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Apr. 30, 2008
Reserve is a small mountain community with beautiful mountain views. its a nice place to visit, but the gas stations gouge on gas, fill up before you get here.
I live in a small community just outside reserve called rancho grande estates. the water company there also gouges on water, charging $600 to turn your chlorine water on.
if you share water with some one unfortunate enough not to be able to afford $600, they will shut your water off.
otherwise not to bad of an area. best to keep to yourself. small towns talk, nothing is secret.
- noreserve
Apr. 29, 2008
East Meadow is a great community, central to many activities, including parks, beaches, shopping, and transportation. I have lived here for over 5 years and have nothing but nice things to say
- liappraiser
What is Saint George like?

Am looking into moving to SG this Fall, would like to get some answers to questions about many aspects of lifestyle and what it's like?

I can also be reached directly at:
- drwsur
My husband and I are moving back to New England. Nahant has peaked our interest can anyone tell me what life is like living in Nahant? Thanks for your time, Nancy
- nancyvonb
Apr. 28, 2008
Bruce, Ms is a wonderful place to live and to visit. Bruce offers excellent hotel lodging in the Cart Barn Inn @ Yoda Creek. It is a 10 room Inn w/ luxury accommodations. Yoda Creek Golf Club offers great golfing, driving range, clubhouse and grill. Also available at Yoda Creek is excellent living in Yoda Creek Estates. Beautiful homes on the golf course at a fraction of the cost in neighboring towns. The Bollinger Family Theatre is a 350 seat live performance theatre showcasing singing and comedy. There is also Megan's Menagerie where one can ride horses, take riding lessons, and visit a zoo. There are excellent restaurants located in Bruce. Come to Bruce, park on the square and shop all the wonderful, unique shops that offer one of a kind and unique things. Visit Roy Box and his unique and unusual creations. Roy can see something on the side of the road and take it home and create an eagle, a ferris wheel, a swing that once you sit down you never want to get up again.

Bruce has one of the only dairy farms in the country. Lou would like for you to come by and see the cows being milked. If you come to Bruce you will be tempted to purchase a home on the golf course, pick up your clubs and head for hole # one. Go by the clubhouse and sit on the veranda and eat lunch, Bruce is located 24 miles south of Oxford, Ole Miss and a convenient place to stay for football, sports or any event in Oxford. So close to Oxford you will be on campus in less than 25 minutes and not have to fight to find a parking place or a good place to eat. 39 miles to Tupelo, 39 miles to Wellspring/Toyota plant, 67 miles to Starkville, MSU football. Great shopping and an excellent place to stay. Sit on the Cart Barn Inn porch overlooking the Yoda Creek Golf course. Cart Barn Inn will provide luxury and a hot southern breakfast, Swim in the 30x60 pool. Bruce, the perfect place to be. Bruce is located in the middle of everything. Stop and see us. You will be glad you did.
- nkt

Apr. 25, 2008
This town is a hidden jewel in the White Mountains of New Hampshire but I wish it weren't (hidden that is). Many businesses in this town would benefit if more people knew there was a place like this surrounded by mountains, yet close to beautiful lakes (eg.Squam Lake of "Golden Pond"fame). Yes, we have the ski area which has hosted World Cup events, but we also have 17 clay tennis courts and hiking and biking trails in every direction. Okay - we don't have it all - there's no "Mickey D's" or "B King" and neon lights are not allowed by Town ordinance. Somehow, we don't miss the golden arches blocking our views of pink sunrises on the tips of the mountains or the orange sunsets ushering in the cool nights in summer. Simple - it's a great place to live.
- troper
I was born in Mechanicsburg and grew up in Marysville, but moved to another state in 1961. I couldn't ask for a better town to grow up in. I remember the Carnival every year, sledding down the hills in winter, and how the grown ups liked hunting season every year! Even the evergreen on top of the "mountain" north of Valley Street (where I lived) is still there! I have so many childhood memories of growing up in Marysville. Everything was so peaceful and carefree back then. I now live in Texas and try to visit my hometown but have not been back since 2000. When I do visit, I always enjoy driving around Marysville and see things I remember as a child. Fortunately, not much has changed and it still has that wonderful small town appeal. My sister, Bonnie Schlusser, and two nieces still reside in Marysville. Although I live in Texas, Marysville will always be my "hometown."
- Dalezimmerman
I was a single Mom raising two boys in Cairo back in the 70's-80's. It was the best place to raise them, and our hearts are still there 30 years later. We have nothing but good memories.
- LauriePhelps
Apr. 24, 2008
We're (the NH Caucus for Art) having a fundraiser on May 17th at the Parish Hall in Canterbury from 6:00-8:00 called Fiddles & Food with the Bradford Bog People, lasagna and an art raffle to raise money for our annual art scholarship.
- janetkingart
I have lived in Mottville for over 8 years and love it! If you love the outdoors (hunting, fishing, etc), dislike city life and want to be away from it all but not to far, this is the place to be. Mottville sits on the St Joe river. You can fish or launch you boat either below the dam or above the dam. Many lakes are nearby and plenty hunting land. Larger cities are within 30 minutes with Detroit & Chicago within 2 & 1/2 hours. The toll road is 5 minutes away. This is a great quite little village. Yes we have some riftraft, but all communities do. While you are here, be sure to visit Jaywalkers restraunt with a view fo the river and bridge and if you are here on a Sunday, you will recieve a warm welcome at Mottville Bible Church at the corner of Thomas & 12.

