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Jul. 31, 2007
grew up on Canova DR during the 50's anyone remember me
- gadsdenmailman
does anyone know if mickey rats is still the same and is the dew drop inn still around or millers?
- pbeteag
Jul. 30, 2007
I am writing a fictional novel bout cottonwood in the 1930's and 40's . i just picked Cottonwood out of the air so to speak, as I neede a remote southern town, suffering the woes of the "Great Depression". Any one with anything to contribute would be greatly appreciated. i hope to have some of the text posted on my website soon..

medernach AT

Ken Medernach
- kenmedernach
info about living in Goshen
- kellie
Is there any resource in Patterson that helps a residence with issues dealing with foreclosure?
- dmcgary

Years ago my wife and I were passing through Nezperce, and an event was taking place. I believe it was called Drug Bust Days or something similar. I am curious, does this event still take place? Its not currently listed in the Idaho festival guide. If not, did it take place at one time or another? If it did or does now exist, can someone offer some specifics, particulars and history as to how it came about, how long it ran or has been running and etcetera. We were in route at the time and only stopped for a short time to eat at a burger stand. Mid to late eighties would have been the time frame, I think. I vision that Nezperce is still the small friendly rural community that it was in my younger years (60s and 70s) when I played in the surrounding mountains and river valleys. Rick
- rickjrjr
I'm desperate to find services for my 24-year old disabled/autistic daughter. Any suggestions in/around Syracuse or upstate NY to live for best services? ANYWHERE in the US would be under consideration. She needs therapies, socialization, we need respite care, future living accommodations for her, etc...
- upstategirl
Hancock County, Mississippi was ground zero for Hurricane Katrina.
- mmperkins
is ther an american eskimo dog breeder in maynard? Thankyou
- kids4us
Jul. 29, 2007
i am looking for a young couple from man that stopped at my garage sale in logan on rt 44, whites additon. They were looking for furniture. this was the end of June. They were very interested in buying our house. The house is for sale now and we would like to find them. I know that her name was Brittney and I think her husband's name started with a B also. they also had a little boy with them and bought an older car seat from us. They also drive a white suv. We would like them to contact us....

Kaisgirls AT
- kaisgirls
my dad birth day 4/14/1910 mart tx
i'am look for old news paper of mart tx 1910.
clarence w mitchell
- bsantini
elevation is about 30 foot above sea level. It changed since the lava flow in the 90s. the lava changed the elevation.
- sharkwolf
Last year, I and my brother returned to OK for a nostalgia trip. It was quite short and I am returning this August. My grandparents, Dr. Archie Dougan and Sukie, lived there from 1939 until their deaths in 1954 & 1955.
I also spent a few months there in about 1944. I was in 5th grade at that time. Had a good friend, Patsy Ring. My oldest brother, David, attended school throughout his high school years in the early 1940's.
I see that Granddad's old office building, next to the bank, has been torn down.
I hope to spend a few hours in Carmen on August 28 and would enjoy visiting with anyone about the long ago days.
Dorothy Dougan Cooper
- coodi
Carbondale is the bestest place on earth. The people there are so friendly, smart and pretty. I love Carbondale.
When I saw the name of the site hosting this blog about Greenville, I had to laugh. PODUNK... a more apt description for Greenville was never found for it is, indeed, PODUNK. That being said, I rather love to live in Podunk, ummm erm, I mean Greenville. We are smack in the middle between Pittsburg and Cleveland, so we never suffer for urban life if we seek it. Greenville is what my son (and I) would call an "elephant's graveyard." The town is populated for the most part by retirees and the elderly. As steel left the area, so did our young ones in search of better opportunities elsewhere. Greenville, to me, is the best of both worlds. We are near enough to major cities to find all the culture and nightlife we desire, yet we reside in a quiet, beautiful, rather serene setting.
- cagibson
The town of Mamou was named after an indian chief named Mamou. There is a stone obelisk in the center of town that bears his likeness.
- Minnymel
I would like to know about any RV camping sites in Key West.
- lawolf
Jul. 28, 2007
A nice place to call home.
- clw80010
It's downpouring here! It's 12:24 right now. After yesterdays storm i think it might flood a little! My garden is already getting out of control!!

