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Jan. 31, 2008
Pelzer, Pelzer, Pelzer....

Small town with character is growing! I've been living in Columbia, SC for the past seven years, and am back in my hometown where I grew up. It's nice to see the town is growing...finally, however, it is sad to see the Pelzer mill gone.

When I worked with ETV in Columbia we did a doc about the closings of textile mills and the mill villages in SC...Pelzer was one of the towns on the list. I understand there is talk about building a park where the mill used to be??
- labelmeproductions
Jan. 30, 2008
The city of Welch is really looking good.
- ellymae
Property taxes are getting out of control.
- garylantz
We have to many public housing communities in NK.
- garylantz
yeah tomah got rid of a mascot that was in place for 100 yrs pretty sad. I was a Tomah Indain. Now they are Timberwolfs cute cuddly dogs. it is not my school anymore
- Jrod

Jan. 29, 2008
Columbia is a nice little town to raise a family. The only problems I have come across are the construction routes and the drugs. It seems Meth has taken over some of the town. But it has beautiful old homes and a nice downtown area.
- amandalynn
Am I the lone Lewis County blogger?
I would love to correspond with anyone who remembers the following families of EP: Ashbridge, Chaplow, Lane, Leake, Linzey, and Heads.

My Ggrandparents, Richard Leake and Eliza Jane Smith came to East Palestine in 1869 and built the house located at 185 South Market Street. They raised their 10 children in that home. We had many family reunions there.

My Ggrandmother, Elizabeth Ashbridge Heads, came from England to EP in 1891 with her two of her three sons: Robert Ashbridge Heads (my grandfather), and Isaac Heads. Her middle child, John Joseph Heads, remained in England with their father, Isaac, Sr., until 1905 when he also came to the USA. They resided on Leake Street until the time of their death. I would love to speak with anyone who remembers these remarkable people.
- MargieLaneBarnette
I'm writing about a business by the name of ALL BUDGETS MEDICAL in Wappinger Falls NY. They operate an on-line business purveying medical equipment.

This company cannot be trusted. In brief, I asked about their return policy before ordering an item and was told they would accept it (less shipping charges) but had to obtain an RMA number from them first. After receiving the item, I found that it was the wrong size for my needs (it wouldn't adjust sufficiently). So I repackaged it, unused, and asked for an RMA number. They gave me no response for 5 days so I telephoned them.

At this point they told me they would not supply an RMA number and would not accept this item in return.

- rpreuss
Looking for John Ethridge information, I am a friend of a friend, he was born in Sundown, about in the early 1930
- abby2222
Jan. 28, 2008
Right now we have ice and snow. The sun did shine for a bit today. Benewah County is hidden in a valley in North Idaho.
- linwei
austin, In is a place I call home and i always will even tho drugs took over the town. I really miss my old friends there. They all got caught up in the drugs. Thats ok, just as long as everyone is safe and wont turn on each other, then everything will be ok. I love you all.
- edeweese81
Hello Nebraskans!
I'm currently writing about a fictional young woman who grew up in De Witt and would have attended Concordia in Seward during the mid 1990's. I'd really love to correspond with anyone who lived in Seward, De Witt, or anywhere in southeastern Nebraska around that time. I'm particularly curious to know what students there did/do for entertainment. Any insight would be very greatly appreciated!!
- Siana
Royale Beach & Tennis Club timeshares. Rented my efficiency Christmas week and received a total of $177.81 even though the cheapest efficiency rental was $75.00, Vacation Resorts International program "SAYS" they rented it out for $42.00. Asked for proof of same and they sent me a statement for unit #9042......Also, on their rental agreement, NO percentage of their commission was listed.
- Maggiecolburn
Jan. 27, 2008
My grandparents at one time all lived in Ranger, Texas. My mom and dad were raised there. It used to be quite a little town. My parents and grandparents are all dead now, as is most of their friends and acquantances. Mary
- Maryca
Sure would like to know what is all going on in the old homesteads real estate around Roundup. I own one, NE of Roundup.
- tougholdbird
What can you tell me about Clutier?
- rose4gotn
How close to the water can you live?
- BrubberwSissy
Man missing since May 19, 2005 supposedly surfaced in Bartlesville but this may be a scam. Have you seen him? Jon R. Van Dyke Missing from Las Vegas May 2005. See for more information and photos. Just need to check welfare of Jon mentally and medically and make sure he is not being coerced.

