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May. 31, 2007
Join Local #1155 St. Albans Fire Fighters from the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) in fighting Muscular Dystrophy during their Fill-The-Boot campaign for "Jerry's kids" at the St. Albans Riverfest June 28, 29, and 30.
- rpac07amanda
Curious about life in Riverton, looking for active
retirement there. Currently living in Oregon.
- glolady
May. 30, 2007
What is it like to live in Bridgeport? Is it hard to find an apartment?
- conterlyn
May. 29, 2007
A great find i am from lahore pakistan originally , and trying to be from lahore Va too. I am an american citizen but will get dual nationality so that i can be citizen of both lahore. I am punjabi speaking but also speak english.
Imran florida.
- imran600
i am doing a paper on the race issuses in perry county back in the 1800's to now anyone got anything?
- shoog1970

Can anyone fill me in on the current status of real estate sales in BSL area? Need realistic info - not realtor hype!
- MykeW
Kimball is a great place to live, work, commute from, retire, and grow a family. We have it all. Kimball, so easy to find and so very hard to leave.
- kimballchamber
I am thinking of relocating to Monrovia, could anyone tell of any concerns in the area
- Swagnerone
I know that to persons born or raised in the area of LaVergne the pronunciation would be second-nature and this question will appear to be silly. I live close to Ypsilanti, MI (pronounced ip-sa-lan-ti). My question, then, is, What is the correct pronunciation of LaVergne?
- slimjim
May. 28, 2007
Do you have to go thru the Bronx by train to get to Throgs Neck
How far from manhattan is it?
Any info will help
Is it a nice area?
- Netti149
I watched the Memorial Parade, I decided, how wonderfull to live in a safe place..Lawton...small town USA. One of my children in the parade, waving and smiles. One off doing her own thing. Very good feeling. Very safe, freindly
- swtdreamergirl
I lived in Lexington (and then in Purcell) for approximately 8 months in the late 1980s. For whatever my reason, I was thinking about those times and those people today. I even "googled" an old boyfriend -- only to learn that both his stepmother (who was always very kind to me) and his Aunt (who I had only met once) had died and that he had apparently (re)married.

I have only good memories of Lexington, and the time my then toddler daughter and I spent in Oklahoma. And only good wishes for the people I met there.

I just thought I'd say that.
- ManassasMa
I'm looking for the name of and old drug store in Old Baytown. I think it was on Minnesota St. and Colorado St.
- basilver
May. 27, 2007
A beautiful part of America
- angeloflife
Graduation was great yesterday. It was wonderful to see over 1500 young adults begin rewarded for their successes.
- Janetc
My girlfriend and I stopped into the Sandhills Curiosity Shop on Sheb Wooley Avenue in Eric on May 21, 2007 thinking it was a thrift shop. Well, nothing is for sale and the building is the theatre for Harley and Annabelle Russell, the Mediocre Music Makers in the Redneck Capitol of America, Erick, Oklahoma! At first my girlfriend thought Harley and Annabelle could be serial killers and reminded me that no one knew where we were! Well, Harley and Annabelle sang us a song and we both felt better. I played a song I had written after taking a swig from Harley's bottle of Jack Daniels. He was kind enough to accompany me with his electric guitar. We were in a rush and wished we could have stayed longer. Anyone going to Erick should not miss this wonderful attraction. Take a look at my website to see their photo,
- Progneto
May. 26, 2007
Is Puckett a good place to live?
- Vicki123
I am trying to find out about oxford nc
- deeb
Be very careful when buying in the villages. We changed our minds after 12 hours and they kept our 30K plus deposit. They are simply dishonest with no heart They may be friendly but, under that smile they're looking to "F' you
- skymiles
I've lived in Bethany for four years now, moved here to "retire and relax" from Kansas City, Missouri, where I'd lived my whole life.
At first I was facinated by the small town atmosphere, amazed by how slowly life moved along, impressed with the friendly people.
Then I started noticing things; lots of vacant properties, both residential and commercial, all the "good" things crowded around the I 35 exit while other areas of the City go empty, antiquated City services, tiny outdoor "city dog pound", horrible tasting tap water, all above-ground power and phone lines etc.
I'm SO bored of this place now!!! I wish Bethany would come into the 21st Century (or even the 20th!!) Kids and teenagers are out of control, a LOT of teen drinking, smoking and drugging, nowhere for kids to 'hang out' safely etc. Shopping at Walmart is the major entertainment!
One man has moved to town and started trying to change things, thank God!
- kathey
May. 25, 2007
Never been to Baden. I am looking to find out if your Police Chief, Dan Colaizzi, is the same Dan Colaizzi I served in Vietnam with.
Is there anyone who can answer that?
- rockynites
First and foremost Good luck to anyone who decides to reside in Keyes. I moved into Bonita Ranch and 2 months later my car was broken into. In addition, my neighbor had his car broken into 3 times one of which I heard everything at 3am. Purchased a 1606 sq. ft. home for 369 and now the home value have utterly dropped.

