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Aug. 28, 2008
I am interested in retiring in Lincoln, any thoughts?
- oldbiker
Aug. 27, 2008
where do i go to read about recent blogs about glasgow
- cmcdonald
Aug. 26, 2008
wonderful swimming at blandin during the summer, fishing all year around , even if you like ice fishing. great park at blandin beach. neat old school house museum. old businesses. great piece of history. wonderful snow that can get high. a great elementary school. a so-so middle school, but it is wonderful for kids with learning issues. a nice place to raise kids or just visit for a vacation. a cool place Quadna Mountain Resort. has indoor pool and sauna and lots of fun to due there.
- furley
Aug. 25, 2008
I am looking for uncopyrighted historical photos of Hall County businesses and sporting events. Prefer photos taken prior to 1950. If anyone has access to photos or wouldn't mind sharing, please let me know.
Thank you,
Sally Domeier
Pathway Bank
- SallyD
Aug. 24, 2008
While many people who do not understand Downeast Maine may think it to be a bit "behind the times," I am a person who grew up in the small town of Jonesport and then moved away at age 19 out of necessity, not just choice. I could only wish that kids would have the same schooling experience I had as a child in the small, but very efficient schools in Jonesport, Maine.

Jonesport is a place where time slows down, and maybe there are not 24-hour stores or conveniences, but being able to see the stars and hear the crickets at night while smelling the salt of the ocean is reward enough for some. Some people may call it a "poor" town, with littered lawns, but I see a "simple" town where fisherman sometimes need to store their traps and tools on what land they have available. Some might even think the locals to be "suspicious" of "outsiders." This primarily stems from the negative comments made from some outsiders concerning the education, local accent and economic status of the area.

What you will get when you meet someone from Jonesport is an authentic welcome that may not necessarily be as warm as one you would expect from family, but also not syrupy fake and misleading. You know where you stand. I love my home town and being someone who has seen so many other places, my heart still comes back to the quaint, simple, slower-paced genuine town of Jonesport.
- lobstahlovah

Aug. 22, 2008
Oneida is a nice place to live and im trying to do history on the town im looking for photos old or new if you can help please send them to me in my e-mail Thank You all.
- Evalyn
Fort Myers Beach on the south west Florida Gulf Coast is truly a piece of paradise. There are fabulous accommodations here from family vacation rental homes to upscale resorts and smaller inns. This is truly one of the best beaches in the area featuring 7 miles of white sugar sand public beach that is pet friendly with fido on a leash. In fact all of our fabulous family vacaiton homes are pet friendly and very well maintined. Forget VRBO - rent a home from someone who is there to take care of you with personal service. Great discounts to local attractions and restaurants. Sun Palace Vacations recommends the Ford and Edison Estates, Miromoar Outlet, Fleamasters Flea Market and great local dining on our web site at
- SunPalaceVacations
I love our community. It is family oriented and culturally diverse. It's far enough away from the city to enjoy the rural feel, but close enough to access entertainment, quality health services, and ample employment opportunities.
- sfares
A new restaurant delivery/catering service has opened.

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- Bellywarmers
A new restaurant delivery service has opened in Gresham to make where you live a better place.

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We deliver for:
Wrenegades Bar & Grill
Taqueria Chilango?s #2
Borges Corner Country Store & Caf?
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- Bellywarmers
Aug. 21, 2008
anyone!!! my great grandad had a blacksmith shop in shadduck in the early 1900's and would love to get any kind of info about this.My great grandad was William Riley(Bill) Johnson His son also lived in the area until the family left his name was Clarence William (chub) Johnson . They also used to talk of the towns of Gage and Catsby. They left the area probably in the late 20's. I'm a truck driver from cortez,co and will delivering a load in shattuck tuesday aug 26th and might have time to look around a little( I hope) Thanks everyone,and please reply if you have any info. Cell 9707393486
- gwj57
Aug. 20, 2008
I lived in New London for 6 years, 1961-67. Worked in the Crown Restaurant on State St. Still miss it but never was able to make it back, even for a visit. Hoping to find old friends from back then. Also, a few yrs ago I found about 40-50 photos of New London on Pictures of Bank St, State St, Courthouse, Library, St Mary of the Sea Church, & many more. I downloaded them to my computer but it crashed & I lost them all. These were not old-timey photos but fairly recent, like maybe during the past 10-20 yrs. I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who can help me find old friends--both people & places.
- snoleppard42
If you are planning to move, visit or are just curious about Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, or Yulee, Florida you should definately check out this website
- jackie1224
Aug. 19, 2008
I went to Camp Crescent (on Crystal Lake?) in Canaan, NH from 1957 to 1960. I am looking for contacts, photos, or other information about this camp and the Lawrence family who owned it. Thank you!
- JoeCamper
I went to Tapawingo Farm Camp on Big Bear Lake, Gouldsboro, PA from 1950 through 1956. My father (Charles Kane) met my Stepmother (Hazel Tubb) in the Summer of 1950 at this camp, and they married in the winter of 1950. I am looking for contacts, pictures, and other information about this camp that was owned by Mary and Pete Norton. Thanks!
- JoeCamper
Aug. 18, 2008
I graduated in 1976 and we are planning a class reunion for Sept. 26th and 27th, 2008. I am looking for classmates and would really appreciate it if anyone who graduated from Highland High School in 1976 would contact me @
- tinadahmer
Aug. 17, 2008
I am looking for any input about making residence in Astoria
- mrcotte
I own a dog grooming shop in GA and am wondering about the number and locations of dog grooming shops in Marion County. We recently vacationed out there.
- Red94yj
I am trying to find "Kathy A. Brayer" who I was told is now living in Honeoye Falls. She would have moved there from Ontario, NY and be about 35 years old. If you have any information please contact me.

