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Jun. 30, 2007
Caring 4 Children

My concern is how parents leave their children outside with out their supervision at dusk and after dark. Even during the day it isn't safe any longer.

A vehicle can stop and within just a few seconds someone could grab a little child. He/she is gone before ANYONE knows it!

Is your child playing outside with other children? Does that make them safe? What happens if they walk away from the other children, just walking, and someone calls them aside? Just a couple seconds there and your child can be gone!

Do we have to live in fear? To a point, yes. There are so many little ones under the age of 7 years old who are out at the Highland apartments and their parent is in the house, on the computer, visiting with their friends, sleeping, etc. They haven't even come OUT OF HOUSE to check on the children.

Parents need to set limitations. You can't see your child if they are 'around the corner'.

I think a law should be passed that says that little children should be IN THE PRESENCE OF THEIR PARENT BY DARK! And then if an officer goes by a child, he can stop, ask the child his/her name and take the child to the parent. If no precautions are taken by the parent, then they should be reported.

Is it asking to much to watch your own children?
- caring4children
Jun. 29, 2007
We're seriously considering moving to kingman in the next 8 months, we're recently retired. We visited Kingman in March for a short time and liked what we saw. We're going back in October to look in depth. I'd love to here what the locals think....
- JudiB
what are the general property values of the area? Is Dolomite expanding or stable? What is the atmoshere like? Just a few questions to anyone who knows Dolomite well. I am thinking of buying some land there. Imputs appreciated.
- gingerose
It's a small town so everybody knows everybody else's business and if they don't, they make it up. If your not related to anybody there, you aren't and never will be anybody.
- lovesandhugs2000
Has anyone visited Riverton, Wy area?
What can you tell me about it.......Pros & Cons
- kristine

Jun. 28, 2007
Durham has been my home for many years, everything has been great while living here (except for the amount of crime) and is the place a call home.

Durham is in the Piedmont region of North Carolina and is known as the city of medicine, and is home to one of the medical centers : Duke Hospital. With Durham being part of The Triangle, it is nearby Chapel Hill and Raleigh.

With many thing to do such as fishing and hunting(Children 16 and under are not required to have a license but must be accompanied by a licensed adult.) there is no reason not to have a good time. Major shopping areas are Located near the Durham area, so finding a place to spend money should be no hassle at all.

If your kids need something to do there are plenty Bowling Lanes, historic sites, museums, and and golf courses to choose from.

So in a nutshell living in Durham has been a blast and i think that coming to North Carolina could be a Blast for anyone, even if your not visiting the Biltmore Estate.

I hope you Enjoyed my Article!
- thePaperBoy
chapanoke, is where i grew up as a child. My entire family whose last name was barcliff, lived in this parkville township. Everyone went to Porters Chapel A.M.E. Zion church, which was built by my great-great grand father William Henry Barcliff.
- austina
Jun. 27, 2007
what is mendons first name?
- james619
mitch mitchell is a big sports name in baseball at LSU and other high schools in the baton rouge area
- mcgrew
what's with the new home development on juniper flats within k-vivo?
- kvivo
Jun. 26, 2007
tell me about jensen history,ect. where the jensens came from,ect. home prices things to do
- cossack
Tell me about an appeals hearing for property taxes - what's the procedure like?
- swords
Hemingway in the early 80's still had the feel of a vibrant small town--nice folks, great food, best southern atmosphere in the world
- jimboy
Jun. 25, 2007
Whom it my concern:
My name is Belinda Givens. I stay in Jacksonville, Florida; phone 904-387-2249. I was wondering if any one could help me. I am trying to find out about some information. My grandparents are from Walton County {Social Circle, Good Hope}. In my reseach I have been trying to find out about a prison or insane ayslum that was located in {Middleville, Meadville} between the late 1800's and 1900's. It least I had try I want to find the inmates search for the time period. My mother's grandfather in there. I can't even find the the death records these people. There last name was Peters. His wife was Essie Peters. He shot and killed his wife. It happen about 1913 or 1914. Is there any information that you can help me with. It just like this people didn't even exist. But I know they did. Is the any way I can search the inmate records of that time?