Thats all for now!Bye
- ChittCheer
I read today about the 13 year old girl struck by a truck from behind in broad daylight while walking along, not crossing, the road. According to the article in the Daily Times, the trucks driver was not at fault.
As the parent of a 12 year old who bicycles, I want more information. Did the injured girl really do something phenomenally idiotic, or was the driver related to a public official? Or is it open season on pedestrians? (Translate pedestrians as OUR KIDS). If a motorist struck a slow-moving vehicle from behind, obviously he would be at fault. Please people, slow down around kids, give them a little strip at the edge of your lawn left unobstructed so they aren't forced to walk on busy roads, and please please stop automatically blaming the injured child.
- wilmaflintstone
anyone - tell me what you like and dislike about denver pa
- WmScheu1
If you are disabled and have a servce animal hungy wanting dinner
and the place
you walk into has a large display of community art on the wall besure to BOLT out the door .LANDING your self in any place would be more welcome.

They bother not to keep there hostest station filled then complain when you seat you self ,
and complain about having to serve ppl with service animals to there friends across the room.
- yoohoo
I was born in Pittston in 1949 but left at the age of 2. However, my family is still in Old Forge. Am looking for anyone who might be able to help me locate records or info
- velia13
Jul. 27, 2007
I am looking for information on the beginnings of Shopiere, WI. I do have some info on the name change but am unsure of the actual founding date. Anything will be helpful. Thank you.
- crlieb47
is this a good area for children?
- caa
I am thinking of moving to Essex. I have three cats. How is the flea / tick situation there?

Also, are there any mountainous areas in any of the 3 communities?
- yodelady
Jul. 26, 2007
I am looking for any history available on Como Colorado in Park County.
- mvrecenar
looking for historic photos of Geneva on the Lake, Ohio for research/photo project - scenes from the '50s or earlier showing the "strip", people, concessions, buildings, etc. have come across a few postcard reproductions but nothing with good printable images. would appreciate some suggestions of where to find.
- jdenlove
My husband and I were driving by Mt. Moriah yesturday and saw the sign about Babe Adams. We had never noticed it there before. We went back to take a closer look.
It made me very courious because my maiden name is Adams, and my family came from this general area.
I googled Charles Babe Adams. It said that he was born in Indiana, and died in Maryland. Nothing was mentioned about living in Mt. Moriah, or being burried there.
If he did actually live in Mt. Moriah, when would that have been, and were exactly is he burried?
Sarah Adams Blackford
- westies
My Dad was stationed at the CCC Barracks in 1940 at the age of 15. Reviewing a few photos last evening , I noticed he posted the names of the other young men who were there with him. Does anyone know how I can find out more about the projects they worked on, etc. ?.

Thank you.
- mbburke1
Jul. 25, 2007
I wonder if anyone can tell me if it is legal in Ravenna, MN to burn garbage and trash?
- countryrose
My maiden name was Frances Karp. I am 86 years old and
spent my childhood in Newington. I have many happy memories of growing up there, where my father
Abe Karp had the general store (remains of which I believe are still there). I remembr Evalina Lee ( now Evans, I think,
Wilene and Reba Morgan, FLorence Virginia Evans (these are maiden names) , the Downing boys and many, many more from school. I would love to hear from anyone who
went to school in Newington before the school burned as well as all others. I recently reconnected through the computer with Burdelle Harrison..I hadn't seen or spoken with her for 75 years. It has been a great treat for me to
see her again.

If you remember me, or that era, drop a line and we'll talk.