-Mark Kelly
- quiethtoelguy
Hi, am a lover of Cajun Music and am looking for any information of the family of SHIRLEY BERGERON, an artist from Church Point. There is not much on the internet about him, but I would be curious to know anything about his life. Thx, email in
- 11catnip11
Essex County is a wonderfully beautiful county; loveliest in the state with Lake Champlain on the east and the Adirondacks to the west. It is also th coldest, perhaps the snowiest and worth visiting any time of the year except "mud season" which can be a six week period between mid-March and mid-May (it varies from year to year)
- historywriter
Aug. 15, 2008
Hello. I am looking for my grandfather. His name is Dee Harris. He may have been born between 1920 and 1926. He had one child with Lula Clanton. If you have any information please email me at . Thank you.
- UncleDee2U
Aug. 14, 2008
Yreka is a great place to visit or live! Lots of interesting things in a town that "appears" to be really sleepy...

Yreka has great history! Check out these links:

I write a Yreka History blog:

Here is a great Yreka Art Blog:

and another:

Fun site on Siskiyou County:

Yreka has a great Bed and Breakfast hidden away in the National Historic District... Here is their website:

If interested in genealogy, the local group has a website:

Yreka is full of history ~ the Siskiyou County Courthouse located in Yreka has the largest gold nugget display south of the Yukon!

Come and visit us ~ we are right on Interstate 5 half way from Sacramento to Portland!
- CEast
PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY HORSES! They have been missing for several months. The mare is a 17 yr old Morgan. She is a solid bay with scattered white hairs on her face. She has Never been broke and is not breedable. The stallion is a 3 yr old Morgan. He has a small star and white on both hind legs. He has an old Tendon injury to his right hind leg and is Not rideable. These horses are MICROCHIPPED for identification. I am offering a CASH reward for information leading to the return of these horses. Please contact me if you have any information as to their Whereabouts. Thank You!!!! Pictures & Info
- missinghorses
My husband and I are visiting Mayfield this coming weekend ( Aug 22-24) to consider moving there when we retire. I was hoping by joining this site we could read what other people thought about the place. I don't see anywhere to read other blogs so if anyone out there can give us some insight it would be great. We'll be looking to purchase a home and would like to know about the neighborhoods in Mayfield. Thanks, Edna
- ednadyke
Aug. 13, 2008
Cook County is a friendly little county located just North of Valdosta.

Stop by our unoffical website and check us out! We even have a forum!
- CookCountyGa
In this small town, Well where can I start? Everyone knows your business except for you. This town is for only people who wish to live off welfare and do nothing with their lives. Your children will grow up to be alcoholics and junkies who skip school and party till they die.... Litterally. The only reason the population has grown since 2003 is because everyone and their kids are havin babies. Now they want to raise everones taxes so they can build a $2 million dollar high school, for what??? Half of them never go to school anyhow. Yeah Lewistown has some perks, like whooo hooo we have the only walmart for miles... We also have 2 McDonalds, 2 Burger Kings, Dairy Queen, Dunkin Donuts, and every fatening restraunt inbetween. That is all anyone can afford because they live on welfare. There are some nice neighborhoods around here but the owners of those houses usually live, or work in a different city and can afford some of the finer things in life.