Now there are so many used homes in Bonita Ranch that are trying to sell and still Bright Homes have not completed all its phases. I think I am next to put a FSBO sign up. Good luck to all who decides to reside in this town. I do not recommend it at all.
- akapuha
how's the fishing?
- kbashjr
May. 24, 2007

planning on relocating next spring what can you tell me about bethlehem? what are the good areas to live in?
- chasm2007
I'll be visiting the Kansas City area for a family reunion August 1-5, 2007. I had hoped to find a county or state fair in the area during that time and found Norborne instead. What is the Skeeter Festival? Will my 10 year old daughter like it?
Nan from LA
- nodonnell
Does Arley have a historical society?
- yankeegirl
My name is Caroline Kennedy Shepard. My family has been in Canada for several generations. My great great grandmother was Caroline Cook Kennedy from West Galway. My great grandfather was her son Edward, my grandmother was Edward's daughter Caroline, and my mother was her daughter Caroline. I have many photos taken at the West Galway family homestead at the end of the 19C, as well as original letters and clippings. I rediscovered the house, by matching the photos, and also found the gravesite, back in 2001. I know the house was sold shortly after my visit, and would like to know if it has been preserved and also if I have any relatives out there!
- kennedyshepard
I'm a native of rolling fork ms. born and bread southern filly I still have family their today.. I move away 20 years ago, visit very rarely. thing move a little to slow there for me. now I'm any oregonian, I live in portland the rose city and love it
- angelahallwilliams
May. 23, 2007

We are in the same boat! I am Wilbur Larkin's son Nick. I have been surfing around the web trying to get whatever I could.

- NLarkin
May. 22, 2007
I am upset the Newport is not opening the Veteran's Memorial Swimming Pool for the summer of 2007. This is the first we are hearing about the city's financial "troubles"
for the past 10 yrs keeping the pool open. This is the last pool in Campbell County that I am aware. We depended on the pool as a way to stay cool in the heat and it was cheap enough that we could afford to take some friends with us. Swimming is something all people, young and old could enjoy all day long! The city is basically abandoning the youth and giving them more time to not have anything to do but hang on the corners.
- firecracker
gday to the folks of kirwin kansas. my name is carl kirwin from australia and i have been checking out your great town on google and google earth. there is a suburb in townsville north queensland called "kirwan" and it is near the great barrier reef. anyway goodluck and best wishes from one kirwin to another great to see you are proud of your kirwin heritage will be learning more about kirwin city as time allows cya
- frog64
Would like to visit, need a good place to stay. Please advise.
- roseindigo
I have recently acquired a number of photos, probably turn-of-the-century, which may be of Zearing. One shows a team of horses pulling a wagon, identified as belonging to "Newt." In the background is a building which says "Kingman Real Estate." Can anyone verify that these are Zearing? If so, perhaps you can help identify some of the other scenes that I have. Thanks!
- lana45
Well, Cairo was at one time a place where the older people would have wanted to relocate when retirement had set in for them, but there is nothing here for the older people anymore. I am a resident of Cairo, love it here because it is so peaceful,but this gets really old without anything else to do, other than sat in your rocking chair.
- salayah1
i must say that dubuque is the worst possible place a person can live.the people here are nice but our city and county officials leave something to be desired.if you like deception and back stabbing then dubuque is the place for advice,move on to a better life.i have.
- krebubblitz
Acworth Young Chefs Academy Summer of Fun! (Acworth, Kennesaw, Dallas, Hiram)

The Acworth Young Chefs Academy (YCA) - a cooking school for kids - is planning a summer of fun with a collection of cooking camps, classes, and special workshops.

