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Feb. 29, 2008
Pros: I grew up outside of Cumberland, MD. It was the big town we went to go to the mall and hang out at the bowling alley and pool hall. It is close to skiing, lakes, rivers, hiking and camping. I love when I come home from New England and people wave and talk with that charming twang.

Cons: Yes, it is not a booming economic area of growth right now, but development is trying to come into the area. Some residents are resisting the change.

There are good schools and universities in the county. I went to one of them. Housing is dirt cheap and is being revamped. There is a new hospital being built as well.

If you are looking for a moderate pace of life, Cumberland is for you.
- carriec374
Traffic on the corner of Hall and Lake should be restricted to single frame commercial trucks, i.e. no tracker trailer or second trailer on dump trucks. These trucks cannot make the turning along these streets and are running over curbs and medians. These heavy vehicles also use engine assisted brakes which exceed the noise restriction of most cities, including EGR. The kicker to the heavy traffic is pot holes on the corners which are filled every day to be replace the next by our tax dollars.

Has anyone in EGR started a tax referendum to reduce property tax? I just received my city bill with a reduction in property value and an increase in the levied tax. Seems there is a "Catch 22" clause in the city property tax code.

Well the city has to pay for the improvement that Jade Pig did not.
- johnschn
Feb. 28, 2008
We live in Maryland and our daughter attends college in central NC. Rather than fight I-95 traffic over Thanksgiving break for such a short break, we have rented a beach house for the whole week for the past 2 years.
We ABSOLUTELY love Oak Island, and would not consider spending time at the beach anywhere else. I grew up in New England and we spent 3 weeks every summer at a beach in RI and Oak Island has it beat by a mile.
No, we aren't there in the middle of the summer when it is surely crazy, but we have yet to find one thing negative about Oak Island. The natives have been nothing but friendly and helpful to us. We were surprised and saddened this past Thanksgiving to see so many houses for sale. A bad economy will do that. We have rented our beach houses through Oak Island Accomodations and they have been absolutely wonderful and have solved any problems that we may have had immediately.
We can not wait for Thanksgiving 2008 to roll around!!
- GayleMarie33
I have lived in Flintville, Wisconsin for almost my entire life.

I was adopted young by Lawrence R. and Rita L. (VandenPlas) Yusvak.

My grandfather, John Yusvak, bought the homeplace here in/around 1920's. John worked for the railroad and farmed. He died while at work for the railroad, at age 68, in 1934.
Her second husband, John married Catherine (Katherine) Radosevich Radetsky in the early 1900's.
They originally resided in Oconto. Soon after my father was born they moved to the corner of Grignon and Goodell Streets in Green Bay.
Catherine raised 15 children, birthing more, a few dying early in life, all daughters.
Only one, (AND the youngest), was a son.

The Yusvak family is one of the very early Flintville settlers.
The house I live in now (part of it) was actually moved from about ? mile west of here. Not sure how they "moved" a house back then.
Too few "old-timers" remain with a knowledge of our Flintville community.
Hopefully others will add to this
- FlintvilleAnnie
Feb. 27, 2008
Slovan is the best little town to raise a family,slow,nice and friendly.
- slovanmayor

Centralia, WA is the single worst place that I have ever lived. Tonight my mail was stolen. I moved here Jan 1, 2008 it is Feb 27, 2008. Since living here my wife's car was broken into and the car stereo stolen. The fence pickets have been knocked out. I have had to chain my boat up for fear of theft. We have been nearly hit by vehicles WHILE IN CROSSWALKS with walk signal on at least four times.

This is a cute downtown that could be so much more. Really it isn't about the town it's the people. They all suck!
- sweetwater12
- letmein1950
what a great place in the winter-now with all the restaurants, water parks , and growing shopping- its great!
- jhrmanger
Feb. 26, 2008
I live at 12 Hickory Ct. (Senior Housing) for the past seven years. The criteria is 55 years or older and or disabled. When the village zoned this complex they allowed it to be privately owned. All our rights are null and void. From exorbitant rent increases to 3 inches of snow with no plowing is a normal day in paradise. No return phone calls or accecpting certified mail. Even the mayor tried calling the landlord 15 times with no success. Previous tenants sued the landlord because of their refusal to remit the security owed. The landlord didn't appear for that case in Bloomingburg and lost. As a result, I was served papers by the Sullivan County Sheriffs Civil department and now have to pay my rent to the above because of a lien against the landlord. The village is aware of the above and is allowing the landlord to discriminate against the elderly and disabled. Peace
- Richierichny
Feb. 25, 2008
it's a very beautiful place if you ask me. growing up here i loved it but now that i am a teenager i can't wait to get out but that is just cause it is to small for me. when i have my own family though i will raise them here. it's the perfect place to raise kids they can go outside and play and you don't ever have to worry about what is going to happen to them
- jeanloy24
Feb. 24, 2008
I don't have anything negative to say about the town of Holly Springs but what I do have to say is about a Place called the JUMPZONE.

