night at the community center to show our stuff, more tomorrow night about that one.
- Joymoon
I used to know a family named disbrow...sheila,billy,danny.if anyone reading this knows these people please let me know.I was born and raised in geneva,new york,but lived in penn yann,and pulteny.sheila was one of my best childhood friends....thanks peggie scott, ocala florida
- peggie
Jan. 22, 2007
Tell me about the appreciation of housing prices in Whatcom County.
- jeanwithers
Lots of good people and a down home atmosphere that you don't neccesarily get in the big city. It is a great place to grow up and get into a "little" trouble without getting into "real" trouble. The train that went through is now gone. the Soo Line grade. It was fun to grow up with that in the area. I made many forts with my brother and friends along the railroad tracks. Think of the movie "Stand By Me" and that is what Holdingford was like to me growing up. I miss that time and that place...but I guess we can only be young once.
- dolson
Plainview turns 100 this year. Look for events and celebrations this summer and fall.
- SmallTownPreferred
Bathroom renovation


We are currently having some bad luck w/ our contractor on a bathroom renovation. Can anyone recommend a reliable & reasonable contractor to help finish a bathroom in the Medford, NJ area. Thank you very much. Scott
- Ozzie
Smells fishy at eel time.
I am looking for a house and am possibly thinking of moving to rockville centre. Can anyone who lives there tell me a little bit about it?
- stef22
I have been trying to run down my ancestors. My great grandfather Homesteaded farm land on the Ventura/Oxnard coast. My great grandfather's name was Robert A. Callis. My grandmother was born on his farm in 1883. Her name was Grace Ella Callis. If anyone could confirm these claims I would appreaciate it.


Robert C Cole
310 336 5130
310 994 6450
- RocketBob
Was recently on a cruise. There was a group of firemen & guests from the Felton Fire department. Would love to exchange photos with this fun group.
- Jeanne
January 22, 2007*char(9)**char(9)*

My name is Crystal Lea Hayes.

My mother?s name was Elva Lea (Sams) Hall from Brown County, Ohio. She died when I was three and my brother and sister and I were sent to live with various relatives.

I am looking for any information/pictures/articles you may have in your archives relating to:

Elva Lea Sams (mother)
Dwayne Mitchell Hall (brother)
Elva Yvonne Hall (sister)
Bill Hall (father)
Mitchell and Stella Groppenbacher Sams (Grandparents)

I have almost no information about my family.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Crystal L. Hall Hayes
- cristie1
It is a great community to live in. Very nice people. The schools seem to be very good. They are big enough tooffer kids options but small enough to have that small school feel. City officials seem very good to work with and growth looks to be on the horizon. I really enjoy living here.
- jneg
Does anyone know anything about a Cordell Roberson of Stone Mountain ,GA and his background? Who his family is?
- clearrain
I'm a Jensen. Father Gunnar Jensen Aalsborg, Denmark
born feb 28 1926
- psjprez
I am looking for information on the harmon Stove company
- weboulton
Any photos of Chatham County Gardens & Botanical Gardens would be appreciated. Thanks
- zcatspjs
Never been to richmond ! Is it safe
- rdonahue
Hilltown families enjoy a cozy winter?s day in Historic Deerfield

[Deerfield - 01/20/07] On Saturday Historic Deerfield in Deerfield, MA, hosted A Cozy Winter Day at their Hall Tavern. Many hilltown families gathered together to experience some of the rich history of early New England. The day?s presentations included a hands-on approach to illustrate the homestead activities in which early settlers may have participated, such as sewing, cooking, storytelling or singing songs. Families passed the blustery winter afternoon as early New Englanders did.

To view photos from the days events visit Hilltown Families on-line at
- HilltownFamilies
Need names of burials in cemeteries, particularily county cemeteries (not Mennonite) near Leheigh. Looking for Krieger info and Alice & Jake Mohn near Herrington.
- rcassidy
Jan. 21, 2007
hey out there, if i have any cousins out there ,
please email me at
my father name was alvin king, he is buried in
seventh day advenist church there in kingsfied.

sandy c.
- sandylea1
Hi I'm from the Peterborough Gen XY committee and we've been gathering information from people in the Monadnock area who are interested in creating more community transportation options in our area. If you are one of these people please visit our blog and take the online survey about community transportation. You can also leave comments on our blog. 77.html?mode=reply

Thanks! Ryan
- genxy
hey patricia i found the same spot you have been haha. happy hunting and good luck jackie
- vanlieu3
i want to know the history of lahore. why its name is lahore.
- adnan
Looking for genealogical information on Brown Cannon, who was born in/around Philadelphia, TN on/about 1853 (probably as a slave). He married Nancy Nelson from SC in/about 1869, and remained in the Philadelphia area. Had a son, Edward, who had a son, Samuel, who had a son, Charles (born. 1935).

