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Oct. 31, 2007
The Town of Harrison is very rare in New Jersey: an extremely integrated town (Spanish, Portuguese, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Brazilian, Irish, Polish, Chinese, Indian and other populations) which stays very fluid due to its location astride a major PATH commuter rail station. Separated from downtown Newark by four bridges, Harrison's crime rate and civic peace are in stark contrast to it's big neighbor to the West. Convenient to everywhere in NJ and a very short commute from downtown NY (parallel to the Holland Tunnel), Harrison is urban in a civilized way unrivaled by most neighborhoods in New Jersey and New York. It has become a favorite bedroom community for wall street workers and a dormitory community for many foreign graduate students attending the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers Newark Campus, Fairleigh Dickenson, the University Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry and other regional colleges. As a transplanted New Yorker, I love it here.
- PeterRTalbot
Laredo is my birthplace. I moved out looking out for a better future but when I go back to Laredo and I know that I should have stayed there.
- Raul1947
what are the pros and cons for living in hillsborough new jersey
- tyi01
Oct. 30, 2007
Bunker Hill is a nice place to live. Great neighbors and good people.
Also a great place for Bunker Hill International Airport even if it is grass and only 1100 ft long.
- craftcw
i have a grandfather and his father and a ggrandma from pleasant view mi,arthur gleason his father reuben abijah gleason and his mother in law amanda ida swift she died there in 1901, so did her son arthur swift b 1874
- gleasonarthur

Any one else here from Villa Ridge?
- Steve2020
I am new to the area and find Carmichael to be a very nice place to live. The river and the parks are wonderful and people are so friendly. I just learned the difference between the CHP and the Sheriff responsibilities for Carmichael. That was all new to me to have CHP on the city streets. Oh but as I see it, the more police the better for my safety. I even see them around the parks and it increases the safe feeling when taking a walk. (I hope that is why they are there and not to give tickets.) I am glad that I made the choice to live here. I wish this site had pictures around Carmichael. I am still learning my way around and places to visit and enjoy nice a walk.
- NicholeP
Can anyone tell me what you think of Brownsburg? I'm thinking of moving there. How is the economy?
- Claudine
Oct. 29, 2007
My children attended school in the city of Diamond Bar, which was great. We live in the city of Pomona. We have a number of problems in the schools located in Pomona.

We need the help of the voters of Diamond Bar to help us get new leadership on the school board this November 6, 2007. Many of the people I called on in passing out flyers for Nancy Ann Matarrita, were unaware how the school board affected their lives. Once I talked about the school bond money the current board has misappropriated people responded.

We need all of Diamond Bar not only to support Mr. Torres of Diamond Bar, but also Ms. Nancy Ann Matarrita in order to take control of the school and support Mr. Wong. In supporting these new, young, qualified candidates you change the outlook for thousands of students both in Diamond Bar and Pomona.

The incumbent board members Nancy Mc Cracken and Richard Rodriguez are no longer able to work and enguage in the new ideas needed to improve our children's future.

We need the support of Diamond Bar and Phillips Ranch voters to change the educational outcomes of all the students of our cities.

Thomas Manning, Education reform advocate, Chairman of Pomona Recall Committee
- tmann4
History, Antiques, Artisans. This sums up Florence almost year 'round! Downtown Florence has come into its own in the past several years. Having once been empty, unkempt, and forgotten has been a blessing in disguise. While Florence slumbered most of the latter part of the 20th century away it wiped sleep from its eye to find, like with a well crafted wine, time has only sweetened what there is to partake of! Many pass through to their mountain destination, But I suggest Florence become a destination.
- fremontcountykid
It really is sad how this area has gone down the toilet. the area was never rich, but now it has turned into a dump instead of the simple, quiet, and friendly little hamlet it once was. I used to visualize a restoration of the town.. thinking it would attract visitors again and bring back some of that great past....