Thank you!
- deskside
Man missing since May 19, 2005 spotted on several occasions at Montgomery's Saloon in Vail, AZ including the evening of 1/25/08. Have you seen him? Jon R. Van Dyke Missing from Las Vegas May 2005. See for more information and photos.

He supposedly surfaced in Bartlesville, OK but that just may be a scam. Just need to check welfare of Jon mentally and medically and make sure he is not being coerced.

Thank you!
- deskside
Jan. 26, 2008
I think it great to live in a small coumminity were every one knows every one. To have small town peacefullness with out the large town rat race. Were small town alows you to walke allover town in 15 minuets to get from one end to the other end and back.

Well you have to travel 10 miles to get to a grocery store are even shop.
- buckskins
I don't know. It is a great place to visit.
- harveybacon
beautiful little valley
- manitoba
Proctorville is a tight nit community with alot of bad people. Where i formorlly lived, there were alot of bad poeple- drug dealers and child molesters. Many barely got by without steaaling
- engineer
Wonderful place to live, close to Hot Springs yet still very rural
- marvint
would like to know more about the water system for the homes in the township along water road?
- cornia
Survival & The Fittest Cooking Camps for Kids!

For the third year, the Acworth Young Chefs Academy will be hosting spectacular culinary camp sessions during 2008 Spring and Summer school breaks. Children ages 6-16 in Acworth, Kennesaw, Dallas, Hiram, and other local surrounding areas are invited to come ham it up in our kitchens as we cook our way into good eats and lots of fun!

In the Survival: Kitchen Island Capers spring break camp, students will earn points, prizes, and an immunity wrist band while preparing exotic foods from 3 different countries. April 8th - 10th, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

The Cooking for the Gold summer camps will feature continental cuisine, sports nutrition information, and recipes from famous athletes as we join the world in celebrating the 2008 Summer Olympics. Weekly, June 2nd - August 4th

Space is limited so reserve early!

Contact the Acworth YCA for more information.
- YoungChefs
I am thinking of moving to state college area .I want to know pros ,cons. How is the job outlook ,i am in construction.Is there alot to do for families etc...
- schiavo
Jan. 25, 2008
- plojj
looking for a newspaper in 1894 marietta, ok. trying to locate obit on my gggf daniel mullins. Thanks. jerome
- gerome39
I am a realtor for Prudential Connecticut Realty- I love the town and can help you find your home!! Give me a call- 860-267-4481 x458
- Kamey

About East Hampton??
Our Town covers approximately 36 square miles, with a population of 12,000 residents, with one of Connecticut's largest inland water bodies, Lake Pocotopaug at 512 acres. State parks and forests surround us on our northern, southern and western borders, along with the famous Comstock Covered Bridge across the Salmon River.
In East Hampton you will find a community that supports a rural/suburban lifestyle that is family oriented supported by a quality school system, two public libraries, two history museums, local parks with varied recreational programming for all ages, and professional public safety agencies. Our Public Works Department maintains over 100 miles of local roads, six miles of sidewalks, seven cemeteries and numerous drainage structures.
- Kamey
Question for Plains residents: Does anyone know when Sacred Heart RC Church was founded? I'm not living in the area anymore, but am hoping someone can provide me with at least an approximate date. Someone told me the church already celebrated their Centennial...does anyone remember what year that took place?
- moira18702
This is a friendly small town that loves its football and basketball teams. We are located 35 miles from Oklahoma City. We have the only honey factory and have several dairy farms surrounding the town. Thence, the motto "Minco, the Land of Milk and Honey. The oldest business in town is Woodworth Hardware. When you step into the building its like steping back in time. Hardware is an understatement as the business has everything from baby clothes to furniture Everything you need for your house they have it. Its a fun experience going there. You all come see us anytime!!!!!
- nanalee3
Jan. 24, 2008
Just wanted to say hello from Dallas. My family has land in Martha and my great grandfather, Curtis Hawkins, helped start the First State Bank of Altus. Both great grandparents are buried in Altus and I try to come as often as possible to visit their graves. My grandmother was Patsy Turner, Curtis Hawkin's daughter.... she passed away on October 9th.... Herald and James lease our land in Martha and are some of the best people my family knows....
- jbhawkins
Lone Oak Texas is located on the eastern shores of Lake Tawakoni. It is a quiet ranching community that has a wonderful little secret. It is called The Villages at Lone Oak. Millions of Dollars have been spent on the infrastructure for over 1100 upscale homes in a community which will feature a vast array of amenities.