- Cannonfodder
If you ever visit Springboro you must stop at The Brass Pig for lunch. It's located in one of the most historic buildings in the town and is over 150 years old. The lunch choices were great and the desserts were worth the extra calories. After lunch you can shop at Victoria's Gifts, a very unique gift shop also in the building, which carries Pandora Jewelry, SheBeads, and a bunch of other lines that make the trip worthwhile. You have to try the beef hot shot, pulled pork and don't forget the chocolate candy cake and homemade bread pudding. The prices are right and the atmosphere was wonderful. Highly recommend you stop in for lunch.
- bmjbear
Can you tell me anything about the Catholic High School in Wakefield? We are relocating to the area and are looking for information regarding best place to move our family.
- tewell6
Jan. 20, 2007
Hi Parents of the Magic City,

I hope your staying warm and safe in this cold icy snow weather but good news it's going to start to get in the 40's estimation around this coming thursday so hopefully we won't have to worry of falling down .

Anyways, a new playgroup just started so come have a look to see if this is of any interest to you !

Hey we should get more restaurants like TGIF Fridays, Sonic , Ruby Tuesday .

Would you think we should have used the money to donate to the Help for Homeless Animals because they are a non profit organization and animals are so sick there with issues that they can't afford that would have been better use than to try to renew the baseball field.

So if you want to have a great place to eat Montana Jacks, Golden Corral, Johnny Carinos, and don luis . Yummy stuff.
- mommy2brendan
I see that there is a James and Vicki Roeder that lives in Thompson, Ia, is this the same Jim and Vicki that attened Greene high school, and Graduated in 1968, is so please e-mail me. long lost friend.
- maintsup
i need information about getting pictures of my family from the school records of magnet cove from the years of 1950 to about 1965. Any information would really be appreciated.
- seratt
How did the Saint Lucy river get its name?
- mwhite
I'm needing historical information on the community of Basin. I know about 1903 it was on a mail route along with Naper from Anoka, NE.
- JThurste
Shame on Pinal County.
So dance has become ILLEGAL, and worthy of a fine of $5,000 a day if someone DANCES. What foolishness is this?
I wonder who defines dancing? Can one person dance legally, or must there be two dancing together? If walking across the floor, one trips and does some fancy footwork to avoid falling, would this be considered "dancing?" Is the County so strapped for cash they are looking for ways to fill the coffers, or is this some personal vendetta?
- charlyd
Jan. 19, 2007
My daughter, son-in-law, and new baby are relocating to your neck of the woods. He will be the new pastry chef for the Short Hills Hilton. They are currently in Philadelphia. Where will be a good place for them start looking at housing rentals? She is a stay-at-home mom, so there are some budget constraints.
- halfmoonbaygal
I need temp housing for the Hall of Fame ceremonies. Anyone have a room I could rent out?