The live music around the area in the 70s was great!
- gobertub
Back in the late 60s when I first moved to Acra, it was like Mayberry on the TV show. The Acra General Store was like a postcard, with Helen and Joes snack bar next door on one side and th Acra Tire Shop on the other side. Every summer there would be a large street festival with games and music. I played there a few times with my band the Skylarks. There were several boarding houses that were full during the summer... The Acra Manor, the Maple Shade, The Birch Lawn, the Rainbow Lodge, The Rosehaven..and others.. It is very sad to see the poor little town and think of what a great place it was to grow up
- gobertub
I love this little hometown of mine. Everyone takes it for granite until they have to move away!!!
- britt121
nearest lake and available property for sale
- jconnor
Hay, what's going on at the Mangy Moose and up Park Ave.--does the reservoir have any construction out nearby it or is it still quiet. People say the cliffs out past there are haunted--kids said so. I fell off the cliff when I was 15, and it was weird out there then. Hunter's might walk by there to hunt up by Little plum Run or Big plum Run--I think those are the names of the creeks. What do people say about the haunted places around there? I heard there was a murder nearby there--is that still a good scary story? What was the name of the kid that was chased off the cliff up there way back then?
- tomhay
Oct. 28, 2007
Boring suburbs. Techy central. No personality engineers. Restaurant, bar, and shopping selection mirrored the same in every other nearby city; cupertino, mountain view, etc. People who work too much and make good money, yet still can only afford a 900 square foot house...
- siamese6
Don't know how I stumbled upon this site, but blog about Quantico I can. Born there in the old Navy Hospital on Aug. 7, 1937, son of Msgt. and Mrs. Harold L. Flynn. Lived at 210 3rd Ave., until I was 18 and had graduated from Garhyphenfield High. Moved on to Miami in 1956, graduated U of Miami 1961, U.S. Navy until 1965, Miami Herald reporter until 1975, taught journalism at Texas A&M, Arizona State and Cal State, Fresno, until retirement in 200. Now living in Sun City, Georgetown, TX. (512) 864-3544.
- geoflynn
The area is beautiful, peaceful, and definetly serene. If you hate crowds, shopping , and traffic this is the place to be. But remember there is nothing but country here. No stores, no malls and the closest shopping area is about 7 miles aways in East Aurora. So you really have to like being isolated. The weather can be tricky in the winter. Streets are plowed pretty well but can pose a problem with the winds blowing around the open fields. So after the plows come by the winds whip thru and blow all the snow back in the streets. There is only septic and well water here. But a place thats peaceful and as close to nature as it comes.
- charzab
Researching the Philadelphia market for a new business
- Caitlin
you need more motels to stay in. royall in express is a little costly with old, old stuff in it. need to renovate.
how about a little shopping??
why cant peolpe invest in more fast food restaurants? someone in higher power doesnt want it or what. all the other small towns around there have more than what that crappy county has.
why would anyone want to live there. they better have enough gas to get to the grocery store.which there is only 1 allso) whats up casey county cant keep up with the rest of the country??
- 010164
went to lutie in the mid 60,s
- hotrod
Oct. 27, 2007
does anyone have information about who built carroll park or who it was named for? Thanks, Tim
- timothyallen
I am looking for the Lake Palestine Quilting guild
I would like to join.
I bought a raffle ticket yesterday at Brookshires in Bullard
Thank you
- PhyllisC
Oct. 26, 2007
Looking for an old friend. Her name is Doris McMillan, born and raised in Philadelphia. We were good friends and hung around together along with another good friend "Jerry". We would go to Wildwood Crest to Jerrys' moms summer place and stay the weekend. This was in the year 1954, so it goes back a long ways. (I am now 74 years old) And we had some great times. Doris married a sailor and moved to Texas, her husbands home. She had two children. Jerry Len, and Terry Ann. She was living in O'Donnell, Texas in 1971. It has been so long, and I would like to hear from her. The only addresses I had of her in Texas were..(Box 1282, Tahoka, Texas) and (Box 288, ODonnell, Texas.) She wrote once and said that her mother-in-law got her a job at a Beauty salon. Her husband was killed in an automobile accident. I would like to hear from her very much. Thank You... Please e-mail me with any
E-Mail Address:
- oldmom
- charmed2007
i want to know the percentage on crime rate
- mariaorosi
We have a store on the old homeplace at Silas Creek, outside of Lansing,NC. We have re-opened it and have traditional mountain music on Friday nights. All skill levels are welcome and the admission is free.Phipps Country Store -- fiddlesilas AT 2425 Silas Creek Rd., Lansing, NC 28643: 336-384-2382.
- Phippsstore
Oct. 25, 2007
My mother, Margaret Risvold, was born in Leeds in 1912.
- brummel14
My husband's last name is Seibert. He is originally from Ohio and is wondering if it is his ancestors that founded the this town. We found the town on a map when we were in Denver and drove to the town early in November. Michael was very excited to be able to send a postcard from 'his' town but the post mark came back to us from Colorado Springs. That made us sad! We only spent a few minutes in Seibert but it was memorable!
- kickie856
do people really blog about woodward?
- jstick
I need to find good property management in Buffalo. I would love to hear any stories either good or bad. Thanks
- ellisreality
millinocket is so cool.
i used to live there but i moved.
it is a nice town, with nice people.

the only thing that isn't cool, is it has pretty much no places to shop, and there aren't many jobs.

millinocket is a nice place to live though.
- ambder
We do not need a new city hall. There are no leaks or crumbling bricks in the existing one! It looks just fine.
- kingston
Oct. 24, 2007
I have been here only one and half yrs. It's very quiet living here.I would love to see more dances for seniors with nice music and not to loud. There isn't a lot of traffic and many seniors can walk within our small community.It's a nice place to retire,but my interest isn't the same as others. There is a back way to Las Vegas for those who wish to gamble. I would like to hear from seniors and hear about the areas they come from.You may e mail me at Honeyhollow6564 AT
- Honeyhollow6564
Oct. 23, 2007
I am looking for Leland S Lowe. If you know him have him write sometime.
Thank you
Kinderld AT
- kinder
Ambrianna, there's not a whole lot of anything in Ripley.There's no military to speak of there if you're referring to a base. There are people who are in the Guard/Reserve and the regular military, but no more than any other small town has. Just like every other small town in West Virginia, most of the businesses and jobs have dried up.