Do not choose Lewistown to be your permanent home of choice. There are much better places to settle down and to make sure your children get the BEST education. Unlike here where they punish your kids for having learning disabilities. Right away they are problem children that you as the parent need to deal with! So Good luck!
- babyblueye2142
We are thinking about finally moving out of the city to Cohasset. I am familiar with the area geographically, but not socially. Is the town family friendly and welcoming to newcomers? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
- gee
Aug. 12, 2008
I worked in Westmoreland, TN for about four years, seasonally, preparing income tax, and the people there are some of the finest, friendliest people I have ever met in my life.

You can get the best homemade pies of anywhere in the world at Kathy's Restaurant there.
- beachbum1946
The Watering Hole is now open to replace the restaurant that burned down a couple years back...
- charlienystel
After a nice boat ride to the island, we were greeted by an employee of Annie's Island Moped Rentals who refused to rent 2 mopeds and 6 bicycles to our family because he was certain that we would exchange riders the second we were out of his view. We had no such intention and found his remarks to be offensive and insulting. This was not a warm greeting upon arriving on the island. We went down the road and gave our business to another owner who was happy to help us. We also enjoyed pizza at the Island Pizza. School House Beach was great! In spite of the sour-pussed fellow at Annie's, we still had a great time.
- orion83
I am not sure how people are on here but I need some info. Over 13 years have passed, not a day goes by that I don't see her face, hear her laughter, see her smile, and feel her love.

My little sister, Kathy Jo Morgan was killed in a car accident on the pkwy 4/28/95 along with 4 other people. One of her nephews will be getting his drivers license soon and he has asked me several questions about the wreck that I can't answer.

I am hoping someone will read this that can help me.
Maybe, you saw them before the accident.
Maybe, you were behind one of the cars or rushed to the scene when you heard on the scanner.
Maybe,you were a firefighter or EMT that worked that grim and unforgetable night.

I know nothing can or will ever fill the emptiness we feel, but just to have some simple questions answered.
Kathy Jo's sister
- TammyB
Ironia is a GREAT town. It is approximately 6 feet long, and a subdivision of Randolph. Bills is the best place to go for food, and Pizza Pub, directly across the street, has a nice Italian cuisine. I would suggest that you stay away from Honeyland Farms. Muhammad Sajiid sells old products at extremely high prices. If you must visit this establishment, please check the dates. Sadly, Sack's Ironia Service Center (Gulf) is no longer located in Ironia. It has moved to Quaker Church Road and it's former location at 386 Dover Chester Road sits empty.
- GdogW4861
PROS: (?)Very seldom will ever get stopped for speeding in the downtown area.
Most store cashiers are nice.Saratoga Diner,Don't bother,Go to Malta or Clifton Park.
Saratoga Springs Libaray has a lot of free interesting things for entertainment.Library staff is helpful.
Congress Park is nice to picnic and stroll;quite safe.

CONS: Roads are the WORST I've ever been on,And I came from Charleston,SC, obviously no tax money is spent here!
Can't cross the street,in a crosswalk,WITHOUT a car attempting to run you over.
Hardly ever SNOW BLOW! Have to walk in the street in winter!!! Town;museums & DT stores Not handicapped accessible.
Extremely SNOBville!!!Low middle class& Poor get mistreated.Hardly any family physicans.
National Grid Electricty=Crooks.Bills are extremely too high!
Police hardly ever stops speeders.
Cars allowed to park at stop signs.
Theatre productions stink.Movies too over priced.
- maileen
Aug. 11, 2008
I helped build the school (between the river and highway)
in 1959 or there therabout, I was a laborer working with the plumbers, it was hard work because of the mud. the river always scared me, we were working below the river hight. i liked the area as it was a long away from new orleans, wich i did live there also. iwas wondering how much the area grew since then.
- philldrifter36
Im from Vermont and im thinking about moving around Blue Canyon. I was wondering if anyone has any information about the area? Also im looking to rent a house. If you could give me anything that would be great, Thank you very much. I look forward to moving to your community. -Allison (
- laketahoelover
Where would we stay to get to MT Hood we are coming from Kansas
- Chuck7
I found a medal that was presented to someone in Elliiott Iowa in 1924 for the broad jump.
Any way I can find out who this belongs to?
- Ianne
The word ,sustainability, is used on a number of levels in Eufaula and I have come to the conclusion that some of the people that use this word in this town, do not fully understand the impact that future development could have on their interpretatiion of what they think they are sustaining!
- ladyelenor
I would really like to see some pictures of Five Forks and get some infomation like is it an old cummity, what is the crime ? What are the schools like? Is there an old town with not alot of population close to Five Foks or Taylors .C.?
- susie9
Hi im looking for information about Sidney Irvin Ross who is burried in Batesville, Texas
- waynecooksey
Please be advised. I after viewing online website for Sea Breeze Inn ,Seaside Heights made reservations with much excitement and anticipation for a fun filled weekend at the shore. The room and service was horrible. They took me for $182.00 required upfront when my reservations were made and I did not stay in the dirty, tobacco stinched room and they did not refund my money. There are not any of the amenities and services available that they list on their website and over the phone when they take your reservations and take your hard earned money. I hope nobody else deserving and wanting a nice vacation make reservations with this hotel. Beware. I advise you to go to the shore and make your reservations onsite after viewing your room. There are many nearby hotels.
- jmb18042
My grandparents, my dad, and siblings resided in Kenedy from abt. 1902-1921. Dr. Samuel F. Nave was an MD, and his wife was Emma. They are buried in the Kenedy Cem.