Acworth YCA Camp Can-I-Cook
Weekly cooking sessions with additional activities such as etiquette lessons, pottery lessons, photography lessons, and arts & crafts lessons. Ages 5-15

KinderCooks Dr. Seuss Classes
Children ages 3-6 cook recipes from the Green Eggs & Ham Cookbook and read from Dr. Seuss books.

Young Chefs Cooking Series
Summer Classes on BBQ, International cuisine, regional U.S. fare, Celebrity Chefs, and CopyCat recipes from our favorite recipes! Ages 7-15

Come spend the hot summer in our fun kitchens!

- YoungChefs
The best day of the year is the day we open (this year, thanks (?) to global warming), was May 6.

The saddest day of the year is the day we close, which is usually mid-October.
- y0nder
I don't have comments about your city, but I am trying to find the address of Hayes and/or Elaine Dickerson of your town. I was in the Air Force with Hayes. Their family used to own the local newspaper. They had a daughter by the name of Dawn. Can you help me locate them with an address or an email address?

Thank you.
- pepper2
May. 21, 2007
I just ran into this site while browsing Google for Van Hook, graduated from VHHS in 1949, Left ND in 1955, Thought I would check in to see whats going on.
BJ (Robert Johnson)
- beejay
Hello To All from Our Daily Bread of Tangipahoa. We are a non-profit food pantry located at 509 S. Chestnut in Hammond, Louisiana. On June 14, 2007 we are having a Helping Hands Business Expo at the Landmark Hotel in Hammond Across from Don's Seafood from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. FREE FOOD FUN AND MORE.... $3 donations will be appreciated...ALL proceeds benefit ODB operating expenses. FYI WE GAVE OUT 1.67 MILLION POUNDS OF FOOD IN TANGIPAHOA PARISH LAST YEAR!!! We would love to see you there!!! Get involved with your community a Helping Hand. Our # is 542-4676 Business - Cell 320-8299 Ask for Myrna Jordan, Executive Director of Our Daily Bread.
- dailybread
May. 20, 2007
It is now mid May and my family has settled in and has adjusted to the Three Rivers area. I must say at first, the area seemed dismal and depressed; however, I have met numerous quality people who are all working to make this community better.
- mcspouse
I would like to know more about Cheyenne, Wyoming. We would like to buy a home there.
- Weber
We visited our kids in Blacksburg,outside town, and loved the area. We're seriously planning to re-locate,but untill we sell the house in Ohio,would need a home to rent. The kids aren't sure what the rental market is in Cherokee County. Very difficult to know where to start. Am open to any thoughts/comments.
- garyskaren
Have property there. There are some good people there, but glad we live elsewhere. Thats all I can nicely say.
- tbbutlerblue
I have fond memories of Oxford, and its warm and inviting community in the day that I trod my feet upon its soil. Even as one of the less popular kids in school, I still found my place to belong.
Someday soon, I hope to visit again, and walk along roads that once took me home. As small towns go, I know I will meet old friends along the way.
- Truleesincere
I have lived in w. bloomfield for 27 years now you couldn'tfind a better place in the u.s. than here . people are friendly and helpful they have a great school system. Y ou can commute to any where from here the town people do a great job in the winter clearing roads and in the summer for landscaping purposes. people are always willing to give a helping hand. god bless you bobbyr.
- bobbyr
May. 19, 2007
I used to live in Livingston County.....but thanks to my ex-hubby, I am 3000 miles away!
- AleighaHowe
I lived in Port Jervis about 25 years ago, and really enjoyed the life there. I'm thinking seriously about moving back in about a year. Right now I'm trying to find a suitable place to rent, a 2 bedroom would be nice. I'd prefer a house because I like to garden, but may only be able to afford an apartment. If anyone has any sugestions please blog me, I live in California, and must really make plans ahead of time, it's a big move to accomplish. Yes, I still have friends that I haven't heard from in years. Move after move, you lose contact. My name is Sally Nemeth if anyone recognizes it.
Thank you.
- daisyrose07
As a native of this area, I feel specially qualified and privileged to blog about all of Volusia County. But I have chosen to make my home in Port Orange.