Thank for your time in reading this note. I can be email at
- belindagivens5
On September 2 the second annual Taste of Culture will be held in the New London Waterfront Park from noon to 5 pm and will be an opportunity to celebrate the diversity thru food, art and music,
- dbfairman99
Jun. 24, 2007
The Community of Los Molinos is holding its 40th Annual Parade and Play Day at the Park, which takes place on July 4th, 2007. It starts at 10 am on July 4th. It is free to enter and cash prizes and trophies are awarded to winners. After the parade is the Play Day at Mill Creek Park. This event is also free to anyone wanting to attend. There are games and activities for all ages and cash coins are given as awards. Free ice cream and vendors selling food and drinks. The Play Day starts at 1:00 pm at Mill Creek Park and last until after 4: p.m. Anyone wanting to enter the Parade must have their applications turned in by July 3rd, 2007 at 12 noon. If the application is turned in late, they can still be in the parade, but they will not be judged for awards. Applications can be obtained at the Los Molinos Chamber of Commerce or by calling and leaving a message at (530) 384-1706, ask for Betty.
- LMChamber
I love Condon, it is quiet and safe. Everyone is so friendly!! Once you learn to stock up on things when you go shopping it is the best.
Laurium is known for many things ... for being the home of George Gipp, for being in the heart of the Keweenaw's 'Copper Country', located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and for being at the heart of a wide variety of sites know for their natural beauty. The adjoining village of Calumet is also designated as a National Park.

The bad part of Laurium for me is that many people pass by on their way to Copper Harbor, Brockway Mountain, etc., never knowing what they are passing by, and I don't see them in my shop The Yard Sale, a resale shop known for offering a wide variety of items, including many albums, books, video games, musical instruments, etc., as well as traditional antiques and collectibles.
- upresale
What was the name of the college located on College Street in Calhoun?
- arodriguez0125
Jun. 23, 2007
Great place to live IF you can find work!
- likalynn
Do people like living in Ash Fork? How far is the nearest Target store?
- postit4
Jun. 22, 2007
Come to a Free Support Group for Fathers!!

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or isolated in your role as a father? Parents Helping Parents offers a free, confidential and anonymous parent support group meeting held every Wednesday night in Arlington. Share your experiences and gain valuable support and encouragement from other fathers. Call toll free, 1-800-882-1250 for more details.

*Improve relationships with your children

*Gain information on helpful services for parents in Arlington

*This group is free and open to the public
- AndreaE
Jun. 21, 2007
It is not as bad back here as some people make it out to be. Your home is what YOU make of it no matter where you live!
- jamiesliveshere
Would like to know if Canton, GA is a good place to live.

Crime? Job Opportunities?
- jhilton
New to Researching Anderson Island: I am considering buying one of the many available lots on the island in the summer of '07. Some of the higher priced lots are in what's called "Crucial Aquifer Recharge Areas." These are areas that are monitored and governed by a local water agency to make sure the potable water is safe. I do not know whether being in one of these zones assures a lot owner of being able to develop their land. I also don't know if being outside one of these zones means lot owners cannot build a house on their land. I have found that none of the lots have piped-in gas or sewage service. However, most have electricity and telephone. Among the ones that do have water, I have found that several share private wells. The island is a private community and landowners must pay annual membership fees to the country club.

There are CC&Rs governing the rights and limitation landowners have. The only way to access the island from the mainland is by ferry and you have to get a pass to land on the island. So, in summary, if you are thinking about buying a lot on the island, you should research carefully the issue of aquifer recharge zones, and the availability of water, electricity, and septic services, as well as whether the island's CC&Rs restrict you from building.
- forrman
I cannot believe what you did to that little girl who was the potatoe queen. Your town should be ashamed of yourself. You will always be remembered in a negative manner due to the ignorance of those who where part of this decision. I would never support a community who does not support the intentions of good children! Shame! Shame! Shame! The need of support within this community has been tossed away!
- tkedo1
Hayfork is my hometown where I lived for many years until I went off to college and got married. I returned twice and loved each minute of it. It is a beautiful place which is very close to my heart and will never be forgotten.