- kimanderson
Rollingbrook Subdivision--Northeast end of the county. Has a mixture of older, retired couples and young families with children located close to Michigan Avenue Road. Basically, a quiet neighborhood in the Autumn and Winter months with occassional incidences of speeding within the subdivision and some prowler activity. The incidences of prowling and incidences of vandalism appear to increase during the Spring and Summer months from the few neighbors I have talked with. I do not have an exact number, but am currently researching this subject. As of 02/24/2008 an effort to form a neighborhood watch for this subdivision is being made.
- retroman
Feb. 23, 2008
Jacksonville is a place of many wonders. If excitement is what you seek, Jacksonville is the place to be. Theres always something exciting going on.
- devildawgphfb
Pros: Great people, fantastic schools (George West), great churches. My family lived in Live Oak County for 3 years and none of us ever felt more at home anywhere else. This community took us in like family. Our children thrived in school, and in the community. This is the friendliest place I have ever seen in my life. I have lived in several small towns and a couple of larger cities, but there is no place as great as this little community.

The only con is that we no longer live there.
- Mystified
What's to say about Darrouzett? Not much in Darrouzett. Either your really old or really young. Average age here is 70. I'm not 70, I'm not from Darrouzett. I moved here because I had to -- my husband was transferred. There's a bunch of cows - they smell sometimes. Its not the South I can tell you that much. They have a dog ordiinance but no one knows what to do if there is a loose dog because there is no pound to place them in. The school has small classrooms like 3 to 17 kids. People here think that 17 kids in a class is alot, but where I'm from we easily had 42 kids in a classroom. Its kinda ridiculous and surreal because people live in their own reality here- if your into that sort of thing you should move here, be warned its not just podunk- its remote. Walmart is 1.5 hours away- that's the closest to civilization you'll come to and its not much.
- mommyv
I think we spent a lot of money fixing up Emerson Ave but we spend no money to advertise together or to ask for Beech Grovers to be loyal to business here and encourage the right kinds of business other then bars mechanics along Main St. We should also allow more home businesses with a reasonable looking signage to advertise their businesses even at home.
I just think all inall Beech Grove looks run down
and has become functionally obsolete. I think we need to change the mindset of the people. Why don't we dress things up on Main etc. and to get some better business in here to attract some downtown business overflow
- sell4free
Feb. 22, 2008
I grew up in pre-Armenian Glendale. It's a very different city now. Too crowded, with some of the best neighborhoods (Rossmoyne, Campbell, even Mountain Street) being intruded upon by new homes that dilute the original character of the streets.

I went to Glendale High School in the late '60s, and I was always safe and happy both at school and in my Rossmoyne neighborhood. I hitch-hiked home from school almost every day (north on Verdugo), and never thought much about doing it. Actually, I wouldn't worry too much these days, but the general paranoia we've allowed to creep into our society has taken the fun out of many things...not least travel.

I'd still live in Glendale if I could choose my area--and afford it! The city is full of the most beautiful old homes. But as for venturing down into the town (Glendale Ave.; Brand Blvd.; Central Ave.)'s all changed, and not really for the better. Still, there's no changing it now, alas.
- Badart
The Community was originally called Pegram Station by the Nashville, Chattanooga and St.Louis Railroad(NC&St.L) a Whistlestop 20 miles West of Nashville about 1856 when
Cheatham County was organized. When a US Post Office was established around 1880, the residents requested that the name be shortened to Pegram because they thought the name was too long and people could not write that much according to Postmaster Frank Greer. Pegram became infamous during the prohibition years since there were multiple "clubs" and "good-times" places.
The largest "club" was called "The Pines" and was operated by Mr. Walkup whose son was a Tennessee Highway Patrolman... People were stopped as they came into Pegram from Davidson County if you were not recognized.. A Magistrate often tried "unknowns" on the spot which was at his residence at the Cheatham County Line. You can still get a "brown bag" beer and hear some good pickin' in Pegram.
- pegramite
Would like to know more about Carrboro. Does it get very hot in the summer? Is there a lot to do there? Is there a large artsy community?
- jonomama
it is now a veterans affairs hospital in the cecil county md area there is water front property all along the shore on the nothern upper mouth of the chesapeake bay. previously it was a ammunitions dump until 1919 the name of the owner at that time was admiral perry of the u.s. navy and under his will the land was least to the government and only for the hospital that became perry point md veterans medical center even to this day of feb 22,2008

this is only part of the history of this great piece of land.