The motto for Port Orange, FL is "Unique by choice, not by chance". That's the perfect theme for this beautiful, friendly city.

Located just 5 miles south of Daytona Beach, FL, we have the perfect proximity to special events, but are not in the thick of things when we're ready to get away.

If you're considering moving to Port Orange, we have the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway, the Atlantic Ocean and many new housing developments, as well as older homes if you like something more traditional.

The schools in Port Orange are top notch. My daughter is now a senior at Spruce High School and has excelled there over the last 3 years. Prior to that she was a member of the first class to graduate from Creekside Middle School since it opened it's doors in 2001.

Port Orange is a popular destination for all ages, since we have theaters, restaurants, doctor's offices, pharmacies, banks, a hospital, churches, shopping, and even a Go-Cart track, all within close proximity to our homes. And let's not forget, unless you choose a house or condo directly on the beach, the Atlantic Ocean and I-95 are still just minutes away.

I would highly recommend Port Orange to anyone seeking Florida's warm, sunny climate and a friendly, small-town community.
- lisahillrealtor
I've heard stars hollow(gilmore girls) is based on washington depot, what are the similarities?
- sammyrose6
May. 18, 2007
Long ago resident. Would like to find out what has happened to old hometown over the past half century.
- tinker
If you are retiring and want to be near Chicago, try Princeton, Illinois. I understand that the general population is very friendly, and loaded with retirees!
- tootsiewootsie
Can anyone tell me what Mayor Godfrey's first name is? He was mayor of Harrisville before Fred Oates, and I'm not sure whether there was anyone who was mayor between them. I know he was mayor for a number of years and owned an insurance company. Also, was he a Democrat or Republican?

Thanks so much for helping this curious lady.
- xangolady
A wonderful place to live. If the city and the country were married and produced a child...
...It would be LaPlace.
LaPlace has great schools, great homes at affordable prices, shopping, family restaraunts, and is only minutes away from the excitement of New Orleans and Baton Rouge!
You can search the whole world over thirty times and will never find a place to live quite like LaPlace.
It offers the wholesome values of country livng but the conveniences of city living.
- 1PoeticRealtor
I don't know anything about Jerome.
I am considering moving there with my family of four
My two kids are 12 and 15.

I sell direct mail advertising, have worked for Val Pak for 6 years and PennySaver for almost 2

Any input about the area, as well as Twin Falls or Idaho Falls would be appreciated

- jcarvlin
May. 17, 2007
I have a very good and wonderful friend there. I am looking forward to visiting North Ogden, Utah in July. I am wanting to visit, see what the place is like both the ups and downs to living there because I hope to move to N. Ogden, UT too. When I get back from my vacation there I can blog more about it and my experiences there of what I liked, disliked and loved about the town or city of North Ogden, Utah.
- WKlovesme
Great people with a small town there is no better way or place to live.....
- christina23
May. 16, 2007
I am looking for anyone who may have lived in the area of Suffolk Avenue in Brentwood, NY in the 1940's or earlier.
- czeis54
I am in search of a nice community to spend some retirement time in that is close to Chicago where my daughter lives. Sabula sounds very interesting--would it be a friendly affordable place to live--I will be a retired teacher soon....any small affordable 1 bedroom apartments????
- fwall65
I'm considering moving to Crossville, would like to know the plus side of the community
- dakurth
May. 15, 2007
I was born and raised in Echo, one of the nicest and quitest little areas in Belmont County, Ohio. Great place to live, hunt & fish too.

I left there soon after graduation from Bellaire High School and moved to Philadelphia, PA after a stint in the Army. I do manage to vist Echo at least 4 times a year!

It's always good to come "home".
- Polecat
My Great Grandfather founded the original Ensign, Kansas. It was told within family lore that he founded other towns as well, and set up livery routes and general stores.

The most information I have found is within the writings about the Beersheba Jewish communities, and his association with several Jewish businessmen in these efforts.

He was first a professor at the Western Reserve College in Ohio, which I believe is now Hiram College. Was told to "go west for his health", took his family there in the mid 1880s, participated in the dealings mentioned above, andwas known a "The Professor" in Cimarron City, where he lived

He lost everything he built within about four years, as many people did at that time, moved to southern California, resumed teaching, which he loved. Then returned to Cleveland, Ohio to both teach and begin a real estate business.