- mdbender11
Hi: I used to live in Cabin John and went to elementary at Clara Barton and later went to Brookmont Elementary, Brookmont, Maryland. I also attended Western Jr. High, Richard Montgomery H.S. and graduated at Lackey Jr. Sr. High, Indian Head, Maryland.

Most of my family was from Cabin John, Glen Echo and Brookmont. I also lived at Lockhouse #8 before I was adopted to Lennie & Florence Shoemaker.

'Jeannie' Shoemaker
- ltljeannie
If there is anyone who is going to need logding in Cave City, DO NOT GO TO THE KNIGHTS INN ON DOYLE. It is awful. The rooms smell from mildew and the walls of the room we were given were all stained. I did not stay at this inn yet they still charged me for the night. I am trying to go through corporate to get a refund because the owner Percy will not return calls.

Do yourself a favor and go to the Best Western across the street it is clean, and great!
- marie52
Apr. 23, 2008
Greetings Shelbvillians (I suppose that's how I should say it, please correct me if i am wrong). I am from out of State and would like for locals to give tell me some things about your great city Shelbyville. What's exciting about such a small place? What does locals do to have fun there? I'm from Texas, a city with population of ~36K, about 60 miles north of Dallas. We are practically on the Texas Oklahoma border. It's a good city to raise kids, not too big, not too small. We could improve in the intertainment arena. What's with this title of PoDunk? Is that negative or positve? Perhaps someone can expain that to a Texan.

I am looking forward to your responses.
- nlawson
I am trying to locate photos of the Southern Hotel in the early 1900's. Any idea of where I can find them?
- LynnMcIntire
any info on central wyoming college
- kgd1949
Following the suggestion of a history buff, my BF and I went hiking along the St. Mary's River looking for Reid's Bluff. Found it without even using a map, just took Crandall Road north all the way to the river, and walked along the dirt roads and paths until we got to an unusually rocky area. Probably 50 feet above the river level. Some sort of old stone or concrete ruins overlooking the river here. Will try to find out more from the Library next week.
- JacksonGrrl
People who visit Emmett for the first time are most often taken by the incredible view of the valley as you descend from Highway 16, the main corridor into the valley. It appears like a picture postcard with the green & gold fields & orchards neatly laid out, mature trees, & the Payette River running through the middle of the valley. Squaw Butte Mountain stands majestically to the North watching over the valley. There is something that gets in your blood when you stand at the 911 Memorial on Freezout Hill & take in the view.
We stood there seven years ago on a spring day, it was very different from what we were used to. Something seemed to draw us to this valley & we let it, becoming Gem county residents in 2001.
I love this little valley with it's own pace, friendly people & wide open feel. It's a bedroom community to Boise where many commute for work but the best part of the day is coming home to Emmett; it will draw you back all over again.
Love It, Live It, Emmett, I DO!
- DiCluff
Apr. 22, 2008
I lived in Caryville from 1951-1955 (yes, it was a loooong time ago). At that time, there were 3 sawmills, a veneer mill, a planer mill, 3 grocery stores, 1 cafe, a bus station, hotel, post office and grammar school, grades 1-8; grades 9-12 were bussed to Bonifay. I had a lot of really good friends in Caryville, but we moved around a lot and I lost touch with all of them. Would love to read more about people who still live there now. Please post on blog.
- bluebonnet
The Braxton County Fair is a great place to take your family. The pay one price fee lets my kids ride as much as they want. I don't understand why the other person was so down on the fair. It has everything I expect from a county fair - great music (in 2007 they had Diamond Rio!); a horse pull; livestock shows; mud bog...not to mention all the great food. For the price, I don't see how you could expect any more!! I've never noticed any problems with security, and it's not any dirtier than any other place 10000 people have been!

