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Sep. 30, 2007
I love this city. I've been here for twenty years now. It saddens me to know that my children can not even play through the sprinklers in the front yard. I do not live in total fear, in fact i try my best to keep things normal. Somehow though something must be done.
- juliestmarie
Sep. 29, 2007
Chowchilla is a beautiful town. We have many advantages living here. From chowchilla we can go to beaches, mountains for camping and hunting, nevada for gambling or our own casinos just 45 minutes away. There is nothing over and 8 hour drive from us that live here. We have several lakes for fishing just minutes awat from us. Our law inforcement may be beginners but they still keep the peace here. We have a serious drug problem in chowchilla but our drug forces are getting a tight grip on the sellers of these harmful drugs. Most chowchillans live a very quiet and uncomplicated life here. Were growing and welcoming the growth. Hopefully we will get a supercenter one of these days so all of our monies go to our town instead the outer laying cities. As the old go out and the new young ones come in chowchilla will grow.
- Rosey
Thinking about moving to Southlake and wanted to find out some pros and cons. Wish I had some pictures to look at of the town...
- mljensen
Sep. 28, 2007
Can someone tell me about Ola Idaho. Thank you.
- baredu
atwater lacks restaurants and fun places to attend.
- raysgolf

We moved here a little over 5 years ago knowing nothing about Washington. We found our house on the Internet. WOW! We love Washington!! The old houses, the history, the activities, the community, and all the businesses new and old. I never want to leave Washington. Would love to learn more about my community. Also can't wait for the new (meaning old) transformation of the old down town!!

One of the cons of living in Washington, is the older homes made into apartments. Hate it! I know most homes were made like this through the depression, but I wish people would turn those beautiful homes back into the beauties they are. Also I hate all the parking lots in down town. I know people need places to park but down town looks so flat. It is only my opinion. I stll love Washington!!!!
- thevancefamily
I just moved here from upstate NY. What a shock! I have seen and heard things that I thought were long gone. These people need to move on to the 21st century. The schools are very behind and the attitudes are worse. Religion seems to be behind every thought good or bad, mostly bad. If you are Gay or Lesbian, you will go to HELL! This is mostly pro-life so consequently there is a large amount of teen pregnancy here. Just wonderful, I guess no higher learning for them. What about birth control? Ever hear of it? Try teaching it to the teens out there. My daughter is homeschooled because of the way the schools are here, no freedom whatsoever. I am selling as soon as I can to get out of here.
- Laurette52
I am looking for any information about Albany Island in Chippewa County Michigan.
- Malcolm
Bentonville is becomming a nice little city. New City Mayor is doing a great job of moving the city forward.
- ladypeach
Sep. 27, 2007
I attended high school in Nanticoke in the late 1940s and have fond memories of very good and devoted teachers. At that time, the town had close to 26000 residents and, while in economic decline, remained a viable community. I visited about 6 years ago and did some research on the community and schools. The place has deteriorated enormously and I take it that the schools have too. A good secondary education was then a passage out to very good colleges and universities and most graduates fled to make lives elsewhere. I hope that NHS continues to serve that function.