If you have anything to add to this story, please do so.


Elaine M. Semanik
Detrioit, Michigan
- Ensign
May. 14, 2007
I am looking for a young lady from Voorheesville 32-35 who is a bellie dancer. I met her at Maranaras in Latham. Please have here e-mail me
- darmil
May. 13, 2007
Green Pond is a great place. I grew up there in the summers, and my children grew up there. Now my sister is there to have great memories with her kids. My father always admired green pond and i am sure that he would still be raving about it.
- mikenjosie00
I am researching family background because my maiden name is Sanborn. I am researching every place that comes up with the last name SANBORN.
- piggy80
May. 12, 2007
I like Smithfield. Its a very quiet town, and i like living here.
- candi380
thinking about moving to purcellville good? bad?
- 2dogsbb
Is there anyone in Russell ND or do you know anyone who lived there around the early 1900s who would remember a Thomas Edward Larkin and his wife, Elizabeth Marie, sometimes called Marie or Mary who lived there? They were my grandparents and my father Harvey Larkin was born there. He had an older brother named Harold, a sister named Mildred and then a younger brother named Wilbur. My father was born in 1912 in Russell. I believe my father dated a Helen Susek (sp.) for awhile. I am looking for some info about my grandparents when they lived in ND. I believe they farmed and lost everything in the dust bowl and/or the depression. They then moved to southern Minnesota. Thanks for your help. God bless.
- Pinky
I was wondering what everyone who lives in Swan Quarter thinks about nominating SQ for the annual, national American Dream Town competition? The Hyde County Chamber of Commerce has to get involved. Do you think the town is ready for such a challenge? il
- ilemme
I was wondering what everyone who lives in Columbia NC thinks about me nominating Columbia for the annual, national American Dream Town . I nominated Columbia before - but the Tyrrell County Chamber of Commerce has to get involved. Do you think the town is ready for such a challenge? il
- ilemme
My husband and I are relocating to Mississippi. We are looking at Olive Branch. Can anyone tell me about the schools? If it is a "kid friendly" city? Our other option is Jackson? Any thoughts about which would be better?
- debkobe
May. 11, 2007
Some of the best things about living in Lihue is it's central location to everything. Within the city limits you have the best public & private schools, government and business offices, quaint "mom & pop" shops to big box retailers. Golf courses, hospitals, airport and white sand Kalapaki Beach are all within minutes of each other.

The weather is great! A fair balance of warm sunny days broken up with the occasional scattered showers which keep everything green here on the Garden Isle.

Living in paradise was never more convenient.
- CliftonKukino
Love Squam Lake. My family has been spending summers there for 5 years now. The people in holderness that we have met have been some of the nicest people. There's something about leaving the city and coming to the community of holderness, the minute I get out of my car I relax. Hope to call it home when we retire. Mary
- maryg
Depew is located approx. 40 miles west of Tulsa, OK on historic Highway 66, and approx. 70 miles east of Oklahoma City, OK.
In the old days, the population numbered in the thousands, but as the oil boom moved on, so did the population. At one time, there was a Chevrolet dealer (Rainbow Oilwell Service now occupies that facility), 2 movie theatres, hardware store, cotton gin, grocery stores, bank and numerous other businesses.
- HCarri
Murfreesboro TN is a great place to live and work. We have four children and have found Murfreesboro to be a wonderful community to raise our family. Real Estate home prices in Murfreesboro are significantly lower than neighboring Williamson County. We moved to Murfreesboro from Brentwood and have found Murfreesboro to be an excellent fit for our family. There are unlimited dining options; everything from five star gourmet to fast food and franchises. The existing Stones River Mall is renovating and expanding. The Avenue, which is an upscale outdoor mall is set to open in the fall of 2007, and Stein Mart will be opening a new store in The Oaks shopping plaza.
- wellkids
I just bought 10 acres in Banquete, Texas.
I have big plans for my 10 acres!
I love the land and I love the outdoors life out there.
My family is not as entusiastic as I am about our new plot of land, but I have big dreams for our corner lot.
Lets just say: MOTHERNATURESGARDENSTORE has found a home in BANQUETE, TEXAS!

