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Nov. 30, 2007
I don't know much about south san francisco
- rjones46
Jefferson County is famous for it's antebellum style home. Also, recently many modern houses have been built. I myself have just purchased one (1) of the oldest homes that was owned by Judge Truly, who was a judge in Jefferson County. Now his family owns a bank. The house I mentioned above is over 100 years old and I would be interested in displaying picture of it later.


Rosie Bingham-Trunell
- Army
interested in city, ups and downs
- joey2xx
Can anyone tell me about the Chamblee Police Department?...Is it diverse? is the community overall?
- lacylk
Nov. 29, 2007
Francitas is awfully small. There is almost nothing there. There is a psot office, afew houses, afew mailboxes, and looks like a community center of srt. Someone needs to send in a picture of Francitas. I never stopped long enough to take any Thanks. mary
- Maryca

Anyone live near the water treatment facility in Wurtsboro? How big is it? What is it like? Doesn't it have any negatives? Where exactly is it? I can't see it on the Google satelite picture. Has it solved your waste water problems?
- jsiafakas1
Country Club Hills government is a joke! There definitely needs to be a change of arms. I lived their as a child and have seen businesses leave and the community go astray. So what, Welch built the outdoor pavillion! Where is tangible proof of city improvements? How many more doggone reindeer do you need? Retailers that attribute to a positive community are leaving and destructive business are moving in? (i.e, liquor stores)

Also, there needs to be an addendum added to the ordinance on Animal Control, Article 1 General Provisions, Subsection 9.1.02 Dangerous Animals. There are city employees who own said animals and do not understand the meaning of containment. What is the point of securing a notoriously dangerous breed of animal to a yard post if the post is not secure?
- KT
HOw would you describe the city of Highland Ranch?
- thomer
I am a nurse practitioner and looking to re-locate in pebble beach. I am just wondering what the lifestyle is like there. Are people friendly? If any nurses, doctors or nurse pratitioners are out there, what is it like practicing?
- herrery
Has anyone ever heard of the Crispin Hotel ? I read a news item recently that mentioned it as being at or near where the Crispin School was at Rhawn Street & Ditman Street. I was wondering if the Crispin School was originally a Hotel.
- ART28
Nov. 28, 2007
I would like to know is williston good for 15 years old and up and are there any jobs available thanks for your help,,,
- sabink
How's the area of Campo?
- jadair01
dulac is a great little fishing town full of frindly people thats y i have my came there
- 4340988
I've lived in Heavener all my life (almost). Growing up in this community was great. It was a small town but it had a great heart. Beautiful old houses on tree lined streets. The yards were taken care of with pride. Everyone knew everyone. It was kind of like a huge family. It isn't like that any more. It makes me so sad to think of what it was like when I was growing up. A lot of people have moved out of town, on the outskirts. The town is just a shell of what it was.
- gregoryc
Have owned land in Marble since 1971 but still haven't built. What are the conditions for building? Still have to have over an acre?
- springjane
I got shafted by Cross Implements. They sold me a misrepresented Bobcat with a spent engine and won't take it back. I have spent thousands trying to fix the issue and they still won't take the machine back, even with my extra dollars invested in the machine. Do not deal there.
- Canuck
Phelps is a friendly little town with a lot of new exciting stuff happening! Come visit and give it a chance.
- pcoc
Hi to all around Tupelo, Mississippi.
I'm trying to learn about the current status of the Trace Recording Company. at 208 Jefferson in Tupelo. MS. I have a vinyl LP that I would enjoy replacing and I have searched the Tupelo web site and related links with no success. If anyone can help me with this information I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for your help.

Jerry Ellis, Charleston, IL
- ceje47
I was born in Saltville and still have relatives living in the Smyth County area. I can't wait until I can retire and move back.
- blueridge
Nov. 27, 2007
Greetings Heidelberg Citizens,
Happy Holidays!
I'm a native New Yorker whose roots begin in Heidelberg, Mississippi. My father's name was Samuel M. Windham, and his parent's names were Frank & Rosemary Windham.

I lost contact with my father's family many years ago, and over the years I've hoped to re-connect with my lost heritage. I don't know if any members of the Windham family are still citizens of Heidelberg, but I'd sure like to find out.

