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Mar. 31, 2007
I am interested in learning more about the enka area. In particular, I want to know how it has been growing in the past ten years and how it is expected to grow over the next ten years. If anyone has any growth numbers for the Enka or Candler area, would they please send them to me at [email protected]!
- bigcleveland
Mar. 30, 2007
Husband just got job offer in Columbus MS, moving from Buffalo NY can someone please help as to what area is a GOOD area to live in and not alot of "rift raft". But also that is close to his work. Thanks PS we have to be there by April 8th

- Shannon
- ShanZiran
We moved to Allenspark because of the beautiful mountain scenery, small village, and quiet! All this is on the verge of disappearing as an ATV business has taken hold in the town and is advertising nationally to attract ATV users to Allenspark. Help!
- preserveallenspark
Mar. 29, 2007
Well geesh!

Don't know a thing about Broken Bow other than it is in the south eastern part of Oklahoma. And my brother lives there.

I haven't yet set foot in that city. Yet. lol

Me and my soon to be hubbie will be moving there from Alaska sometime this summer. Hopefully it will be a wonderful place to live filled with awesome people.

I'll let ya all know what I find. Wish me/us luck. :)
- pouncez
lived in Glenville from 1960 to 1967 and have always missed it very much. Had many relatives visit from various places and they were always impressed with the beauty of the area and state
- aztec87410

We use to fish up in your area (about 40 years ago) at a place called Beaver Station Resort which was between Land O Lakes and Watersmeet on the east side of U. S. 45 on beaver station lake.
I was just wondering what happened to it.
I am hoping that there is still information on it.

Thanks in advance.

- butchw
my name is Jan Hoff & I live in Yorkshire England.

We are currently researching my husbands family name of Hoff. Marie Mathilde Hoff (born in Alsace Lorraine France in approx 1856), was his great grandmother who arrived in Louisiana in 1896(ish??). She settled in Lake Charles - Police Jury - Ward 4 & then later Ward 3.

In the 1900 census she was living with William Rickard, (born Germany approx 1847) & Blanche Hoff listed as a neice to William. Blanche was aged 12 at that time & listed as born in Germany.

We think Marie or Mathilde Hoff married her sister's husband Waldemar/ Waldeman Ruge - born Germany in approx 1846.

Marie had 2 illigitimate children back in England - Percy Eduard Frederick born Kensington London in 1877 - father unknown. The other one was Nina Victoria Sillitoe born in Walthamstow London in 1887. Nina's father was named but Marie Mathilde Hoff didn't marry him.

Anyone with a connection or just interested - we would love to hear from you!

- Janhowden
I am considering moving to the Jacksonville area from South Florida (getting to crowded down here) and I am interested to hear about Jacksonville from people that live there, or have lived there.
- wookie
WARNING!!! If your looking for a quiet place to live Don't move to the west side of Stratford WI. I live next to the Stratford Industrial Park on a beautiful piece of land that I love. Unfortunately it has been ruined by noise polluition from A&B Process Systems of Stratford. I was told it was to be a quite park, far from the truth. The noise does not stop. Day and night pounding on steel, crashing steel, backup beepers, intercoms. It's so loud it is even affecting the wildlife. I saw a squirrel jump every time A&B pounded on there steel. I have called the police several times, but nothing has been done and its getting worse with the new Wausau Window plant. It is affecting my health and well-being. Noise negatively affects human health and well-being. Problems related to noise include hearing loss, stress, high blood pressure, sleep loss, distraction and lost productivity, depression and a general reduction in the quality of life and opportunities for tranquillity.
- noisepolluition
Des Moines is a great place to live. But, I wish some attention was paid to the history of Des Moines. Does anyone agree?
- nwdmres
Mar. 28, 2007
Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, small in size, but huge in history as many famous people and events have graced its perimeters. Lush green hillsides surround its entirety as it sits quietly in the center of a valley filled with remnants of the past. Perryopolis was given its name by the locals who decided that Oliver Hazard Perry, a war hero of 1812 would be appropriate for a small community that had such a large amount of patriotism and pride as many of the original settlers had also fought in battle themselves.

There are many historical buildings still standing in Perryopolis as well as Indian rock carvings dating back to the 1,400's. An original blacksmith shop and log house from 1820 still stands, and is now a gift shop. If this doesn?t draw you in then the rich heritage will. In fact it is so rich that every year colonial historians and demonstrators bring the 18th century back to life during Pioneer Days.
- Sherri
Mar. 27, 2007
I would like more information regarding the Adult Detention Center, located in Jones County, Ms.

I am writing because, I would like to know more on how the Judicial system works, in Jones County, Ms.

First, how can he be imprisoned for two months, and not yet, have been given the opportunity, to go to court to be formally charged, before a judge? Secondly, the court has not given him the opportunity to enter his plea. Is this a case of Habeas Corpus?

My nephew has been incarcerated for two months, without a court date. What type of Judicial system is this? My only concern is a right to fair representation that is dependable. I would surely, be disappointed to know that history is not repeating itself, by unjustly allowing African American males denial to fair representation in the State of Mississippi.

If there is anyone out there can help me, would you please respond back..
- ladyg
To the person looking for a print of Old Aledo by Homer Norris, I'd be glad to send you one. He has also recently published a book about Aledo/Parker County you might be interested in. My e-mail is [email protected]
- marygarmon
Don't buy a house in Liberty Hill Texas. This place will never grow. No city sewer. No grocery stores no nothing.
- DedeeTx
Who are the City Administrative Staff?
- gspike
Mar. 26, 2007
I remember in 1947 Maroa had a great softball team. Dutch Sebert pitched Bud Weichle played 2nd base. I think the Maroa Inn sponsored the team. Those were great days. Don Ayers Philomath Oregon
- loneranger
how can anyone live in petersburg, tx... nothing to do...
- mommybear
I have Ruthven bloodlines.