It's beautiful country though and they have a fabulous Mountain State Arts and Crafts Fair every year for a few days around the Fourth of July.
- kww
Madison offers a unique blend of a large University, Government, and Business environment. The lakes are beautiful (or dirty depending on who you ask), there's bike paths throughout the city and there's a lot of different things going on around town.
- jlavik
Allardt is the hometown of my heart.
- nomad7
Oct. 22, 2007
This is my first entry into a blog regarding Port Sheldon. Anyone else interested?
- PigeonLaker40
too much crime
- marknfg
Heard alot about it, how does it compare to the beauty of Cookesville Tn?
- bushwacker
the bad thing about bruceton is that there are not a lot of things for children to do.
- deer
Oct. 21, 2007
i am looking for my uncle his last known address was wilton manors his name is Elias noujaim He is @ 70yrs of age arabic >i have not heard from him in over 10 nyrs and would like to know if he is doing well

any one may reach me at Lnejaime72 AT I would appreciate anyones help
Lou Nejaime
- lnejaime
My husband, Thomas S. Capron, is a related to Captain Allyn Capron, the person your town is named after. While searching the internet, I came across your town. We would love to have further info regarding your town.

Thank you,
Diane M. Capron
- Goofy6
If anyone is interested in Taylorville's Drennan family history, please contact me at mcdrennan AT I was unsuccessful at sending a photo of John L. Drennan, who was my paternal great-great grandfather. He was the eldest of 9 children. Married to Henrietta Wimburley moved with their 4 children from Kentucky to Taylorville where they had 10 more children. Prolific as they were, I thought there might still be a few Drennan's residing in Taylorville with whom I would be happy to share this information. I have submitted quite a lot of it including some interesting photographs to and my work is open to public view. I would be interested to know if the Drennans hold family reunions. Thanks, Cathy Drennan, Monkton, Maryland
- CathyDrennan
Traffic lights setting in Lone Grove???

The same person that sets the lights in the morning on Saturday and Sunday in Ardmore at Holiday Drive and also Rockford RD and W Broadway must have come to Lone Grove and set the light there. Either that or they saw how poorly traffic controlers were doing Nation wide and decided that her were doing too good a job and wanted to be like the rest.LOL Maybe the person that sets the lights is getting a littlel pocket linning from the oil cartel in Ardmore due to the sudden drop in gasoline sales. I even reported Ardmore to ODEQ but they said "Not by job MAN",LOL
- oldado
Can someone please give me information about life in Ridge Spring SC...history, any future changes plans ie new schools, business, roads... Also any issues that are problematic for the residents. Thank you.
- grcorder
Im hoping to find anyone who knew my mum. She lived in Whitefish most of her life. She was Scottish, Joyce Ripley, and Married to Walter Ripley. She died in March 1992, North Valley hospital. She was friends with Lorraine Torkelson, who died also in 1992, i believe?
Im coming to Whitefish in January 2008 for two days, just to be there, finally.

hope someone can help?
- saxyfly
Oct. 20, 2007
I moved here when my daughter was about 5 months old. She will be 5 years old on Tuesday (10/23/07). I have lived in 3 houses on Elkwood between 2nd & Seacoast. I now live off 2nd & Ebony. I love this town. My daughter loves this town. I met my fiance here and I don't think we plan on living anywhere else for a while. There is always something going on @ Pier Plaza (all year round). All Thumbs up IB...very diverse and the city caters to all.

We Love you
- PaulzDoll
hellooo out there in chester
- poedunk
My husband and I are retired and planning on moving to Prospect in May to one of the new 55+ active adult communities. We don't know anything about Prospect and would like to know pros and cons before making our purchase.
- liljoz
This is the most difficult place to find information about legal matters that I have ever seen,
- sturg3
new user here. looking to relocate here someday .
- serinity
If you are eager to work, there is plenty of it.
- barbara1632
When did the law change in Quitman County about having hunting camps? Quitman County is so poor one would think Quitman County would appreciate the business the hunters and fishermen bring in. Too bad. I am sure Alabama will open their arms for us.
- DeerHunters
Middlebourne was where my Father was born and where I remember visiting my Grandmother and Step Grand Father. Was it beautiful or what? I remember it being in a valley which we'd enter from Clarksburg. I also remember Middlebourne was a hilly town with many things to do for a child back then. Oh boy, there was this drug store on Main Street where my Grandmother would always buy THE MOST AWESOME CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM EVER!!!!! Such great memories I have of Middlebourne! I'm trying to find someone to hook up with to chat with so that I'm able to see how it's changed. So if anyone reads this me at kataugustson AT PLEASE! FEEL MORE than free to email a recent picture of even Main Street there in town! I'm unable to find one single picture.....thank YOU AHEAD OF TIME FOR RESPONDING !!!!
- KTraugh
Oct. 19, 2007
I lived in Darlington for 14 years. Its a nice historical town with many victorian houses and beautiful commercial buildings. The Library being the centerpeice of downtown.
I can say that the town was quiet, but in a good way. You felt safe in the town, and you felt at home. Though main street today is made up mostly of rundown old commercial buildings in desperate need of restoration or demolition, it still has some of the charm it did a century earlier. Many of Darlingtons old homes have been restored in the past years. Harrison street is my favorite, as it is a bubble back into 19th century Darlington. From small victorian mansions to quaint cottages. Much of Darlington is historical victorian era homes, I just hope as the town revitilizes itself, it keeps historic preservation and urbanism in mind.
- cheese
Bicknell was a great small home town.
- keene4
I heard that this place is pretty it true?
- TXan
just wondering if anyone out there is from hardwood or olney oklahoma

wm g (bill) smith
- wmgsmith
good things about mart: you can walk to almost anywhere you want to go. the people there are really nice and everyone knows everyone. sports are really big there. the crime activity there is really low. and its a quite town during the week (on weekends its really wild from football games).