Begin with an exclusive Jeffrey Brauer Golf Course and what will be a $3 million dollar Clubhouse with a golf pro shop, exercise facilities, Lakeside ammenities, various pools, and tennis, just for starters. Adjacent to the property is 1400 acres of Texas wildlife lands that can be used for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Like any well constructed community though, it takes time to develop. I for one am enjoying watching this little gem take shape.

You owe it to yourself to see The Villages at Lone Oak, to see what is shaping up to be a transformation for the Lake Tawakoni area.

Have you been out to the Villages? what do you think?
- LouiseThomas

Missy Maid Service is an affordable solution to your housecleaning and pet sitting dilemmas!


*10% off cleaning- (lock in your discount now)
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*customized packages to fit most budgets
*no up-charges/cancellation fees EVER!
*organizing and clutter control
*environmentally friendly products provided for your family
- ferretpaw1
Brenham Area Printing Company
Good rates
- hello
Jan. 23, 2008
What is there to do in Waynesville, Ohio? My kids are 14 and 11 and are use to the city not a small town. Want to GET OUT of the city! Thanks
- waynesville
I am a resident of Ducktown Tn. the neighboring town of Copperhill. Copperhill is well known in this area for being a speed trap with a very corrupt city government not to mention police department. I would advise any traveler to skip Copperhill and come over to Ducktown. Copperhill wants you to believe that they are the home of the Ocoee River but if you want to go rafting you have to come to Ducktown. Ducktown is where the rafting companies are and that is where you have to go to access the Ocoee River. Ducktown is also home to two motels where as Copperhill has none. The only thing you will get in Copperhill is a traffic ticket for any rediculous or petty reason. Travelers beware of Copperhill, but don't forget to check out Ducktown.
- MBShields
My wife and I moved here from Oregon and we love it. Fortunately, Osage County won't show up in any of the polls as 'retirement' or "move to" destinations. I guess that may be because there is only one Starbucks in this county--even though it is geographically the largest in Oklahoma. I say fortunately because I would hate to see the breakneck growth of strip malls and shopping centers needed to qualify for these "accolades". Proximity to Starbucks pales in comparison to home and land prices 1/3 the cost in Oregon, cleaner air, sunnier winters, and beautiful hardwood forests with rivers, creeks, and ponds stocked with fish. People here have a simpler appreciation for time and family. An average Osage county family can own a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage home on 40 acres. Large tracts of land--160 acres + --can still be found for about $1,000 per acre. Because Osage county did not experience the boom in real estate prices we are not experiencing the bust. Land or coffee???
- secret
We are planning to move to the Unionville area some time in 2008. I would like to learn more about the town and surrounding area. SusieQ
- SusieQ541
PRO: It's about as close to heaven as you can get! 6,500 ft and surrounded by some beautiful mountains.