Still, I have pleasant memories of many Nanticokians and Honey Potians. Evenings in the park, the long walk home from Honey Pot, a lively Main Street and Market Street on Friday evenings. That was more than a lifetime ago.
- david185
Can anybody tell me what it is like to live in Roseville ? My husband has a job offer in Roseville. We are seriously considering moving. We live in Winchendon, Mass right now, Just want to know if it is a busy area , or is it more country ? Thank you for any input you can give us to help us make our decision. Coreena
- CoreenaB
Lame Deer is tough to live in for 50 years
- ssob
I love my little town . it has been a safe place to bring up my children .
- jamesheim39301
does anyone have early history about the founding and development of Breedsville, MI?
Old photographs of the town and its early settlers through the 1960s?
- Rubies
The epicenter of growth in Loudoun County is the Dulles South area, and area nominally surrounding Dulles Airport and extending south into Prince William and east into Fairfax Counties. Information about this "hyper-growth" area is found mainly on Dulles South Online, at . Loudoun News, Loudoun Business, Loudoun Organizations...a lot of updated information and alerts are available.
- Dadministrator
Sep. 26, 2007
what is the medical and home care provider network like ?
- ynot
there is no place to party for adults within the city
- lamaluv
Driving past Damascus, NY on Route 17 my attention was taken by a huge sign placed along the entrance/exit to Damascus. The sign read "ADULT OUTLET." My wife and I noticed the same exact sign prominently placed in other communities along Route 17 in the Binghamton area. I hope that this extremely prominent sign was only recently placed there because it is difficult to understand how the community of Damascus, NY could long tolerate such an indignity. I hope that the residents of Damascus, NY (particularly Christians) will rally in a serious effort to have that sign taken down. It is an insult to every decent person living in Damascus, its environs and to drivers passing by.
Sincerely yours,
Roger and Barbara Verdesi
- isedrev75
"Where's Rosewood, Kentucky?" A common question asked, but well-known when you say, "It's where artist Lucinda Scharf lives and runs Rooti Patooti's Art Gallery in the old Cisney/Armstrong homestead.", or "It's where musician Merle Travis grew up.", or when you say, "It's where Sherman Armstrong, successful horse jockey of the 1950's, was born and raised and then had a horse farm." or, "You pass right through Rosewood just before you get to Lake Malone State Park and Everly Brothers Inn.". All know where Rosewood, Kentucky is, they just didn't realize the name of that talented hamlet on Route 973 connecting routes 181 and 431 in southwestern Muhlenberg County.
Rosewood, once named Cisney for the Cisney family, is a beautiful town with rolling hills and cliff sides which make Lake Malone so magnificent. It is the ideal setting for artist Lucinda Scharf to have her working studio and art gallery. Come up Rooti Patooti's tree-lined driveway & she'll give you a personal tour!
- softpastel is a local blog that has all types of information about Skaneateles NY. There are trivia posts, job openings, history buff posts, visitors posts, and several new contribution posts made by local residents.
Check it out if you want to know what Skaneateles NY is really all about, straight from the horses mouth.
- BrielComputer
The Childersburg Recreation Center caters to the boys in sports and offers very little for girls.
- bphickman
is there any public transportation to the island
- shadowcreeper420
Sep. 25, 2007
Very small town, every body knows everybody, small population, great sports program, teachers at the high school are very nice but strick, and there is are 223 in the hole school.