Please, anyone who has ANYthing, or thinks they know of someone who might, please, please contact me!

My dad died when I was 7, and I have recently found a lot of facts, but little from Kenedy, and have almost no pictures!
- Oldtimer2
Carteret may be a suburban area but we still grow the best vegtables in the state of NJ
Please let me know if you need additional photos.
This is my mom's house which my late father has grown his garden fo over 30 years.
we have over 20 fruits and vegtables
- 8979
Aug. 10, 2008
I have never done a blog. I just want to read the Robertson County News online and don't seem to be able to that any more. Can any one tell me how to read it online?
- backnmacy
Alledgedly Nancy Ziter and Alan Ziter liars, cheats, and thiefs.
Alan Ziter known for his drug use and frequent weekends at gay bathhouses and his work with the arts.

His Sister left San Diego before criminal charges could be brought against her for lies made to the police.

Both were involved in Marijuna trafficing related issues.

Mr. Ziters long going abuse is legendary.

They need to be watched.
- aziter
Hindman is promoting tourism which I see as a positive step but where does one stay while in Knott County?
- kendrib
Aug. 9, 2008
I stayed at the cooperstown connection, 140 e main street this past week, while my son played baseball in Dreamspark. We arrived at 4pm, while all the other families were able to get into their houses, I was told to come back at 530 because the people who stayed the week before had checked out late. When we came back at 530 I had to wait again, even though he knew my husband and son had to be in Dreams Park by 615. I sent them on and waited. When I finally got into the house, I was told I could not use the washer and dryer because of septic issues he had known about for several weeks. When I said one of the reasons we picked this place was for the facilities, he told me which would I rather, flush the toilet or do my laundry! I was given no apology, no discount, only the promise he would do my laundry on Tuesday if I wanted. The pool we had was locked and could only be opened if we called him. We went to use it and when I called he said it was too late! I was treated disgracefully
- latisha
HI (im Harry adams and Mary plasters daughter

Saint Jo is a great little town with a lot of good and honest people.But what is happening to the young people there....are they growing up without any respect ?

Why then would a young man borrow a mans riggin bag and then pretend to return it only to steal it and then burn it to try and cover it up.
That says a lot about the trust the man put in this boy loaning him something that meant a lot to him, with things in it that could not be replaced that had been given to him over the years.We need to say a prayer for both the Man and the Boy....the Man for his hurt to be healed and for him not to lose faith in people around him.For the Boy that he will learn to DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DUE UNTO YOU.
This Boy will never make a bull rider now...he is not enough of a can he face a 2000 pound bull if he can't face a 150 pound Man ???
- skirk
Hi - I'm from South Africa - thinking of visiting South Hampton, NH would anyone care to give me a few tip on how to go about finding work while I'm staying?
- MekaStrumpher
who can tell me about the stockwell family from your town ?
any info would be helpful
- docpool17
Aug. 8, 2008
On Saturday, August 9th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm Velocity Sports Performance San Diego in 4S Ranch will celebrate its Official Grand Opening! All athletes ages 8 and up are invited to participate and there will be prizes for the winners. In the spirit of the Olympics, Velocity will offer a 10% discount off training packages. Compare your vertical jump and speed to Olympic records