It's great - you should bring your family to the Braxton County Fair!
- bcgirl
Looking to relocate to small gulf coast town, could someone please tell me about Dunedin.
- bandida5
What would it be like to live in Magoffin County as a newbie?
- KYwannabe
Apr. 21, 2008
what is San Jacinto County Like? I am new to it and don't know much about it. Please let me know. Thank you so much.
- Ablackmann
tell me the pros and cons of las cruces
- jamocerino
the only thing that i do not like about gridley is that it has nothing for teenagers and young couples who are not able to go out to the bars or clubs to do there's really nothing for young people to do
- lilmomma8868
pro and con about haverstraw
- lourdes
Wonderful neighborhood. The only problem is the number of cyclists on the road. As a cyclists, it is a great area. From an automobilists aspect, the sheer number of cyclists on the small 2 lane roads poses a safety problem.
- mlyerly
Who has any information about the Marion Butler or William Shaffer families? Is there a place to see pictures of people and places in the Uhichsville-Dennison area? Do you have a historical society? I have some old pictures but don't know the names of most of the people in the picture.
- carolmcgrew
The perfect blend of hometown charm and big-city sophistication-just minutes from the North Georgia Mountains while still easily accessible to Atlanta and its many attractions-Alpharetta offers visitors the best of both worlds.

Groups of all sizes and individuals of all ages will take delight in Alpharetta. From heart-pounding indoor racing to authentic off-roading, an adventure awaits you in Alpharetta. Geo-cache to find hidden treasure in our City. Or, visit a local theatre to catch a play, then play in one of our award-winning parks. Appease the appetite at any one of Alpharetta's more than 200 restaurants. Soothe the soul at a local spa so you can shop 'til you drop in our seven unique shopping districts. And, take time to relax in any of 23 upscale and modern hotels in Alpharetta. Whatever you choose an awesome adventure awaits your arrival in Alpharetta.
- AlpharettaCVB
Apr. 20, 2008
Again, we strongly urge all communities everywhere especially North East at this time to check megans website for your childrens' safety. The laws prevent other people including law enforcement to inform you of sexual predators in your area. You HAVE to be the responsible ones in order to ensure the safety of your women and children. Good luck and remember, be aware. Thank you.
- enraged
I lived in Prairie Grove, Arkansas for 2 yrs & loved it
- rmburnside
Apr. 18, 2008
Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities in Iowa.They have the best cheeseburgers on the planet.( Only my opinion,of coarse.)Also, my late step dad was born there.If your ever near Huxley (Iowa),it's worth checking out.No,seriously!
- artman
I am new here in Buckeye, Arizone except for gas prices it has been ok. I was very dissapointed last night when we had a home invasion. I am writing this to warn others in Buckeye and all across the nation. I spoke to a lady that works in ER at hospital. Tells me lots of this going on.
Lock your doors. Protect your self. For those that got away with ID's and more, You will get caught. Only thing I do feel certain of. If not in this life, you will be answering to the highest authority, GOD.

- OldHippi
Fairfax County is too large and, as a result, the few officials in control determine what can happen to your established neighborhood. My neigborhood, Hollin Hall Village, was a quiet and good place for your children to grow up and play. That was until Fairfax County fought its citizens to permit a builder to build 2 houses (defacto R-5 zoning) where one house once stood (zoned R-3 district) thereby increasing the density without a rezoning.