I now live in Egypt where I've lived for the past 29 years.

How I miss the beautiful mountains, green forests and Hayfork River where I use to swim and fish.

I would love to see photos of that beautiful valley and surrounding National Forest.
- annemarie
My home town is Chittenango.My mom moved us to Texas directly after I graduated from Bolivar Central Elementary.
I thank God for my school counselor Mrs Fuller! Her and her husband would pick my sister and i up on Sundays to go to Church,i believe somewhere in Bridgeport. One of my best friends, Paula Burke 12 was murdered shortly after i came to Texas my sister Jill, Paula, and I use to hang out on the gazebo that sits at the "Y" on Genesee street. It was there that we would act like silly little girls , just singing..and putting on our own free-styling plays...just off the top of our heads, not caring who was watching!My last memory of her was ...the weekend before we left ,I went to Canastoda to spend time with Rene. Rene says she showed up w/ 1 can of soup in her "white round purse"...totally cute! I just remember her
driving away in her moms white car!
God Bless our Village in Truth and Justice...Amen
- timber
Would like to talk with someone who recognizes the name
- Heuring
Jun. 20, 2007
Just dropping down to say Hi from Lancaster Ohio. I am visiting your city online to see if I might like to visit. If you want to help me out with your opinion..please do.
- smalltown2
Cushing is a great place to live
- metalman
Am Looking for any relatives of Billy Glen Smith who passed away in Kentucky in 2003. I understand he still has some relatives near Hazard also. Am intersested in talking anyone about his 2nd wife. If you can help please Email me at Appreciate any info I can get. Thanks !
- fergie56
My 2nd great grandfather was Alanson Hickok who came to Cato in 1853. He was the first Town Chairman and was the person who named Cato after his home of Cato, NY. He is buried in Cato Heights Cemetery and in the next ten days or so there will be a Veteran's marker placed on his grave, next to his son's grave. His son Charles died in the Civil War.
I am wondering if there will be a Susquecentennial in Cato this year. Jerry Linsmeier mentioned it to me last fall.
Anyone having any information please contact me. Beth
- hickok
Jun. 19, 2007
This may not be the appropriate place to ask for help with this question but perhaps someone would be kind enough to guide me. I am a former resident of Springfield living in California for the past 50 years or so. Back in 1933-34 I was 10 years old and my family and I spent two enjoyable summers at Forest Lake. I now am almost 85 years old and have met someone on the internet that I used to know back then. We are trying to find out what Forest Lake is like now but all my searches end up with a Forest Lake near Lawrence, MA.

What happened to the Forest Lake near Palmer that we knew? It doesn't seem to show on any Google maps. Can anyone help?


The Old Professor
Carmel, California
- OldProf
we love east torresdale
- sissie
To Deb; If my choices were Olive Branch, Mississippi or Jackson, Mississippi, Olive Branch is a hands-down winner. According to local news, the mayor of Jackson, MS had to ask for the State's national guard to patrol its streets because of crime last year.

While Olive Branch is not perfect, it is safer for kids and adults than Jackson, in my opinion.

If, however, you are meaning JACKSON, TENNESSEE, then that is a different scenario. Jackson, TN is "user friendly."
- bpuckett
I'm looking for information, pictures and etc. in regards to Oakland Academy, in New windsor, NY.

Please forward any info to:
- jl1305
Jun. 18, 2007
What can be done about neighbors burning who knows what in their back yard? The smell is horrible and it is done even on windy days.
- jon5444
I would like information about the logistics of living in Bethel, Alaska as an "over 50" year old single Professional woman. How feasible is it to manage transportation, moving, long distance supplies, etc. with no partner to share the work load?

Currently living in Florida so have limited experience managing in snow/cold. Have no experience in frigid temperatures.

Have experience living and working in rural communities and in Third World countries but all in Southern Hemisphere.