Location: 10806 Willow Ct.-San Diego, CA 92128
(858) 592-7766
- cseidel
Aug. 6, 2008
Goliad was originally called La Bahia but was changed on Feb 4th, 1829 to Goliad. This was an anagram made from the surname of Father Hidalgo, Remove the H and rearrange the letters. Father Hldalgo was a priest from Mexico famous for his help with the Mexican Revolution against Spain.
- jwalkerret
Great town, but I'm not from here..
- Waters
Is there anyone that cares about Pacoima ? Why dose it take the city months to come and fix a street light ? dose anyone want to start youth programs to help our trouble teens out there in pacoima?
- Postive
Dilley to me is home. Afterall it is my hometown.
I remember growing up and feeling safe and sheltered.
Most of all I recall all the time spent with my family. My Mother's family to be exact. Her sisters were always cooking and we were always there. We had alot of family gatherings, on the weekends, holidays. But the everyday get togethers were the best. We shared, we bonded, we looked after each other.
I don't sense that there anymore. Dilley has gotten smaller, it almost looks deserted when you drive thru it.
I wonder why Dilley never developed economically, I mean EVEN Cotulla has prospered! Is it too late for Dilley?
- Twin2
Aug. 5, 2008
Hendrysburg was the retirement home for my maternal grandparents, Harry T. and Mary (Nabb) Hamilton, back in the 1940's.
Their home was about .5 miles up the road that ran perpendicular to Main Street. Name of road ???
Their property was unique in that there was an old wooden garage on the near left corner of the property, that was used by the Belmont County Maintenance Department to park their dump truck.
I'm looking to lacate ANYONE who might help me locate and pictures of the home and property so I can have an artist friend of mine re-create what I remember into a painting for my grandchildern.
Any help is greately appreciated.
- Cltinman
questions about upcoming elections
- newresidentofmercer
the scenery is beautiful, the town quite small,
please come visit- Cascade Days (8-16-08) y'all
- greensleeves
I recently moved to Huffman. I really like it here. I would love to meet other local residents. Have a regular blog about things going on in the community.
I lived here about 20 years ago, then moved away, made some changes in my life. I really do like it here. Sort of out of town, but close to everything.

If someone is interested in getting a blog, or something started, please leave me a message, maybe we could meet for coffee or something, and discuss bringing our community together.
- mimi25
Who has been there lately? This is a childhood hangout from way back for a few of us...
- Grizzly
Just curious about the fastest growing county in Mississippi
- hthomasmanning
All pet lovers and owners in and around Holley, please please please be aware of your local home town vet! Be very cautious and research medication costs on line before buying. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion either, it may save you and your dog alot of heartache and it may save you lots of money in the long run. Take it from someone who has expirenced it~!!!!!!!!!!
- stellablue
What's happening in Greenwood?
- atinhoptown
Wrong on both counts. The community is named after Edward Tabb and there is a house named after the family. Stop publishing erroneous information.
- MichaelJones
Aug. 4, 2008
I lives most of my child hood in Woodlake with four sisters and one brother. We have many childhood memories there. Our mother was quite the gypsy and we moved from one old farm house to another. Recently, we (siblings) decided to research every house we lived in which is around 25. If anyone has historical data, say from the utility company that would assist in our search we would be eternally greatful. Thank you and God be with you. Sincerely, Pamela Gaines-Laird.
- pamelalaird
I am amazed at the school district in Samnorwood. They actually have a child abuser working as a janitor at a school. Many blogs have been entered regarding Sean Hilton King, and he still works among your children. Doesn't anyone care enough to check his background????
- Daneane
Place to avoid

We stayed at a place called Stiefvaters Lakeside Cottages, the place was horrible. The shower stall was located inside the bedroom instead of in the bathroom. Room had mold / mildew growing on floors and walls. We were forced to leave early in the morning due to my wifes allergic reaction to the mold, owner would not refund unused nights fee.
- jljellett
Aug. 3, 2008
Want to move to Historic Savannah GA.
What are the pros and cons of living in
- juicyjuicebb
We were so sad driving around Freedom after the tornado hit. Such a beautiful place-hopefully it will be back to normal soon. Our thoughts are with you in Freedom.
- janandpete
If you live South of the Blue Ridge parkway on one of the dirt roads for example like Benge-Ashe or Lump Road or Blue Ridge Church, you are in Wilkes county even if Ashe is right across the street. Recent timed events based on real emergencies revealed 80 minutes for an ambulance, 72 minutes for police, 95 minutes for fire department. Patients are transported to Wilkes even though Ashe Memorial is only 12 miles or so away.