- Airbear
Visited Grafton VT in 1987 or thereabouts...intriguing little town...
It has a noise ordinance but the sheriffs department refuses to enforce it and the county commissioners refuse to revise it that it can be enforced. Our community has a rodeo that moved in recently and sometimes goes to the early morning hours. The sound can be heard over a mile away. The County Commissioners told us that nothing could be done about the noise because it was a scheduled event. My advice to anyone would be, "Don't move to Yancey County because the next rodeo may be in your back yard."
- jarhead
I'm considering to move to Jacksonville, close from the Florida Coastal Law School. Tell me more about its sorroundings.
- wandyssima
I have a chance to move there for a very wonderful position. I need a place to live. I would like the top floor of an old building. It can be one room, be nice if it had a shower and toilet, must be at least 1000 sq. ft. up to 3000. I will renovate/remodel if necessary. You may email me if you know/have such a place. msteri47 AT
- msteri47
what is is like to live in Union, Maine?
- jodiB
Osgood has a Great Coffeehouse. 703 North Buckeye.
812 689 6435
- willvincent
Sep. 24, 2007
Crawfordville was the home of Alexander H. Stephens, who served as a United States Congressman, Governor of Georgia and Vice President of the Confederate States of America (1861-1865). His home, Liberty Hall, is preserved as a part of the A. H. Stephens State Historic Park and is open for tours.
- jstephenconn
Ferry County does not have a paper, but Republic does. It is called The Republic Newsminer. Some Ferry County happenings are also covered by the Omak Chronicle.
- ferrycountycofc
My fiancee and I have been exploring Erie County all summer and nothing has impressed us as much as Bay View. All we did was drive through and stopped at one open house and we fell in love. We are wanting to move there in the spring, but we are not ready to buy. If anyone knows of rental property let me know. Quaint and beautiful!!!!!!!
- shellyparsons
Has anyone been to the Newberry Oktoberfest?
- im4unc
lived & born here i'd like pictures of fountain in square
- rr7533
is this a good place to relocate to? employment situation in Cimarron, NM
- smoker
Sep. 23, 2007
cultural foods, geograpic features, industries, important people, landmarks, claim to faim this place has it all.
- Lisade
who is this Helena Rafferty
- here
Sep. 21, 2007
This is not what our God or our Country wants. As the authority in the land have the two teens in question live together for six months. Move them to a nuetral place not too far from town ( or their close proximity) and have them live together, study together, eat together and get to know each other. If they will not get along without our help maybe they will with our help. Boys, stop letting someone elses hatred steer you. Take the time to know your enemies as your friends. You may be surprised they are not any different. The moment one of us wants to be on top we have a problem. Spend your time lifting each other up and you will have a friend by your side. This Country has only become strong when we gather together in unity. We cannot be united as seperatists. Stop being mean to each other. That goes for you husbands and wives too. Be forgiving and be considerate of the other. Put down your weapons and raise up your concerns for each other. Don't give into self! He's the enemy!
- JoeD
Sep. 20, 2007
The crime in Durham is average compared to other cities with similar populations. LOOK IT UP! Instead of using hearsay to form an opinion...
- durhamNC1
What is going on here?
- tinab
I agree. The Contra Costa Family Court System is very corrupted. Judges make rulings that are ambiguous and unclear as to have the parents go back to court for more litigation.