thank you
- eaherget
Feb. 21, 2008
Ovid, Michigan is an interesting stop along M-21 off of Route 127. You ordinarily would not find me in such a small town, but here I am visiting the Giving HOPE Wellness Center and Store. I met Brenda Bates in the summer of 2005 and continue to visit her on a regular basis for healing and now I am a regular found at her healing center. This is a great place to visit!! Come to Ovid for a visit and it will be hard to leave.
Stop by 148 N. Warren Road for healing...and a change!
- drwaffle
A nice place to live and work
- paulkanter
Tusayan is a pleasant community just outside the South gate of Grand Canyon National Park. It boasts many quality hotels and resorts including the very nice Best Western Squire Inn which sits just north of the airport. There is an IMAX theatre on the north end of town playing a fabulous movie about the Grand Canyon. There are a variety of places to eat and many little gift shops. During the busy season there is an Indian craft show and market in the middle of town every weekend. No fake stuff, just authentic Navajo and Hopi jewelry and pottery. If you are going to the Grand Canyon, stop for gas in Williams or Flagstaff BEFORE you go, because the price of gas at the only gas station in Tusayan (and the South Rim) is 2-3 times higher than any where else. There are several companies that provide either airplane or helicopter rides ove the Canyon that are amazing!!! If you are traveling through on the 4th of JUly, don't miss the big and WET parade with all the locals participating.
- xgrcagirl
A walking town that offers great outdoor opportunities like Rails to Trails for bicyclers and hikers, winding country roads for Bikers, streams for fishing, woods for hunting; little shops, bars, and restaurants for everyone to enjoy.
Brockway is located at Routes 219 and 28, only 15 minutes north of I-80 at DuBois, only 45 minutes away from Cook Forest, and not far at all to the New York State line.
The Terrace Motel is still the only 1950's style Mom & Pop place in town. The rates are low and the rooms are clean.
If you're driving through, stop and check it out!
- scarnaughty
The city is well laid out and easy to find addresses for newcomers. Alleys behind homes/between streets hide the garbage dumpsters which are emptied very regularly helping keep the city fairly clean. Residents, on the whole, are friendly and helpful. On the whole, again, they are welcoming to residents from inside or outside the state. Texas Tech University, Lubbock Christian University and Wayland Baptist College host a large supply of young people with fresh outlooks. Local law enforcement seems very effective at city & county levels. Newspaper is fairly good despite espousing right wing policymakers and policies.

Despite the friendliness of the locals there is little to do culturally, especially for those on a budget. The 2 biggest events here are the Cowboy Symposium and the Music Festival, both in September. There is also the "4th on Broadway" event annually on the 4th of July. The July event is local music only and there is a heavy representation of heavy metal bands. It is held outside and begins in the morning. By afternoon the July heat makes it fairly unbearable. The September event has entertainers from outside the local area added in. But 3 Dog Night at the 2007 event as headline act shows dated thinking by event promoters. The local symphony, while very talented, costs so much to attend that a 2006 appearance by Itzhak Perlman as guest artist did not sell out. This seems to be an indicator of the lack of support for cultural events by private citizens. In the old West a rich citizen would have bought all remaining tickets and given them away to have a full house.
- HotRodHarley
Just wanted to let you all know that McAlester has a new Author, yes ok it is myself I am telling you about , the newspapers in the area dont seem to think it is news worthy that a local has been published but I am however excited about it. It's a time travel Romance titled Bed Of Roses and you can log onto Amazon or barnes and noble to check it out, they did a great job on the cover and now they are reading my next novel so hopefully if it is accepted it will be out around august of "08" I write under Sharon Hendryx McDaniel so look it up and check it out and let me know what you think.
Thanks, Sharon
- peanutsmom8
Feb. 19, 2008
Out of all the places I've been, Telluride made my heart react like no other town has. Who feels the same? Austria, France, Switzerland, Canada, Montana, Washington all have wonderful and inspiring communities, but there was magic in Telluride.
- wannabin
Huntington is a great city for raising children. There is very little crime, beautiful city parks and little or no violence in our schools. People feel safe in most parts of the city and in most neighborhoods, neighbors watch out for each other. When we want to picnic in the woods or go to a State park they are only a short drive away.