We have an ancestor, Robert Ruthven who married Mary Rannie. Robert was born in Dunladen, Scotland in 1816 and died in 1880. He is buried in a county cemetary near Alliston, Ontario.

He and Mary had 14 children:
Robert, William, George, Nancy, Alex, Adam, Margaret, Agnes, Charles, Edwin, Jim, Guy, Mary and Sam.

I read that Ruthven, Iowa was named after Alex Ruthven and his 2 brothers.

Is the Alex Ruthven in my ancestry possibly the same one whom the city of Ruthven is named after? What were the names of the two brothers given credit for in the naming of this city?
- maureengerber
The Riverside Inn is 60 years old this year and looking better than ever. I am proud to have been its innkeeper for the past 6 years and expect to follow with another 6 years. I think that because Downieville is such a nice place there are so many folks in the world that feel it is their second home. We hope you'll come visit and make yourself at home at the Riverside Inn.
- RiversideInn
I am considering opening up a business in Millersville which will have late hours. Does anyone out there know about crime (or lack of) at the two shopping centers at Old Mill Rd and Veteran's Hwy. I am in touch with county police but sometimes it's better to get a local's opinion.
- august

I am Gina from Germany. I have been to Herminie about 6 times.

It is a beautiful place to be. Not far from a big town but far enough to at the countryside. The landscape is very varied. The hills, soft curved. Nice to take a walk. The houses. In the winter you have snow in Herminie - lots of. The people are very very friendly and I love Giant Eagle (not typical Herminie). The little bar in the middle of Herminie with all the glasses/bottels behind the bar. Funny people. I had a wonderful evening with them. Everybody is friendly.

Thanks Herminie
- karniggelchen
I was hoping that someone was already blogging about Kimberly. Does the city have the internet? HEE HEE
- boysrus6
Mar. 25, 2007
Interested in stories about the people of Corydon, PA from 1870 until it was covered by the waters of the Kinzua Dam.
- harriettfoster
I have been researching in the area for about 5 years. It seems that our family provided a school known as Lewisville Acad. in 1859, and the school was returned to the family in 1908, the time that Olanta was named Olanta. Would like to talk to other families with history in the area, McElveens, McKenzies, Floyds, Thompsons, Bakers, Trulucks, Tomlinsons, and many others.
Trying to find out more about Webster Springs where my mother's family lived and began visiting Florida in the early 20th century. They moved permanently to Florida in the 1930's. I can't seem to find a web page that gives more than statistics and local places of interest.

History on the web seems to be limited to pre-history and early settlers. Found nothing regarding Webster Springs as a resort at the end of the 19th century, or any thing more contemporary online.
- dbadgley1
I have encountered something quite problematic about the library. The last two times I have taken books out of the Andover Memorial Library, I returned them through the slot in the side of the building.
Then I received notices from the library that the books were not returned. Recently I was billed for them.

If there is a scam, then many people would have had a similar experience.

In each instance, I took out "mystery" paperbacks -- all well worn with the usual dogears -- and one or two hardback books.

I shall not borrow even one more book, for fear of being wrongly charged again.

The police were not interested. A reporter from the Townsman said she would write something about it in an effort to find other people who shared the experience.

Have you had this experience?

Please let me know at [email protected] Thanks.
- barbaracjohnson
Mar. 24, 2007
Hello. What's it like to live in South Orange?
- tentonea
Is there a pottery or claywork art studio in Mechanicsburg area where classes are given.
Please answer me on my email Address: [email protected]
- raevenm
Mar. 23, 2007
I would like to move to Candia, NH.
What is the town like?
Thank you.
- mum

My maternal grandmother grew up on Gem Island in the mid to late 1800s. Her name was Martha Ann Gamage. She married, moved away, raised a family and died almost 70 years ago. Incredibly, though I never met my Gramma, I feel a real connection to Gem Island and South Bristol and would love to email someone there. I have a book and pictures of South Bristol and some tin-types of a seal that used to live there. I'd love it if someone would respond to this. A relative perhaps????
- jupare70
The information about where Granby got its name is incorrect. LeRoy Adair, editor and owner of the Granby News Herald, wrote an article back in 1950 entitled "Conglomerate names Granby". This is patently untrue. The Granby conglomerate was named after Granby not the other way around. The conglomerate was named in the book: "Geology of the Granby Area" by E.R. Buckley and H.A. Buehler. This is a very foolish error that has been around since Adair first wrote the article. To my knowledge, nobody knows how Granby got its name, but I am working on it. Savage
- rjsavage
Thinking about moving to Queen Creek from Indiana. How are the high schools, shopping and jobs etc: Thank you,
- movewoody
Does anyone remember or have information about an event formerly held in Winston-Salem, called the Chitlin Strut?
- chipflinger
does any one have a trailer space for rent on lake??? if so please e-mail me at [email protected]
- crazyninnie
Corinth Texas was named by my great great grandfather, who moved to corinth around 1880 from Corinth Mississippi. He owned a store and mail stop in Corinth.
They traveled by covered wagon to what is now Corinth TX.
Mar. 21, 2007
Does anyone know of the story about a little girl being killed by her father at the Abbey Inn hotel in Cedar City?
I was told that now that room in which she was killed in is haunted. Please help me find out if this is true???
- Randi
Mar. 20, 2007
Our family is planning to move to Pa. sometime real soon from NY. We were looking in Chester County in the 250K to 300 range but in doing a search of Montgomery County, it seems like it might work for us. Having not been there to explore yet, anyone who could give me a general sense of the county would be a great help!!We like old houses in well-established neighborhoods, good schools and trees!!!Thanks in advance!
- kimkimacoco
Mar. 19, 2007
My daughter just moved there and want info, is there a welcome wagon? are there any preschools, especially ones in churches? playgroups?ect. Any info helpful Thanks
- kathyw
I think this bit about the annexation is a way for them to fatten there pockets. I will be voting NO as well. If you do not want your taxes to be raised then you to should be there to vote NO. I like Doraville how it is. All this change is not welcome people.
- concerned
Mar. 18, 2007
Has anybody heard of the death of one of my family members run down and killed by a drunk driver on March 18th. I'm in California. This happened in Edgewater, My stepson held him in his arms while he died.
- Kiasophia
Mar. 17, 2007
Hello Guthrie,
I am currently writing a novel with Guthrie as backdrop for the charachters in my tale. The story begins in 1952 and I would like to include photogaphs of the downtown area, the old limestone jailhouse,Miss Tally's store,the old Guthrie Hotel and train station, made during that period. I would gratefully accept any helpful sources or contact information for the local historical organizations.