They claim that they are keeping the children's best interests in mind, but they don't care about the children because their rulings affect children more than anyone else.

Judges are particularly biased against fathers.

Something needs to be done about this!!!

Please join the Fathers 4 Justice movement.
- Fathers4Justice
I love it here!!
- Lyla
Sep. 19, 2007
I am searching for some history of semi professional baseball teams in Wilmerding in the early 1900's (1905-08 era). My grandfather owned and managed several teams during that time. His name was Frank Hammerle and he lived and worked in Wilmerding for the Westinghouse Airbrake Co. for many years.
Sep. 18, 2007
I lived there when I was growing up, and found the love of my life there... I losat her, and only saw her a couple of times since then...

I wish that I could find her again... Her name was Traci Drew... Anybody know her let her know that I have been missing her for quite some years now, and I still love her very much.
- CShands
Newburgh has a Senior Citizens Center located at 529 Jefferson Street (corner of Jefferson & Third street) We have Bingo on Tues after lunch and Bingo at 10:30am on Wednesday. We have jewelry making, watercolor painting, ceramics, clabber card club, exercise equipment and we serve lunch at 11:30 Monday thru Friday for $2.00
No fees to join - open 9:00 - 2:30 Come and join us anytime.
- seniorcitizens
Lehman, PA is a wonderful place to live, we have farmers' markets, nice neighbors, a beautiful lake and beautiful country to run. Unless you are a member of the Cross Country Team of Lake Lehman Jr Sr High School. The Township Supervisors would like to forbid the team from running on the roads. The committed parents of the runners are against this proposal.
- Emmett
Sep. 17, 2007
Point Roberts is attached to Canada, not the United States. Weird, huh?!!!
- Smarty
My husband will be working in Nichols SC and we are thinking of living in Conway SC because of colleges for our sons. Whiteville seems close to the Wilmington area and they have plenty of good colleges and my husband could still handle the commute. Which would you all choose? Is it too remote?
- YankeeCandle
How do we go about getting public water brought to our property in Leland? I have been told that there is one person holding that process up. Is there anything that I can do to make this happen or who do I have to talk to??? Can anyone help???
- wewantwater
Our company has just started a new office here in prichard
A to Z bail bonds and I belive prichard is fixing to shoot off like mobile. I have meet some great people here,very neighborly around here!
- Lauraaz
I'd like information on Leon County book #2. Both parents roots were firmly planted in Leon County.
- ekyle
Sep. 16, 2007
First of all the photo does not look like the streets i walked as a little boy. I remember buckled sidwalks foul air, crulmbing houses, grown men standing on courners with no job to go to. What has changed?
W. Griffiths mothers made name Holford of Copeland Ave.
- wford222
It is time to REALLY time do something about the very real stacking problem in Parsippany. Wake up politicians and do the job you were hired and/or elected to do. The tax ramifications caused by this problem is ridiculous. The BOE complains about the budgets getting defeated should jump on board and push government to "geterdun". Just look at the amount of school buses that stop at Tivoli gardens everyday. follow the kids to there door and you will find mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, maybe and aunt or uncle all living in a one bedroom apt. This is a disgrace, as well as being illegal. Wake up parsippany! I've seen to many changes for the worse over the past 40+ years I've been here.
- slowjoe
what are the main businesses in bishop
- bsines
Thinking of moving here -- are utilities expensive and food prices? What does Comcast charge per month for basic cable?
- Katzenjammer
Sep. 15, 2007
I left Harrisonburg recently and have been trying to contact the Weitzel Music Co.
Have they left or changed their name?
- riji
Sep. 14, 2007
I didn't care for Shirley too much. Too many mailings about local child molesters. Its nice if you want a cheap second home that serves as a beach house, otherwise I recommend people not to move there.
- leveller
Sep. 13, 2007
We have been here in Iuka for 2.5 months and absolutly love it. Judy and I retired here from Thompson, ND. The weather is great, the people are great and most of all it is a very safe community.
- rfoster
Grant Parish is a wonderful place to raise a family. I grew up here, went to school here, and have many friends and family here. I did move away for an extended period of time and saw that there are better ways of getting things done. However, Grant Parish still lives in the 19th century when it comes to forward thinking via our elected officials. Most who represent our area in both the local and state arenas are not qualified to hold that particular office. It's still the good-ole-boy way here and that is what is keeping Grant Parish down. Doesn't look good for this election either. (Just more of the same good-ole-boys running) There is always hope.
- DuckHunter
my grandmother grew up in church creek. we just came across photos of the house they lived in. unfortunaterly it burned down years ago but we ofter go visit the old lot. she remembers frequenting richardson's market and poleing in the river behind trinity church. her parents are buried ingolden hill cemetary but i have yet to find them. church creek is beutiful and i visit there often

terry mc
- terrymc
Sep. 12, 2007
I've enjoyed spending time in Kirksville. It's a great place to get away to. The people are friendly and it is relaxed place to be. I try to get there about once a month just to enjoy the easy life.
- cheyenne
i have never been to scolfield utah but i seen it on a google map. i would really like it if someone from that area would contact me i need information that is not on the web. i am interested in writing a book and using solfield as my model but there are soemthings the internet just cant tell you like a human being . so if anyone does read this from that area, i ll even settle for someone from the county,i would really like to talk

please contact me at

thank you
- miranda
Sep. 11, 2007
What is the job market down there like. I am planning to relocate very soon?
- jdevine
I am doing a research paper on Manning, SC and am attempting to find from residents their thoughts about the pros and cons of living in Manning, community social needs, the strengths of the city as well as the weaknesses. ll input will be on a non-attribution basis and appreciated.
- batterup55
Just signed on to this blog about Enola, Pennsylvania. Grew up on Susquehanna Avenue in the 50's, graduated from East Pensboro in1967. Every once in a while I get back to Enola when I visit my Dad.

My best memory as a child was playing in our dog house, making tree forts in the woods, playing baseball at "Whitey Reams", and building funky go carts to race down Susquehanna Ave.