CON: Population 2,000: For excitement you can watch the clouds float by
- Jerrymcsf
On February 6 at 7 pm, celeb attorney and author John Mayoue will be speaking and conducting a book signing at the Barnes & Noble at 5555 Whittlesey Rd. He will discuss how to emerge from a divorce financially and emotionally intact, among other topics. It should be interesting as his former and current client roster includes: Chris Rock, Marianne Gingrich, P. Diddy, Jane Fonda, and others. Plus all proceeds of his book go to Camp Sunshine, a facility for children with cancer.

For more info, call 706-653-7880.
- Darby12
i would like to know the history of irving
- pdooling
Jan. 22, 2008
For many years I have been searching for information regarding a certain area of Riderwood and have been unsuccessful. When I was 8 years old ( 1959 ) I used to play in a field near the Crum's house. While playing there I found a railroad spike on a ridge that extended from the Crum's toward Judge Sobiloff 's house. I have always wandered where these railroad tracks went . Were they part of the Lutherville Toonerville Trolley or were they part of the Susquenna railroad . The area was very mysteri.ous back then. There was an old well, an old one room schoolhouse and a few springs . The judge had a summer home there perhaps built in the 1920s. I lived on Robinhood Court back the and still think back to those days . Please contact me if you have any information.
- richardschlottman
I have visited Knott County a few times. I am from Chicago and my Husband is from Knott County. I was freaked out the first time I went there. The water the septic, the living conditions. My infant son got quite ill his first visit there. We take precautions now when we go and this last summer we had a great time. YOu cant beat the scenery and the most of the people we know are so nice. But I did notice the county is stricken with drug abuse and polverty! I don't like going to visit and having to worry that my stuff is going to be stolen and I am from a BIG CITY I don't worry about that at home. Infact my husband and I leave our doors to the house unlocked we live in a community we there is a low crime rate thank god! There are no jobs there either well not enough and if there where there would not be enough sober people to fill them! BUTS ITS VERY PRETTY TO VISIT!
- amburgey75
- emtolentino
Photos of Bedford, Va.
- tmullins
Jan. 21, 2008
It was my second home, I love this place.
- ricosabrahao
I grew up in Duplin County but i moved here 6 years ago with my family and i love it here i think Pink Hill is the best town there ever was and is!!
- Byrd
"On the Bigfoot Scenic Byway between Hoopa and Orleans in the canyon country of Humboldt County?s California Coastal Range precisely at the confluence of the Klamath River and Trinity River lies the small community of Weitchpec.

Weitchpec is an anglicize word for the spring called Weitspus in the Yurok language. Weitspus seeps out of the side of the mountain bringing cool fresh water. The Yurok built one of many villages at Weitspus. The village became the center of the commerce and trade for the native people who relied on the Klamath River and Trinity River for their bounty of food, their transportation and their social lives. Today, a few homes, the ceremonial dance grounds, cultural areas, and Spey-gee Point Guide Service remain at Weitspus."

This is an excerpt of a very interesting article by Billee Willson-Kidwell at

Check it out. It really sheds some light on the history of of the Weitchpec area and people.
- boring
My fav thing about Weitchpec is taking the tour of the Klamath River from Spey-gee Point Guide Service at Weitchpec to the mouth of the Klamath where it meets the Pacific.

The fishing is amazing! My friends Thomas and Morneen Willson own the guide service and just recently finished a cabin for lodging. By taking a guided tour of the Klamath, one can have a true wilderness experience without traveling far and spending a lot of money. Did I say the fishing was incredible? Check out the photos of the fish at