[email protected]
- xman
Nice Place to visit. I love the bike path. Is it compleated yet or will that never happen.
- NWpodunk
Mar. 16, 2007
What is the % of single women to single men?
- tvanallen
how are u what about our velma brothers power
- bhupal
Palatka is a very friendly and interesting little town. It has come a long way in the last thirty years. Wonderful Indian and soldier wars! Also a fire wiped out a lot of Palatka at the end of the 1800's. A lot of famous people have came thru here. Pat Boone use to frequent the old dining car restarant that has been here for ever, called Angel's. My grandfather Frank Arant was one of the deacons at Peniel Baptist Church, who was there when Billy Graham was ordained. Also this little church is the oldest church in Florida! These are a few great reasons to live here along with beautiful scenery, murals that depict Palatka's past and much more. The only reason I don't like living here is the excruciating hot ,hot ,hot summers!
- amazinggrace
I would like to see the County, take over The old Wise Inn, and maybe open a local history musem and coffey shop.Also I think it would be a great place to move the historical society to,also maybe a changeing exibit of local carfts and art work.There woud be a lot of room,so occasional story telling program's about the history of the County,an our roll in the Civil War.
- woodcarver
I wish we could get more tourism here in Wise.
- woodcarver
East Durham is a sleepy little town in the Catskill Mountains. Known for its Irish Arts festival in July, it is a place worth visiting and a place worth living in. Nature abounds with waterfalls, deer, birds, and all sorts of plants and animals, with friendly people and a pleasant lifestyle.
- spiritsongyoga
Kingston is great, I have never lived in a small town like this before, and when I go back to dayton ohio I can't wait to get back to this quiet town.
- SheilaKay
nice town
- Dealer
I am trying every way under the sun to find out if the Thunder Five revolver is still manufactured by a company in Piney Flats. Mine was stolen and I am trying to find out how to purchase another one. This may not be one of your favorite subjucts concerning Piney Flats but it sure is important to me. That was my wife's snake gun when we went fishing. Any help concerning this would be greatly appreciated. I graduated from UT in Knowville in '61 so I learned to love East Tennessee. Thanks for your time.

Gary Cox
- thunderfive
I'd like to know how you like living in Frankfort?
- janeo
Looking for information about the family of Weaver Cleveland Drake (DOB 1895) He had a furniture store in Commerce. He had a son Glendon Burdell Drake and Daughter Dorothy Drake Richards.
Thank you.
Lauren Drake
[email protected]
- cardrn
How many people are living in the Stony Creek area? How big is the village? I have relatives nearby and have visited the general area, but did not actually see the town called Stony Creek.
- EdBlock
Why would I want to move to Carrollton, Mo?
- drdonaldson
My Grandfather William Andrew and his Brother Benjamin Byron Gross founded the villiage of Gross in about 1893. We are having a Gross Family Reunion in Sequim, WA in August of this year (2007) if you are interested in attending, please send me an email to: [email protected]

Thanks Les Gross
- lgross1949
Does anyone know the name of the person found dead on 9th street.
- jeffinoh2001
What do you think about the foundation problems in Foster City
- 57573
Fairbanks is an incredible community. Born and raised here, I can attest that it is the place to live. While many folks live in their home town because "that's where my grandfather and my father lived..." NOBODY lives in Fairbanks unless they WANT to live here. It's too damn cold. It's too damn dark.

We want to live here - and thrive as a result.

This is my home town. I'm proud of it.

Come join us. We're over-educated and under-dressed. I'm a trial lawyer ( and my jurors do the right thing. They treat people with respect. They participate in the process. They treat all folks with justice.

It's great in the summer. It's great in the winter. We have hot springs, midnight-sun baseball, mosquitos bigger than your hand, some of the best fishing and hunting in the world. But most of all, we have us. We love it here.

Ward Merdes
Fairbanks (God's Country) Alaska
- Ward
Mar. 15, 2007
Hey, I love Tampa. Used to live there 20 years ago. I'm looking for someone by the name of Andrew Keene who lived or lives in Tampa. Would love to see how his life turned out. Please help! my email address is [email protected] Thanks
- juliemcgmal
Looking for information about Katie's Church.
- debnlyrick
hey, i would like someone there who might have information on the origin of the bluegill fest to let me know. specifically; when and how was it established? who were the characters who first dreamt of having this fest? my father, oliver bj, seemed to think that he and a group of friends were the first to consider this event. k? can you respond to [email protected]? thank you. neem
- pugmania
looking for william wade sims... has wife Meda.
- ski
Does anyone know of a huge indoor flea market in Upper Frederick Township? I live in Perkiomenville and would like to join in on a flea market for spring clean up time.
- 2linedancers
I'm considering moving to Leicester and was looking for information about the community.
- Jenniefabs
I just moved here from Orlando, wow, what a difference, and a good one I might add. It's a joy to ride down the road, and not be in bumper to bumper traffic!