Let's hear about your best memory
- Enolagrad
Sep. 10, 2007
Town has a nice garden stand called Kody's Crop.
Where did Mr Leimert live? 4001 Dublin? and his sister 3995 Dublin?
- dthomas
Fitzgerald, 2007
With most of our major manufacturing companies closing down, Fitzgerald is struggling to keep up with surrounding cities. The economic situation is not really that new to Fitzgerald it seems like the town is doomed to be this slowly evolving little town. Most of the people here are really down to earth, and have the whole southern hospitality thing down. In this town football is about the only thing people show any interest in. The only other thing I can think to mention is that the town is practically over run with chickens. They even have a wild chicken festival. Life goes by slower here I?m not sure if that?s good or bad.......
- SouthernNSardonic
PLEASE HELP! My family is planning a family reunion after losing contact with each other for 30+ yrs. My grandma lived at 7424 (?) Laura St., Downey, CA for many, many years, than died there. It would be so wonderful if we knew that her home still stood there. There was Warren School, with Old River Sch. Rd. in front. Laura St. came off of Old River Sch. Rd. The school was visable from Grandma's end drive way. Her house sat on south side of street (Laura St.) and 30+ yrs. ago, was 3rd (?) from corner of Old River Sch. Rd. & Laura St. It was a red brick with long driveway. Rumor had it that perhaps it had been torn down? Can anybody help with this question and a picture of house (if still there) would be so amazing and a wonderful surprise to all. Would appreciate hearing from anybody. Thanks so much, please email me at sharon.72064 AT
- sharon001
Sep. 9, 2007
I visited there for years, and was related by marriage to Gilbert and Mary Carpenter of Matunuck Beach Road. Have lost touch over the years and wonder how the area is doing. The beach is having problems from what I hear. Can you give me any news?
- grayhawk
I plan to visit this area of Miss. What should I see?
- wondergene
Bowed Radio at the Center Of The World
Center Of The World, OH, USA

Drive east on Ohio route 82 out of Cleveland en route to Warren and you'll come across a small unincorporated town called Center Of The World.

The town was founded by eccentric investor Randall Wilmott - father of the famed Pennsylvania Congressman David Wilmott - who planned for it to become a major industrial center for Northeast Ohio. When the railroads came to the area, it was nearby Warren, Ohio that got the railroad contracts. Local population and industry promptly moved to be near the local railroad hub, causing Center Of the World and many other communities to disappear, leaving only their geographic boundaries.

Center Of The World is like an airport -- you are not supposed to stay here longer than you have to. No cultural center exists here at all, apart from a tavern called The Lucky Inn that serves fried chicken and spirits -- not even a church or a school. And all local signage serves to direct you outward. Apart from the Lucky, there's a tax preparer, a gun shop, a gas station, and a furniture store. Three out of ten commercial buildings here have been abandoned. That said, there are many beautiful and well-kept homes clustetred here - I would estimate the residential population here at about 300.

I have been absolutely fascinated by this place ever since I heard that it existed.

Please stop by and visit my photo gallery Pictures From the Center Of The World. Thanks!

Mark Allender
Host-Producer, Bowed Radio
8 Sept, 2007
- zzzuucx
what can you tell me about flint texas?
- rockaway1
Sep. 8, 2007
I curently live on Long Island NY and I've had all I can take and need a new place to call home. I'm 39 and need to have been looking in the Raleigh area and realised I need to be closer to the water. Wilmington Doesnt feel right and I need to learn more about the the Dare county ecomonomie and housing market. Can anyone help?
David PLEASE HELP: ijedi AT
Great place to raise a family; retirement is peaceful here.
- 6699dog
As a new resident to the area, I am taken back by the beauty and lushness of living in this county in the Bankhead National Forest. We have been embraced and welcomed into our neighborhood by wonderful, caring individuals. But I am appauled by the amount of trash that litters the Wilderness Parkway and Hwy 63. I would hate to think I move into an area that is populated with lazy and ill-responsible residents that cannot properly take care of their trash. When questioned, I was also informed that Winston County does not have the resources to clean up this trash. Shame on the citizens and county commissioners of Winston County not to care and fund this activity.
- pnydoc
Thinking about moving here, tel me about it.
- AlwaysLate
Sep. 7, 2007
AS a child, we drove through North Blandford on the way to Long Pond to go fishing. My dad told me that at one time, perhaps before his early days even, that North Blandford had more population that Blandford proper.