Frances Karp Altman
lasthurrahpress AT
- Oldgirl
we are looking to move to Texas this summer and one of the place we were told was the southlake to move to . Do they have really wonderful school?
- pastorkimberly
Jul. 24, 2007
Cons about living in Corydon.....if you're not from here...the people in the clicks are nasty to you. You have no privacy....and anything you do or don't do is changed to make stories sound good. Alot of people here don't have a life and haven't even been out of Iowa so they have to make up stories to make their lives sound interesting.
- luvgstr8
I am originally from Wilton ND. Leonard Backman is my dad and Benton Backman, my grandfather. We were just talking here at work, about our home towns and it made me curious, so I got on line. I would love to be living in ND. I'm starting to hate it here in the Seattle area. There are way too many people and every square inch of land, they have to build on. The traffic is terrible. When we were back to Wilton, I couldn't get over, there was no traffic, you could find open spaces, it was clean, people were friendly. However, the only thing better here, is our coffee. I love North Dakota and eventually, even my son and daughter-in-law, would love to live there.
- wilton46
I am a real estate agent and I often have clients looking to move to the area, I don't know much about Danvers and would like to get the "inside scoop from the residents. What would you tell someone that wants to move to your town?
Thanks for your help.
- KimD
Recently, our town of Dyer, Indiana was listed in the top 100 most desireable places to live in the US. That was such a compliment! We were proud but there is definitely more to come. With the Town Council working to better the community in several aspects and the many community members giving a helping hand with their expertise, I am sure that Dyer, Indiana will be evolving from the diamond in the rough to the brilliant gem that will glimmer and glisten with the many facets it has to offer! I'm pleased with the progress but even more, am anxious for the future! Come on over, decide where you want to build your new house, have lunch at one of the local restaurants, get a fun dessert at your choice of several ice cream parlors, then walk it off with a nice stroll through a park! Take a look at us now and then check back with us to enjoy the progess because we're up and coming!!!!
- WorkofHeart
Does anyone have any info on Mesquite, Tx. My family is contemplating a move there and was wondering about the area. Any info good or bad would be much appreciated.
- jbmerf
Pocono Haven in Mount Pocono was a Sanitorium- for Tuberculosis. An administrator was Dr. William Howard Hay a noted lecturer, author, surgeon and founder of the East Aurora Sun and Diet Sanatorium. This later became High Point Inn. The location was where the present Burger King is located.
- Leeanne
I was wondering what the construction is behind Ludwig's Fire Station
- Loon2007
Hi, I am trying to find the address in Leimert Park where Roger and Marjorie Morehart lived in 1942. Fritz Ahern, [email protected]
- fritzahern
Jul. 23, 2007
Does anyone know anything about some drag boat /hot rod function going on in Lakeside Oregon in August? I think it is called Days of Thunder or Streets of Thunder?

If anyone sees any advertisement about it, please let me know or send it to me. We will be vacationing over there and would like to go.

WE love Winchester BAY!!!
- Erskine83
Shelburne is so beautiful...what are the winters like?
- patience
would like to buy a lake home. how much do you think a small one would go for ?
- standi
I have met the most amazing man from webbers falls. Trying to find some info on him. If you know alot of people from this area please email me. He is almost to awesome to be true.
- Renew
I am originally from Bath now living in Florida. As a child I summered at the White Spot and then spent many summer days at Popham as a teenager.

I moved away for many years but vacations always brought me back to Maine and Popham.

Five years ago I was married at the Fort to my old high school steady. What a trip it was.

Popham is my favorite place in the world because it holds so many precious memories and what's not to love about the view. It's gorgeous there.

I was recently in Maine and the first place I went to was Popham, dining at Spinney's, and then walking the beach and smelling the good old salt air. It don't get much better than that.

- mainlady
I live in Abbeville. It's great. I love Statham Shoals.
- Sheene
Jul. 22, 2007
i love this town
- jellyhead
Thinking about relocating from Houston to Cedar Park in approx. 2 years.
- LindaMar48
what are prospects for develpment in potosi is this an up and coming area for stores like lowes home depo etc