Business is growing downtown due to new development The only thing I would change is that our city officials think that taxing a business or landlord to death is going to accomplish their goals. This may prevent further growth over time.
- juliaroof
The library has made previous threats of booting the genealogy info from the library. The library's bottom floor consists of bathrooms, an office, a staff kitchen, vending area, and 3 conference rooms. Anyone who's been to New Lexington knows there's not a whole lot of conferencing going on around here, and what little there is, goes on behind closed doors, in very small groups. The MacGahan room is the conference room at the end of the hall which houses the genealogy records. The one in the middle is usually open, and the first one has had people in it for quite awhile. The library says they want to be able to use the room for other things, but I'm thinking what better way to use an empty room in a library, than fill it with books? Should the people of Perry county have to privately purchase a building to house the historic records, or do we just have to sit idley by and watch the rest of our historic information go to the newest bad decision made by the county, the landfill?
- PerryCountian
Perry county Ohio is yet again faced with the probablitiy of losing a home for the largest collection of publicly viewable history available since the last closing of the county archives. The fact that the county as a whole could care less about it's historic records is an understatement. Records that were destroyed by public officials in Somerset, because of the loss of the county seat, started the trend in Perry county for shoddy record keeping. (That event which still boils up a rage in some Somerset residents, happened in 1858, so I think you can get over it now.) Records from early New Lexington are all but gone because of this event, and the attic full of documents left at the Somerset courthouse are in risk every day of being tossed in the dumpster out back. They would rather throw the stuff away, than go through it all, or pay someone to do so. The archives in New Lexington are the same way, although the dumpster there already saw it's action. Now it's doors are closed.

The county doesn't want to pay someone minimum wage to babysit the books, hell they don't want to fix the roof to keep the exixting records from being destroyed. They also refuse to find a way to have the inventory scanned into a database for future generations. The churches have good records for the most part, if they are still around. Alot of their records disappeared because of fires, excommunication, and a general disregard for history. One old church went as far as to sell a cemetery lot(with bodies)
to someone who put a modular home on it, on top of 30 graves. And even though this church kept all the records for this cemetery, none of them can be located on request.
So, we're left with the genealogy room in the public library.
The room is full of books, maps, and newspapers from Perry county. There are other books relating to MacGahan and genealogy, but the majority is local surnames and family histories, local records and maps, local directories,photos and yearbooks.
- PerryCountian
Craig County has to start taken an intrest in the childrens activities there is not one place in the community where a child can shoot a basketball, skate, throw a football, or take a leisurely run or walk. How can we tell children to stay out of trouble with the presence of drugs and morale corruption when we offer them very little alternatives. Its time for change and cooperation.
- concerned45
Feb. 18, 2008
This quaint little community is tucked into the corner of Stonewall County, Texas, and has a rich history of growth, tornadoes, community and friendships.
The business that I have pictured here is The Shop at Peacock. It's an antique shop full of collectibles from all over the area and is totally unique.
June Carlson has roots in the area and has come back to Peacock with her husband, Bill, to inject life into a sleepy community.
I hope you'll get a chance to check out the Shop at Peacock and enjoy this sleepy town in West Texas.
- tonigale
Hello my name is Timothy Lasiter I am from a small town in Missouri, and I have a fiance and 2 kids one, he is 5 the and the other she is 2 months old.
We are very tired of living in Longmont and want to move to walden I have been there twice and the love the area not only that, but also the people.
Ya'll seem to be great folks very friendly and kind and willing to help, expessially You Lisa at the gas station..
I am looking for work in that area. I am 22 years old and have done construction (mainly concrete) and I have worked and grew up on a ranch/farm in Mo.
So if their are any people up there that see this and are interested in a ranch hand or just a hard working man period then that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
P.S. Or if there are places for rent that are cheap please email me at

Also my fiance Chris is a hard working young lady too and would be willing to help out she has worked in nursing homes mainly.
I would really appreciate it if someone could help us young folks out, we have just had enough of the city and want a place that is peacful and easy going, in order for us to raise our family.

Both times I have been to walden first i went in August of last year beautiful ride up the poudre and saw elk, deer, porcupines, and all kinds of small wildlife, Oh at the Cabins gift shops in Gould Co. My partner and I saw a mamma moose and a baby, The saddest thing I saw or thought was the beetle kill.

THis time we went up on this last saturday night cameron pass was a crazy ride me being from the south I have never seen anything like it (that much snow and a white out)
I just want to say Gary and Carylynn at the cabins thank you for your hospatality and also to the men and women running the cookhouse in Gould.
THank you
- southernboy
Garfield is a great town offering the best of lake living and natural surroundings. I bet 1/4 of the roads are still dirt! It is a very clean area. Everyone knows their neighbors and it is very safe.

Previously, from the big city I never know the peace of mind that comes from living in such a beautiful place. Boating and jet skis are a basic necessity for many residents. Others enjoy hiking or raising horses.