I was born and brought up in Blandford, but moved away in 1961 only to go back and visit relatives when we are in the area.

I have recently been asked by a cousin about the history of North Blandford and I could only go on what my dad told me back some 40 or 45 years ago.
- HRJRArizona
Can anyone tell me the current population of Meredithville, Va? When i lived there in the early 60's, it was 60. (My family raised the population 10% when we moved there). Thank you.
- slraffo
Hi Lenore, My name is Linda Elliott but my maiden name is Anderson. My dad was Marion or "Pinky" Anderson. He was born in Red Oak in 1917 and I believe he graduated in 1935. I am sad to say he passed away in 1996. If you knew him would you please respond. I would love to hear any stories about him in his high school days. You can e-mail me at alytherehn AT Sincerely Linda Elliott
- alytherehn
Sep. 6, 2007
New Orleans is my city until the day I die. I was hurt when Katrina hit and took my home away, but it will always be my home in my heart. LONG LIVE NEW ORLEANS!! If you were born and raised there as I was, then you would know what I'm talking about. It's a hurting feeling to watch your city drown and watch all the people that were still out there, as well as myself, includin the people that died by the hands of military and police officials.
- QueenJoka
Bowling Green, MO is a pleasant town for the most part. Quiet community, friendly people. Beautiful wildlife, squirrels, cardinals and Blue Jays can be seen romping happily. Its just sad when people trap the animals in live traps and leave them in there for hours and hours and its permitted by the town.
- nascarkitten08
Looking for any relatives of George and Rhoda HAWKINS buried in Panama Union Cemetery. They are my great great grandparents.
- WHawkins
Sep. 5, 2007
why is it palm coast is nothing but a community to reside in, yet its not a community that you can live in? Dont park on the grass, dont park a trailer in your back yard, dont work on your car in your drive way, what ever you do, don't let anyone see that you actually live in your home!!!!!!!!
Get a code violation, now its permanant record and you now have a file, also the code violations will carry over to the next person that buys your home!!!!!! I had a problem with a car that I need to get repaired, palm coast ,in their infinite wisdom, advised me and I quote" IF you can afford to live in palm coast, you can afford to have your car towed to a garage" , People wake up this is just the tip of the iceberg, all working families are systematically being fored to move out of the area, the rules and laws being imposed are overkill, and those that govern palm coast, will not listen to anyone that complains. The time for unity has come. We need to take our city back!!!!!!
- madashellman
Does anyone know Huldah Lord, who was living in North Berwick when the 1850 U.S. census was taken?

She was renting rooms to my great-great-grandfather, Alexander Bloomfield, who came there from New Brunswick, Canada.

I am searching for genealogical information regarding Huldah Lord and her family.

Please contact <happyliontamer AT>.
- wiscoman333
I grew up in edgerton mo, Its a quiet town and evryone knows ya. For being a kid it gave me the freedom to roam the town without having to worry about getting nabbed or shoot. To this day it still is a quiet town and i will be moving back once i retire from the military next year.
- Billydean
Meadows Place is a great little city on the edge of Fort Bend County. Has a great location, it's own Police Force, VERY low crime rates, exemplary schools and is a fun place to live and raise kids. It is a friendly, active community that encourages commmunity input and offers many ways for its residents to become involved. It offers pretty parks, a baseball leage and swim teams for the kids yet there is easy access to major metropoltain ammenities for adults. There are also several colleges nearby for adult continueing education. Meadows Place works hard to ensure and protect the quality of life that has made it a place for mutliple generations of families to live. Strong zoning and code enforcement laws are stricty enforced to protect the homeowners investment. A great place to live.
Sep. 4, 2007
Traveling from Tn. east on I-40. Speed limit had been 70 m/hr thru mountains. Stopped within Statesville city limits & cited for doing 75 in a 60 mi/hr speed zone. Officer asked inappropriate questions related to our destination, etc. When asked about where the 60 mi/hr speed limit was posted the officer responded about a mile back.
Did not encounter speed limits for cities on the I-40 corridor below 65 m/hr - even in highly populated areas such as Greensboro. I encouraged my husband to appear in court - never had a speeding ticket in 27 yrs of driving. Then noticed the citation contained the most skewed charges I have ever noted on a ticket. Only a $30 charge for speeding, but a $120 court fee! So even if you appear and have the charge dropped the city of Statesville will still be able to stick it to you with a $120 fee! And it was so easy to pick off our family van with it's out of state license plate because we we not traveling with the pack at approximately 80mi/hr.
- phines
Does anyone have any information about living in or near Pine Castle, Florida?
- rebekah
Sep. 3, 2007
Hey was there a carnival in dover today 9/3?
- jonnyd
Pine Island is one of the largest and least developed of all the islands in Florida. Pine Island is unique in that most of it is zoned agricultural and there is low density zoning. Miles of great bike paths, lots of tropical fruit farms and nurseries, and many opportunities for fishing, boating, kayaking and canoeing.