We can go to the library, the grocery store, and try any one of several resturants, all in the same small area and do this in a matter of minutes, not hours!

We need a bigger library, and they need a web page, but other than that as far as I can tell Callahan seems like a pretty nice place!
- moragand
I hate the American Legion's alarm going off. Every time it goes off it take the State Highway Patrol a half hour to come and turn it off. That is ridicolous. Everytime it goes off I loose the sleep of the time time the alarm is going off plus once it goes off I am so angry and I have such a big headache from the alarm I can't go back to sleep. This has to stop.
- JoSnowden
Mar. 14, 2007
Typical Florida suburb. Plans are underway for a Downtown. Low crime. Little commercial development. OK schools, by Florida standards.
- zelskid
Any land for sale?
- wehoops
In connection with an article I am researching, I am searching for anyone who might have worked at the Clay Theater between 1954 and 1960 or might have knowledge of Bill's Military Stores.


- koufax
trying to find funeral homes in the area of Oakes North Dakot, my cousin just passed and wondering if his obituary will be in the Oakes Times
- elisa40
Embarrassed to live here after going to town meeting. Even one of the selectman would not sign the budget for this year. He did not agree with the numbers... but the town people voted to pass it anyway.
- KevinMaass
I love it not to far from town but not in a big town.You know all your nieghbors really the whole town.but your not bothered with to much drama.Its the best place to raise kids.
- mom3sonsW
Too many bars
- klinee1
Great place for the blues
- youngvv
great town, just now coming into its own, a well-kept secret!
- Marigold
Mar. 13, 2007
i was wondering if anyone out there can remember who owned the original miss batavia dinner in the 50's 60's and possibly into the 70's
- hophar
I seriously doubt that any records are available to connect the town of Oxford, AR after the town of Oxford in England. Early Census Records and documents are available that show a large family by the name of Oxford settling and living for sometime near the Strawberry River between Oxford and Wiseman. The time frame for this was an appropriate time in the late 1870's and 1880,s. I find this a much more probable speculation than the adoption of the European City name. In studying the census reports of Newhope Township over a number of years there is no indication as to the remote possiblity of Oxford being named after Oxford, England. Prior to this time a small settlement was established at the present site by the name of Croom's Mill...named after a grist mill owned and operated by the Croom Family. I would appreciate input form others and their thoughts thoughts, etc. in regards as to how Oxford came to get its its name.
- Oxfordman
Is the Bowdle Pioneer for Sale?
- Betsy
looking for someone familiar with Perry ancestors/history
- cyndis
I would like info on old farms in New Marlborough
- Sporophyte
I was an Alumni of Gnesen Elementary School During it's final year, which I believe to be it's Golden year. Our 1st than 2nd and again 3rd grade was the biggest it ever saw. Us boys got into alot of trouble. starting from climing up the heating and cooling ducts located in the coat rooms in the classrooms, to staying out in the trails. Well past the bell to come in. We were busy looking for the "Bull" that was on the other side of the farmers fence. To plain old staying in the bathroom trying to climb into the the girls bathroom, because in that vent duct was the porn that an older student had stashed. I was absent the day the school had FINAL pictures taken in front of the school, however Mrs. McDonald brought her camera in and took polaroids for me when I returned. I was born and raised 17 years on Island Lake and miss it every day, now that I have to be all growd up. :-) I miss the days of playing with SMURFS!!!
- wenttognesengolden
What to people do in Palatka?
Why would one not want to live in Palatka?
- JuliaS
What makes Welaka a great place to live?
Why would one not want to move to Welaka?
Anything interesting?
- JuliaS
I'm trying to find information on my great-grandparents who lived in Sacred Heart. Andris and Marit Kjersten and Jens and Elsie Holter.
- rodk
Davies Ancestry?
Ancestors of James E. Davies and Mary (Polly) Taylor:
I am trying to find my ancestors.
He owned a hog farm in Hopedale, which he sold and moved in 1868 to Princeton, Kansas. His son John Robert Davies (1827-1871) and wife Hannah Catherine Britton (Virginia 1819-1877) sold and moved at the same time, with children Mary Augusta, (Pauline) Bell(e), Elizabeth Catherine, Laura Florence, (Sarah) Edith, and later children George Ewing, and John Britton. (Others who moved may have included John Robert Davies' sisters, Martha, Margaret and Sally, as well as two brothers, Mclinn Delancy (M. D.) Davies and Aaron (Mack) Davies.
James E. Davies came to America with two brothers, but one died aboard ship. He was an evangelical minister.

James E. Davies was born in ? Wales, ? "Scotch-Ireland"; Mary (Polly) Taylor died in the area of Peoria, Kansas on 22 Feb 1872.
Any information would be appreciated.
John A.K. Davies
- TonyDavies
we are thinking about retiring to this area. are there any senior activities or functions and also tell me about the nearest medical facilities, nearest catholic church. we do have family in cary. thank you
- hedbere
Hi Everyone, My Name is Suzanne and I am looking for information about the Greears. My Great-Grandfather Tom and Great Grandmother Cornealia (Neeley) Lived in Greear Holler. MY Grandmother Roxie went to school in Rye Cove and I heard countless stories of Dungannon, Ft.Blackmore and Gate City. MY mothers Father was Harry Gillenwater. His Mothers Name was Lakie. I am trying to find out who all is left and get as much info as possible. My grandmather was the oldest and since she died there is no one to help collect the information.

you can email me at [email protected]
- Greear
Mar. 12, 2007
I am looking for a girl (or her family) who was once an old childhood friend of my 86 year old grandmother, Mabel Schlesinger Walters. I recently stumbled on a photo of the girl I am looking for pictured with my great-grandmother Arminta Schlesinger, wife of Sam Schlesinger. In the photo the young black girl appears possibly age 9/10 & on the back only her name is written, "Rosie Mae". I realize it's a long shot but my grandmother has recently been diagnosed with alzheimers & of all of the things she still is able to recall Rosie Mae has been one of them. If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it, thank you!
- haasrnw
history on george boyd home, sharon, mercer, pa.
- carolp4
Hi, I'm the painter, Anton Brzezinski currently in Texas. My father was Edward Brzezinski, born in Traverse city, my Uncles include Paul Brzezinski and Martin Brzezinski. I'm moving to Traverse city shortly and am searching for relatives and cousins. Anyone out there remember me? Please email me.