- ronjfitz
what is the rate for sales tax in Belle Chasse, Louisiana
- kalosmi
I am wanting to travel to Roxborough and look for some family history. Does anyone have a good suggestion on a decent hotel in that area?
- Sparky
Jan. 18, 2007
tell me what you think about the changes in colton
- nvr4gt
we are an extended family of 2 grandparents, two young families with three children under the age of 4, interested in renting a camp in the caroga lake area for the first week of august, 2007. Anyone out there with information on vacation homes for rent?
Barbara from Austin, TX (a ny native)
- Barbandjeffblack
I am wanting to find out about cemeteries in Millboro Springs, W Va for family research. Looking for some burial grounds for Elisha Williams and his wife, Ann Nancy Swearingen. he died in this area. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
- susan
I lived in Hagaman from 1950 to 1958 as a little girl. I'm trying to learn more about the history of Hagaman. I'd especially like to know about the house at 19 Church Street. I don't know if this is a place to get this kind of info or not but thought it was worth a try.
- Ellie
Jan. 17, 2007
hello any one from islip
- svennn1
Are there any summer rental properties overlooking the Hudson River?
- patt
does any one remember sheila moody? she was killed in a car accident in 1984.
- ladybugs
I grew up near Rosemark in the 50s and went to Rosemark Elementary School. I loved my years there.
- sayitisso
I wanted to see if any one out there could get me infromation
about the city today, IE pictures of the down town , school, and various areas around town. I would also like to see if any one has a class of 1982 year book. My family lived there 30 years ago and I'm putting together a a family history book and need information.
- infonation
i love it!! norwood is a wonderful little town
- sabrina
Jan. 15, 2007
Great lil' liquor store and cafe in our small town
- maverick
I guess anyone can move in and start to sell firewood in this town without the proper licenses and permission.
- exeter1
It's changing for the worse quickly
- miasamm
Long Beach is a great community in Southern California and is jewel. For a beach community, it is not as expensive as other beach cities. If you want to purchase a spacious old historic spanish style home without the hefty pricetag, the Wrigley area of Long Beach is a great secret. If you don't mind living in an urban neighborhood that is in transition of gaining a ton of professional yuppies and gen-x'ers buy now and you will certainly realize tremendous appreciation in the years to come. Even purchasing in 2005 when the market was softening, I gained $80k in appreciation from an appraisal in just 1 year.
- qsk1place
Anyone out there from Plank?
- gerken
I am searching for info re my ancestor James McCallum who was a plantation onwer in Morganza in the 1850's and 60's.
He was from Scotland and first lived in MS before settling in Pointe Coupee.
- gayp
Imagine Argusville in Cybrspace! Searching for roots in that area - Smith - also, Christman. Have been to this quaint little hamlet within past year and found it to be charming!
- paprlady
I am desperately searching for Gary Ewald. His mother is gravely ill. Does anyone know where he is? He was a volunteer fireman and most recently worked as a fire inspector in Bridgewater Township. However, he moved out of his Livingston Avenue rental and his phone number has been disconnected.
Please help.
- pagewald
hello magdalena!
can anyone tell me if lucy is still the librarian ? i would like to contact her. i helped her with the childrens summer arts and crafts program a few years ago.
margaret stephani
- mars
i like union and miss it and my family
- bigrigger102
Fayette county is so boring, yet I wouldn't leave it for the world. I like it because it is just a bunch of down home people, who just like to have fun. I mean there are those people who think they are all cool and stuff because they have lots of money and don't have to work to make a living, and those are the kind of people I can not stand. But there are only a handful here in FayCo. Anyways, FayCo is a cool place. I like it too because it is small and isn't all busy, it's calm and cool. OMG FAYETTE COUNTY IS MADE UP OF SO MANY POLITICS THOUGH. Our fair, thats all it is, is cheating, lying, and scamming. I am sick of it. I have taken animals since the 3rd grade and it has always been like that. I don't know why though, because people are just bringing the number of buyers at our fair down down down. And sooner or later, the FayCo fair is just going to be like a ghost thing, because of all of this. I'm so glad I only have 2 more years. ----All for now, will blog later----
- faycoboy91
Jan. 14, 2007
I was told that a family member of mine is the guy that this city was named after.would like to know more about the founder.Thanks Gary Glasgow
- gglasgow
I am searching for specific community news from Oaktown, Indiana that may have appeared in the Bicknell newspaper in 1969. Did Bicknell cover the news in Oaktown during the 1960's?
- hopep
hello 1st time user of this chat stuff I am looking into moving to TN I do not know what way to go I like contry but dont want to be to for out Im also looking for good schools can some one heip me ?
- lester
My grandfather Raymond Calvin Morris was raised in Silver Creek MS in a group home // can anyone help me to find anything out on this group home? This was somewhere around 1910-1925 and how would i get records of persons there ??
I would like to give a BIGGGG thumbs down to the (aka) women who try to hook up with other peoples husbands. They are there to help out and do relief work & some of the women think they are your toys..You should be ashamed of yourselfs cbrsc
- La
my mom Anna Rae Damron/Blair passed away today 1/14/07 it was her birthday she was 80 years old. her father (my papaw) John Henry Blair was the youngest child of Henry Whetzel Blair. i've just returned from the hospital here in wyandotte michigan and googled Blairtown and was so grateful to find this site./rich
- dickhall
I've lived in Cedar Rapids for a long time. Nice community... good place to raise kids... fairly stable economy.