I couldn't believe how many snakes are still out there!
Whew..since I bought this land...I have seen about 5 snakes and I have only had the land for close to 6 months now. I don't like snakes but I do understand that they are good for the land...ridding the land of mice and such. So they are ok with me.
- mothernaturesgardens
May. 10, 2007
I have a son in prison and I would like to come visit on the weekend. I live in North Georgia in a little town called Chickamauga, next to the Chickamauga/Chattanooga National park. You do not have Hotel's, Motels, or a bed and breakfast I could stay in for a long visit. It is hard for me to visit and my last visit might have been in Feb and it was on a sat. and it was very hard on me. Thank you
- motherof6
Literally, I was born & raised here, my pop delivered me at home... great little town
- AKramer
Looking for information about restaurants in O2B.. anything new this year?
- jsgolf
Howdy, I am from San Anonio, Texas. I have several old photos of Keosauqua High school students, sports teams, etc. I wonder if anyone could help Identify some very early postcard photos that were present in the photo album that had many Keosaququa photos, clippings, basketball tournament game programs, etc. I will try to include photos.
- MOwen
May. 9, 2007
What is the accepted pronunciation of Mussey?

- jcsneuro
Western Grove is a pretty fun town although there is way way to much drama in it i think most people in this town should grow up a lil bit .... but other than that it's pretty cool... and the school's not that great either way to many snobs....
- Faith22
The new Conn's is located at Cockrell Hill Road and I-30 on the northwest corner.
- PSchimpf
Swansea us pretty friggan bad A dude. We may have been 3 and 7 and bad stuff this year, buit wid the new coach, we can go to state if we try. Swansea kickin some A this year. Wait and see..
- jus10
May. 8, 2007
Gosh I love Fulton.
- stfrancis
A nurse named Elam worked at the old Dr. Stone hospital. Why do you ask?
- AnnaB
Friendly people everywhere in this little city, especially in trying to help us locate our dog Mandy, lost May 7 from Cassell Rd. A $500 reward is for anyone who brings her to Animals of Eden. Mandy is black, except for a white patch on her upper chest. Was wearing a purple collar with tags. People in town let me post her information, including the very kind postmistress and the helpful woman at the recycling area. Mandy is medium-size and might be afraid, hungry, and just wanting a kindly soul who will bring her to Animals of Eden, or call us at 884-3647.
Jim and Carole
- pohl
is anyone alive from the 1935 high school class
Ontario is violent
- blacknnnblue
May. 7, 2007
My maiden name was Denton. I understand that my ancestors founded the town. My Grandfather was Oscar Denton who resided in Horton, Kansas after his marriage to Gesina Torkelson. I am wondering if anyone could send me any written history about the founding of the town.

I'd also love to read from people who live there how they like living there. I understand there are only about 190 residents.

I'm proud of my family and even though very distantly related am happy the town is still thriving.
- Kim840
I was born in Dunbar and lived there until I entered the USAF in 1951
- vtdtc
May. 6, 2007
Upon our first time entering the lounge, which was just to use the lavatory, we noticed it's unique smell and interior design. It just felt like home. Waiting outside for our departure from the lounge, were a few deme children conspiring to jump in our car with rocks in their hands. Being very intimidating, we managed to run to our car, with the deme children runnning after us trying to jump in. Luckily we closed our doors before they were able to get on board. We want to spare you some furthur details and just skip right up to meeting our future best friend(s). We nicknamed these estral beach "natives": Josh Cut Off, Jenny Craig, Clay Aiken, Tommy Boy, Jeff Hollister, Lunch box, Pete Peterson, and myself received the nickname Steve Stone. They showed us many great features of estral unknown to the general public. We laughed, cried, powwowed, and enjoyed life to its fullest by experiencing all that we could milk out of the great .5 square miles of estral beach.

We continued to arrive and build everlasting friendships with these genuine guys. Through our experiences we have became accepted in the estral beach society and have been dubbed natives. We have memorized all of the history, which is an interesting history might I add. "Estral" means star in the Spanish language, as a tid-bit. If anyone ever has any questions or would like to go on a tour of the village, please reply.

Thank you for your time, we hope that you come to love estral beach as much as we do and appreciate it for everything it's worth. thanks again.
- Stevstone
Estral Beach. Where to begin.