Students must travel an average 2.5 hours each way to be transported to school. I just moved here and can't believe all the trouble living across the street could mean. Who made this law and how can we get these couple streets here annexed to Ashe?
- knightshottter
We visited Olcott May 23rd and thought the Amusement Park was perfect for our three year old Granddaughter/Great Granddaugter. We overheard people say they didn't know about the place and found it a perfect spot for the kids.

I forwarded a picture but when I want to preview it, it says hide.

Sally Brennan
- bossladyone
pulling into a parking slot in the Kroger parking lot, the black Expedition next to me was backing out. The driver hit my car, pulled up, straightened out and backed out again and drove off!

If you see a Black Expedition license N88 BPP, please be careful, this woman obviously does not believe she is repsonsible for the consequences of her actions.
- texaswoman
Aug. 2, 2008
Any complaints about lafarge cement list here . also praises ,coments and so on
- lafargeemployee1
Ewa by Gentry Community Association serves the local Ewa community with fun keiki classes like hula, painting, and swim lessons. Unfortunately, since January of 2008, the management of the pool and swim classes has become increasingly hostile and difficult to deal with. Your best bet is to go elsewhere to get swim lessons for your child. Hopes this helps!
- ewamom
My husband and I are from Frankfort and have lived in New Mexico for the past 30 years. We are planning on getting us a motor home and coming back for a visit with family and friends still there. We have been coming back on visits for many years, and have all ways stayed with family. My question is doesn't Frankfort have any RV parks?
I have looked on every thing I can think of for a park to park our motor home while we are there.

- Pamk41650
Why is Port Jetvis so different form normal small towms?
- friendof
Aug. 1, 2008
is huntsville a good place to live?
- pastormike
I have had a very bad experience with Michelle Cole of Aroma's Coffee in Van Buren, AR. She needed her espresso machines repaired - I loaned her a unit so she could continue to do business - I repaired her 2 units at considerable cost to me - and returned them to her business location and got her up & running. That was months ago and she has not paid me one dime. Try to do someone a favor and it will come back to bite you in the butt. She claims to have a "Christian" business - I had to get a judgement against her business and will probably never collect. Due to her irresponsibility I now will no longer extend credit to individual accounts and will no longer "loan" my machines. Talk about a "low life".
- koffeejoyce
This week, Americas Third Party is featuring Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives in Washington State's Congressional District 2 in our online radio show. Americas Third Party broadcasts online every week on Sunday at 4pm. You can listen live at and call in with your questions to (347) 945-6121. If you miss the live show, don?t worry, you can catch the latest archived episode by visiting Hosted by Sarah Hart for Washington State Senate and David Jon Sponheim- America?s Write-In President. Call in with your questions! The local primaries are just around the corner. Don't Forget to VOTE! Your participation is important in out democracy.
The U.S. House of Representatives is a 4 way race in this District between Rick Larson, Rick Bart, Doug Schaffer and Glen S. Johnson. This Radio Show will give all the candidates a forum to speak and an opportunity for citizens to get to know their positions better.
- SarahHart
For those who live in this town you are getting ripped off by your D.P.W. If you are throwing items out at "large item drop off", the employees are stealing from you! If you are throwing any metal of value ie; copper tubing,wire aluminum, The enployees are putting it to the side and cashing it in for themselves. This practice is illegal and is kept very secret by the supervisors and workers. Township vehicles were used to bring the scrap to cash in on township time, but they are more cautious and use personal vehicles, also on town time. The town raises taxes only to have a free lunch on the workers. The carting company also loses money due to lower scale weight. The Mayor, council people, Police chief, nobody knows about this problem. I hope someone reads this and is able to help put an and to this problem!
- poorgovt
I am Truly amazed at the drug problems in this town. With a 20 year sheriff you would think that at one point in his career he would have made a dent in the numbers. But I realize now that the druggies out populate the citzens. They all showed up to vote!
The citizens don't give a flip about their town but when kids become meth users they can't figure out why and cry the loudest. WAKE UP ATOKA YOU GOT 4 MORE YEARS WITH THIS BARNEY
- cowpatty918
whats wrong with this village , need more men
I am looking for my brother. I haven't seen him in 22 years and would like to find him. His name is Jeff Lafleur and he is approx. 36 years old. His mother is Linda and our dad is Joe. If anyone knows him or how to contact him please let me know asap I have searched and cannot find anything.
My name is Jodie and my contact info is
- giboandro
I love the winters but hate spring
- betsyb123

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