[email protected]
I hear that Mt. laurel has the Finest Cross-country team in the state.
- nicoricci
I lost my wallet in a Rochester cab on Friday night. It's black, has stamps in it, not much cash, and a driver's license for Emily Morgan. If you've seen it, let me know at [email protected]
- Emily
Mar. 11, 2007
I grew up in this small town, I live far away now, but I miss it alot.
- homegirl1070
I lived in Milan, TN for the first 20 years of my life and loved every bit of it. My parents are both deceased and are buried there as well. I LOVE MILAN, TN the house I was raised in is there, but it is in need of some repairs and yard work. If there is any one who reads this email will you contact me for the name of Milan newspaper so I can find a handyman for these needed repairs.
- annierene
is it a good place to live?
What are the public schools like?
- senia22
Interested in information about retiring to Las Vegas NM
- carbonita
Gloucester was a great place to grow up in. We had neighborhood schools, small classes and teachers all new your brothers and sisters. It was safe to walk anywhere, and if kids were being bad, someone called your parents. Parents held their children accountable. I can remember the local bakeries (on Powell st and one on Brown St.) The local stores that had penny candy, and the best subs/hoagies around were at Mrs Yeagers on Lane Ave. The 5 & 10, Elwell Jewelers, and the Library on Momouth St.

Going from your little school to Mary Ethel was a big deal!!. I graduated from GHS in 75, just doesn't seem all that long ago.
- pefflyer
If you are travelling through Tennessee, winding your way through the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, you may happen upon a small town nestled in a green valley beside the Nolichuckey River. This quaint small town is Erwin, also known as the Valley Beautiful to residents and neighbors.
Located within Unicoi County, this small town offers up traditional small town fare. The downtown area houses many shops and boutiques, including antique shops where you can find our famous Blue Ridge pottery.
Besides shopping, Erwin also offers a variety of recreational activities. For the adventurous, whitewater rafting is an option. For the laid back folks, there are several hiking trails to visit, including the famous Appalachian Trail. History buffs can pay a visit to the Heritage Museum.
Staying overnight? Erwin offers a choice of accomodations. Hotels, a bed and breakfast, and camping sites are available, all at affordable prices.
Off the beaten path, Erwin, TN. is a rare find for vacationers.
- Krissie
Mar. 10, 2007
I am looking for a high school classmate that lives in the area of Morrison. We are planning a 50th High School Reunion in Southwest Kansas and are trying to locate Sharon Salyer Benson to inform her of the plans. She would be approximately 66 yrs. old. I need an address or telephone in order to contact her. Last I knew she was in the Morrison or Stillwater area. I am hoping someone can please help me in this quest.
- kobslinda
Where did the name Powder House rd and African rd come from ?
- dblbull4me
Random facts:

Loudoun County's average household income is now (March 2007) $90,300.

Eastern Loudoun County is an exurb rather than a suburb, and a remnant of rural culture survives in western Loudoun County. Hideous, over-priced tract housing covers most of Eastern Loudoun County while McMansions are being built more frequently in Western Loudoun County.

Leesburg is an appealing city with some history and character, and Waterford has the same appeal.

Despite being only half an hour away from Washington D.C., most Loudouners do not visit there often.

There are some huge churches in the county, but many churches hold services in public school auditoriums.

The following languages are spoken in Loudoun County: English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, and some indigeous languages of South America
- marottaa
Its terrible to hear of a tragic murder in the small town of Lake Providence. I hope that the killer is caught soon. God Bless the people and the town of Lake Providence
- sandcastle
I am looking to move to Coconut Creek. What can you tell me about the schools and neighborhood?
- pdonofrio
anyone know the history of Diggins missouri? who founded the town and when?
- annaleediggi
It's so small there are no red lights!!!
- navygirl
Mar. 9, 2007
Aloha To Big Water, Utah Ohana's :Families" My name is Lesa and my oldest son Travis is about to move to Big Water, with his Auntie Kim. Hopefully he will be made to feel welcome, as we would make you feel if you were in our Home here in Hawaii.
- nativesun
What are the beaches like in KD Hills?
- lobrien
it was a great place to be from 1975 to 1978.
- willieandmary
There was a very homey restrauant within a block fom the light downtown, and she handled the entire works. Where did she relocate to. And if she is not about anymopre, where is there one that is similar in atmosphere?
Hedgesville, must have one. bill
- billyoatty
i was looking to find out about cannonsburg
- jaimefarley
it's located in a great city
- ofadojutimi
I am an active widow in her late sixties, originally from NY, but have been living in southwest Florida for the past 9 years.
I would like to relocate to your area since I cannot tolerate the Florida summers anylonger. I love the outdoors, play bridge, attend concerts and love museums, am an avid reader, gardener, gourmet cook, paint in watercolors or whatever grabs me and love my dog! I have a daughter and grandaughter up north whom I visit often.
Could you let me know if your area is right for me? I have had two extended visits researching areas and fell in love with the land and people.
Thanks for your help!
- mjwvizcaya
Mar. 8, 2007
Does anyone have any references of the Arkansas Therapy Center
- uneedpe
I am trying to research my family history. I am looking for anyone with the surname of Irving, or Smith. My great-grandfather named was Arthur Irving and my great-grandmother was named Pocahontus. I believe my great-grandmother father name was Promise Smith. You can contact me at [email protected]

My grandmother name was Emma Pratt and she was one of the children of Arthur and Pocahontus. She had several brothers and sisters some died at birth. To name a few there was Katie, Isabella, James, Louise, Pearl (Irene) Annlisa and my grandmother Emma. There were more but I don't remember their name.