need names and phone numbers of surveying companies for this region
- jmcclend
I am Sunset Carson's nephew and will confirm that Sunset Carson (birth name: Winnifred Maurice Harrison) was born in Gracemont, Oklahoma on November 12, 1920. His father was Maurice Greely Harrison; mother was Azalee Belle McAdams. The family was living in Hale County, Texas on the 1930 Census.
- jdd915
Jul. 21, 2007
We are thinking about possibly retiring in Perry. Can anyone adise? Also is severe weather normal there?
- Myanniecandles
Was the town named after a person w/the last name Kingery?
- ihaveconnections
This is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. In July 2004 I attended a PTK retreat in the area and was impressed by the wild flowers everywhere-especially in the meadow around the visitor center. We saw elk, a tremendous waterfall, and it's so quiet there you can hear the moose sloshing in marshes while grazing even if you can't see them. There was no phone service (this means wilderness) at that time so we drove up to a high point west of the junction to get cell phone reception. This is a very special place on earth.
- tlcook
what happened to the founders of saylorsburg, pa, charles and samuel saylor
- tdriver
I want to know about russell county. What goes on there, who the people are, what they do and what the country is like and the agriculture and or animal husbandry.
- beadsbyshe
Jul. 20, 2007
Looking for information on a film about Dorchester called Sidewalk Memories or something like that...any info appreciated.
- dauberdog
Need information re 2008 Bi-centennial celebration, schedule of activities, etc.
- DorothyHowellCarroll
fremont county fair. does anyone know the days the rodeo is there?
- arthurlovestonya
Jul. 19, 2007
How is the school system in Afton
- k12459
Can anyone tell me about the Taylors that lived in Peoli
during the 50s? I am interested in Imogene Taylor
- buzzer1934
Jul. 18, 2007
If you're thinking about moving here, DON'T!
- malco23
like to know how is the high school
- johnson1111
I love Smackover it's a beautiful place with very nice never meet a stranger..everyone is very friendly and helpful!
- isaacsnanna
I am considering buying raw land in Lake county. However, I see a lot of land near the national forest. What is going on in Lake county that so much land is for sale? How is the real estate industry in this county? What might be the average for a piece of raw land to sell? Please help me evaluate this county for real estate investment.

- jp55
whats up in beaver, help!
- dalew
Jul. 17, 2007
Lower Tyrone is a great place to live, if somepeople would mind their own business. I've lived here 33 years, raised five kids and a bunch of foster kids here, and I have enjoyed every minute of it, well, almost. There are some people here who think that they are better than every one else,and that they have the right to tell you how to live your life. Thank God, these people are few and far between. My family enjoys the peace and quiet and the fresh air that this location affords us, and we plan on staying here until we die. It's a great place to raise kids, and my 14 grandchildren just love it. If only some people would mind their own business and remember God created everyone equal. Don't look down your nose on others just because they may not have all that you do. Material things don't really matter. Family does!!!!!! God bless everyone.
- djsgrannie
What can anyone tell us about living in Gainesville, GA? We are considering leaving SW Florida for good and are interested in Gainesville since it is near a lake and not far from Atlanta or Athens. Would you recommend living there? Any information would be helpful, Thank you
- leavingflorida
to ever whom cunsrens

my name is andrea hamlin i am a Citizen of chippewa lake. And i have a problem with somthing we have a park at the end of our road and they are going to cut eveything down just to buid a Garage. Im not trying to be meen but i think that they r just going to do the same thing they have been doing to us kids frist they took away the park down at the glens, now they are going to take elisabeth park away from us by building a garage for the cops. okay can i ask you this how many cops does chippewa have by it's self? not that many they always have medina's cops come and solve it, if it is a good reason then that okay but building a garage at elisabeth park. Can i ask you this were will all the kids go they do not want the cops on their backs 24/7 i meen with the little kids to their parents will think some thing happed that was bad soo please for us kids and the little kids dont put the garage in u could at lest put in somthing fun,

like if it was the adults and they or you where a kid and porple out of nowhere were going to cut down your park of take somthing away from you how would you feel about it proboly the same way but if they wher going to put somthing in that was fun like a skate park or a biger basekitball court or a rec center that we could walk to i meen its already boreing around here becaues the beach passes are 35$ and alot of poeple dont hav that money so if you undersant what i am trying to say please help me. if You are a resadint of chippewa lake ohio 44215 then just help us !!