If you are the outdoor type, I recommend a trip to Weitchpec. There is nowhere like it. Wild!
- boring
I am 34 and I am a lifelong resident of Williston. I happen to also be a mail carrier here. I know alot of people around here and that is nice. That is the great thing about a small town. You can go in to the grocery store and run in to somebody you know pretty much all of the time. I love the community and everybody is nice to you. I sing at some of the local events that we have here and have my own little fan base, which is really nice. Everybody here is like one big extended family. I wouldn't raise my family anywhere else but here, although as teenagers, my kids would like to disgree and would rather live somewhere more exciting. I remember thinking like that at their age, but I am pretty sure that when they become adults and start families of their own, they will probably come to appreciate living in a small rural town like Williston. Like "Cheer's", Williston is the place "Where everybody knows your name."
- jolwo
Jan. 20, 2008
Hello My Name is Nancy Hamilton, Franklin County School Board needs to address some serious issues. I have heard I am one of many that this has happened to. I had a PROTECTION ORDER. Both of my sons files were suppose to be red flagged and a copy of protection order was put into both of their school records. Someone at the office at school slipped up really bad. They let my husband then,my abuser let my sons info go due to a request that had been sent to Ozark Schools from Clarendon,AR this happened during the summer of 2003. The local law authority was not notified and I wasn't either. The Ozark School System had no right to give this man their father any of their information at all.Someone in the office did not look or follow procedure.Because of this screw up I lost both of my sons to their father,my abuser.My oldest is now 18 but my youngest is now 10. I want my youngest son back with me and I intend on getting him back if it is the last thing that I do and with your help.
- NancyHamilton
just want to know more about this town
- zappa42001
Homer is a quaint little hamlet but for some reason the family who has controled the town for years does not want growth to occur - Homer now has three (3) read this carefully THREE financial institutions but not one grocery store!!!

I forsee in the years to come, growth to follow US 441 from Banks Crossing to Baldwin. New stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and business with the town of Homer being just like it is now - a dead corpse of a municipality. - The powers that lead Homer had rather it's population spend its money out of the county rather than allow business to build in Homer itself.

I propose Banks County move its county seat to Banks Crossing. This is where growth is occuring. Oh wait, Banks can't have it's county seat in a different county can it?

Oh well, Homer a dead corpse municipality it is.

Someone send flowers.
- gadawgbaz
Located on the edge of the eastern plains of New Mexico, where the Mighty Rockies meet the Great Plains, is the town of Las Vegas. No - not the big "City of Sin" with the gambling strip! Las Vegas, New Mexico is not as well known as other Wild West towns, such as Dodge City, Deadwood, or Tombstone, but Las Vegas is said to have been the worst of the biggest, baddest Old West Towns.

Doc Holliday kept his medical office in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The Rough Riders first met in the saloon of the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. You can get a shot of tequila in that same saloon, today.

I live in gorgeous Las Vegas, New Mexico. I want to share my beautiful tiny Las Vegas with you. If you are thinking of visiting or relocating to Las Vegas, New Mexico, the links, stories, and photographs in my little site, My Tiny Vegas (, will help you understand our beauty and incredible history!
- BirdieJaworski
Jan. 19, 2008
There used to be a tavern and lodge located on Cranberry Lake. It was accessible only by hiking trail or by boat. I believe the name of it was Hoppe's Wildwood Lodge. I haven't been there in over 30 years and was wondering if it is still there. It was located in the West Flow
- pfschmid
Fayette, MS has a lot of history.
- pclark08
Jan. 18, 2008
Door County is a great place, year round. In summer you have 250 miles of coastline to explore, beaches, boating, dining al fresco and lots more. In winter, you can snuggle by a fireplace, snowshoe, cross-country ski, snowmobile and even ice fish!

Lots to do and great places to stay, dine, even buy!
Dan Silvestri
- DanSilvestri
One of your schools has hired a janitor named Sean Hilton King. He abuses children and certainly should not be working at a school. Are they crazy? Doesn't Texas do background checks? He severely physically and mentally damaged my grandson and his brother, his own child. He uses different last names, and social security numbers that belong to the children of whomever he is involved with. He uses the name Contreras as well as King. If you have any further information, please e-mail " or the Department of Child Protection Services and Support at 408-503-5200 - Case #0044068
- thereisten
Jan. 17, 2008
I spent a weekend in Corinth in 1968 and I really loved it and want to come back for a visit, with the intention of relocating to Corinth.
- libby123
Jan. 16, 2008
Owatonna Housing Market Update

Interest Rates have fallen to 5.25% for a 30 year fixed and 4.75% for a 15 year fixed on January 15, 2007. Rates haven't been this low since around 2003.