bad things about mart: during the week there isnt much to do. there isnt very many enterainment there. the stores arent very big like wal-mart. and if you want to go to the mall or to wal-mart you have to drive to waco.
- ily2babe
where are some walking distance park in bellerose? I am new to this neighborhood!
- 7577
I've lived here all my life.(45 yrs) Haywood Co. has changed alot. Some for the good and some not so good.I would like to hear from people about a subject I'm researching for school. The conflicts between native residents and non-native residents in Hay. Co. What do you find frustrating? What made you want to move here? What has made you never leave our county? There are many issues to comment on. What are issues in your life involving this subject? I want to know as much about both sides of the confict, if any. Thank you for your time.
- angelahagood
Oct. 18, 2007
I have spent many years living on the beautiful island of Maui and have explored as many places as possible. But I have never found a place more gorgeous than the Kipahulu Valley.. Over looking Palekea and Pipiwai streams. To escape to the real Hawaii and forget about the real world even for just a day is something that in my life Iwill continue to as much as possible.
- mauigirl808
Does anyone know the History of the Dam? I am having trouble locating construction dates.
- rallswede
i love it here

this pace is great
- monobo
Thinking about moving here--tell me about it
- julipaso
Anyone have any information on the public schools in Camden County, NC? My husband and I are thinking of moving to the area. Thanks!
- heysue7
I just moved here from Helena, MT -- There is a lot of wind!!
I love this little community, everyone is so nice. They do need to change the population sign and get a pizza hut! Ha Ha -
- nettisalm
Oct. 17, 2007
what are taxes
- babsy
the pro about living in Edenton is that if you are really rich and do all your shopping on the internet you will be very happy here.
Does anyone know why Red falls is closed off??
- vince66
My thanks to the one person that responded to my blog submisson that I place here and that was the babysitter that my mom and dad hired when I and my 2 brothers and my sister were kids and that was none other then Joyce Zimmerman
- desertdawg69
We enjoyed the town and wished to be there for ol' King Cotton's festival. Our two world famous alpacas, Stephen Colbert and his travel buddy, B. B. King, also very much enjoyed visiting Bishopville, the Chamber of Commerce, the Library and The Lee County Observer as they were passing through on a historic mission to Lake Placid, NY. From Bishopville we went to Columbia and later through Charleston on our return to Lake Placid, FL, but both ways, we had to stop in Bishopville to visit friends of more than 40 years. We also visited the nearby alpaca farm and had a grand time meeting their lovely animals and seeing a farm so well kept. We recommend all readers stop in to visit in Bishopville...sit a spell, enjoy the place, and check out the library.
Chuck--the green rancher
- greenrancher
I'm looking to open a nail salon in Shakopee. Any tips, thoughts that could help my process? Never been in business for myself, but I've done a lot of reseach, at least I think so. Any help at all would be great appreciated.
- scrappinj
Oct. 16, 2007
i like stow
- zopex
I am not from Grayson Kentucky, but i'd have to say other than the gorgeous landscape, and pleasant patrons. I myself would have to say the best thing about grayson kentucky is Gary Meadows. :) and that i love him from the depths of my heart.
- dillydally
I have visited Bridgewater Corners, and specifically Chateaugay, periodically over the past 50 years. My family bought the old Adams place at the top of the Chateaugay valley.
Over the years we've known the Booth family and other neighbors. (Harlan and a friend once suprised me with a sudden "Indian attack" when I was stripping the poles for my tipi...)
My Dad (Chuck ) is loosing his sight, so I spent a few days this summer reading him the "History of Bridgewater" book I bought him 20+ years ago. I would love to hear more history of the area, and be able to pass it on. That same summer I also met Mr. Fraiser, and heard his stories of mowing the hay at the Adams place, repairing the bridges during an earlier flash flood (though it took him all day with an ox team to bring each beam up the mountain...), and of planting his name under that huge pine by the 2-room schoolhouse, on arbor day.
I especially would appreciate any way to contact the sculptor, Penti.
- pmeinhold
Forty Fort is the greatest city in Northeastern Pennsylvania! I am biased, I have lived her for 49 years now. From baby to know, this has been my stomping grounds. We have gone through numerous changes over the years, but we are in the greatest shape ever. Thanks to Joe Chacke, Dick Yingst and the rest of Forty Fort council.
- psulionmascot
Oct. 15, 2007
Tell me the history of Ashton, Maryland.
- ASonkwa
What would the economic environment be like? Stable, changing, or turbulent?
- oakleys2007
Tell me how is Toms River now adays.
- CK
hello I live with louviers in Normandy and I would like to know if it possible of is developed bonds between our two cities which bears the same name. I could start with you to tell the history of our city to see whether there exist bonds between us. I leave you my address e-mail for any further information. good day with all
- Normandy
Looking for 1955 grads from Ogdensburg
Business School.
- Gennylight
Oct. 14, 2007
I have visited your town last spring and ths fall and do like your area. I am currently on energy credit here in Mn. and it is commonly refered to a LIEP. Low Income Energy Program. Most counties have this program and I was wondering if you have this program.I am also wondering how your tax base is set up and why this enables you to have such a reasonable tax base.