The best part, it is only 30 minutes from the malls and every imaginable restaurant chain. Also, located only 30 minutes from Eureka Springs which is a tourist hotspot also referred to as "little switzerland".
- Melaney
Franconia has a great place of worship at the corner of Van Dorn and Franconia. It's called Franconia Baptist Church. It has a long history there and at anyother location on Buelah. The people there are the best and their strength is amazng in doing the work of the Lord. It's a small congregation. Their pastor, Sam Butler, is dedicated to Jesus' teachings. Visit there !
- mstaples25
Feb. 17, 2008
Pleasant Valley does grow on you, especially if you have children. You can't go into your local pizza place, grocery store, church, ccd class, park, etc.. without running into someone you or your children know. It is not unusual to sit at your local pizza place and have your child recognize most of the other kids in the restaurant: eg. "He's on my soccer team", I know that kid from ccd, or he is in my class, etc.. Having children, I love the feeling of community here that is so apparent and heartfelt. I once lived in CT and I do miss it very much b/c it is very beautiful. However, Pleasant Valley is such a lovely little town with a lovely school system - one of the best. If you live in Pleasant Valley, NY you are lucky enough to be in the Arlington School district and as a former teacher I can tell you I am quite impressed with the education provided. Bottom line - Pleasant Valley is warm and friendly with a great sense of community. What's not to like about that?
- mrccam
Wellington has grown by leeps and bounds in the last decade. Once a quiet community, ten miles north of Fort Collins is quickly becoming somewhat of a suburb of Fort Collins. The never-ending sprawl that expands southward is astonishing, as it seems that overnight another home is built. I am not surprised at the growth taking place, but am profoundly sad at how quickly the farmland is fading away. Similar situations taking place in other smaller towns including Eaton, Ault and Nunn. I couldn't believe when another grade school had to be built as I attended Eyestone Elementary when there were far fewer people in the area and was plenty to accomodate those here. I can remember when nothing but fields stretched out as far as the eye could see. Now homes stand where I used to play, and those days of serene quiet are instead being replaced with the loud noise of car engines and headlights extending for miles. Wellington is certainly growing quickly.
- shadowdunk
Pros- Wellington is a little cheaper in regards to buying a home.

-There is now a larger grocery store to accomodate the growing number of people moving here.

-People taking a greater interest in fixing up some of the buildings/homes that had been allowed to deteriorate. Many places still need some work.

Cons- Shabby neighborhoods in which many homes are not as well taken care of as compared to neighborhoods in Fort Collins. Many homes have been allowed to deteriorate or are not taken care of all together.

-Sidewalks, streets in desperate need of repair in some areas.

-Town doesn't address everything it needs to-to help Wellington long-term wise. Things seem to be done too haphazardly, quickly.

-Cost of commuting is quite high. People drive like maniacs to get home, especially on Highway 1.

-Doesn't have its own police force. Instead utilizes the Larimer County Sheriffs Department.

-Water is not fit to drink.
- shadowdunk
Right, now Sanger is a beautiful small town. We have a magnificent lake, Lake Ray Roberts. During the summer months you can find many people enjoying skiing, tubing, fishing and the like. The school system is nice, although it is not exemplary, but the students work very hard, and are very involved in their community. I fear that all of this small town charm will soon fade away. With large developments pushing their way through, Sanger seems to grow by leaps and bounds every day. The crime rate here is very low, and I worry with the imminent growth that too will change.
- KelseysMama
Feb. 16, 2008
Rural American Canyon is awesome. You can be close to Napa, Fairfield or Vallejo and commuting to San Francisco, Sacramento or San Jose is reasonable.

The roads are such a nice drive especially Highway 12 before rush hour. I love just driving alone with the windows down, looking at the horses, cows and vineyards.

Its far enough away from town and yet close enough to live. I love American Canyon. Its refined Country Life.

I have a rental there. Its just 4 homes on a private road and it always goes quick. Once a prospect drives out there they take it.

I use Craigs list and hope to buy more property in this area. I have one tenant moving but I know the unit will fill up. American Canyon has Napa resources, schools and people really like the fact that it is so safe.

I Vote American Canyon! Its the Place to BE!

Julie Parker
- starteam144
Highland has natural trails around Silver Lake, and paved trails at Glik Park & Spindler Park.

There are 8 parks in Highland that range from small neighborhood to athletic to native parks.
- Grenadier
Highland is a wonderful community that is strategically located far enough from the St. Louis metropolitan area but close enough to provide conveniences that can't be afforded in Highland.

Highland owns and operates their water, sewer and electric companies, has a blue-ribbon school, nice parks and a big recreation center.