- emorgan
Jun. 17, 2007
I'm thinking about buying a B&B in St.Mary's area ...trying to transition from real estate broker to owner of B&B..would love to get some feedback about your town and the idea of a B & B in the area
- cnappo
Can anyone tell me more about Moranville. I live in Florida, so my chances of getting there are slim. My last name is Moranville, and I am interested in knowing more about the town and its heritage.
- PaulMoranville
Hello to whomever may read this, I am currently planning on taking a trip up to Bay Lake in crow wing county. I grew up fishing on the lake. Everything I was once taught about fishing, comes from my early memories of fishing the lake. What I remember about the lake is that it had a great northern population and bass, as well as pan-fish and walleye. It has been nearly 15 years since my last trip to the cabin and lake.. If anyone has any good spots, or idea's for fishing the lake upon my return, please let me know.
- backtothefuture
Henry is a beautiful town, set on the Illinois River. Henry is most known for being the "BEST TOWN IN ILLINOIS BY A DAM SITE." It's a great place to raise your kids. I've lived there for over 30 years. If you're looking for property or vacation homes, I can help you out.
- janestash
Forest City is a small town USA setting with a town layout near perfection.
Although most of the downtown merchants have closed due to Wal Mart there are still a few businesses downtown and some are updating due to the planned restoration of the old Florence Mill located right off main street in Forest City.
Millions of dollars have been allocated for turning the old mill into articulate town house living and shopping area which should make the downtown area one of a kind. I guess the future holds the story for that one.

The town goes all out for it's Christmas decorating and maintains a fresh spring time look with lots of funds spent on horticulture and holds some special landmarks that really make it special looking, like the water fountain in the middle of town.
Check out the images for more an idea of the town's layout and look.
- freepims
Jun. 16, 2007
Hi , I'm giving a try at hopefully getting in contact with my sister . Patty May Gorder .
She was born today (HAPPY B-DAY!!!) June 16 , 1964 ,in Sioux Falls S.D., to a single women .
She was adopted to a childless family (the day she was born )
that lived in Lake Preston at that time .

I don't wish to disrupt anyones life , I guess my for most thought would be if she's alive .
I know that posting this blog is a very very very long shot .

- Lifedaz
I have never been to Lily Dale and am considering a visit to the assembly. I wanted to see what people were saying!
- debbiedoll
I read that Fort Collins made the best place to live list and want to know what makes it so? Tell me both the pros and cons and be honest. I am considering a move to Colorado but not sure which area.

- hoghevn
what's new in vermillion???
- macguniess
I was pretty much raised in Vina. My Dad was Buford Barker and my Mom was Tamara (Tam) Furman Barker. (Haven't lived there since 1973)

I have three brothers: Ronald, Ros, and John.

I graduated school from Vina. When I was there it was an extremely good academic school. Tommy Holcomb and Tommy Williams gave me a great foundation in science and math.
- barkeraustin
Question: will be visiting Westfield soon and want to know how to get around to other local towns w/out a car - ie: Carmel, Noblesville? Pls. help! Thx.
- Finland
My names is scott d aukes and I lived and grew up in wellsburg Iowa until I was 18 when I moved to storm lake I was also in the military Myself and 3 others enlisted in our junior year roger kruger jason babcock and dwight blomgren were the others Wellsburg during the 70's was a great little town and we always found something to do whether it was raising a little hell or going to someones house on a friday night and tapping a keg of beer and hanging out until the wee hours of the morning. I was raised with small town values that to this day I still maintain Iam currently living in ?Winterset Iowa and Iam still in the military and I have been to Iraq in 2002-2003 at the start of Operatrion Iraqi Freedom and then I went a second time to Kuwait in 2004-2005 Operation Enduring Freedom. Iam married now I have 2 step daughters Tammy and Tanya and I have 2 grand-children by Tanya who are Haylee K Lynn and Xander Dean Clark If any one from wellsburg wants my e mail is
- desertdawg
Jun. 15, 2007
I feel I am part of your community as one of my best Air Force buddies is retired in your area. I was stationed at Craig Air Force Base from 51-55 and made a lot of friends in Selma. Even though I am a dam Yankee I certainly respect the Alabamians. I am an Oregonian now but I still remember your friendship. Don Ayers Philomath Oregon
- loneranger
how did tate county get its name.
- swgafjt
Amazing about properties owned by nonresidents or real estate developers!! No one cleans, sweeps, cuts grass on that property. There are houses worth over one million dollars that look like they are abandoned because nonresident owners can't be bothered. What a blight on our community! Speaking of blights, does anyone hear the booming noises from Kings Materials as their trucks are loaded up at 5 AM every day? The traffic on Cortelyou Road and McDonald Ave comes to a stand still when Kings trucks depart and arrive every day. Not to mention the clouds of cement dust that arise all day long. I wonder how dangerous all that dust is for all people, but especially the babies.
- mtaren
i loved bulls gap when i was there
- gemini54
Jun. 14, 2007
Is there life in Cochran County?
- thechannel
thinking bout moveing here just trying to get some info on the town schools etc.
- kristiandcarl
I've heard that there is a place by Verdel, NE, that has some trailer houses along the Missouri River. I'm wondering if someone is developing this area or what the story is? Any information would be great.
- brendaschroeder
I just learned about Odense, Kansas. It happened when I browsed the internet for som information about MY ODENSE which is located in Denmark. I read that your town was named after mine, and now I wonder who got that idea - and why? If anyone knows, or if anyone wants to know more about my Odense, please feel free to come forward. My email is:
- Manfred
Jun. 13, 2007
nice people, no entertainment. the police hate skateboarders
- workoutgirl