Most of my family members are residing in Washington, Maryland, Virginia, and New York.
- uptowncuti
My Mom and Dad were married in Neosho, many, many years ago.. Dad was in the Army and there was a base in Neosho or near there.
I was wondering if the base is still there!
[email protected]
- rosevac
We are moving to Eglin bc or military relocation.
Need the scoop on Holt and adjacent areas.
- wells
I searching for Jo and George Lafever. Jo is paternal grandmother of my fifteen year old daughter. My daughter,Tori, is Jo's only granddaughter. Tori wishes to locate and contact Jo and George. My ex-husband Jeremy has not had a relationship with his mother for many years. Therefore, I am experiencing problems locating Jo and George. A very limited search on the internet revealed Lake George, CO as a possible address for the two. Jo and George once lived in Arizona and another city in Colorado. Jo's mother Lucille is from Houston, TX. My daughter has tried to contact her great-grandmother also with no sucess. Therefore, my daughter's search for her grandmother has been disappointing. Any information about Jo and George will be greatly appreciated.

- tonyag
Does any one have any pictures of the mason county area
I grew up in that area and I was wondering if there was any one still around I knew back when.

I'm in Abbeville, sc. now.
I would love to hear from any one in this area.
- marielinda2000
My husband and I are moving to the Bozeman area (Bellgrade actually) later this summer. I am wanting to know any and all information about this area. I am from Indiana and I'm very unfirmiliar w/ Montana. What are good places that are affordable to rent from? What activities and shops and places are there? Any imput would be much appreciated.
- jenka38
i attended school,first through part of fourth grade year in derby,oh.i was wondering where i would have went to high school if we hadn't moved.we moved in 1962,we lived on the old roy white farm about three miles outside of derby.there was the roy vincent farm between there an derby.the bartons of the donkey basketball live not far from i remember from school are bob muscleman tom hawkins, joe roland,michael bays,billie joe ray,cynthia mccoy,jean barton. i would have graduated in 1970.i've narrowed it down to westfall,teays valley,or logan elm.any help would be appreciated larry henderson
- hendy1952
Mar. 7, 2007
Hi a great town good clean friendly town..
- JOHN1941
It seems like a nice small town, but I do not know much about it, yet.
- timberguy13
does anyone know Jim and Claudia Humphrey? I wonder if the storm hurt them or damaged their home. I haven't heard from them since the storm and I am concerned for them. Any news will be appreciated
Thank you
Bob Cadwell
- bobc
Looking for Raines, Cunningham, and Hedricks. Am building a database of famlies. Currently have 6800 plus names. Will share. I live in Maryville TN. Born in Harman. Love WV and the Franklin area.
- seniar
Perry is great place for young families to raise kids in a safe setting. The houses are large and inexpensive compared to other markets.
- Kassh
Can you tell me anything about Lake Wisconsin Highlands?
- dederpj
Looking for my ex husband, Jimmy Davis, if anyone knows will you please email me at [email protected] Ty
- boomrskat01
We've lived in Cedarhurst for the past 43 plus years and in our house for the past 36 years. I can genuinely state that this is a wonderful place to live. The municipality really cares about its citizens and has services and precautions that you don't find in other communities. The mayor is a warm and wonderful person who puts in tons of extra effort and extra hours to make sure his and our village is run properly. The citizens are ready to help one another and be pleasant to one another. Are there no problems? Well, this is the real world, so I couldn't honestly say there are no problems, but with good will and patience each problem is resolvable and is being worked on. You are welcome to join us.
- ringabell
planning to purchase a home there and i need to know about this community compare to other communities in frederick.
- hwilliams1
Just got my notice for Tax Assessment..

How can proberty tax valuation be up when re-sale prices are WAY down..

Does the goverment expect an automatic pay raise every year??????
- aircoupe
What is the cost of living? What is the house cost? What are the public, charter, and private schools rated? What types of bussinesses are in the area of the Savannah? How many newspapers does Savannah have? Which one is the best? How is the police dept in the area? What kind of activities are there for teenager?