John Roy Purvis
554 N. Lexingto Pkwy.
St. Paul, Mn. 55104
- charlex
I was stationed at Craig AFB 1951 to 1955. I really enjoyed Selma. When I retired from the Air Force in 1970 I was debating whether to retire in Selma or here in Oregon. I would like to see some of you Selma natives enter their comments about your wonderful area. Don Ayers Philomath Oregon
- loneranger
Thinking about moving
- dsailer
Oct. 13, 2007
I noticed the Verizon commercial in front of a cafe.
I googled verizon and a few other words and
found a story indicating the commercial was
filmed near Maricopa. Can someone tell me
the name of the cafe? Planning on a road
trip and would like to visit.
- Elliott
my husband left his walking cane at the town yard sale at the old fire station in Gretna , it has sentimental value, has Scremenjour family crest burnt into it with the initials GWF..and a big"G" on the handle...
please, if you have seen it or have it, return to 101 Bailey St. or call us at 656-2599...Gordon W. Farrell,
Thank You
- grannytutu
I have a missing cousin, and his wife, who moved from Woodland to Olive Branch. This was the last communication we have from them. They are in their 70s now, and I am not sure if they are still alive. His name is Lennart J. Anderson, and goes by ANDY. Her name is BOBBI. If anyone knows them, or anything about them, could you please contact me?
- SMeadows
Oct. 12, 2007
Does have information on or live near Fishdam Avenue?
- jeterchild
Water tastes nasty
- paulripp
As a child, my family owned some land in Grubville where we would spend time on the weekends. On this land was a 2 story white home, a lake, an old barn, and back in the woods was an old cemetery. Aparantly, the VANDOVER family owned this before we purchased it. I can remember as a child feeling very evil vibes when in or near the home. My mother never told me when I was a child that she felt these same feelings. Upon discussing this as an adult now, we both have this feeling that something really bad happened there........a murder, someone held captive, something very brutal. It was very unwelcoming. My family no longer owns this land and I have no idea who bought it or the address. Wondering if anyone has something to add to this.
- matthew2000jenna
Oct. 11, 2007
I've lived in Mentor since I was about 8 years old. When my husband and I bought our first home it was in Mentor. A wonderful town to raise kids in.
- jheiert
Peculiar, Missouri is a small town in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri. People here are very friendly, outgoing and hospitable, but that seems to be changing. The newcomers are moving here and are bringing their snobby (Johnson County, Kansas) attitudes. They are impressed by how friendly people are around here, but fail to blend right in.

To all those who have moved and are going to move to our area, we want you to shed your stuffy attitude and start being genuine! When in Rome, do as the Romans do people!!!
- cskeith
What is it like to live in Billings? Where are the best areas for quality schools, and quality of living?
- beverly123
Might be moving to this teeny tiny town. Need info and pictures!
- VegetarianVixen
Childress is a great town to raise yur children and to live. It is small community with a very big sense of community. The parks and lakes are great for Children to fish in.

Clarenon College has a Center in Childress. The Childress Centers offers academic courses, HVAC Technical Program and a Diesel Mechanics Program. They are offering a variety of community education classes. The campus is small and the class are small as well. They also offer online classes.
- hadnothadto
Oct. 10, 2007
i was fifteen when i first saw this little town in the backwoods of Georgia i am now Thirty-one i have always lived my life in the big city i have family there it has been one of the most blessed things that i have in my life the people stay on your mind i wish i had never left but life calls and you go Fargo is a magical place that stands still with time my memories there are in my heart forever i hope to go back one day and make new ones for years to come you see Fargo just isn't some little redneck town it is where my father is buried who i adore and love so much i am so glad that i to have a little redneck in me thank god for the south it is true Georgia will forever be on my mind.
- Grown
A one-of-a-card store is slated to open at 3052 Walden Ave. This building used to be Fast Freddies, but Fast Freddies went belly up due to poor management.

Another Mans Treasure (look at

Pretty neat. A business like this will help the local economy in a big way.
- bobh77

I only have bad feelings for Elko because the one and only time I was there was to identify my brothers body. It was in Jan. 1994 his name was Kevin Thomas and he was almost 30 years old. He was found by a police officer in the Tiki Hut parking lot. It is listed as an unsolved homicide. No one knew him because he was passing through and didn't live there. I wish someone would step forward and tell if they know anything. I never stop missing him and never stop thinking about him. I hope to find answers some day. I

- catc818
Watertown is a best place to be
- swatrivia
Oct. 9, 2007
If you wanna see real italian newyork go here to staten island...........if you want to hear the real authentic new york accent go here to staten island.......and if you want to sit in real ny style traffic jams come here to staten island
- jason1985
nice neiborhoods...good italian food

bad traffic...needs mass transit system
- jason1985
Dandridge, TN is a beautiful quaint town to raise children and or retire. We moved to Dandridge in May of 2007 and love every thing about this town. The schools are excellent, the people are welcoming, and friendly. There are great parks, and views as well. The commute to knoxville, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge is about 45 minutes.

You are far away from the big city but close enough if you want to venture into to town to go to the malls or what not.