Does anyone remember, or better yet, have photos of the visit by Willie Mays and Willie McCovey - together - to the Walnut Creek Civic Center waaaaaay back in the early/mid 1960's ?

They both batted balls around for the better part of the day and weeee kids ran around shagging flies and trying to catch the homers over the fence. (You had to stand down in the creek to do that).

Try and get two Superstars to make a day-long visit like that today!

It was truly an awesome event.
I was about 10 years old.

The only problem - my folks did not bring a camera and I can't find squat about it anywhere.

I stood with both Mays and McCovey together, and people were taking photos.
I would LOVE to find one.

Willing to pay!!

Mays was, and remains my childhood hero.


- EricJH
Is "Big Ed" at SanPedro Sadderly still in business?
- RyeWhiskeyKid
Jun. 12, 2007
Swan Quarter Landing project is starting any day now
- ilemme
Does anyone have any pros and cons about this town?
- mermaid52
Jun. 11, 2007
I live in Salamanca, New York. I didn't realize there was a Salamanca, Kansas.

Salamanca, New York is the only city in the world located on an Indian Reservation. We were named after a Spanish Nobelman who invested in the building of the railroads here.

We are in Cattaraugus County near the Pennsylvania border. The Indians are Senecas of the Iroquois Confederation. We have a beautiful new casino, a Seneca Museum and Library, a railroad museum and are within 6 miles of Allegany State Park.

The population is just over 6,000 but is growing due to the casino etc.

Would love to visit your town someday.
- maryannreed
I grew up in Waterloo. Went to Waterloo High. Moved to Seneca Falls till I was 24. Then made the big move to Buffalo to become an artist. I became a church muralist for the catholic church to my suprise. I have always missed Waterloo over the years and plan to visit very soon. Love my home town!!!
- ChrisO
Might be relocating to Buckman....from the city, altho am looking for some quiet nights, which im sure i'll have plenty of. what is there to do there? i hope it is going to be a nice town to move to. Bringing the boat for sure, where are the lakes ? any real close? what about cable/sattelitte companies? I wont move up there without my cable tv. at least i'll be able to watch movies! HELP!!!!

- mjwingz
I 'm thinking of moving to Clearwater,,,Should I?
- higrob1
Jun. 10, 2007
Noble has been a great place to teach. We may not have as many opportunities as the bigger schools but we seem to do a good job on what we do offer. I do wish we offered more AP classes.
- hclary
I have not found a lot of good food in gatlinburg
- janetreno
I lived in Judsonia from 1961 thru 1964, the town my Mother grew up in. It was a nice little town, everyone knew everyone, especially the Boldings, my family. I still have family there, and my good friend of over 40 years. thankyou, Judsonia
- lenargil
I absolutly love charlotte its the best!! Wendy Christine Minnetto
- propel
Does anyone have any infomation--good or bad about possibly moving to this area of Colorado? HELP!!
- peni
I cannot believe that the state of Alabama let people live in the houses that I seen on my recent trip to Detroit. They should be condemed and burnt to the ground. Alabama is such a dirty state anyway. All the abandoned houses, cars and junk they just leave lying around. There is no pride here what so ever. You would think that Alabama is the poorest state in the US, oh wait is is 40th on the list. "Alabama the Beautiful" where? TO THE MAYOR OF DETROIT: CLEAN UP YOUR TOWN!!!
- kelley2002
Dear Keene, TX Blog submitters,

If you attended Keene Adventist Elementary School during the 70's and know of others who have...please send this link to them!