Buyers if you have been fence sitting waiting for the market & interest rates to bottom out, it sure seems like we are just about there. There is a nice selection of homes, prices are reasonable and interest rates are incredibly low. All in all, a great time to purchase a home.

Current listing inventory - 212 active listings in Owatonna as of today, that number has remained stable for several weeks now. Average days on the market has slid slightly to 173 days. The number of pending listings fell a bit to 16 houses. Average days on the market for pendings is 142 days. There were 7 properties Closed so far in 2008, with an average days on market time of 108 days.

Give us a call, 507-390-2121 or e-mail us
- BartleyGroup
Ah Bolton, CT... the essence of New England charm. A quiet, safe little community nestled away, yet only 15 minutes to downtown Hartford and Glastonbury.

Because it is a residential community, pollutants such as air and chemical in the ground are not a problem in this community - no heavy industry or traffic. Litter & loitering, associated with larger towns and cities are simply not found here. It is a small friendly town which centers on family.

And it boasts the finest schools in the area!

Can you tell I love Bolton? It is the best kept secret of the area.
- surfkayakers
Jan. 15, 2008
Nice Little town. I just moved here. My home situation keeps me from getting to far away from home so it is nice to have the small town atmosphere to be in. I have created a forum for anyone who would like to use it. I build web sites, so I am online alot. The URL is

Ye Old Town Crier

Just away to get involved in the community since I am limited!
- Softly
I'd like to know about fencing ordinances in Forty Fort. I'm looking at a home to buy, but noticed no fences in the neighborhood. I have a dog and want to keep her in my yard, should the sale go through. I'd appreciate any information on this particular subject - thank you.
- malice
does anyone know anything about a Dentist who use to practice in Purcell in the 40's and50's named Ray Frederick Rhodes? His practice was located on 226 S. 4th street, next to optometrist johnny lelas tate, and an M.D. named Dr. Royster?please email name is jody.
PLEASE HELP! and info. would be GOLD!
- jojomc25
Iron Mountain, MI, situated in the Western end of the Upper Peninsula serves as a quiet home environment for raising a family. Activities include camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, and community events. There is so much more to enjoy. You are within minutes of relaxing moments with your family and friends. Your back door is always a thing of beauty with the hills surrounding this historical town. The Pine Mountain Ski Jump is a land mark and yearly event that no one should miss.
- ealleva
I lived there for 1.5 years. It was the worse place I have ever been. I can say with experience that this town has nothing to offer. The majority of the people are disrespectful, unkind, and rude. The few that are friendly and nice are overshadowed by the the ones whom are not. I have traveled and lived in many states/towns/cities. I never in my life was so dissappointed in my decision to think that this small town would be a great place to live and raise a family. The words "Thank You" and "Please are not a part of their vocabulary. The people that were most kind and helpful deserve better than this blog, but the in my opinion it truly was hell on earth. I could not wait to get out.
- lhatfield
- nickikeene
Jan. 14, 2008
i am trying to see if ya'll had any hail damage to your vehicles in the january 10th storm
- walkerwest
Need More Details for Manalapan, NJ
- vatsal
Cakes by Victoria in downtown Matthews, NC is quite possibly the cutest little confection shop that I have ever seen! I just couldn't resist!! If you are in the market for a specialty cake for any occasion, then you must stop in. Be warned, however; the temptation for Victoria's sweet and oh so moist cakes is great....How could a creation that is so beautiful be so tasty too? I thought that for a cake to be beautiful, you had to sacrifice taste. My theory about that was wrong indeed!!

I had been planning my wedding for 6 months, and had yet to decide on a cake! I had went to 3 cake testings, plus tasted cakes at a wedding show, and was beginning to get a little frustrated...At one cake shop they were rude and abrupt, and the other two cake shop's cakes tasted like, well, they were commercial baked. I just wanted to find a cake that was moist, delicious, AND beautiful! I was beginning to think that I was going to have to just settle....It was on my way home from work when I saw it.