So, if there's any one from the Windham-clan still residing in Heidelberg, Mississippi don't be shy, contact me at [email protected]

Thanks & Be Blessed
- Daling867
Ellenboro was a very welcome place this evening. We were traveling in the dark along Route 50 headed east and needed gas and REALLY needed a bathroom and food. Ellenboro was the answer to all our needs. We stopped at a very friendly Dairy Queen just up the hill from a holiday decoration: "PEACE ON EARTH"
- bearbuster
this place is great
- johndoe2
I am originally from King City Missouri. my entire family lives there. If anyone needs pictures or anything about King City Missouri, Let me know i can get them for you.
King City is a little town, and everyone knows everyone. We all know eachother by relation,school,friends, or co-workers.
- JessicaH0623
Safety, real state, Jewish life????
- rivkabehar
I will be relocating to cypress in the next year. I wanted to know about this city- ashley
- ashmull
I have been trying to reach the judge in Silver Springs and he has not returned my phone calls. Does anyone know how I might be able to contact him? Or, if not, is there a specific night that court is held?

Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
- leslie11469
Nov. 26, 2007
I am a former resident of Bethlehem. I lived there for most of my life. I lived there for around 50 years.
Life was great in Bethlehem, I went to the Bethlehem Consolidated school
I knew many of the interesting older people who lived and died in Bethlehem. My father was born and worked and died on the same street in Bethlehem. My family was one of the main family names in Bethlehem in the 1900 through around 1960s.
- WilliamB
great little town
- bkdettloff
Merritt Island is a place of natural beauty great fishing boating and biking nearly year round the weather is superb and the people are freindly. Merritt Island is also within minutes from many exiting places for a tourist to browse. to the north is famous Kennedy Space Center and Canaveral AFB and to the east is beautiful Cocoa Beach and to the west are many money gobbling theme parks
personally I avoid the tourist traps like the plague whenever possible

What I like most about Merritt Island the weather and the Islands proximty to the atlantic the scenery across the causways and along the shorelines is often breath taking when added to a sunrise or sunset.

unfortunately, in recent years the hunger for money has devastated the beauty of the area, beach and river access is becoming very scarce the county and city fathers neglect nature for developement and the result is inevitable

there is hope and some cool places to be found ask a local to show you
- Falcon
My grandparents as well as my greatgrandparents are buried in the evan city cemetery. I would like to know who I would get in touch with to see if they had other lots beside them. Please get back with me.
- bcharene
HI, Does anyone have any information about the Franklinville Lodge No. 626? I found a banner that my grandfather had and would like to find out more about it.
- MidniteSkye
Looking for some info on Neopit. What is it like to live there? What is there to do What are the families like?
- wishlynnmary
Nov. 25, 2007
Just wanted to know I am the only child of Jerrydon Wayne Fry. My father died about 4 years ago, and his family did not let me know until 3 weeks later. His sister Lois hated me and did not want him to have anything to do with me. So his brother Clavin Fry Called me a few weeks later since my fahter did not have a will and let me know that he was making him self head of his estate, told me that he would get back with me to let me know how things were going needless to say no on ever did. Rember visting Lone Oak when was a teenage everyone was very nice. If anyone knew my fahter please E-Mail me @latonya_O_fry AT
- latonyafry
The new census projections from PSU are about to come out and they will show Hillsboro with a population of 88,300.
- tomhugs
what is the best and worst about hot springs?
- robertjohn
Nov. 24, 2007
I am searching for information on the history of melville and how it impacts the current status of the residents of this small town. I am interested in collecting oral history from the residents of this fascinating town in the Atchafalaya Basin. It appears to be almost forgotten. Does anyone have any interesting historical information to share. Is it a place to live today or is it too far removed to sustain a middle class lifestyle??