thanks you andrea hamlin
- icegrl101893
Jul. 16, 2007
I haven't been to Cranberry Lake in many years. Used to stay with my Aunt at the "Ponderosa" on route 3. Is that place still there?
- pdk780
Hi, I'm going to be visiting Franklin beginning of August and I know my grandfather grew up there (peter P Lee) and that my g grandparents are buried there. I am just wondering if I have any relatives left there? I heard somewhere the old homestead was still in existence. I would love to connect to anyone who remembers these these families either the Lee or the Hohle families from Lesja Norway.
- margielee
I would like to know who owned and operated the Blais House in Jackman. Did it burn down or got torn down.

Picture of the hotel comes from my father 1905-1973 who use to spend time with Blais cousins in Jackman. A very very nice community for fishing, hunting, water activities.. I love Jackman.

Linda in Jay Maine
- Lindainjay
Does anyone know who named fifty six it's name?
- clell2
Can someone tell me about Villanova PA i.e. demographics, job market in healthcare, crime rate, entertainment, houseing costs? I appreciate your response.
- bkaz1180
Roswell outwardly seems the peaceful, small Southwest town, but after living here for 12 years, i have come to realize that the amount of violence in this town far outdoes any positive point it may have. For not being a large city or metropolis, the shootings and violence that happen, that are never covered in the news, makes this a undesireable place to live.If a family is looking for all the attributes of a great place to live, i.e, good education system, lack of violence, affordable housing, FOR the average income (low per national average) look elsewhere.....
- rsbhunter
Too many spiders
- bbrown86
Jul. 14, 2007
Evidently, I was so enthusiastic about a space to write about my hometown, Nichols, Florida that I got carried away as the characters delete, so did my typing speed and my vivid colorful view of the most happiest days of my life; I look back and say if it were just a portion like it once was, maybe everyone would share my view. But all is not the same; we have different values and morales; but have you ever wondered where they came from? I truthfully say Nichols. I am a bit accentric, if there is any truth to the old
African Proverb "It takes a whole village to raise a child"The Nichols Community had the young lives in it's hand. Racial prejudice may have existed, I don't remember incidents, we were children of different colors riding our bikes to the old Commersary, sat on a bannester and drank a soda, raced on the blacktop to the dirt and shell road or Saturday evening while mama shopped at the
infamous Durdin's Grocery, while Kenny and Barbara Mathis and I played on the bench.
- countrygirl1
I think Gwinnett County is the best county in Georgia.
- flank
Jul. 13, 2007
Does anyone have a picture of William Wallace LOCKWOOD's "round house" which was located Southwest part of Winfield, KS. This house was one of Winfield's show places for many years. I don't have dates when the "round house" was build or when it burned down. William Wallace LOCKWOOD lived in Winfield between 1900 to about 1924. The information I have came form W. W. LOCKWOOD's obituary found at Cowley Co. Historical Museum in Winfield.

I would appreciate any information about this house.
I have never blogged before so I'm not sure except how it works. In case, my email is [email protected]
Thanks for any time spent on my behalf.
Linda, great grandniece.
- lrubowj
I would like some photos from this area. Thanks.
- ccorley
Jul. 12, 2007
Are there any people who remember Corydon from before it was flooded out?
- kathymobile
Are there other blogs on Mount Dora?
- glennaburch
im from tucson az and i am thinking about relocating to port angeles washington looks like the perfect weather and alot to do? please tell me all the good and bad.
- 2hotinaz
Hi, just noticed Crewe (VA) on a Google search. I blog about Crewe in England and would love to swap news and stories with any Crewe USA people. The site is or mail me creweblog at hotmail dot co dot uk. Thanks.
- Creweblog
Jul. 11, 2007
Why isn't your historical society functional? Also, there is not much written history to refer to. I noticed is not available either. I'm interested in my own family history.
- lavernewilliams
I am looking for any old photos (around 1930s to 1950s) of College Park, GA.
- sherry123
Salome! Only lived there a year, now I am still homesick for this place,the people, the history and the wildness.