What is the crime rate in the Savannah Ave? Are there any gangs? Is it concentrated in one area? What area? What activities are there for a teenager?
- lhv109
I've been living in the Menifee/Sun City area for about 15 years. Many things have changed throughout those years--some good some bad. As far as I'm concerned people out here can be too uptight. The schools are okay but the start time system sucks. The schools should be traditional rather than year round because running the air-conditioners at the schools during the hotest months of the year can cost the city money. That is my opinion.
- airavatar
Stroud residents: What would you say is the best thing about your town and its future?
- actiasluna
What are results of ABC vote?
- rwall1
Mar. 6, 2007
Hi -- Does anyone remember Rike Inn, or the Kossin family?
- lesliebeth
I am in the process of buying a historic home at 103 Bosque. It was built in 1890 and use to be an old courthouse. I would like to learn more about the history of this place.
- szoch
Is it true Victor Direnzi has resigned?
- operaqueen
My Grandfather, Andy Costen, and his family lived in Snyder in 1909 and operated a bakery in a two story building; they lived above the bakery. A fire started in the bakery and the family was trapped upstairs. They had to jump from the second story window. My grandmother--seven months pregnant--hit her head on a farm machine that had been offloaded from the nearby railroad. She was unconscious for a long time and her baby was born prematurely. The Costens were taken in after the fire by a family named Gunsenhauser. Because of this kindness, Grandmother named her baby girl after the Gunsenhausers' two daughters, OLIVE and RHEA. If anyone knows anything about the Costens or Gunsenhausers, it would be appreciated if you would contact me: <[email protected]> (Lawrence Seeger)
- Lawrence1
Seeking news about the Kelly Purtell family. I've lost touch with them and want to see how they are doing.
- renman100
One of my favorite pastimes is to visit with family in the New Holland area. It brings back memories of peaceful, quieter times.
- Vicki
Time passes away to fast to just let it slip between your fingers, everything is to complex now, where did the freindly people go? I wanted to put an ad in the Hemphill newspaper, and it is way to far complex,out of reach for normal people. Anyway we are four Payne brothers, born and raise up in Hemphill,Tx. we all left at a young age, the oldest going into the service and dieing in another country, the second oldest, at the age of 19 went into the army and make life there for 30 years, the third quit school at the age of 17 and went to work at Michell's gas station south of town,married a Collans girl and later moved to Beaumont, Tx. raise a family and became a very successful man be walking on others to get where he wanted to be, the last of the brothers, was left homeless in Hemphill at the age of 12 he started making his way in the world, and did ok, raising a family later on in years after a tour in the army, now trying to find his long lost kinfokes, family reunion-March 21 2007.
- Payne
I am urgently trying to find an obituary for a friend of mine from Waverly that past away on Feb.11, 2007. His name was Robbin M. Taylor. Please, if you can, send me a copy of his obituary to my e-mail. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Kristin Corbitt
- Kristin
Mar. 5, 2007
I live in Union County and love it here.
- edismydog
Is this a good place to vacation with small children?
- aprilbrundrett
Does anyone know about the death of a full (5 person) family on Melaluka Road? It is known that the mother of this family committed suicide by hanging herself from the stairwell. This dated anywhere from 10-20 years ago. Please let me know if you have any information. Thank you.
- urgay101
Is this a nice place to live?
- mae03
Is this a good place to live/
- mseitzinger
looking for spelling of a name,possible spelled.....schrodack
- hydi
What is Castroville doing?
- Ridgesway
I to am not ready for this annexation bit they have come up with. I have lived here for awhile and like things how they are. I will be voting NO on this issue. If you are not ready then you need to make sure you are there to vote NO.
- cc6789
My Blog is DO NOT purshase a puppy ( Dachshund) from an elderly lady in Nobelton. On Thackery St....No Names as of yet on Breeded I have till 03.07.2007.. Sadie was sold to me on Feb 13th. 7 weeks old..NO Health Certificate (1 st Degree Misdemeanor)..No CKC papers as promised.were Supossed to be handed over at time of sale ( 1 st degree Misdemeanor)..Pet dealer must list all meds, administered by a certified Vet exam and notice of FL state Lemon Law (1st degree misemeanor).Anyone selling dogs must record chain of ownership. Records can be inspected by Law enforcement(Penalty 2nd Degree misdemeanor)I took my puppy for a health exam(not up tp me) on 02-23-2007. She FAILED ...I feel i deserve somewhat of a refund!! $350.00 Is a bit much for a defective puppy with no certificate and no papers..As promised...I will stop here. Figured this was the place to start..

If any one else was screwed as I was E Mail me at [email protected] I will give Names, phone numbers And addresses And CKC numbers of the dogs. The Breeded has till march 7th to make right by me..OR ..........
Thank you N Wade Feel free to call 352-637-0678..The more the better..
- nadinem33
Monroe is a quaint little town experiencing huge growth. There are so many new beautiful homes and there are new schools being opened yearly. The taxes are far lower than those of Mecklenburg County, but we're still close enough that driving in to Charlotte is no problem (there is, however, traffic!)
The people of Union County are very friendly and welcoming, and always willing to help a friend (old or new) with anything they need!
There's also a mommies' group called - it's a great resource for moms new to the area who may be looking for new friends and social opportunities for themselves and their children!
- erinm704
Harper Woods MI a city that changed its name to give people the idea they were somehow of the same status as the other cities with 'wood or pointe' in their names. But it has come to the attention of this writer that HARPER WOODS, MI is no different than any other poor city in the Detroit area.

costs and jail to force free labor, chemicals, water and no liability to the city should the citizen get hurt tending to city property or public right of ways that the citizen receives NO direct benefit for its existance.

This City is so brash about intimidating its citizens, it fails to name the alleged ordinance that requires the citizen to act as a slave for the benefit of the city and those companies that receive direct benefit from the existance of th right of way

Harper Woods ignores the 13th Amendmnet of the Constitution in order to get its citizens to care for city property for no compensation for labor, tools, injuries, chemicals or water. Should a citizen of Harper Woods fail to take care of the public right of ways for free adn at their own risk, the city threaten the citizen with fines, criminal charges, jail time and forced payment to a third party for work the citizen refused to do for free. But the City has no problem paying a third party to do the work and then bill the citizen for the work performed.

The bottom line here is the City will use threats of fines, costs ,prosecution and jail should the citizen refuse ot perform as a slave or act in involuntary servitude.
- mrlivingston
Yes, I?m Jos? L. R. Woolrich, and I was born in Mexico city. Maybe I had and ancestor in Woolrich, PA.
Do anyone can help me to investigate about this important item? Tks
- JoseWoolrich
Mar. 4, 2007
Does anyone have any information about Ridge Homes? They were a division of Evans Products Company, and were in business in the early 1970's. Their address was 501 Office Center Drive, Fort Washington, Pa.