I really want to do some writing and want a place to collect local stories. Is it possible to obtain a small home in Melville?
- ailen
The gun that hangs on main street in Winchester my mom built in 1971. I believe it was that year. I ran for queen of Winchester that year. Ron Perry owns the house that I grew up in. He bought it in 1976 or 77.
- Anitaw48
I grew up in Winchester. I was born in Cottonwood , Idaho. My family is from Winchester. They went to school in winchester. My Uncle graduated from Winchester. I went to grade school in winchester, then we started getting bused to Craigmont when I was in the 4th grade. Winchester was a great place for kids to grow up in, but for me it was not a good place to become an adult in. I had to go and grow. I am just wondering how many original families are still in Winchester. The last population count that I can remember is 500 and something. I see that it has grown since I was last there. I drove through in 2005 as I was moving to Wyoming. It was at night so I really did not see the growth that much. I did notice that main street has been paved though. I work in radio and TV and am interested in doing a documentary on the history of Winchester and how it has grown over the years. Just doing some homework for now.
- Anitaw48
I want to know the history of Winchester. When the town started, what year, How it thrived, and is this the original town of Winchester or where is the original origins of Winchester Idaho? Why did it move to where it is now, and how many of the original families still exist there?
- Anitaw48
nice quite place to live
- debtaylor45
the best place to live ever
everyone need to come
- debtaylor45
sun, was where i was raised as a child. it was the greatest little town ever. the people all knew each other and would meet at the post-office to talk. mrs. woods was our post-master back then, and every once in a while she would let me go out to the rail road and get the mail sack that was thrown from the train. great thing for a little guy.robert mizell was my hero, he was a great guy. my brothers always bragged on him. jr. wells and mary wells were our friends as was the whole wells family. there was lots more, mr. strawberry rodgers, mr. ruble pierce, mrs. guillott, and the magees. these are just sme of the wonderful things i remember about sun, louisiana. mickey ikerd
- ike228
new job on the cape. looking to move into the area - any ideas?
- lexintonma
Nov. 23, 2007
La Grange proper is s nice place to live in the USA. IT has a great long sand beach on the Mississippi river. It is the smallest town with the smallest casino in the US. With $2 million a year income from the casino to the city, it is a shame the people of La Grange are still paying real estate taxes and the people of La Grange are now paying triple water and sewer rates to pay for a new sewer plant for the casino. The people are also paying half of the income from the casino to pay for police protection for the casino. The City has received over $10 million dollars since the casino has opened and no can see where the money has went.
- backhoe
Nov. 22, 2007
Looking for information regarding public housing in Mahwah and what type of enviornment to raise children in this might be.

I am told that the public housing section of Mahwah is better known as the briggs and that the area and habitants leave alot to be desired,
- Melissa77
New restaurant opening at the Fulton airport called Kerfien's Cafe - Opening Monday, November 26th at 5am - 2pm 7 days a week. Hope to see everyone there
- bigbull66
Nov. 21, 2007
Cute Place ... a little chilly in winter
- BlogForBecca
I need history and development facts. Does anyone have any?
- imhere1
Nov. 20, 2007
muirkirk, maryland seems a fun place to be , my muirkirk can be quit dull at times , especially in the winter , what about someone from your muirkirk emailing me in my muirkirk [email protected] to compare notes on muirkirks
- geordie
I am looking for views on Anderson County, strengths weaknesses etc. Thanks
Nov. 19, 2007
So glad to be back. I'll never leave again!
- puddintain
I've lived in Barbour County before. I lived in Clio, Alabama. Even in early childhood I found it to be an undeveloped area, lacking any legit places of recreation for the youth. The town lacked jobs for teens and the majority of the population were poor blacks. I recently visited. There isn't even a grociery store there. My grandparents live there. My grandmother called the emergency services last Wednesday night when my grandfather was dying and it took them an hour to get there. His funeral was on the following Monday.
- berrygirl
We must put a stop to the curruption in the Bunkie police department. asap
- Jerrielbaz
Elgin is a piece of American history that has slipped away with time. The weathered and broken buildings with so many tales to tell.....the brick streets worn from years of wear, old and craggy trees that break with each wind storm. Locals are cautious but curious and friendly. Visitiors envy the peace and beauty of a place "Too tough to die". Its a piece of heaven on earth that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It has to be experienced.
- arbed
SmithField has a best kept secret that wont be secret for long.....

Captivating Art That Brings Soulful Expressions

November 19, 2007 Smithfield, NC- Tafariwill?s Fine Arts launched its new website that highlights the work of Contemporary Artist Boswell Williams. Williams is a self taught Artist whose work brings an array of vivid hues and storytelling images to the world of art. His body of work provides an interesting portrayal of the true emotions of his subjects. Williams achieves this through the distinct way he captures facial & body expressions in his work. His art reflects the struggle, the love and the pride of people in our everyday society.

For More Information Contact:
Boswell Williams
Tafariwill?s Fine Art
Email: [email protected]
- karine10
- jburdick
I love raising my children here around my family. My son has high functioning autisim and the school's have done miracles for him most people would never know he has a disability.
- darrellsmom
Nov. 18, 2007
I was born in West Plains in 1933.
- 007George
Our town just held it's election. Less than 1/2 of the people voted. Why? Apathy, fear of repercussions...or maybe just plain old given up on it all. So instead we are stuck with the same group we have been stuck with for years now. Well, a couple of new puppets for the longest serving town board member & the clerk I guess. So here is what we have to look forward to:

An out of date water plant that is going to cost the few of us that actually work for a living with higher rates and the same old nasty water (we could switch over to Pike Gibson, but that would mean less people working for the town and saving some money ). Let's vote on the water situation! People would vote.