There is industry, a hospital, retail, specialty stores and plenty of housing.
- Grenadier
Feb. 14, 2008
Remington Park Casino and Racetrack has a nice casino, but the slot machines do not seem to pay out as much as other casino's in the area like Shawnee or Riverwind.
- atrowsdale
This is a small town with small town politics. Village chairperson gets elected so he doesnt have to comply with town ordinances yet trys to enforce ordinances on the rest of the village. Good people that just want an easy going lifestyle but there are some people that have nothing to do in their life but make others miserable because they themselves are miserable.
- jakelords
Norton is so beautiful with the rolling hills and the countryside. what makes it so special is it's seclusion, most of it is untouched . Once the home of earth peoples park, Norton will alway's be a special place to many people. It will alway's be my favorite place being a Earth Peoples Park baby. It's a place where you can really be at one with nature , there are not many places like that anymore.
- serenerose
I moved to Rockford a couple of years ago and it has some old established areas which are nice but for the most part it's become run down and infested with crime. It also has very high property taxes and the school systems are one of the worst in the state. I would not recommend moving here unless you have to like I did for a work transfer.
- truthbetold5
Pros.........Friendly folks
Nice sun raises and sun sets
No rush hour traffic

Cons.......25 miles to modern civilization.
I'm from the big cities,Dallas,Seattle,Chicago
where you can find great grocey stores,restaurants,etc.
just down the street.20 miles away gas is 15 cents
cheaper.Milk and eggs are alot more costly then Texas.
Even thou the traffic is insane in Wilmington,we will
head that way in a few years.
- clark1944
Feb. 13, 2008
Helena is a great town. I grew up there and it has grown leaps and bounds since I left - but it still retains its small town charm and has lovely residents.
- RJoiner
Feb. 12, 2008
I went to school in Malone. The town has not changed much since I left the area in the early 80's. This is the county seat and should show it. It makes me sad to drive through the town and see it's lack of progress. There is nothing wrong with wanting is to stay "small town", but it does need a facelift.
- naegelemom
Feb. 11, 2008
Plumas County has seen a record increase in registered democrats. In the 2008 presidential primary, Barack Obama won at 45% to Hillary Clinton 40%, and received more votes than McCain. Visit the year round Plumas Democratic Headquarters located at 577 Lawrence STreet, Quincy, CA 95971.
- plumasdemocrat
I think there are way to many housing projects in Mattoon! To many people on welfare and ssi. To many people on drugs and to many people stealing and selling drugs and to many police that look the other way! Grade school and High school kids completly unsupervised terrorizing the city. over 80 child sex offenders registered and 6 within 3 blocks of my kids bus stop.
- wildhorse4x4
Edmonds is a great place to live and raise a family. There is very low crime, and a sense of community. They have several festivals and art fairs annually, good schools and hospitals, and pleny of parks and trails. There is a good amount of affluence, a strong economy and low unemployment. It is a community nestled on the waterfront with a ferry that runs across Puget Sound to the Kitsap Peninsula. Many of the images of Edmonds painted or photographed by local artists include ferrys arriving or departing on the water, seagulls, salmon, orcas, sailboats or trains rolling along the waterfront. It has the feel of a sort of fishing village that has grown up and become more modern with ammenities while still retaining it's blissful charm and relaxed pace of life.
- RainDrops
Feb. 10, 2008
The best years of my life, growing up as a little girl in Duncan mills Ca. on Freezout rd. 1969-1977. Loved playing in the river and the woods. Miss that area of the world very much.
Thanks, Stephanie
- sdodge1
Asheville is so rich in heritage and growth. Unfortunately, there is a cancerous growth, a tumor borne out of over development and exploitation of its beauty. As a native, I appreciate so much of the change that has made these mountains a blanket under which all people can feel safe to develop and create their lives. Yet, there has been a price when leaders are driven by pride and profit, and begin to destroy that which brought commerce and community awareness to Asheville. The signs that once garnered our streets, "cool, green Asheville," were destined to be removed as over development has brought heated concrete and asphalt. The sewage and air quality are now victims of our zeal to be the "best place to live," while the natives of this place suffer low wages, cost of living prices through the roofs, literally, as owning a home is no longer a reality. Perhaps the next film that should be made here, is the one depicting the cost of misguided progress.
- sondramac
Feb. 9, 2008
We now have an award winning salon and spa in Glenmoore. Hair studio 322 opened over a year ago in the Brandywine Manor Building on route 322. The building has a long history of successful business that have grown into community icons. They have a website at and that in itself is now listed on the top 100 websites in Pennsylvania. They have been featured on fox news as best salon of chester county. I am so proud of these local girls and what they are doing for our town. From supporting local community events, charity events and locks of love cuts for kids with cancer foundation. I go in every few weeks with my kids and we have a great time getting our hair and nails done. See you there and dont forget curves nextdoor ladies. They takecare of your body and health while hair studio 322 makes you look your best.
See you there!
- Mary001
Feb. 8, 2008
Tipton was a booming little town in the 40's & 50's. It was lovely because people cared about how it looked. I lived in the southeast part of town, which now is so run down. I remember a very nice downtown & so many people downtown for the drawing on Sat. afternoon. I graduated in 1956 & Tipton was so lively. (I even tried my hand at picking cotton for one day during the season. I soon found I wasn't cut out for that! City girl! I had to wear jeans, thick socks, tennis shoes, long sleeve shirt, kneepads & grandma made me wear one of her bonnets. I picked 75 lbs & made $1.50 for the day. I vowed never to do it again). It makes me sad to drive down main & see the Largents house burned down & most of the other houses becoming delapidated. Doesn't anyone care about that town anymore? My 90 yr old mother bemoans the fact she doesn't live there anymore, but it would make her sad too if she saw it. I was there for our 50 yr class reunion. Goodbye sad little town.
- Myrvil
Terra Alta is an extremely small town that is closed to outsiders. If you were not born here you will not be welcomed. Gossip is the local activity of choice. Most people in this community are not interested in what is going on beyond their yard and are close-minded to change/improvements. The majority of the people I know in this community do not have a good work ethic. A large portion of the homes along route 7 are in such disrepair that they should be condemned. The few people who have the initiative to improve the community are not supported by elected officials. Local economics is poor. There is no lodging and no decent eatiing establishments. Save yourself the aggravation - do not visit, relocate, or do business in this town whose name should have been MISERY!
- 24482448
hamersville is a great little town, except the utilities are very high!!!!!
- bechill
Feb. 7, 2008
We have out of control property taxes.
- sunman
Feb. 6, 2008
boring place to live, but the perfect retirement place to live.
- motorola
if you need to rent a cabin and do not want a headache, avoid cozy bear rentals
- person007
Felicia Williams- Walsh passed away on February 5, 2008. She was born and raised in Downsville, La. She attended high school at Downsville High and college at Grambling.
She leaves to cherish one son, Jared Walsh, three sisters, Theresa, Sharon and Faye. Preceding her in death were her beloved parent, Charles and Francine Williams, also lifelong members of the Downsville community.