Just curious, as Evans Products apparently went bankrupt. Was wondering if Ridge Homes had been spun off - or 'bit the dust'. I am an owner of a Ridge Homes house.

Thanks for any insights!
- wlsaumenig
Is this a nice place to raise a family
- bird8715
I was hoping to see some news about Dunbar. I attended school there and just wanted some updating.
- PattyBurress
Great people!
- joehockeyman
I attended St. Joseph's Academy from 1949 to 1956. My parents owned and operated the Plaza Motel. As a child I remember the good times I had in Chickasha with my classmates. We explored the grain bins down by the railroad tracks, went to the movies on saturday when it cost only 25 cents. Those were the good old days. I hope some of my classmates are still living in Chickasha and if so I would like for them to contact me as I would love to reunite and catch up on the past 50 years.
- ccallen
does anyone know where buford bradley is? He lives in Newport-- craig co.?
- bartboy1
im interested in finding current info on in flows of new land owners into the area. the % of real estate appreication on vacant land &farms. the # of land transaction year over year & other demographic info, thanks
- stephenprusak
i lived here all my life it the best place in the world to me and i wount'n trad it for nothingit's where my dada growed up and my family it has pretty water and a great view of the mountians and thats where i stay most the time riding the forwheeler i have never been out of here and i'm 20 years old but i have a good life and the best little girl anyone could every dream of .
- Sarai
Do you know of any property for sale by the owner in the Crowheart area, but off the highway? Anything from about 2 acres up to maybe 5 or 10 would be good.
- simplyme
Mar. 3, 2007
Hi everybody, can somebody tell me how to get to Fall River from NY City by either train or bus???
- samuel3040
I'm searching for anyone that has information how I may contact any one of the family members with the last name of either Lattals or Bartels. The brothers and sisters are named Edward (approx. age 83), Evelyn (82), Pauline (81) and Alice (79). Their parents, long deceased, were named either Lattals or Bartels and their first names were Edward
and Amelia. The father died in 1937 and I don't know how long ago the mother died.
The 3 sisters probably married and obviously have different last names, but someone may know of Edward or have knowledge of the parents.
That's all the information I have and I know that isn't much to go on, but any information would be helpful. Thank you.
Paul Kirchmannn 239-405-1041 or [email protected]
- florida
My husband is being relocated to a company located in St. Francisville. We are interested in New Roads. Can anyone tell me details about living there?
- twoman
can anyone tell me about life in ingomar pa. are there nice safe neighborhoods? school districts? any help would be appreciated!
- alchemistpa
What else is out there in Porum?
- billydon
Is Harwington considerred more rural or a bigger city? How does it compare w/ Roxbury? How far is it from NY
- krista
Looking for 40 year old pictures of singer island.
- Russell
Seeking small house from mid April to October 07 in the Bluefield area for a retired couple from N. California. No pets, no smokers. Would appreciate information as we are in the planning stages now.
- 1gourdgirl
Mar. 2, 2007
What is the local newspaper - am trying to find out about a Branch Connelly who recently died - what paper if any would have carried the obit
- gooddayflk
Just love Saint Lucie County - Traditions is my town - The Lakes is my Community
- jenglert
can someone tell me about the schools in blacksburg
- flygirl
I have just read about Clarno, WI and am wondering about Andrew Clarno. Did he die there or move on. The reason I ask is that Clarno, Oregon is name for an Andrew Clarno. Could it be the same man. He is my great great uncle.

John Clarno
- jclarno
The bigotry showed in the firing of city manager Steve Stanton is appalling. And for Pastor Ron Saunders of the Lighthouse Baptist Church to claim that he knows what Jesus Christ would want is horrifying! I can't believe that this degree of intolerance and ignorance is tolerated. Maybe Mr. Saunders can also channel St. Paul and St. Peter to tell us all how we should live.
Boise, ID
- budgirl13
I need to know where someone with a disability can get some training for employment. Need to know about transportation for them to get to and from training and employment. I am not from area and need to help someone as much as I can from a distance. Any ideas or help out there.
- ruby50dogs
about white pine county NV, interesting places to visit.
inexpensive motels that are nice. musuems. high many people live there. Does kennecott
copper still exsist. where are the best places to eat.does
Petes drive in still there.
- annalee
drug infested
- rmanning
small town but with all the ameneties you need
- sadie
Mar. 1, 2007
My name is Ron Jones and I am an almost-native of Colorado. My parents came from the La Junta area around the turn of the century. My mother was a Kindsvater and of course my father is a Jones. William Walter to be exact. His father was named Hugh. I think my father's mothers' first name was Minnie. I believe my mother was raised with the Busch family; Peter Busch. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I live in Florida now and if you email me send it to [email protected] Thanks folks
- colorado1943
Does anyone have information about the hotels that were on Erie Street in Campbell Hall. I just bought the old Weaver Hotel on Erie Street which was built in 1863. I am looking for info, old photos, etc.

Thank you.
George Donohue
- gdonohue
my ancesters used to be able to ride horse's down main street.
- elcajonchic
How is it living in Rutland? Pros and Cons?
- Sack
There was/is a park in downtown Sayville honoring WWI men who died in the war. One is my great uncle Joseph. I was wondering if the monument is still there. I live in another state and have not been in the area in some 40 years.
- kevinop
I am interested in moving to West Milford. From what I see online, this is a very nice area and the school system and ratings are very good.
- RubyLady
My daughter and son in law live in Argonne Court Villa Rica...I would like directions as the quickest exit when travelling from Canada to get directly to Villa Rica
- goose
Nice place to live.
- leeve1357
I am moving to richie county this spring and am wondering what kind of wildlife I will see. Bear? Turkey? Grouse? Pheasant? I am really interrested in the bears. Any info would be nice.
- cairobound

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