If you attended Keene Elementary Public School during the 70's do the same!

If you were a member of Keene SDA Church during the 70's spread the word about this blog!

If you were a member of Cleburne SDA Church during the 70's do the same!

If you were, or still are a member of Eammanuel SDA Church during the 70's and/or presently spread the word and let's make this blog one of the top blogs on the web!

I still love Keene after 30 years of being away...and I know somehow I'm not alone!!

Thanks, for all you do...
Michelle Footman :o)
- MichelleFootman
Jun. 9, 2007
Was there a Sonic drive-in, if so what year?
- mavis
My husband found a bottle with Hineline across the top and at the bottom it say Port Clinton Ohio

Was there a bottle company in Port Clinton?
- hfkj247
If you like the beautiful country, farm animals, covered bridges and wildlife...this is the place for you!

On the flip side, Veedersburg is like the sitcom "Cheers". Everyone will know your name (including your family history), where you work and probably the amount of money you have in the bank. In Veedersburg, if there is something that you don't know about yourself, go to the local restaurant where you can sit with the local police, residents and county officials, all of whom will be more than happy to fill you in. In short, a town where you will never have to wait for the newspaper!
- SusieQ56
I'm Looking for any info. Good or Bad
- Canadaeh
Jun. 8, 2007
I live in WV but am considering a move to another area. I am currently a music teacher and would be interested in a choral music position in either middle or high school. Can anyone tell me how the public schools rate and possibly any information on teacher salaries there? Thanks
- Kwhiz
looking for information on doyle and clarke families from calais
- clarkie

Anyone know anything about when work will begin? Will there be any type of temp. bridge? What about 911 service???
- mzmiriam
Does anyone have any info on the person/persons the city of Gridley, California is named for?
- mseg
Jun. 7, 2007
What are the pros and cons when living in Clayton, NC?
- tillywilly
greatest place in the world!
- DinahMills
My very own great grandparents were married in Itawamba County in 1842! George W. Winters to Cintha McNiece.
- margmarieh
My brother bought a house over on poland-china road a few years back. I moved all my things to his house with intent of spending a few months or years with him , and renewing our friendship as brothers. but, left after just about a month, with a promise to return. As luck would have it I took to long and he died . Now, I only wish I would not have taken so long . It will always sorta be in my heart as his home , he loved it there and I really liked it while I was there.
- michaelofsixeyes
My daughter-in-law is looking for a newspaper photo of her grandmother, Pearl Bailey, who lived in Nettleton. The occasion for the photo was Pearl's huge watermelon. The time period for this photo would have been between 1915-1997.

If anyone out there wants to help, then please get in touch.
- margmarieh
i'm wanting to perhaps get enough people interested, to
get a paper or monthly newsletter going for just the huffman area. perhaps get a chat room started for all business and individuals. i have lived out here since 1976 and have waited for some commerce for us to have jobs available out here. i love this community and would love to work in this community. i want our monies to stay here in huffman, also.

let me know what you think.

see ya!
- sa2diraye
Jun. 6, 2007
is that where batman is from?
- jalldredge
We would like you to know that all of our children can ride any of Ozark Regional Transit's 9 bus routes for the entire summer FREE. We are trying to introduce our children to mass transit and hopefully after this promotion some will continue to ride. In addition to trying our service, we may be able to lower the demand for the 'Mommy Taxi." Ozark Regional Transit is our local bus company that serves Fayetteville, Springdale, Lowell, Rogers & Bentonville.