Christina Solorzano.
- csolorzano
I love living in Spring Hill(Williamson County), Tennessee. This area is all about family! We constantly have events in the community focused on families from 0-100years old! Last weekend my family and I attended the Country Ham Festival & Touch a Truck. Two different events but get this.....both were FREE!!!! Yep I said it....Free! We had alot of fun at both places and didn't have to travel outside our area(gas is expensive) and we only paid for food. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
- ChristineSellsTN
To me theres no place to send the winter, than at Pana Vista Lodge, on Hwy 470, just north of Bushnell,
But if your looking for the shuffleboard, you will not find it here,. We make our own excitement,
Between fishing, kayaking, and gator watching, what else does a person need.
- baprice47
My husband and I are planning to relocate to NC. We are very interested in the Waynesville area. Can someone give me some insight as to what the pros and cons are for the area.
- Gailzy
Oct. 8, 2007
We are thinking of purchasing a home in Merced, I would like to know which are the safest and most desireable area's in Merced, as we am not familiar with the city.
Thank you.
Mr. & Mrs. Strom
- MsNoraStrom
I purchased an old stoneware rolling pin with the advertisement AT Foster, Sentinel, Ok. written on the pin. I'm thinking the "AT" is actually meant to be initials "A.T." I'm wondering if A.T. Foster was the man's name who had some kind of store in Sentinel. These stoneware rolling pins were given away as premiums back in the 1920's.

I would appreciate information about this.
Than you.
- sanang
Cloudcroft is old English for covered in Clouds.

We have a population of about 750.

The elevation is 8,600 feet.

We are too small to have an official government weather station, but 24-hour, 7-day-a-week weather is available online at:

This is a free service provided by
- cruces
rantoul has about 250 people.they have 3 council members and a mayor and all they do is to try and find something wrong with someones they are raising are water and sewer bills to outrages prices and noone knows what to do about it or who they can contact to get it stopped and they are charging outrages prices on the sewer bills and even if you are not using the sewer because the property is empty they still are charging a full price for the sewer that is not operable.i hope some one sees this and can help the people of rantoul,ks there is a lot of older people in this small town that live on a fixed income and they just can't afford this kind of money,personally i live by myself and my water bill is 60.00 for 1 month and then i have 2 other sewers on my property that are not even being used and i have to pay 15.00 each for them which i believe that i should not have to pay what can we do?can someone please let us.and i heard they are talking about raising it again.
- olivera
Oct. 7, 2007
New to Michigan City. Retired. Enjoy the arts.
- timark
I really like living in Gretna. However;
the political signs on the intersection at the traffic light are very UNATTRACTIVE and should come down...they are eyesores.....if you have lived here long enough, you should know all of these candidates and we don't NEED ugly signs to help us vote.....
something needs to be done about the juveniles around town also...
- grannytutu
I had a fun time throughout ten years of my life, of which I lived in Woodhaven, NY.
The people were down to earth.
The drawback for me & the other teenagers in the neighborhood at the time was that there wasn't much to do around town.
I worked full-time since I was 15 or 16 years old, though, so I kept busy; I only wish there were fewer bars throughout the neighborhood and more community events or after-school events for students at the time.
- darlenemoore
One of the things that impresses me about Amity Township is that it is truly a whole community. It has farms, development homes, single homes, town homes and apartments. It's got history. According to the Official Site of Berks County, it is the oldest incorporated township in Berks County. It incorporated in 1719 as part of Phila County since Berks County didn't exist until 1752.

It's also new. There is a new phase of Woods Edge being constructed. Reading Hospital recently purchased land with plans to offer multiple outpatient services on Rt 662 at Tollgate Rd.

Amity is all about family and friends - from protecting the community with the Crime Watch organization to the proposal for the new recreational facility.

Friendly people of all ages populate one of the nicest communities in all of PA!
- SharonSapp
I love Ellet. I grew up here in the 1950's and moved away in 1965. I just moved back to Ellet and hope to spend the rest of my life here. There are a wealth of reasons, not the least of which is a lot of restraurants. Also, my roots and relatives are here.
- GaryParker
Can anyone tell me what it is like to live in Salisbury? Are the people nice? arre the schools good? High School Football? Is the downtown area a good place to have a small business? Any info would be great.
- armadillo
I am writing a book on small town America and the American Dream. I am looking for a town which has a majority of African American residents. If anyone in Fayette would like to help me to make contacts with businesses, restaurants and local residents so I can come to the town and do interviews with the people, I'd really appreciate it. I need to interview ten towns all with different backgrounds. Fayette looked small enough to be Small town America.
- hudypleasant
does anyone know how I can get any yearbooks from 1977-1982? I went to school in Lyons and moved from there in 1977.
- sevann2001
Mitchell County is a great place to live, work and play. Mitchell County has a low crime rate and a low illigal drug usage. There has not been a murder in over 110 years. According to the cost of living calculator, it costs 29% LESS to live in Mason City, IA, a neighboring community, than it does to live in the Twin Cities. Or, one only has to earn $29,832 to have the same standard of living $42,000 will buy in the Twin Cities. Schools in Mitchell County are excellent, the air is clean and pure. Fresh drinking water is pleantiful. Road rage is unheard of, traffic jams are non-existent. Many good paying jobs are available. Mayo Clinic is just an hour's drive away and there are great local health facilities. Mitchell County is the best kept secret in the Midwest. Go to for further information.
- Eagle47
Just moved to Dearborn. What's it like?
- zeeba
Oct. 6, 2007
Hello, everybody. I would like to get in touch with anyone who collects photographs by Frank Forshew, Hudson's principal photographer during the 19th century. I have reason to believe that he may have taken photos of my ancestors, who lived in Hudson from 1853 to 1900.