Read more later as the story develops about Felicia. Thus far, the cause of death is unknown.
- Sugaree
Higginsville has a beautiful retirement community (John Knox Village East). This is a wonderful attribute of our small town. Also, we will be getting a brand new 2.5 million dollar swimming pool/park in 2009. Work has already begun on it.

Read my other submission for more info.
- nadx
Feb. 5, 2008
I must disagree with the person who stated Cash did not have the best fire department. There are 13 city and volunteer fire departments in Hunt County. Cash is only one of four departments selected by the county and the Hunt Memorial Hospital District (aka Presby Greenville) to provide rescue services. They are equipped with one of the finest rescue vehicles in the county and expertly trained in providing extrication to persons entrapped in vehicle accidents or situations where they may be pinned. As a volunteer department that only receives $1200 per month from the county, they have 4 of the newest fire vehicles, have personnel at the fire station nearly 24hrs per day and can respond immediately in an emergency. $1200 per mo hardly pays for the fuel for the trucks. And they have been doing if for years, all on scarce donations from the public. If you have a wreck on of these firemen will be there to cut your unappreciative self out of your mangled vehicle. I'd be thankful.
My family has lived here 32 years and we are still "newcomers"
- hoosier1969
In Loving Memory of Lance LaPorte

Joel Lance LaPorte a 31 year-old native and resident of Mobile passed away on Sunday, January 20, 2008. Lance was born June 5,1976 to Joseph & Glenda LaPorte. He was welcomed into the family with so much love. Lance had 2 beautiful children; Kaitlyn (9) and Jerry Joseph LaPorte (3). Lance loved his children as much as any dad could ever love his children.

For those who would like to leave remembrances of Lance, please go to the following link:
- joellance
Feb. 4, 2008
Malmo is run by some bohunk terrorists... so dont even think about living there... The village board is made up of some real intelligent people, and mostly drunks and drug abusers...They make rules and ordinances after the fact and use intimidation to keep the citizens from considering to attend the monthly village meetings. The village chairperson along with the village clerk are control freaks, pathalogical liars and feed the newspapers with inaccurate facts just because they can. They have egos bigger then their butts, and nothing between their ears...if you feel that the local government should be prejudice, discriminatory and outright stupid this is the place for you...
- woofey
Dear Hastings Memorial Hospital... First off I'd love to tell you how sick to my stomach you've made me... I've lived in Hastings Nebraska my whole life... Have made many of friends and loved where I was from until this weekend when my sister Janice Helwick was in a horrible car accident just outside of Hastings... Not only do you cops deserve what ever God gives you but what God is going to do.. You go to the place where my sister was lying on the ground half dead and your more interested in collecting evidence for for "police report" then helping two young, sweet, kind, young women.... Why do you bother being called cops? You make me SICK SICK SICK... The two girls get taken to the hospital, well what's happening there?? The men that signed up to life flight people to save peoples lives???? WTF???? You don't wanna fly it because it's foggy.... WOW what do you get paid for?? I will continue to write blogs on this in every city in every state!!!! This is home???