I noticed a new shop that I'd never noticed before. I wrote down the website written on the window. Later that evening, I looked up and was pleasantly surprised. The cakes were beautiful! She had all occasions, from wedding cakes to groom cakes, to shower cakes to birthday. Surely they tasted bland I thought, but I decided to give her a call and try. I set up a tasting with Victoria,and was blown away! She let me taste the almond pound, hershey chocolate with amaretto, raspberry lemonade, red velvet, and banana chocolate chip. My mouth was in heaven! And there were more flavors had I wanted to taste more! My mind was made up! I ended up going with the traditional white cake with rolled fondant icing, and it was beautiful AND delicious!! Victoria also did my bridal shower which was a hummingbird cake. YUM!!

If you are in the market for a cake for any occasion, check out her cake shop, Cakes by Victoria in downtown Matthews, NC. You won't be disappointed!
- nicenurse
Can anyone tell me whether the Town of Ulster is a good / safe town to raise a 14 year old boy?
- maryrose
Home of the setting for Stephanie Meyers's Twilight series. Bella and Edward "walk" the streets of Forks. The first book is currently being made into a movie. Some of the movie will be shot locally.
- wolkristen
Jan. 13, 2008
I think Pine Island is a fantastic place. Where or how could I get more information regarding it's history? Stories of what it was like in it's early days is what would interest me most. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Barbara
- Tarot
Door County Wisconsin, sometimes called the "Cape Cod" of the Midwest, has so much to offer from great resorts, B&S, restaurants, activities and more.

Over the last 5 - 8 years or so, Door County is becoming a great location for producing super wines! About 5 wineries are gracing our lands here now, offering a terrific range of wines, from traditional fruit wines to cabernets.

We have enjoyed our winery tours, and have written about them on our website, - in fact we have a video wine tour there too.

Any questions about Door County? You can email me, or visit the site!

Door County is a special place - come and see it!
- DanSilvestri
May be moving to Hockessin....would like to know more about it. thx
- hockessinwonder
Jan. 12, 2008
morgan city is losing its flavor
- wee
Mio is beautiful in the spring, summer and fall. I find it quite boring tho in the winter as we are not winter sports people. The people are friendly and helpful. The Amish people who reside here are very nice and a warm loviong people.
- westbranchmama
Anyone who would give me their honest opinion about the town of Sapulpa, OK...we are considering moving there and would really appreciate it!!! my email is
- SabrenaMusselman
Hey from Texas,
If possible does could anyone send some pictures of landscape are old historical pictures of Piner or Morning View.
Will be so gratefull for your help!

- phyllist
looking for picture of durbin grade school
- karen47
Used to be very nice. Now it's run down and dirty.
- locokennyg
I was born and raised in Garrison until I was in 7th grade. I loved Garrison
- daywood
Great Living
- DanlBoone
how is the job market?
- fdunn
For anyone that has not been to Oil City,Pennsylvania, you will be very surprised if you visit. This city is really amazing!
- Spice
Biking, hiking, fishing, swimming, golfing,boating,schooling.

Lafayete needs more youths whom can see how antiquing is a safe, reliable, fun, and profitable, way to connect with the living history of their elders.
- chicogringosegundo
Jan. 11, 2008
I'm doing research about my ancestors. My g'g'g'grandfather was John Lee Wallace, one of the founders of Dripping Springs, TX. He named one son (my g'g'grandfather) Edwin Henley (or Henly?) Wallace. I am trying to see if there was a connection to anyone in Henly, TX.
- jcasbike
My grandmother Dorothy Cirone had a drive in restaurant
across from the gas station. I wonder how this area is now. Has the area become depressed because of the
- carolbondy
For anyone visiting Mount Vernon, be sure to stop @ Gretchens. We're from Chgo. and just happened to be visiting family. Best kitchen store ever!!!!
- judybrociek
Jan. 10, 2008
JS Pottery of Lowell and City Caf? in Mount Holly are teaming up to raise funds for Gaston Hospice.
They?re calling the event ?A Hospice Affair? and it will run from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. January 18 and 19 at City Caf? in Mt. Holly.