The purpose and intent of the Zoning Ordinance includes the protection of established neighborhoods. Fairfax County officials need to respect all of its residents and not the few who demolish existing homes to increase the density of an environmental sensitive area (Little Hunting Creek Watershed). I spent over 2 years trying to get answers and action from our elected representives. Because the County is too large, it is easy to ignore the problems in one small area. This is not good government, nor is it government by the people.
- cmvoorhees
Looking forward to the things getting straightened out soon. Pray for the children and the people who protect them. Beware of the sick, disgusting predators that lurk in your neighborhood. Check Megans website daily!!!
- enraged
Licking County is well a big sports county. In the past year Heath has won 2 state titles (Track / Baseball), Newark Catholic won a state title in Football, and Newark High won their 4th D1 state title in basketball and is the 3rd most winningest basketball program in the state! Also Licking Valley got state runner up in Football this past year, Licking Heights always has a good track team and Utica tied a school-record 18 wins in a regular season in basketball this year posting an 18-2 regular season and back to back conference titles in basketball! Also Granville has a very good Lacrosse team as well!

If your looking for tourism you could always find something here whether it's Dawes Arboreteum or looking at the world's tallest basket, which is actually a 7-story office building on the inside, or you could spend a night at the Cherry Valley Lodge which is one of the nation's Top 100 hotels to stay at, and they also have an indoor waterpark! So come visit Licking County Today!
- champs08
Apr. 16, 2008
Pros: Very nice little town and safe for adults.
Cons: Not safe for children at all.
Pros: Child abuse can be reported.
Cons: Nothing will be done to protect them.

Cons: Investigations are not taken seriously.
Pros: Investigators can be investigated.
Cons: There are many laws to protect the criminals.
Pros: People don't need to depend solely on the law to protect children. Remember....and Thank You.
- clr8422002
I was born in Mont Vernon on January 6, 1937. When I was ten years old we moved to California. Who can tell me about Mount Vernon and how it has changed? Thank you.
- arleneval
Apr. 15, 2008
I am new to the area. Are there opportunities for moms with babies to meet other moms.
- cwolf
Alton IN is a very small town with about 20 houses, no stores,or gas station. But if very Friend to people who go to Alton IN. They are set rigth on the Ohio River, and have a good Free Boat ramp, Good Place to go boating, and camping. They Have Camp sites for sales.
- abmb74
I am considering retiring in a few years and would like to settle in west chester,pa based on several nice comments from people who think I'd love it. I would enjoy comments from those who know the town well.

I'd like to be in a place that has a diverse age group. NOT in a 55+ community...too boring and contrived for my taste. I'm active in community and Church life where I live, as is my husband. He likes to golf.

We both like a 'small town' feel with pretty stores and a sense of history in the community.

I'd like to find a newer townhome. Would appreciate comments.
- mamadukes
Apr. 14, 2008
Eliza Island is Whatcom Counties great escape. Eliza is a private island with a small airstrip, floating just across the bay from Bellingham. Recent construction on the island has proven to hold with the long history the island has as part of our community. In this islands history it has sustained a canary, boatyard and cat farm... another story.

contact us for more information about Eliza Island.
- landingcraft
I'm planning a trip across the country in June ,A part of this is a stop at Randlett. This is the town of my mothers birth. She was born in 1914. Her parents had a farm and lived there until she was 10 years old. My mother told me that her Mom and Dad were also teachers there. My mother had four older siblings. They all helped with the chores. I am am wondering if there might be some information in regards to early settlers in Randlett /cotton County. Perhaps someone may have heard stories about this area from older residents. Any information will be appreciated.

My grandparents were Roy and Viola Martin. My mother was Emma Alice Martin .
- emmaoffspring
Altoona has some great landscape features which
lends itself well to aerial photographs. Whether for selling real estate or for putting on your brochures, mapping, etc.
If you need a resource to hook you up with a good
pilot and photographer, check out this site:

<a href="">Aerial photography Altoona Pennsylvania</a>
- Aerial
I have a current blog about Dartmouth, MA and it's current override/financial woes. It is from a newcomer/parent perspective. Recently shifted to positive 'pull up our own bootstraps' blog for interested parties to join & help out. See for details
- momof3npt
MEMORIES OF A COAL CAMP KID, by W. C. Stump (Harlan County) is on eBay this week. 1941-1960
April 12, 2008
- misskittybook
Im an old friend of mayor Mark Zegarelli.We grew up in New Hartford NY.I wish to make contact with him,Its been over thirty years since we 've seen each other.Could you pass on this info,thanks
- wrenchhair
Newark has a great art Museum, and a really good performing arts center. It's has a nice new arena for hockey and concerts. But I wouldn't want to live there.
- markrc
Apr. 13, 2008
I was three years old when we moved to Deer Island Oregon in 1959. My father farmed eighty acres there, with Tide Creek running through our property. It was beautiful, and I loved it. We had a big white house with a full basement in it. During the rainy days me, and my sister Mary would play in the basement. I went to Goble grade school, starting in first grade. Mrs. Tetrick was my teacher. We had neighbors down the road whose last name was Endicott. And just past their home was the Browns. My best friend was Cindy Nace. Wer were in the same class at school. I would often go to her house and we would ride her horse. My father did a lot of work on our farm. He planted lots of flowers, and he always had a vegetable garden. In 1963 my dad died. My heart broke. We moved from Deer Island right after that. I have always missed it. It was my home and it was beautiful. I dream about it still. I would love to see our old farm land with Tide Creek running through it.
- charlesgirl
Grenada is the home of The Dogwoods, a golf course located at Hugh White State Park. This course is set in the natural surroundings of the park with as little disturbance to the beauty as possible. At any given time one may see deer and other creatures roaming the fairways and, sometimes, even snakes, etc. in the side woods.
It is very hilly and not an easy course to play. It is truly a challenge to both the duffer and the more experienced players. It has been named by Golf Digest as one of the top 5 courses in the country to be played at under $75.00 per round.
- mamaj
I was born in Fort Valley, Georgia when Peach County was still part of Houston County. I remember it as a wide-awake little "railroad town" on the direct route between Atlanta and Florida. I can close my eyes and envision the miles and miles of peach blossoms every spring. Never,ever "bought a peach". I remember the truck loads of watermelons rumbling through town. Never,ever "bought" a watermelon either. Then there was Mr Hileys little cart where we could buy the "best little sack" of boiled peanuts for 5cents. Anyone left who remembers Pete and Gus' Candy kitchen and the best hot dogs in the whole state?
- davidsonoth
Apr. 12, 2008
The great thing about Forest City is being able to raise your children in a small town. The everyone knows your business helps with that. However there is a small disadvantage to that also, Every one sticks their nose in your business. I have lived here almost my entire life since I was 13 and of the last 20 years I have not the neatest yard. I have several cars in my yard that do not have a liscense. I am not the only one in town who has unliscesed cars there are several with more cars than myself. One of the main ones is on City Council however everyone seems to think that my yard is the worst in town. I have gone to counsil meeting stating that if I am going to have to move all my cars than everyone else should too. I do belive that is discrimination if you just point out one person. I have made a citizen upset with me and he has taken it as a personal agenda to make me miserable and it is working. I guess he just wants me to move out of town.
- judged
North Shore is located in southeastern Riverside County (not San Bernardino County). Far from being a deserted community, we are growing from the sleepy days of retirees and relocated off-roaders who just wanted to live where they used to camp. Although the sign says there is a population of only 500, it hasn't changed in well over 25 years.

The breathtaking beauty here has drawn artists for 100 years. The desert scenery here is known worldwide thanks to artists like Hilton, Forsythe, Swinnerton, Dixon, Yeckley, Klinker, Bender and many others from the 20's on. Our sunsets and sunrises will take your breath away. Where else can you enjoy your own campfire and sunset on a daily basis, in your own yard?