The "downtown" folks can be pretty annoying at times but you learn to ignore them for the most part. I mean, heck, they pretty much run the city the way they want and don't listen to anyone anyway.

I like to jab them a little from time to time at my blog...

- HJass
Jan. 13, 2007
I would like to know the history of Rankin County. Who is Christopher Rankin?
- jrankin0513
Anyone remember hanging out at Hy & Arties - West 33rd & Mermaid Ave 1945 to 1960
- BocaMel
Where would one visit to obtain a copy of a death certificate for family tree research ( died in Lincoln, NH) I do not have an exact date and, therfore, cannot submit an on-line form?
- Pofina
What are the general parent impressions of the new smalle learning communities at the high school?
- smead
Hello. Most of my family live in Altus and Ozark. I now live in Calif. but would like very much to move back to Altus. The people there are so friendly and I love the small town. If anyone would like to chat with me that lives in Altus or Ozark, would love to hear from you. Would like responds from the older folks like me. I am a grandmother of 12 grandchildren, my hobby is scrapbooking. Is anyone interested in the same hobby?
- Karen
Jan. 12, 2007
nice towm

nice village
- msmith
i am new to laveen. i just bought a house here 1 month ago. I thought it would be a nicer and safer area than where i am from (metro phoenix). Unfortunatly thats not the case. we have had 2 auto vandalisms and thefts and so have neighbors. Can anybody tell me some info on this community?Is it a great community or did i make a mistake moving here?
- lidajoele
whats it like living in santa clarita? Moving from ny it is one of my choices
- tommylori2001
You love trains...You love small towns.... You love wine... Wishram, yes Wishram.
- rocndon
I'm wondering if anyone witnessed the accident on HI 93 on Wednesday evening...My brother, Gary, was seriously injured in the crash. Thanks, Jan
- chloekody
anyone still around from the high school graduating class of 1944?
- mabelfrances
Munch was named for the Prussian brothers Adolph, Emil, and Paul Munch in 1906. I've added this information to our Munch profile, below.

My research comes from "Minnesota Place Names" by Warren Upham.

ePodunk editor
- Emily
I am looking for information about the Munch family. I am a descendant of Emil Munch, the former State Treasurer. Was this township named for the Munch brothers--Adolph and Emil --who came to the US from Prussia in the mid 1800s? My Grandfather, Alfred Emil Munch, Jr., was born in St Paul. My email address is:
- suzymunch
Does anyone have any information on the annexing proposal? I feel I am not ready for any annextion. If you feel the same please let me know. I am in the dark, because I have not received any information from anyone about this.
- rummy65
I have family that once lived in Jeanerette. My mom grew up there. Her name was Mary Moore Darce. Does anyone know her or any of her family, cousins, aunts, uncles? I am her daughter. Thank you!
- chrisperlman
There doesn't seem to be anywhere on the WWW for part and fulltime residents of Idyllwild to connect.

This is especially difficult in wintertime when people down the Hill (like me) need information about what's going on up the Hill in real time.

My cabin is on a street that isn't plowed, for instance. It would be helpful to know about how much snow is on the ground before we arrived, so we can prepare accordingly.

Anyone else out there interested in making this "The Idy Spot" for online networking?
- Inky
Jan. 11, 2007
anyone have info on robert fulton elementary?
- ann
I'm actually looking for a friend of mine, her name is Jodi Ivey and I met her in Alabama. However I believe she moved back to Georgia, to either Helen or Griffin. I'm interested in getting in contact with her so if anyone knows anything please email me.
- Mallory143
Hart, Texas recently lost one of the very core of its citizens. Virginia Reed was there for all of Hart. She had been a big part of this city for many many years. She was not only a wonderful person, but a great Aunt. I will miss her greatly.
- TammyMHill
I am divorcing and moving to Corn Hill and will be bringing my kids over for visitation periods. It seems like a great community for this type of scenario...any thoughts?
A great little town in the Columbia Gorge. Right in the middle of wine country. A wonderful place to get away from the big city.
- rocndon
Does anyone have information about a train that derailed and fell into the small lake across from muskelunge lake? My daughter is trying to do a research project and we cacn't find anything.
- gitchclan
Jan. 10, 2007
Does anyone know where the new Conns in Oak Cliff is located?
- vschutter
I had several cousins in the Clifton and Potts family that I used to visit in the 1950's and 60's and even in the 70's. I am the son of Rachel Lorraine Hawkins Jaynes. I have several memories of Rose my mothers double cousin. I remember the house and the house my great uncle helped build in Emory with my Dad in late 1950's. My name is Douglas E. Jaynes and I was wondering if someone who knew me is still alive in Emory. My email is p.s. I remember my aunt Brew also.
- hawkins1111
We are looking for a classmate of ours from Odebolt
- savage
I grew up in Wells until I was 14. It will always be my true home and I love and miss it.
- clmoore777
Go take your shoes off, get a cool refreshing drink, let your hair down, sit back down and plan to stay awhile. Under my desk I keep a bucket of cool damp beach sand to put my feet in. lol