More information on routes & schedules is available by calling 756 5901 or the web site:
- kluallen
Jun. 5, 2007
We visited Fountain City a few years ago and wondered why our ancestors left. Great area. We checked the cemetery and many of the tombstones are relatives.
.......Gordon Mero (related to Baertsch and Haeuser)
- margemero
I love Leaf Valley!!!! great place to visit and Fish!!
- Redboy1
Do any hospitals in Rome, GA keep records dating to 1961?
- willism
I recently moved to this area from CA. McAllen is located in the Rio Grande Valley in extreme southeastern Texas 10 miles from the Mexican border. Foliage is subtropical, dense and is known for birds. The population is near 103,000 (not exact). However, with the surrounding areas of Edinburg, Mission, Hidalgo, La Penitas and others the population is nearer to 150,000. The area has a low cost of living.

The city contains one tall skyscraper, the Chase Building. (Another skyscraper is not downtown.) The de facto downtown has no skyline, is rundown, has a JC Penny's and a collection of stores catering to Mexicans plus a large transit center. The city is multi-cultural though there're endless strip malls. All the superstores like Home Depot and Walmart are here: no less than 4 Walmarts within a ten mile radius, plus two Starbuck's. The major supermarket is "HEB" and Walmart which sells groceries. There are two bookstores: B & N and Hastings with plans to build another B & N.
- texmex62
I love this town!!
- mrmmitch
Jun. 4, 2007
What are the pluses in Labanon? It is just my husband and myself we are quiet middle aged, who will be looking to buy a home within the first year. Where is the average well kept area we should consider?

What should we avoid in this town. Are the people friendly? Do they mainly keep to them selves or what. Is the land good for gardening. Is the traffic conjested. What I would like to hear so I know what to expect.

When looking for housing, to begin mainly apartments and houses for rent. Please avoid the bad areas.
- maxine
The town looks very depressed especially main street
- stoob
Great lake
- MarciSad
i haven't been there but my family are trying to get more info on our background. If you can give us any info we would greatly appreciate it. email me at

thank u all. much love
- ALeckrone27
Hello, I am trying to do a little research of the history of Healing Springs. Is there a link or information you can give me. I've searched all over. I remember seeing a little historic marker years ago.
- duncan1745
Jun. 3, 2007
Olive Bryant , the young daughter of Daniel and Ella Bryant, is buried in the woods behind Kingsbury Bog.
- al2365
tell me about tobyhanna, I am considering moving there
- keymaster123
I love it here!
- DitzyBlondee21
Does anybody in Wheeler County have a computer? The last time I visited there the area was still in the dark ages.
- mcraekin
Say, did you graduate from Savona Central School, Savona New York? If you did, are you aware that you have site on the World Wide Web to locate friends & classmates?

Yep, there's a site dedicated to SCS Alumni at...

Visit today to see who's been there and what might be in-the-works for a reunion. Enjoy.

- scsbulldog
Jun. 2, 2007
I've lived in North Charleston for 26 years and the situation
got so bad I moved back to Baltimore Md. Its shameful
that I could not even sit out on my front steps because
I have to stare at drug dealers and very young ones at
that. Then every time I turn on the news I hear about
killings. If they police and community learn to get along
something can be done about the crime in the neighborhoods. I kept hearing about the COP program
and when it was suppose to start but the dates kept
on being moved back due to lack of participation. Don't
get me wrong Baltimore is no better but at least the
community leaders are trying to do something up here.
- bigjay47
It is hard to describe how it feels having mt 27 year old son living with (2) friends and my standing where he lives and looking at a Home/Store where I worked for my Grandfather 45 years ago.
- bills
When does School get out for the summer at New Horizons Elementry?
- Jeanita53

Soon to be resident of Geneseo looking for the real story. Who/what should I watch out for?
- cmja
Hello to you from Leicester, England
- LordoftheTeapot
Can someone confirm whether their is a Boonville Heritage Day/Festival on Fri 22nd June 2007?
- Daisycup
Jun. 1, 2007
We are moving to Lithia in a month or so, with our teen age daughter and our 7 year old daughter. Will someone please tell me some really terrific reasons for wanting to live in Lithia?
- dgapres

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