Town board members that tell you "if you don't like what goes on in your neighborhood, you can just move out of Winslow" ... humm, wonder why no one attends town board meetings anymore! Especially when they have legitimate complaints. We do have those "ordinances", enforced unfairly and randomly.
- winslowwatchdog
Ranch Life Questions

Hi, I'm writing a story about ranch life in SW New Mexico, below Deming. Would like to correspond with someone on a ranch, also with someone in Deming about what life is like in your area. Please reply by email. Thanks. ECW
- EastCoastWriter
The Greenacres Historical Society could use any and all info Or pictures you may have. Please share them with us at [email protected]
- rpcclements
hello muirkirk , maryland.
george from muirkirk scotland here , sent a photo of the hill that sits in front of our wee village , its called "cairntable", well i hope ive sent it.
if anyone from muirkirk , maryland wants to get in touch with muirkirk ,scotland my email address is [email protected] , bye for now
- geordie
Nov. 17, 2007
Parsons was a great place to grow up in during the late 50s and early 60s. I received an excellent education in the public schools which prepared me for my college years. I am proud to say..."I used to live in Parsons."
- bucko
I am a native of Houston Co.
- Willa
My Mother (Evelyn Petersen Lund) grew up near Bredette, MT. She is close to 89 years old. She has some pictures of her family and a community band her Father (Gert Petersen) helped organize. She remembers many things from her childhood.
- AErdahl
Lots of historic houses, lets keep it that way. I can refinish your old bathtub, bathwalls, sinks, and countertops. Visit or call 240-344-5374.
Finer Finish
- FinerFinish
Nov. 16, 2007
I am trying to find history on Gloster, MS. I would like to know who Gloster is named after and his/her descendants. My interest is based on my same family name, Gloster, and my search for my great-grandfather, Dallas Gloster's, descendants. Also, I would like to know more about the Glosters from Tennessee, especially Brownville, TN.
Thank you.
- Janina
I am really stoked about being able to live here in a wonderful rural town in Vermont. I have always wanted to live in Vermont and finding Rochester is a real plus.
I came here to work at the Forest Service station and fell in love with the town. Great people. Friendly, willing to help, and a really diverse community.
I have been telling my out of state friends about this place and just can't get them to understand why I want to live the rural life with its lack of stress, traffic jams, and long drives to simple tasks. When it's green it's great, when it's red, yellow, brown, it's wonderful, and when it's white it's serene. What more could anyone ask for?
- SpookDaddie
My name is Bunola
- Bunola
I must be the first
I love Aberdeen I have lived here only a short while but my life has revolved around this small community, though I have lived in other places.