I'm interested in buying copies or originals of pictures of anyone with the following surnames: Higgins, Keyes, Braser and McGovern.

If anyone can help me I'd love to hear from you. Please email me at clarehhiggins AT Thanks. -- Clare Higgins.
- higgeroo
Hi. My great-great-grandparents, Morris and Kathryn Higgins, emigrated to the U.S. from Ireland in 1850 and were living in Moira that same year. They appear in the 1850 Federal census. In 1853 they moved to Hudson, NY.

The census shows them living with two daughters: Margaret (born 1848 in Ireland), and Honora (born 1850 in NY). This is all I know of their life in Moira. I contacted the Franklin County Historical Society but they couldn't find anything about the family.

Please contact me at clarehhiggins AT if you have any information. Thanks.
- higgeroo
Hi. I would like to hear from anyone related to Thomas and Catherine Keyes. They were my great-great-grandparents, and they lived in Germantown after they emigrated from Ireland. I don't know when they settled there, but their names appear in the 1860 Germantown census. Their daughter Anna Josephine, my great-grandmother, was born in Germantown in 1858.

The family moved to Hudson in approximately 1864, and had another daughter named Kate, who never married or had children. In 1880, Thomas, a road builder and contractor, went to the First National Bank in Hudson, withdrew a large sum of money, drove away, and was never seen alive again. My grandfather's research notes say that Thomas was kidnapped and murdered, with robbery the apparent motive. The money was supposed to be payroll for his men.

I am trying to find out more about this incident and would like to hear from anyone with more information. Thank you. -- Clare Higgins
- higgeroo
After 15 years of my wife and I going to Ashfield Fair, we shall no longer go. Ashfield has decided that dogs are no longer welcome and are banned at the fair apparently because one person (in how many years??) was injured last year by falling allegedly because of a dog. Does anyone know whether this is an actual Town Ordinance??? This is a ridicuous over reaction and I want to know whether it is actual law. If so it ought to be challenged. In the meantime, my wife and I intend to let all dog owners know that the Town of Ashfield is not a dog friendly place and we shall urge them to boycott the fair and to join us next year in an organized boycott and protest.
- RancidCoyote
Wallowa County has diverse terrain . It ranges from Imnaha, 2700 ft, to Joseph, 4100 ft. You can grow great tomatoes at one, and lucky if you get green beans at the other. Nearly everyone who visits says it is one of the most beautiful places they have seen. Living here you can take that beauty for granted most of the time, but sooner or later it will catch up to you and once again, you will be in awe. The winters are long here and spring is nearly non-existent.
The logging industry has been destroyed, leaving very little in the way of jobs for those who need work. The family base is gone because of this and it is only a matter of time before the 4 school districts consolidate to provide education for the few children that remain in the county.
If you need a job, bring it with you because you can't eat pretty and it is hard to live on tourism!
- ranchingranny
I was listening to a song called our town and when ever i hear that song I think of hogginson. I mom and grandmohter are from there and some of best time I can ever remmber where spent in higginson walking up to the little store called Loves and looking at all the stuff they had and finaly talking my dad into getting me a straw cowboy hat from there I am looking for the picture. I remmber men sitting out front on the bench talking it was such a great place. I loved the drit roads and the old wooden brige that where at the edge of town. I had all ways dreamed of someday moveing to higginson, but time gets away from us and things change but in my mind higginson will all ways be the same would love to see some pictures
- taekwon9
dont know anything about it
is there alot of military in it?
- Ambrianna
Oct. 5, 2007
Aurora is one of the most beautiful places on earth not only because of the scenery, but for the people as well
- herbgabler
ever since i was a 'kid'..charlotte has always been close to my heart....i remember the carousel and the brass ring..and the wonderful magical carousel managerie..the cat is still my fav.....i now live 'on' river st.. at riverview...i love the view from my window...the lake.. the breathtaking sunsets...the woods...and the ldrs..a family fav since i was a kid.....i wish there were a real grocery store within walking distance...or retail shoppes...welcome pkgs.from local business...or from the charlotte comm. association.....for new residents....i love the the fall..the quit time to just reflect on life.....the ferry terminal is still art gallery..and sit down resturant [upscale]...or community center...reach out to the seniors....include us in the plans...