Estral is the most beautiful, diverse place in the world. I appreciate it's beauty, history, and residents. Each one with a unique story to tell. It's our private getaway from the world. It's hard to choose one favorite place within Estral Beach. Here are some:
1. Tank Park
2. Honkey Park
3. The beach
4. Fermi
5. the Lounge
6. Lakeview
7. My friends josh, clay, tommy, craig, and myself, steve stone.

I love the serenity. The peace. the love. The beauty.

Maybe you would better understand this if we started from the beginning.

It all began one day, senior year, 2006. We arrived in a daze, unsure of what was before us. The view was spectacular. Many things just "wowed" us, like deme children putting curses on our cars, deme dogs, running lose everywhere you turned. Woah woah woah, getting ahead of muhself. The long winding road leading to estral can be very thrilling. at 80 mph we jumped that bridge and got..


some BIG air. I mean flying. We slowed down, opened the windows, took deep breaths, and spotted a large camo tank staring us down from tank park on the right. The park was magnificently placed next to the city building, complete with a fire station, police station, wedding reception hall, jail, town meeting place, anything you want it to be. empty. The roads also had superb name(s). ie: starlight, lakeview st., lakeview ave., lakeview rd., port sunlight, estral court, and also street signs where there are no streets to be found. We then strolled up to yet another magnificent building in this bustling town, known as thee estral beach lounge. They serve amazing food and have very personable workers in this classy shack. The loaded fries are just to die for, might i add and also reccomend. to be continued.
- Stevstone
How is the Winter, as far as activities?
- Stoneybroke
I would like to find someone who knows the name of the railroad line that went through Tribbey if anyone could help me I would appreciate it.
You can contact me at
- LVKpride
Salty's Restaurant is racist.
- fritzdoc
I'm trying to locate a school bus driver by the name of Bill. The only info I have is that he is from Petersburg. Can anyone help me?
- 2maro
May. 5, 2007
I am looking for info on staying in/or around Boones Mill for a week this August. I will be attending a course on equine bodywork. Interested in staying in a cabin, or something similiar that is low-key, affordable, and not the typical corporate hotel. Any info would be great.
- polapony
Please tell me about Kalispell, I'm thinking of moving there for work
- newtomontana
My great great grandparents lived in north brookfield. Growing up my grandfather lived with us and spoke about growing up there. All my relatives on my mothers side are buried at St Joes cemetery. He was a McCarthy and his mother was a Donahue(hope I spelt this right). I have pictures of the old McCarthy and Donahue homes. Is there any one with these surnames in or around N Brookfield?
- bill12
One of my ancestors, Robert John Thomas, born 21 Sept. 1827, emigrated to the U.S.A. in the mid-19th century from Cerrigydrudion, North Wales, U.K. and settled, eventually, in Judson, Minnesota, as a farmer. I am attempting to obtain information regarding his wife and family. His wife's forename was Livia whom he met on board ship from the U.K. to the U.S.A. I believe that he was one of the people responsible for the building of the first church in Judson.
O.I. Owen.
Wrexham,North Wales U.K.
- owennewlyn
It's been a long time! Many fond memories of growing up in small town, America.
- jsw
May. 4, 2007
I love it here. Just moved back from Houston. So happy to be back. I love this little town.
- Midnightbiker
This is a great place to live. The best people live here.
- sueb
Gay in Jacksonville. Police attitude toward gays?

Give me anything about the area.. cruising places for gays. Thanks.
In 1989-1991 we lived in a huge house on hwy 241? It was an antebellum home on I believe 700 acres, once owned by the Wharton family. You had to drive down a long lane. It was not far from Carroll Oakland School. Can anyone tell me if this house is currently occupied? Has it been restored? Is it for sale? email me at
Been gone 50 years from South Phoenix. Do you know any of my old friends? Dorothy Mallory Groves, Coy Lively Jr., Ray and Julane Berry. My name is Everett Bonner e-mail
- 0123456789
May. 3, 2007
Derby is a great place
I'm looking to find out historical information on a house that was build in approximatly 1908 in Loretto, Minnesota. I'm new to researching historical information, so any pointers would be appreciated.
- peekasun
I was there in the early 50's. Don't remember a May Day parade. Was there one then? Who sponsored it and what is/was the signifcance?
- Murray
Have long admired the town of Oxford. My grandmother lived her entire life there. I had aunts and uncles that lived on the circle drive behind the cotton mill.
- beegup
How curious that we now register 34% German ancestory but our claim to fame and our exploited heritage is Danish.
- Knights
The chief of police and the top officers who have mis-used grant money should be fired/ or asked to resign. they were responsible for knowing how the money was spent and they were responsible for spending it on themselves in the form of overtime. they are corrupt and if not that stupid. get rid of them
- blue2eyes
May. 2, 2007
what is the possibility of making good money doing remodels in davidson?
- noddy
I have a stock certificate from the Bank of Rececca dated 06 November 1917 and signed by the president J. H. Gilmore. Can anyone tell me about the bank and or the president. How long was it in operation. Did they issue their own money and when did the bank go out of business etc.