Aberdeen is amazing, Caves for spelunking, cliffs for climbing, rivers for floating and fishing, a reservoir for boating and fishing, and no traffic lights in the whole town.
- andu0anar
good school no USPS bad roads low rent prices
- truck300lb
greatest place on earth
- sealevel9
Nov. 15, 2007
Hi, my name is Donna my dad lives in Anaconda when I went to visit I feel in love with your town. I'm trying to get my husband to move there. I will be back again in the summer, can't wait.
- montanagirl
A friendly little East Texas town. Good, hard-working, down-to-earth people. Lots of retirees live on Toledo Bend Lake nearby.
- edstile
Personally I think that the town is pretty damn good. The town has a real quaintness from the opera house to the redbird. The people that can be found in this town are unlike you would find anywhere else, believe that.
- bristolmafia013
i would like to know the history of sunnyside ave. I heard that this area was once a farm and I am interested in finding out more.
- lorrina
I love it here
- dunnybak
Come in to Thermopolis from any direction, and you drop down into a beautiful red and green valley. The surrounding hills are made of the red Chugwater formation, sliced by the Big Horn River. If you are coming from the south, the drive through Wind River Canyon takes you through a billion years of geologic history. I always let go of my breath and the tension in my chest as I start toward town. There is something magical about the slow descent into town, whether you come north west or south the little hamlet spreads out green against the red scrub hills. It is a peaceful journey. Not many towns can boast of bringing peace and tranquility anymore.
Thermopolis, home of the worlds largest mineral hot springs, is warm for Wyoming. Come and visit in November, all the tourists crazy enough to come for the 105 degree summer have gone, all the hunters have gone, and you are left with crisp air, warm sunshine, and the seductively warm water.
- andersonoutfitters
Nov. 14, 2007
Hi, I was just wondering what stores / businesses were going in behind McDonald's area?
- dndlvrs
I grew up in Nokomis in the mid-fifties and sixties
before moving away at age 14.
What a wonderful time that was and I can't imagine
there could have been a better town to grow up in.
I don't get to visit very often....last time was 5 years ago.
It's still my favorite place in the world.
- PatGunter
Loudon is a small town with small-town sensibility, not too far from the amenities of city life: the town borders the capital city of Concord, but is not affected outwardly by its proximity. It is a typical small town, and so if you do something it takes less time for the word to cross town than it takes Jeff Gordon to run two laps on the track at the local New Hampshire International Speedway. The speedway has an adverse effect on traffic, with Route 106 being unidirectional on race days: it runs into town in the morning and out at night. Residents are stuck navigating back roads to access the amenities they usually get to on 106. The middle school and high school are two towns over in Penacook, and are shared with six other towns. Good hunting, close to good fishing, plenty of options for worship. This town is primed for growth, as witnessed by local house values.
- trkedik
Hi everyone My name is Scott Leckrone, I am trying to find out more info on the Leckrone family history. I can trace my family back to 1741 when they came over from Germany to America on the ship the Molly the name was spelled Ekron on the ship manifest but they signed their surnames as Lecron.
The name has been spelled LeKron-LeCron-Legron-LaCrone-LeCrone-Lekrone-Leckron-Lackrone-and Leckrone
The French spelled it with Le and the Germans used La. I believe that in the mid 1600's My line of the family fleed France, do to reglious persercution, to Germany where they lived till they came to America they were two brothers, Johann and Daniel. My line is from Johann. Let me know if anyone out there can give me more info. Or if you need some help tracking you history of the Leckrone family let me know I'll try to help as I have alot of history on the family, not just my line of it.
- Scottyarthur
Hey thats sammy the exchange stutant from brazil
i would like to know if there is anyone there who could find ruth baker or shannon muse

if yes please send me e-mail [email protected]
- svalente
We just moved here in June and so far I have loved every minute here.My children have been able to make friends fast and for the most part the nabors are friendly

Some of the negative things about Middletown,Is there is not much to do.So the kids get bored easy and there is not local store or even vending area's to buy a soda or a snack for the kids..A rec center for these kids would be great
- tiggerbouncedu68
I love forkland it has been a wonderful home to me for many many years.......get a chance to go to the many festivals and communtiy gatherings we hold.
- gabriela
Charlotte Court House is a very nice place to raise a family.
- SonLaVerne
Nov. 13, 2007
Apparently Gee's Bend is as small as I have heard. I have been attempting to do some research on the area and have found little other than that associated with the area quilters and what was available from the depression era. I would like to know a little bit about the current quality of life and the events that take place in Gee's Bend as well as information about the community family and it's growth and development.
- crystalbee
what is the population in lake elsinore, what is the weather like. what is the physical geography of lake elsinore.
- amartinez
What is the weather like in Warrensburg and how casual
is the lifestyle there?
Is there a life there for retirees?
Are retired individuals welcome to the community?
- gwd
Is Paw Creek still as bad as it was in the 1990's?

Is anything being done to help it?
Has the government decided to help it yet?
If not, why?
- blueskypinkclouds5
When is the Advance Christmas parade and who is the contact person about being in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jimmy Dobbins
Cub Scout Pack 732
- jdobbins
The local Boys, also known as the "good ol' boys" run roughshod over anyone who dosent have an old family name.
- Springhouseva
Have old post cards of Turtle Creek floods.
- Fallecker2
Nov. 12, 2007
in the late 1970s i travelled with Sue Maclauchlan from Marathon, Iowa. She became a school teacher, was living in California. Had been teaching in Australia. She came to visit me in New Zealand. She married Tim Morgan. If anyone knows where she is now please let me know. Last heard of in San Luis Obispo. My name is Leonie.
e-mail me at [email protected]
- leonie
Looking for anyone from MHS Class of 1987 - our reunion is 11/24/07. Log onto the Classmates website or email [email protected] for more details.
- mabsy
Yesterday 11/11 07,I was northbound on I-95,and saw what appeared to be a truck wrecking yard/truck recycling yard/commercial truck "junkyard",and am in need of parts which they "might just have",and was wondering if ANYONE knows where the business is that I am looking for,and or the name and phone number for this"junkyard"?
I did not have time to stop,as I was on my way home from Cape Canaveral,Fl., to New Jersey,following my friend on his motorcycle with my motorcycle.Can anyone help?
- DonRS
Nov. 11, 2007
what a great place to live
- juju
Beautiful town, picturesque scenery, quaint sights, marvelous autumn foliage. Absolutely love living there.
- dgalv876
Does Rexford have enough local business to give big city amenities yet remain rural without the cookie cutter stores that make most big cities all the same.
- schwien
What's A Blog? Oh, whatever. I was born and raised in Glenmoore PA. Born in 1949. It was both fun and sad in the 1950's when I was a child.