One can hear the constant joyful singing of songbirds here, and not just occasionally, but from sunup to sundown. Being on the Pacific Flyway, we are blessed with their presence during the migrations.
- corralgal
City Administractor appears to be doing a good job. Any question asked is ansered or told with it possibly can be answered. I would like to see the codes be brougth current as promised. It appears it has been delayed for some reason. This would help all in moving forward. When is the latest promise finish date?
Apr. 11, 2008
Cuba NY is a really beautiful place.
- joshron99
How about the economy here in Florida? Everyone is feeling this recession. Especially the lower class. Not that they dont always feel it but now with the real estate market and all the foreclosures it makes the matter worse.
- jdouglas17
You would think with a name like Welcome, this rural town would be most welcoming. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is anything but. The town is full of crazies who complain and gossip from morning to night. The apartments there have more rules than one can count and a lease about 90 pages long to say the least. Instead of welcoming you, they will wonder what you are doing in their town if you didn't grow up there, and if you didn't, then you aren't welcome.
- lillycreek
Apr. 10, 2008
I would like to hear from residents of Finger,tn there experiences of living there; There everday life there activities that are present there.
Is there reasonable priced stores there. Dose anyone of a cave that lies on finger and leapwood road off Marcus Lott road I do belive it is called Synder cave 1963 is what it had inscriped on this rock that I found behind this old house that use to stand there and now it is fell down and there still stands an old chimmey and remains of where this house stood.. Anyways I need to find out if anyone knows of this cave and the history on this cave.. I came across it and am very intrested in it.
- Betty2534

Massapequa, New York

Sunday May 4th, 2008

AMVETS Post 88 is hosting the Loyalty Day Parade in Massapequa. At 1:00 p.m., rain or shine, the parade will begin at the corner of North Utica Avenue and Broadway in North Massapequa, traveling south on Broadway and concludes at the corner of New Hampshire Avenue. Help us make this a great success. Bring your family and help salute those who are serving and those who have served.

Contact Information:

Ray Easley, Sergeant Major

AMVETS Post 88

Phone: 1-516- 742-8995

- ridamart
Apr. 9, 2008
I graduated from Mahaffey high in 1938 i would like to hear from any one from Mahaffey or La jose Pa .

- erniewh
News of events and crimes that has happened
- Summertime
A lot of the folks buried there I knew. A lot of the people there now were not there 50 yrs ago. I was. What they think is way to high tech for what it was. My grandfather, his brothers and sisters, his mom and dad were native there. And most are buried in the cemetary. Hell, I fished with most of the relatives and the Burkes. John
- ov10bronco
Is there a campground in Friends Creek? We have an RV
and need to know if there is anywhere legal to park it.


- smorland
Blog about Carnation, Washington
- maltim
Can anyone tell me what it is like living in white county ga
- parisip
Apr. 8, 2008
where can I read a blog about Petaluma?
- dyoung
Any info on Palisade, Colorado would be much appreciated.

I am considering moving to Palisade,CO.
I am a young hardworker (general labor and culinary background). I am interested in using my skills on a farm, ranch, or bed and breakfast (I also have experience in inn reservations and other front desk work). I have am NOT afraid to work, I love to cook, bake and be outdoors.
I will need room and board provided as well as an TBD salary. However, I would be of minimum bother with a quiet, friendly dispostion. Can do well with others as I come from a traditional, bigger than average, family of good reputation.
I will not be moving immediately as I am currently employed and finishing my A.A.S. Degree in Business and Marketing locally. However, I am wishing to collect ANY info that anyone can provide.
I am very anxious for a response.
Please email me at
Thanks so much for your time.
- rb0202904
I was rised in Zellwood, FL. My father built our home on Round Lake Rd., and along with my grandfather, George Medlin, started 'The Foliage Factory'.
Growing up in Zellwood was kind of lonely for little girls, because the nearest friend was at least a mile away. We definitely got our exercize, riiding our bikes to wherever we had to go.
The best part was that my father was a crop duster in Zellwood, so we got to be part of the famous corn festival every year.
Unfortunately in 2002 my brother took his own life on the very road we grew up on. And to my disappointment it seems Zellwood is being overcome with drugs.
I would love to start a historic museum in Zellwood, preferably at the old Osborn house, and try to turn Zellwood, my home town, into a thriving community.