Larry McCumber
- Mccumberlarr
My wife and I are considering relocating from the southwest. We want to live in a small charming city a short distance from the ocean. We're also considering openning a business in downtown. My wife is a foreign language professor. We are in our 40s. Any feedback would be appreciated.
- Palzboi
This small town in western New York, holds so many family memories for me. My uncles, Dan and Don Beecher, owned Beecher Bro's Oil co. for many years. My Grandmother Beecher owned the big house on the corner, as kids we loved to go to Grandmothers, lots of big trees to climb, a barn to poke around in, lots of cousins to play with. My favorite memories are of going to the yearly "Field Day" celebration, with a parade, and a small carnival. It was always so much fun, and the food was great !! I miss the area, the town, i know someone else owns my grandmothers house and i appreciate the restoration to its Victorian perfection. Nothing but good memories of Sanborn here !
- mabelline
My family and I are looking for a 2-3 bedroom home to rent in the reynolds/monon area in the price range of 350-500. If you have any information, please feel free to email me at Thank you for your help
Hi Friends,
Just some comments about all this clearcutting in our beautiful county. Who is responsible? And who is reaping the money garnered by such a proposal? I haven't seen any reports on just how much the state is amassing from such a project-the only thing we hear from Granholm is whining. We frequently receive letters from outside agencies begging to clear or selective cut our property...I KNOW there is big money in such a venture. Yet, we don't OWN as much land as has been decimated in our state land so far. How can anyone leave such destruction in their wake? I am speaking specifically about the area across from the current dump site on Merrio Road. Has anyone investigated the area? What is left is literally a crime. The road has been left nearly impossible to traverse. And the debris left after cutting could only spell disaster should a fire erupt in that area-it would go in a matter of seconds! And could they possibly bring in a port-a-potty? PLEASE, PLEASE HELP
- NorthernNancy
May. 1, 2007
I have lived in anderson my whole life and can't get over how great it is. Just like every town it has its good things and bad things about it. Everyone in town knows everything about everyone! and its just like a small town right out of a movie, you got the local auto guy who knows every little thing you need to know about a car, the local spot all the high schoolers go to after school, and you can't forget about the small diner that makes you feel at home no matter how far you are from it. If you ever have the chance come visit this little town of mine jump on that chance i promise you won't be disappointed you may even make a few friends.
- charee1690
hey I just heard that Tony DeVault took his own life....does anyone know about what happened to him?
- shery
I'm looking for information about the little 3 room schoolhouse that is now Cotton's Etc. on Rte 5. Is anyone reading this a former student at that school. I was there in the late 1950's
- tobinsquilts
Very shortly I will be moving to Milford, Ct and commuting via MetroNorth to New York City for work. The Stratford station will be closest to me and the station that I will be going to. Can anyone tell me how the space (seat) availability is on the train in the morning? I'll probably be getting on the train between 6:00 - 6:30 AM. Thanks.
- jrofitz
Very shortly I will be moving to Milford, Ct and commuting via MetroNorth to New York City for work. The Stratford station will be closest to me and the station that I will be going to. Can anyone tell me how the space (seat) availability is on the train in the morning? I'll probably be getting on the train between 6:00 - 6:30 AM. Thanks.
- jrofitz
Wold you be receptive to and support a environmentally safe Dry Cleaning establishment?
- Benj
Anyone regularly photographing the Chesaw area? I'm planning a trip over in May to do just that. Grew up there, so am looking forward to revisiting the old ghosts.

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