I grew up in the old house across from the grist mill. Oh that's right, you wouldn't know about that would you because they tore the grist mill down where it was said George Washington came to get grain for his troops! Yes, the famous grist mill, an historic site was torn down.

We went swimming in the damn, up the dirt road towards the Dunk farm. We skated there in the winter. Someone would build a fire and it was beautiful. Mama would call us when the apple dumplings were done and we'd take off our skates and hurry home to what use to be W.Clyde Davis's General Store. Grand dad had died before I was born but my grandmother Elsie Davis was still alive. We lived with her and my Uncle Pete Pennypacker. Those were the happy days of Glen Moore (original spelling) We had the Luncheonette to go to after school. God Bless Glen Moore.
- Raggedynan
I don't want to commit myself until I read what other people have to say.
- leajolie
Please tell me about the town. We live in Florida, originally from New York (still love New York) and would like to live part-time in New York. The area looks beautiful and would like to relocate to a town like Roscoe, please tell us about living there. Any information is helpful. Thank you so much. By the way, our ages are mid-50's.
- mikegez
Nov. 10, 2007
I am trying my best to ascertain if there wasn't a Methodist Church on Lee St. by the name of Lee Street Methodist church as I was growing up in the '40s-'50s. I realize that the church presently congregating there is not a methodist church. I would appreciate it if you could answer my question or could you direct me where I could retrieve this information. Also what year did Lee Street Methodist church cease to exist as a methodist church. Thank you very much. I shall look forward to your help.
- lbdjpd
Just a greeting from the other side of the Atlantic from England. We visited Highland Falls back in 2004 and loved it.
Mike Greatorex
- gtx958
Nov. 9, 2007
I am a new resident to St. Helena Parish. I live near Pine Grove. If Pine Grove can get the k-12 Charter school , then this area will explode -- I foresee great economic growth for the southern part of St. Helena. However, it appears that the St. Helena School Board wants to illegally prevent the Charter School from becoming a reality - and for no logical reason.

I was going to build a glass company here in Pine Grove , but if we don't get the Charter School, I am going to sell the land I recently purchased and move elsewhere (and take my money for investment, and the future income for the Parish, with me).

Will St. Helena wise up and build the school? Or will they continue on in their ignorance and continue to be the laughing stock of all the Parishes of Louisiana?

We will see.
- vise357 is Guadalupe's restaurant Guide and so much more. Check it out for the best food on the central coast!
- eatinguadalupe
I'm glad I live in Carteret. I've been here all my life and it's only getting better. The people that complain are the ones who don't utilize what this town has to offer. My daughter is in high school and all but one teacher have been exceptionally helpful in her education. I've noticed that the kids who do the best in school are the ones whose parents are involved in their education. I work full time and I've never had a hard time communicating with my daughter's teachers. I have a choice now to sell my house and find a larger one, and my husband and I have decided to stay in Carteret. It's close to the City (NY), Atlantic City, the shore, and the mountains. The school system is good as long as you're an involved parent, and I like how the town is changing. Oh yeah, Burger Express is coming back!!
- dawne
okmulgee suxs!!!!!! there's nothing at nite 2 do for teens!!!!!!! i want entertainment!!!!!! our school is so ghetto we can't afford books for all the students in all the classes!!!!! I'M PO'D cause we can't do nethin here!!!!!! We sux!!!!!!!!
- okmulgeesuxsbigtard
Our little town is unique in many ways. A lot of people who still live here were born here and intend to stay! Basically, we are a town of mountain people, still small enough to know your neighbors and be a friendly place.