I miss you all and everything, bring me back, I wanted it to be the place I could call Salome home for the time I have left to be alive.
You are lucky people, the wildlife is lucky-nobody seemed to make it a sport to kill just to kill it
Be happy little town, I love you still after 6 years.
Bless everybody and everything
- greenleaf
With Minton Rd - Emerson Drive & Palm Bay Rd. intersection being the most heavily used for access in and out of the Heavily populated and growing area..(N.W. - P.B.)..It appears ludicrous to increase Palm Bay Rd west bound lanes into this bottleneck intersection. With little hope of seeing in the near future, the much needed overdue Palm Bay by-Pass completion, I suspect and predict a serious problem in this area, when and if evacuation is needed due to more hurricanes we will get.
- Metaphor
I LOve the town and the poeple in it!!!!
- lizzy1
Anyone out there with photo(s) of the Clifton Movie Theatre which shut down in 1959-60. Buiding is still there as a moving company. I worked there as a teenager & it holds a lot of good memories for me. Would really appreciate any info. Thanks, Harry
- hdegeorge
Is the Old Bank Of York Still Standing and is in use?
- willudance2
Jul. 10, 2007
After a horrible train wreck where 9 people lost their lives to poisonous chlorine gas, developers are seeking to build 5,000 new houses near the tracks. Their hope is to market these houses to those outside the area, unaware of the disaster.
- garydex
Strasburg is a unique, small town with quaint, historic areas, old Victorian homes and modern residential communities. The handling of new development by the Town has not been ideal, but it's still a delightful place to visit and to live.
- regis
Hesperia is a great place to be from. Back in the day, there was not a whole lot out there. It was quiet and a great place to live. Knew a lot of the people in town and liked most of them. Of corse that was before Hesperia became a "City"
- desertrat
I was reading about the issues in the Royal Oak school district recently, and I wanted to introduce The Japhet School to parents looking for an alternative. Built on strong character developement and excellent academic programs, Japhet is a wonderful place.
- tball28
How is it to live in Seiver County?
The best way I know of to find out more about the area is to visit the churches and ask the elderly members about the history. Vernell Gibbs or Jimmy Chapman at Samuel's Chapel should be able to point you to some people who could help you. Their families have been in the area for quite a while.
- ccone
This town will never grow unlest we get a eleted officels
- klutch340
We are looking at homes in Madison and have been mainly focused on the area between 95 and 80. Recently we have looked at some places just north of 80 but are not as familiar with this area. Can someone give me some insight into what North Madison is like, how it differs (if at all) from Madison closer to 95. Thanks!
- jessieg
My dad was born in Norwich, North Dakota May 08, 1908 to John & Margaret Gilbert. My dad's name was Paul R. Gilbert. He passed away in Orland, California January 3, 1993. He was born around the same time as Dora Blocker. Eugenia Stubbins whose dad was the banker also came to California. Her and her mother were close friends of my parents.
I would like to hear from someone that lives in Norwich. When my dad left Norwich around 1930 there were 68 in population.
I learned a lot about Norwich when my dad had Alzheimers.
Thank You
Jenelle Espen
- sloejenny
Jul. 9, 2007
I used to live in Berlin I did but, I don't anymore. I first became a member of the oldest existing fife and drum corps in the United States in 1973. The Berlin Fife and Drum Corps organized in 1782 is celebrating its 225th anniversery in 2007. 'The Frosty Sons of Thunder' will be at the annual Berlin Whiskey Rebellion Celebration on September 29 and 30, 2007. The Grand Feasture Parade will commence at 2:00 P.M. on September 29, 2007. Come out and be part of our illustrious heritage as we march toward our 250th anniversery. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. More information is available at
- Buddytopdog
Montrose is my favorite place on earth. :)
- LyninBerlin
My first visit to Winchester Bay was a few years back. My mother and I were on an outing and decided to stop. We found a darling little place that was a 'tea and sandwich' shop. Later, my mom wanted to buy a motel there. We aren't rich, so we found this little dump that required a lot of fix up. It is now open as the Salmon Harbor Landing, but only has 6 rooms (see them at

Because of this, I have made many trips there. It is a quiet town (too small for some) with fishing and ATVs being the biggest attractions. I have most enjoyed the Elk reserve (about 10 miles away) and the Butterfly Pavillion (partly because of the free blueberries in July). I have enjoyed walks to the harbor and the restaurants we've eaten at. We ended up getting married in a nearby lighthouse and used a local old one room schoolhouse for the reception.