I was born and raised in Ft. Meade, Florida and I have always been a Florida Flirt (& a Florida Cracker.) I moved to Virginia about 18 years ago but Florida will always be home.

Ft Meade brings back some really good memories.

Sand... The taste of sweet oranges so juicy the juice would run down your chin, guavas, tangerines, persimmons... watch out for the green ones, loquats, cumquats, fresh berries watermellons,and of course green and boiled peanuts. My Dad was the King of peanuts. He could grow & boil peanuts better than anyone. The sand...

The Ft. Meade pits. At one time it was crysatal clear and a safe place to swim. I took swim lessons there and hung out there during the summer.

Check out my blog at:

Sports: I keep up with some football (college: Gators and pro: Jax Jags) and Ft. Meade has had some good football players. The ones I've been reading about lately...

Jemalle Cornelius
The University of Florida football team had a 41-14 victory over Ohio State in the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game, earning the Gators their second-ever national football championship. Ft. Meade's very own Jemalle Cornelius (Senior...University of Florida) chipped in with five catches for 49 yards.

Jesus Cortez
Bethune-Cookman College senior kicker Jesus Cortez (Fort Meade) is etching his name in the school's record books. Single-season points from a kicker. Ranking: 1st Single-game PAT's. Ranking: 1st Career PAT's. Ranking: Tied for 1st Most field goals in a season. Ranking: 2nd Most career field goals. Ranking: 3rd Career points kicker. Ranking: 3rd

Yes, Ft. Meade brings back good memories. You can take the grl out of her home town but the home town stays with the grl.
- barefootkid
Are there any sandy beaches?
- Kelsey
Can anyone recommend a restaurant or a hotel in the St Leon area where I can meet a person for a 1-hour business meeting? Thanks
- gerry1
Jan. 9, 2007
- jeff42465
Does anyone know about any festivals in Medicine Park?
- sistersusie
Is this a nice community? I am interested.
- momma
Woodhull is beautiful place, boring but a great place.
- Gloop
we are a family from the u.k and will be travelling the area in feb 2007. what's the best to see and do etc.
we are coming to see little bighorn...
- yobby
Any Taylor's or Bentley's out there??
My Mom is Tina Virginia Taylor .
Grandmother was Laurie Bentley Taylor.
Grandfather was Liburn Taylor. I remember, as a child, going to the funeral of Aunt Nancy Taylor in Millstone.
Would love to meet some of my relatives in the Letcher County area!
- Joyce
Animal shelter dogs available for adoption
- ramona43
Looking for families who lived in the 1200 Blocks of Lakme Avenue, Banning Blvd. and Cary Avenue in the 1930s-50's for oral history of the neighborhood.
- Phineas
Jan. 8, 2007
Looking for the Casperson family plot either in Frederic, Luck or Atlas Cemeteries. I believe there might be a small church located there too.

Have pictures of Frederic around 1917, an old church, farmhouses, barns and people.

My great uncle was a Senator for Wisconsin and his name was John Casperson. I have a picture of the raised tombstone....with inscription "How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here...... The picture was taken in July of 1992 and looks as if it is situated near a large group of tall trees or is at the corner end of the cemetery. During the summer months it appears to have very bright colored flowers planted next to the tombstone and appear to be pink or red. There is also a potted planter at the base of the tombstone.