I hope that we can STAY a little mountain town, and not succomb to the lure of money and so-called "progress"!
- PeachPit
I used to be proud to say I was from Paw Paw. Due to recent decisions by bonehead board members I must say I am very disillusioned. A so-called "trial" of fees/inspections have many people of our little town quite irate. It is one thing to enforce permit fees for outdoor property construction, fences, structures, etc. But to require us to pay fees plus have our work "inspected" for something like window replacement is absurb! We are to pay $100. permit fee to replace window. This means if I buy a $35. window - I must pay $100. to install it. Are our local contractors happy with this? Is there a Payoff for business thrown their way? Are we being hit up for more village funds? We are told we will produce better quality homes. Most people are quite adept at do-it-yourself projects and if in doubt - we hire someone. What I do INSIDE my home is my business - not yours. If I hang wallpaper - do I need a permit or inspection? Mark your calendars - November 14 - village mtg. Attend
- 2paws
I'm moving from New York City to Vermont.I'm going to school in Randolph Center and will probably work in Montpelier. Where should I live?
- stellabear
Nov. 8, 2007
Deer Park was established in April 1888 by George Chafee.
The lands of Deer Park were layed off and plotted by Joseph Margues of the ABW Kennedy Surveyors.
Ole Thompson from Illinois purchased land in 1898 from
George Chafee.
- Rich45
great movie theater
- zxcvbn
Looking for people that went to school in Gnesen from the late 20s to early 40s when I did. Just curious what happened to everyone.
- Flossy
Huffman is a fast growing town but it is also a town with drug problems and is divided between harris county and houston. The cost of living there is high. There are very few local jobs. Cedar Landing resturant is located by the lake and is a real nice place. Lake Houston Marina is where the lake rats live. They are people that drink and drive and sell drugs. The manager is less then professional. The police on the Houston side haraess you and Harris county is worse. There is no community help and no one is friendily unless you are a drug addict or a drunk...The people who own the local stores are all from India and charge the people unfairly. There is no supermarkts. You can cross the lake into houston/humble but the getiing back can be stressful. Crime rate is very high. The schools pass your children without teaching them to read. Harris county is no place to raise a family.........
- sandrawhitten
I lived here for a long time and a lot of things changed i can remember we had two stores , clothes store , parts store ,many gas stations and others places now there is nothing there no jobs and nothing for people to do
The mayor only looks out for him self and not the people he caused problems for citizens that he should not be doing . People have moved out cause the way the town is ran. There is one man on the city counsel who tries to help but is not liked by the mayor. He has contribute to Antons grownth and gets kicked for it. Mr Cooper is honest and caring and needs to be the mayor here.
- anton74
I'd love to hear the pros and cons of living in Boonville. We are thinking of relocating to that area.

Thank You!
- siestasusie
Did any one see the recent visitor to IH ??? a big BUCK was sitting in my yard this morning Hmmmm .... he was a six pointer ... very young ... he was pretty deep in IH ...
- M416
What type of business district do they have in Florissant?
I'm thinking of moving to the area and needed to know what "shopping" if any.
- PamRigotti
Nov. 7, 2007
Altoona is an amazing place to live. I love central pa. There is so much to do here. You can check out to find out all of the local things to do here.
- clpretzel
Wiggins has a special place in my heart. We rescued a dog from Wiggins after Katrina. He was very, very sick with heartworms and was full of buck shot. We named him Wiggins. My husband, David, stayed at Mrs. Peacock's B&B while he worked for FEMA in Wiggins.

I wrote a children's book about Wiggins' true story. It is called WIGGINS, A KATRINA LOVE STORY. It is available at from the bookstore. It is a heartwarming story that has a happy ending. It also features a lot of "life lessons learned" for children from Wiggins' rehabilitation. Adults and children alike should read this story.

Soon we will be visitiing Wiggins for book signings. Of course, Wiggins, will be present.

Shirlee Lawrence-Verploegen
[email protected]
- Shirlee
Silver City is a small, mining, ranching town in southwest New Mexico. There aren't many places to shop here but the recreational advantages far outweigh the lack of shopping.
If you were born here, you love it here. If you come here from somewhere else, you might fall in love with the area. Some folks have moved here only to find out that it doesn't hold up to what they thought it would be like. They soon sell out and go back to what they knew first.
- tincup
Nov. 6, 2007
i'm looking for info as to when baxter hospital took over marion cty hospital. how long before it was shut down.any pertinant info would be appreciated.
i'm an interested person from nearby fulton cty.
it looks like baxter may be trying to be only hosp. around.
baxter is trying to lease fulton cty now.
- carl1940
If you want to get away with a crime just move to Cabot, AR. I have the renters from hell living across from me who violate the laws everyday against me and have made me a prisioner of my own home and the police refuse to do a thing bout it.

You can hraess people and beat up on older people and the cops look the other way. I have been assualted and battered by these neghibors and the cops look the other way.