have a walkingtour of historic river st..etc..there is so much beauty in our community......and so few are aware of it...
- emj
One that lives with nature is this place.
- tennakee
Is Baiting Hollow quiet if your 3 houses down from Sound Ave.? And how busy does it get?
Is there history for Baiting Hollow? Should we worry about the water due to pesticides? We found a house we really like there. I am moving from Nesconset, NY. Thanks, Doreen
Oct. 4, 2007
Snickerdoodles is open late on the weekend for great coffee and sweets. Dean's Seafood is always a delight as is the crazy group at Greenmount Station. We're alot more than Genova's look around don't missa thing the people are lovely and don't forge t o stop at Miller's market to fill your freezer with some of the best meats meats in the state.
- dstanley
I am looking for any information I can obtain re: Karen Williams....who died on Tuesday.
- NCMom
Just starting a horse operation in Marengo. Folks have been very helpful and friendly. Ryder Farm: Bringing Horse & People Together Naturally!
- Ryder
I was told there is property for sale in Colden that was once the site of a historic school. Does anyone have information on the school? (Any dates, stories or reasons for it no longer being there). Thanks for any help!
- lovetolearn
blum is an awful place to live and raise your family if you are looking for a place with good people with moral values...most people here are racist ..back stabbing...unethical...the school sux..way behind other schools in teacher quality and learning....'if you r not born and raised here or are kin to everyone else that are kin to every one else here u don't belong and never will' is town motto...beware and stay away
- blumsux
Hi...this is my first time and first blog here. I wanted to know if there were any friends of Scott Miller on this site ? He died suddenly March 8 and I wanted to share some thoughts about him. He was very much loved and respected and Ocean Beach was his home for many years.
Oct. 3, 2007
My father's side of the family came from Buna grandfather was Robert E. Williams, born 1884. Does anyone there have any family history about this branch of the Williams family. My father was Gerald Williams b. June 1916, died Dec. 1984.
- isshin68
My Dad ( Robert I Curley) was born and raised there. He passed away in 1989. He was a football and track star athlete in his day. My grandfather ( Robert D. Curley)owned a plumbing store next door to the church, St Francis De Salle. Both my grandfather and grandmother
( Rose A. Curley) are buried in Manistique. They resided at 537 Oak Street. My parents and my 5 brothers and sisters came to visit every summer. What wonderful memories of Mainistique I have and will always treasure
- irishrose
looking for William Elbert Dugas
- hambonew
I lived & went to High School there from 1967 to 69. My father was raised there. My grandfather, Clyde Deal started the school bus system in he late 40's. He's buried there. My parents have lived up at Eagle Lake for the past 20 years. My father just retired from the city last year at the age of 80 & he held his job for the past 20 years. I moved to Reno,Nv. after graduating high school in 69' & then to Lake Tahoe & eventually to Las Vegas,Nv. In 1987 I moved from from Vegas to Fort Worth,Tx. I had a long lost sister that lived there her whole life & I have been here since. I miss Calif. There's no other state I know that

has what Calif. has. I have a daughter & 4 grandkids that live in San Diego where I also lived as a child. I have alot of memories from life in Susanville. I attended my 20th high school reunion in 1987. It was held up at the old elks lodge at the top of town & the same day my father attended his 45th reunion, which I have both of our reunion pictures> I suspect I will move to Eagle Lake soon per my parents request & because I love life in the smaller community. Oh! I'm also single...
- gentlemanja1000
Oct. 2, 2007
Good ol' Lancaster
I haven't spoke of that time of my life in a long long while.

The funniest thing is when I lived there you knew everything about everybody. You just had to read the local newspaper to find out when somebody was going to the doctor or grocery store.
- husejt
Anyone listening? I am looking for historical information about Sadler or Southmayed, Texas.
- Bdorff
what are the winters like there? we are transfering there in eveleth.And the thought of subzero weather scares me a bit.indiana winters are only about 6 degrees below at the most.
- cin51
Where i am living now it is difficult to make people understand what it was like growing up in a small town.
I explain we went outdoors and we hunted, fished, biked, rode horses; all the while the look on their faces is one of total confusion.
When i tell them we swim in ponds they sort of cringe, when i go on to say there were many of them; Ducker's pond, frog pond; bewilderment!
I try telling them about the parties in the cat lake hills and at the pit, "you mean you had a fire and people were drinking? At the same time?!"
Snowmobiles as transportation, no 24 hr stores on every corner, no gas on every corner. You knew most everyone, or they knew you or of you.
Meanwhile, they drive five wide, blow their horns, shoot each other, live in a box next to a box, hire the lawn mowed, have the cat washed, take the dog to day care, swim in pools, pay 100kfor cars, and they complain about traffic, noise, crime,urban sprawl,illegal immigrants,pool tax,and car insurance. City Dumbasses!
- roddski
Tell me what your thoughts about Blanchard.
- cddowers
Oct. 1, 2007
I grew up in North Long Beach and now am working there too. From the time I was growing up until now the city has gone to hell. It seem like the police don't do very much. They let that part of the city go to the dealers, hookers, and bums so that the rest of the city can thrive and look great. Well guess what, the people who are there know what is going on and we don't like it. For some reason there are preschools with liquor store opening up just across the street from them.. big NO NO.
Some where along the lines someone over looked this poor part of the city, but just remember, North Long Beach doesn't just border Compton, and have the Carmalitos, we also have Lakewood and Bixby Knolls to consider. So clean up the city or we will be one of the cities that no one wants to be in anymore and we will just be in a deeper hole that we can't dig ourselves out of. Something must be done, and done soon.
- LocaLcowgurL84
I have a question---does the Fultonham Cemetery Assoc. have a web site?
- koehler
I heard that this is the best city in Dekalb County to live in?
I hope so thats where I am moved to.
- gorgus2
I was trying to find out where the Wale ranch is on google earth . anyone know the lat and long of the H Q
- snowman123

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