Tammy Treadwell-Morris
- tammytread
Fairfax County is a great place for tennis players. There are many great quality public tennis courts in the County with lights and practice walls. They are listed on various government website but you'll find a nearly complete listing on
- stemcb135
Apr. 7, 2008
I wouldn't step foot in Lancaster, PA except to stage a protest. The entire county is riddled with puppy mills owned by horrible people who breed dogs in deplorable "kennels". Many of these puppies die before they are swept away from their mother at a young age and crammed in a truck and then sold to various pet shops. If you want some pictures from Lancaster County's puppy mills, just go to and click on Lancaster, PA. But don't be surprised if you can't sleep.
- belfrybats
Apr. 6, 2008
Your website says that Georgetown was named for George II. That is incorrect. Georgetown was named for George Beall(Bell) son of Ninian Beall a Scottish Patriot who settled in Largo ,Md. and owned 20,000 acres in what is now DC including the Rock of Dumbarton. George Beall owned the land in what is now Georgetown. A search of the 1783 land census of Maryland will confirm this as will simply looking in the 4/06/08 Washington Post comics "Flashbacks" . The map showing "Hamburgh" shows Bealls Levels west of what is now Rock Creek.I am a twelvth Generation ancestor of Ninian Beall through Thomas Beall Benson and his father Thomas Benson a revolutionary Patriot who married Henrietta Beall of Largo ca.1790. The story of the naming of Georgetown is well documented and can be found by Googling Ninian Beall. Thank you for your help in correcting this common error.sincerely Dan Benson
Apr. 5, 2008
GREAT NEWS!!!! Wes Melcher (the 7th highest income earner in World Ventures) will be back again this Monday in Fort Myers. For those of you who saw him at our Wednesday luncheon, you know how dynamic he is!!!!

If your motivated and interested in finding alternative career opportunities, this is the place to be Monday Night!!

Seminar Starts at 7:00PM Monday April 7th and lasts about 1 hour. You can't afford to miss this if your serious about making a change.

To Reserve a seat and get directions, please RSVP to
Matt Gierden (239) 229-5829 or
- mgierden
Apr. 4, 2008
Pittsburg New Hampshire is by far the most beautiful and relaxing places that I have ever been!!
Not only do you have great views of vast wilderness but the people of Pittsburg are the nices people you will ever meet. Durring the summer their are many things to do if you enjoy the outdoors and small town charm. I encourge anyone to take there family to Pittsbug or if you want a romantic,fun time with your sweetheart, Pittsburg is the place to be .
The time you have in pittsburg will be some of the best memories you will ever have.
- abitca
My family roots began in Acy on my Mother's side. She was born Birdie Mae Acy in Blackhawk, Mississippi. She is now 91 and resides in Cape Girardeau, MO. Her Father's name was Earnest Malone Acy and as I understand it his grand father was sent to the Blawkhawk area to manage a plantation by his Father, the founder of Acy, La.
- gmcbride
Please change the name "Randolph Tucker Cemetery" to "Rudolph Tucker Cemetery" which is correct. Rudolph Tucker was my Grandfather. Thank you. Joyce
- Joella
Apr. 3, 2008
I think it was a great place to grow up 30 years ago. Lots of my family and friends still live there. The town government seems to have some... problems. I guess small town corruption is a given nowadays, but I don't understand why the town council and Mayor pursues the pipe dream of eminent domain on the Arborwoods complexes. Granted, they're an eyesore right now, due to 25 years of mismanagement by the previous mgmt co. and lack of action by the town. However, folks I know that live there say the new mgmt co. is cleaning it up bit by bit. But the town isn't helping by pushing the eminent domain case - it only lowers property values more, and that makes the whole town look bad. I think they need a changing of the guard in the Municipal bldg.

If the town gov't can see past itself and do the right thing by supporting the organizations that are working to improve the problem areas, maybe someday, Lindenwold can return to the town of my childhood.
- JusticeWatching
First of all I Love Tecumseh. I moved here 9 yrs ago because i like the small town, and to raise 4 children that i adopted. I moved into Sleepy Hollow addition after fire took my home in 2005. Since then I and several parents have cleaned up our neighborhood of thugs and unruly teens. We need help to clear land that is ours for a park. I know the citizens of tecumseh will help because thats what our town is about helping others. If you would like to help PLEASE blog us to let us know. Our children and all children of t-town could benefit from this. Thanks Tecumseh
- christineou52
Apr. 2, 2008
how is rhome texas?
- petrathestone
Apr. 1, 2008
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- emdc2
Osteen is a small town, not too far from Orlando. Its right next to Deltona. Although there are not many people in Osteen, nor many who have even herd of the little town. There is a Diner, called The Osteen Diner, the Post Office, golf course, and hunting club. MOOO!
- osteen1234567890

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