This town is law less, so come and have a blast in Cabot and commit all the crimes you want because they don't care.
- gaelicpride
Is there anyone who remembers Dater's Boathouse Diner? We're going back to the 1950's and 60's. The Boathouse was docked right across from the Captain's Inn in Forked River, NJ. My aunt and uncle, Mable and Dater (Harry) Horner owned and operated the diner for many years. My mother helped wait tables on weekends. Aunt Mable was famous for her clam chowder recipe and basically ran the diner. Uncle Dater sold bate fish, rented boats and such.
I have so many great memories of the Boathouse and would love to hear from others who have gone there.
- CreamRidgeAngel
My dad ,Ira C. Walburn was born in Burlington in 1890 .His dad was Julious Walburn Any body there remember anything about them I have never been to Burlington ,because when my dad used to tell me where he was born I though he was saying,Burlingham Only just recently I figured out he ws saying bURLINGTON.He had two sisters named Dora Bell ,and Ellie Mae,Nd some other bro.and sisters that died youngIf any body there have heard of these people ,please let me know
- topgun
I was wondering if anyone in the Hutton township could help me out..... I have purchased the old John's School on the Westfield Rd..... I have checked the internet and the library and neither has much information about it.... I was just curious about the history of this house/school..... The most I know is that it started out as a school in or around 1873 and it was known as John's School... thats all the info I have..... if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated..... you can email me at [email protected] Thanks :)
- FulkFamily20492
Nov. 5, 2007
My friend Torie passed away this weekend. . . I haven't seen her in 3 years. I miss Mora sometimes and always assume everyone there will be fine. . . guess I should go and visit. See ya this weekend!
- jtru
Hi...I'am one of the Rolin boys,the middle son of Grady Rolin.My father Grady worked for alger-sullivan lumber company, jim walter door company and the dalton door company,he retired just before dalton door co. closed the plant down.He started to work with alger-sullivan in 1956.As a child growing up I roamed the area of Century...I would say more than others in that time period...My father raising six children on sawmill wages...well I had to learn how to fish,hunt,trap and work to help ends meet.I know alot about escambia river,the gravel ponds,the little creeks and streams in the area,I even know where a petrified log is,near the century middle school which when I went to school it was the high school.I lived in Century from the age of 3 til the age of 21 and I will always consider Century Florida my home town.I am sorry that I don't have any pictures,we were just to poor to own a camera as I grew up.If you have any questions about the Century area,please feel free to ask...
- istopfire
Nov. 4, 2007
To Whom It May Concern,

My wife and I recently visited Richmond, and by accident we ended up at Oakwood Cemetery.
Upon trying to get more info on this location, have been discouraged. It seems that this beautiful
place is not mentioned near as much as Hollywood Cemetery.
From our photos we seem to think that Oakwood is as nice as Hollywood and has a lot more as far
as history goes. I don?t what the surrounding area around Hollywood is, but we could tell the area
around Oakwood may be a little rough.
I would think the City of Richmond would really take stern measures to preserve such beauty and history.
Instead of just doing little to nothing and not even working to get interest from tourist.

Sincerely A Native Virginian,
- dtcrosby
Nov. 3, 2007
Is it still true about the M-F ratios in Union County? Is there a military base there that is skewing the ratios? Are there any good churches and Christian singles groups?
- deborahcoan
The City of La Puente is at the cross-roads, with elections coming up this week, council needs a make over. Out with those who sit as "gods", they only serve themselves, very evil men.
- light
The real way to spell Mr.Holly's name is Hiram S. Holley
- Holley
Nov. 2, 2007
Morgan county will not come into the 21st century,we can still have our old world charm along with new community businesses and keep our money in Morgan county instead of winchester va and Md
- Pamf
living in Orme, how schools in area? can you buy real estate reasonably. how is climate
- atempla
Nov. 1, 2007
I'm sorry to hear you all are short of water. Back in the 50's in SE Missouri, we too had a drastic water shortage from the river that supplied life giving water to Fredericktown. However, some insightfull oldtimers in town knew that we had a very bountiful reservoir of water in the abandoned mines under us. You have coal mines that have probably flooded over the years. Why not access the water there? Respectifully yours, Dick Pirtle
- rcpirtle
great place to grow up i learned a lot about myself my history its small with nothing to do but the part i miss tha most is when somone hurt, everyone is there. Angoon for me is home its where i am from and i miss it. The way of life there hunting fishing things like that i grew up like that and everyone else hasnt. I'm very proud to say I'm from Angoon Alaska!
- Tooktlaa

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