Does anyone know where the family plot is? We live in Alaska and hope to return to the Wisconsin/Minnesota area soon.
- gregorcarp
Skiyente Ski Club invites all (21 and over) to come to our 52nd annual King Winter Kaper February 17, 2007 at Charlies Mtn View in Government Camp. We are crowning a person who has contributed significantly to skiing and/or the Mt. Hood community. Door opens at 7:30pm, coronation is at 8:00pm and the music/dancing starts at 9:00 pm. $7 admission with portion of proceeds to
Mt. Hood Ski Patrol
Mt. Hood Museum
Erin Nicole Scholarship Fund
Come celebrate with us!
- Skiyente
I am doing genealogy on my husband's side of the family. Story has it that my father-in-law was abandoned in 1919 in a hotel room and found by a sheriff and taken to an orphanage, I am not sure if the orphanage is around Mars Hill or not. It has always bothered my father-in-law that he did not know his parents and that he was left in a hotel in Mars Hill I did find out that there was a fire in 1922 that destroyed a lot of Main Street but I can't find out anything else. Is there anyone in Mars Hill that can help, Or is there a newspaper report about an abandoned baby boy around that time?
Would appreciate the help
- patricia
I'm writing a book about the Frank Novak murder case in Walford. Does anyone have any comments or places I can go for research on this?

I'll be contacting the IHS as well as the newspapers, but I wondered about any other research information or just plain advice regarding this topic.


Pete Kaufman
- pkauf
Jan. 7, 2007
i remember when i was a teenager that we went to a place called the high rock. i would like to show it to my husband, who's never even heard of it, even though he's from portsmouth! how do you get there from 52?
- lilly
I have lived in the Linnville area most of my life. This area is very scenic and quiet. Many families in this area have ties to families that came to this area of Ohio on the National Road back in the 1800's.
Adam Linn who was a farmer from Virginia came here and served as Linnville's first postmaster in 1833.
- bluegrassman
I am looking for any Emerys who emigrated from Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, departing from Portmouth or other English ports.
- gumnut
Hi we were wondering if the dentist that lived at 165 west 3rd street is still alive. We wanted to ask him some history on this home and hopefully he had photos out there somewhere that could be shared with us. thanks so much if anyone has any information on this address.
- aknepple
Hello from Cheryl (Jacomet) Otero - Born Jan. 11, 1963 raised in WI.... most of my time was spent in the north-east part of the state in Middle Inlet, Wisconsin (Between Crivitz and Wausaukee) on US HWY 141 in Marinette County. My parents (Ken and Mary Lou Jacomet) previously owned the Country General Store and the Middle Inlet Inn... about an hour north of Green Bay.

(Mom) Mary Lou Jacomet and (Brother) Joe Jacomet still live in Middle Inlet.

Cheryl (Jacomet) Otero
Pasco County - FLORIDA

Other siblings include Sandra (Jacomet) Philipps, John Jacomet and Larry Jacomet.

Jacomet, Otero, Philipps, Middle Inlet
- cotero3tampabayrrcom
I am interested in godwin, nc, because i am researching my godwin line. they came from North Carolina to Ill. My 2nd great grandfathers name was Wilkerson Godwin. Does anyone know of this family?
- bobbie
Did a township (community) by the name of "Buckingham" exist in the early 1800's in the Tye River area of Nelson County ? Thank you.

L. R. Mays
- 71932
I am looking for historical information about Warrior's Mark High School and the Dungarvin Grade school - between 1906 and 1919. I live in Florida so I appreciate any help out there!
- kimweaver
Jan. 6, 2007
Looking for Pratt families still in Ludlow and surrounding areas who have a connection with John Pratt (early 1800s) whose son George Franklin Pratt (aka Smith) born 1838 was murdered in Minnesota in 1878 by his wifes family.

Desperately trying to build my husbands family tree.

All we know is John Pratt is George Franklin Pratt's father. We have no details of John's wife or other children.

If anybody can help me piece together this brain mashing jigsaw, please drop me an email

Thank you.
- EllyPratt
Ancram is the coolest place ever. I've had my house forever, and i love it, and it's super cool. ANCRAM ROCKS.
- lydizzle64
- Esther
Looking for my aunt who lived on Roberts Road in Franklinton - Willie Jean Roberts. Have not been in contact since Katrina, even got all my Christmas cards back.
- larry
Branchville is my home town. It's a very small country town that will FOREVER own my heart. I love it! I was born and raised in Branchville. I left in 1975, but my family (Blowe/Person) and I go back at least once a year. My mom still resides there.
- plowery
Anyone here know the name SCHURRA? My dad was born in Rosalia, 1888.

Thanks so much,

- Schurra

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