So, the town has been good to me. It is a reasonable place to stay on the coast, quiet and enjoyable.
- dsnybnd
Hello, I am interested in finding out more about the Park Heights neighborhood.
- kteglasser
What are the schools like in Lockport, Louisiana? Do most of the children finish high school? What percentage go onto college?
- worc
What are the pluses?
What are the minuses?
Does it have a low cost of living, and is it a beautiful place to live?
Please give me any general information that makes this good place to relocate to. I'm a teacher and a football coach with a MA+30 in education.
- rustymccoy
Jul. 8, 2007
I am looking for any news articles or pictures of Emmor Dewitt Steele who owned Steele Motors and Studebaker Southwest in Clifton Heights. Mr. Steele provided all the police cars for Clifton Heights and particpated in the parades. He was also a Mason. Please contact me at [email protected] I am his granddaughter.
- Patricia777
What's the story (history) behind Jumbo?
- bman
I will be moving to magnolia and have lots of questions, is there anyone who can help me?
- laurendmason
Jul. 7, 2007
Does anyone know what existed on Dreshertown Rd. close to Camphill (after the golf course), before the custom homes were built? Most of them are at least 20 years old. Was anything there prior to those homes, on either side of the street?
- haunted
Anyone know anything about the old Smail homestead in Stahlstown? Is it still standing?
- Smail
Gantt looking for Gantts
- bugbite
Jul. 6, 2007
Hi, I would like some info on the house I purchased ten years ago. The previous owners lived here for 30 years, and I would like to know who owned it before them. The house is a little over 100 years old, and I am remodeling and found the original wood floors and I started thinking about when the house was new, and what had been added on. If someone could tell me where to find this info, it would be awesome. The internet only takes you so far before you have to pay for research, so if there is a "free" way, I would like to know. Thanks a bunch.
- dragonfly60
I am going to be moving to Jacksonville in a couple of months when my husband returns from Iraq, and we need an apartment. I live in Florida, so I can't go look at the apartments myself right now. Can anyone recommend a complex from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE?
- LaItaliana19
I am trying to locate Philip Danzl. If you know him, could you possibly ask him to contact Elizabeth at [email protected]? Thanks very much.
- emiles
I have been a part of the San Angelo business community since 1978. We have many of the advantages of city living without the traffic jam's. The arts are becoming an important part of our community along with good old West Texas living. San Angelo is a sportsman's dream, hunting, fishing along with any outdoor type recreation one can desire. The cost of living, great weather, award winning schools, shopping and some of the best steaks in the world makes Angelo a great city to work and retire. I'm new at this blogging but from a person who has been in and around Angelo for nearly 30 years I invite all to experience the friendly open arms policy of the San Angelo, Tom Green County people. My wife and I own a monument co. that has been here since 1899 serving most of Texas and were proud to call San Angelo our home town. Graniteman
- Monumentman
School system is not as good as everyone claim it is.
- lydia35
I am trying to find infomation about J&W Bakery as well as the former owners. Any information would be most helpful.
- james21
Jul. 5, 2007
I have lived here all of my 50+ yrs and all and all I love this little town, only 5 traffic lights and not too much traffic on the Highways most days!
We recently got a SMALL Walmart and now we need some good places to eat, its a shame that we have to drive all the way to Cookeville just to get a good meal, other than burgers and Pizza!
All tho crime is everywhere our little town don't usaully have too many serious types of crimes going on, drugs and all that comes with that is our major problem!
Not much to do here, if you're into the fast pace life style; church gatherings,kids ball games, water sports, horse rides, four wheeler,hunting and fishing thats about all there is to do around here.
You can always count on your neighbors to toss their hand up as they pass by you or stop and offer a helping hand when needed , after all isn't that what makes this County special, the people whom you share it with! God Bless
This may not be appropriate for a blog, but I am searching for what might be called a bed and breakfast (breakfast at a nearby restaurant) where we stayed several years ago while doing a craft show. It was a single room for two people, with a bath, that had an entrance from the main street of the town, with the owner family living upstairs. We enjoyed our stay there so much but cannot remember the name of the town - it may have been Canton or Preston - definitely in that area. We would love to go there again.. I was going to take pictures, but my camera had a permanent breakdown. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
- heyjudempls
trying to find info on town n country fl... planning to move there i have three elementary age kids any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
- jaengabby
Jul. 4, 2007
Follow up to post regarding Haley Remy:

Okay, now I remember! Janet is Alice's older sister and Haley was her child. Alice's daughter was Amy. Regardless, I have pictures of Haley at her Grandparent's house, Mary and Ross Johnson. I figure someone might like to have a copy of them.

If you know the Johnsons, please have them contact Karen Laster at texas2254 AT Thanks so much!
- texasbytexan
Hello to everyone in Cement, OK! I'm trying to find information on how Haley Remy died in Cement, OK back in 2005. If you have any info on her death, which also included the death of her child, please email me as soon as you can. My daughter and Haley were friends as little girls down in Harlingen. I found Haley's obit but there were no details on how she died. I'd also like to be able to contact her mother, Janet Magee. I knew Janet when she went by Alice Johnson. Haley was about 4 years old then. Any help would be appreciated.

Karen Laster
Irving, TX
[email protected]
- texasbytexan
Who out there is nostalgic about Shelby Mississippi?
- maxbenaarons
Jul. 3, 2007
Hey we are coming for the class reunions the first part of August. Are there going to be places in town to park an RV for the weekend? With few hotel rooms, we thought we'd bring an RV to stay in and walk to all the activities if it is at all possible. We are looking forward to seeing old friends and just hangning out!


Joseph Beaulieu
Class of 1962
- JosPaul43
What is the name of the cemetery in Tigerton?
- gadjett
I live in Arizona and my distant relatives came from Pineville, Kentucky. I am wondering if there are any Brookings left around there. My great grandmother and grandfather lived in town and owned/ ran the local drugstore there.
- smvaz1
Thinking of moving to area, and want to know how people like living there.
- Kaowdo
Jul. 2, 2007
Harrisburg Pennsylvania is a city on the rise. While most cities in the Northeast have experienced stagnant growth, Harrisburg PA is consider the #4 city to live in based on a recent report. Being the Pennsylvania?s capital Harrisburg has benefited from state investment in the IT and biotechnology industry. Several state funded technology companies located in Harrisburg have received national recognition including, and
- williamcraig
Can someone please tell me where all the tax dollars are going in this town? We have no police, fire departments, public recreation, and we have been reassessed and are paying even MORE taxes. I can't afford the taxes in this town, and if you drive around, you will see many homes up for sale, presumably for the same reason. Is there any accountability?
- RNordmann
You don't want to live here!
- dappled
I am searching for any information about the death of Benjamin F. Waters of Dover NC. He was hit by a train between Dover and Kinston on Feb.17,1908. If you have any information please EMAIL me at [email protected]
- earl
really nice coffee shoppe!
- mcmala
I have a large concern to the fact that Dawson county is covered in filth. Its only a concern because there are no trash cans anywhere along the highways, nor in the parks.
There is also a large problem with stray animals. We should really clean up and get together an d build an animal shelter to fight against homeless animals, and animal abuse. With all the strays around, our animals are able to get illnesses and catch dieses that the strays bring around.
Over all, it would benefit everyone if we cleaned up the town, it will fight the mosquitoes a lot, it will reduce flies, and help cut down on the summer's heat.
- Satia
Jul. 1, 2007
If ever anyone from Guadalupe, California has information on the period of 1940 to 1960 including images and is interested in posting onto a website or has a website please let me know as I will link to it. Maybe.
- terrestrialman

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