There are some historic buildings dating back to the 1930's and a nice historic Museum of the Islands. Also Caloosa Indian mounds and a ferry to the outer islands of Cayo Costa and Cabbage Key.

There are few cookie cutter subdivisions, unlike most of southwest Florida, and there is sense of live and let live. Lots of art galleries and telephone poles painted by local artists. Pine Island is the kind of place where you can keep a burro in your back yard, and I do!

Pine Island is surrounded by Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound and Matlacha Bay.
- erikafoye
Its been about 10 yrs since I lived in Petersburg. I have not forgotten about the place since I left. I wish I could have stayed, and I wish I were able to return.
Petersburg is such a great place to live and be. Everyone there is so friendly, and made wonderful neighbors. I really miss being there. The community cared about it's younger folk also. There was always some activity provided for them. Be it movies, plays in Albany, roller skating, etc. The library always provided some sort of intertainment.
Let me not forget the view! We lived on an old farmhouse, on Canfield Rd. Surrounded by mountains and woods, it was a beautiful place. I hope it hasn't changed.
- lfern
Well some of the people there are friendly but when it comes to city hall well they are lazy and they dont fix the roads the people there have a bad time when it rains. They dont fix pot holes to stay fixed. They change rules to fit thier needs not the citizens. There is nothing there but a store a tire shop a&j millworks spade co-op dairy mart and maybe a few others. No jobs there.The drive can consist of 12 to 50 miles to get a job. The mayor and city hall are vendictive and will come after you for crap that is silly.
- honey57
Sep. 2, 2007
How is Lancaster, Calif? a good place to move to?
- bettyfsmith
It's a beautiful area. But some of the people are way too clickish and obnoxious to outsiders moving in. It's a real shame some people have to be that way. But with a town this small, it has a definite impact.
- kenbo
i lived in Madrid NM from 1986-1987. i really liked it there. the populace was rather eclectic, which meant that you were pretty much accepted for who you were. we lived in an old three room house with an outhouse. my youngest son was born while we were living there.

i worked at the Mine Shaft Tavern (which was also a restaurant and a major social gathering place). it had a really nice atmosphere and live music on the weekends.

the only slightly negative thing that i remember is that the well water had a really strong sulfur odor. we would put it in plastic milk jugs for a couple of days and the plastic would absorb the smell. later, we paid a small fee to join the water cooperative in Cerrillos and haul our water - they had a spring fed water source.

some of my happiest memories are of sitting on the front porch overlooking the town in the cool evening air, sewing on my son's baby quilt. i haven't been back since 1992, but i hope to return and see what it is like now.
- dscootermama
I'm looking for information about Aetna, KS or the red rock canyon areas in southern central Kansas which I think extend into northern Oklahoma.

Hope to find some tent camping areas, scenic spots for promising fishing and perhaps a small place for a retire-ment retreat.

Any info, please e-mail me. Thanks! Jim Miller
- jmmann60
Sep. 1, 2007
I am thinking about moving to the area and was wondering if there is anything I should know.
- Darcyjwcc
Need information on Cameron and Carthage

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