By the way I'd like to know what people think of this.. Please email me because the next time there's an accident or something goes wrong I hope these "COPS" and all the people that are suppose to be saving your lives don't show up when it happens to one of you... Christopher Helwick
- ChristopherAndonov
Feb. 3, 2008
Casselman is a beautiful borough in a hollow between Rockwood and Kingwood PA. It used to be a booming railroad town early in the 20th century
- MMartinez
Polson is a very beautiful place to live. Polson is located at the south end of Flathead Lake, which is the largest natural freshwater lake in the western United States. We have magnificent views of the majestic Mission Mountains which are currently snow covered. Polson is not far from Glacier National Park (less than 2 hr drive), it is 75 miles away from great skiing at Big Mountain located near Whitefish, and 70 miles away from Missoula, where the Univesity of Montana is located and the home of the GRIZ!

There is growth in this area--new houses, businesses, as well as much needed infastructure. We now have a total of 3 stop lights in the city! We are the county seat, therefore, we do have all the necessary ammenities: grocery stores, a movie theater, banks, bars, churches, a Wal Mart (Wal Mart Super Center is on the way!) and an aquatics facility/recreation center is planned to be built.

We live in a place that enjoys all four seasons, which do not go to extremes (usually.) I can't imagine not being able to enjoy a nice warm fire in the winter, watching the flowers and the birds in the spring, swimming in the lake in the summer, and feeling the Indian summer sun fade into cool, crisp, fall air blowing with the changing colored leaves rustling around my feet as I take a walk.

The only bad thing that I can say, is that it is really hard to make a living here, and that is very unfortunate because it is so beautiful, pristine, and safe here. I grew up here and left to find work and now I am back to take care of my 85 year old father, and I can't seem to find work. I wanted to start my own business, but with this whole reccession thing, it is worse than usual. I've seen businesses come and go throughout the years, and just since I've been here this last year, I've seen at least 6 businesses fail.

One last thing that I can say is: There is no where to eat out!
- stinkbug
I am a native Texan, whose mother grew up in the Texas Panhandle, of which Dalhart is a part. I will tell you that the Dalhart area usually gets the weather extremes, both winter and spring. It is heavily a ranching area and oil area with a lot of old money. If you are vegetarian and want good, tasty veggies, plan on growing them yourself or hitting the farmer's markets in the area on Friday and Saturday mornings. Like most towns in the Panhandle, the community is close-knit and you should never talk about anyone because the person you are talking to is usually a friend or distant relative. For excitement/entertainment, there is always Amarillo. Just not a real metro place, but plenty of wide-open space and solitude if you want it!
- twodogday
Insanely high property taxes.
- Eagleridge
Carthage was a wonderful town to grow up in and raise a family. When I was growing up most mothers were stay at home moms. Although it seemed bad at the time there was always someone looking out for you even if meant calling your parents to let them know you were doing something you shouldn't be doing.
It was a tight close community. People did not have to ask for help. If someone was having a problem or needed help neighbors would volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts.
I believe a lot of the good things left this community when we lost the high school. The pride and enthusiasm sort of faded away.
I will always remember the teachers who were more than
employees of the school. They were well respected members of our town.
- raider66
Feb. 2, 2008
I lived in Greenwood back in early 2000 to late 2001. I loved it! I plan on moving back there as soon as I can, when anyone asks me where i'm from I tell them greenwood south carolina! The saying "home is where your heart is..." Thats greenwood for me!!!
- djanepalmer96
Feb. 1, 2008
My sister, who lives on Derby Road in Rockfall, has a neighbor who is using a H.I.D. lamp as a security light. This intrusive lamp illuminates my sister's home and yard like night filming at Universal Studios and a night game at Shea Stadium! Her neighbor refuses to shield the light so it is obviously being used for harassment purposes.

My sister has also complained to local government officials about this light trespass, light pollution and invasion of privacy but they refuse to do a thing about it because THERE IS NO CITY ORDINANCE PROHIBITING THAT HIDEOUS GLARE!! Even though there are at least 34 other cities/towns in Connecticut that protect their citizens' privacy and comfort by enacting ordinances against H.I.D. lighting in residential areas, Middlefield will not follow suit!! They have seen pictures of my sister's house and yard illuminated from 5 PM - 7AM, admitted that it was excessive yet would do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it!! NEVER,EVER MOVE TO MIDDLEFIELD!!!!
- timberwolf
What a dead town! Not many stores, everything closes on Sundays and people are rude and nasty to new people and visitors.

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