Jack Sexton and Grace Carr brought JS Pottery back to Lowell early in 2007. And early in 2008 Ken Bowers will be celebrating the two-year anniversary of moving City Caf? from Belmont to Mount Holly.

At ?A Hospice Affair? you can donate $10 and you will get a pottery bowl and a meal of homemade cream of broccoli soup or Brunswick stew. Donating $5 will get you a pottery dessert bowl and a serving of banana pudding.

There also will be a drawing for a true Southern Collectible face jug. Tickets will go for $1 apiece. The White House at JS Pottery will offer a pillow top stool and two silver plated candleholders.
- jlksbec1974
I was born there (1955) as was my father Charles(1929-2003). Very fond memories of Rockledge. Throughout my childhood growing up in Rockledge, is a part of my past and I would love to move back there. So many things have changed in Rockledge as with the times. Just wishing it was more beautiful now as it was back then.
- longlegs0430
Moultonborough is a great place to live
- bwatson
I lived in Columbus thru my High School years..Graduated back in '69
I love Columbus , it is a small community but it is pleasant to live in
My parents lived there until about 7 years ago. I always enjoy going home to Columbus aqnd seeing all my freinds that I went to school with
- Dalty
I have lived here since 2005 and can honestly say that compared to living up north this area is a better place to live and raise your kids.
- alexander75
Jan. 9, 2008
I'm looking for Kevin Andrews who grew up in Cusick. He is in his fourties. Please help, my daughter is graduating this year and Kevin was a good friend to our family when we lived in Vegas. We lost touch and I would love to let him know how we all are.
- findkevin
I had some wonderful years living in Maypearl. In the mornings when I went to go to school there, the cheer leaders would sale ribbons in the lunchroom, in between what used to be the elementary school. before the middle school moved by the high school.Nights out on friday getting ready to watch the game...the people were polite sweet and from there soul.I miss life there. I now live in San Antonio Tx. I Love you Guys. Been trying to get in contact with Jennifer Lynn Graph can anyone help ?
- GilbertAdamO
My father, Wick Beckham, graduated from Lamont HS in 1920 and served as Principal circa 1928-29. He attended homecoming and associated reunions each year until around 1968 or so. I have some pictures of people attending a reunion of class of 1920 and probably of others as well. Some are not identified other than being from Lamont. Could someone put me in contact with a person that might be interested in the pictures.
Dwight Beckham, Sr.
- dwigit
Why is everyone moving out of area....and the huge amount of foreclosures???
- nilesnoki
Jan. 8, 2008
I had heard others tell their tales of the good old boy network and slimy court system in Smyrna, but now I have seen it first hand. WHEN GIVEN THE OPTION OF A HEARING BEFORE A JURY IN COBB COUNTY COURT or A HEARING BEFORE THE JUDGE IN THE CITY OF SMYRNA ----- CHOOSE THE COBB COUNTY COURT...... IN FACT RUN THERE!!!!!!
It is the best in the whole wide world. It is where my family resides and it is where they grew up. I know that it will continue to thrive as a community and may Ernest and the others rest in peace.
- Alexandria
what does everyone know about putnam??? might be moving out there.
- rachel9786
Corrupt school system where teachers seduce young female students and the administration covers it up. Corrupt in that, in typical small-town fashion, last name dictates status in everything from little league basketball to "drunks in the tank."
If your familys' interest is in youth sports, Marshall County is not the place for you. As with most things in the county, your last name and status dictates how you and your kids are treated. The good officials go to games with names; the bad officials go to the schools/kids lower in stature who "don't deserve the best" or "who don't know the difference."
We've had coaches in the county tell our girls that, and I quote "girls can't play sports," "girls can't play basketball," and "girls should stay home and take care of the kids."
The no-name kids of the county have wound up simply being fodder for the fortunate few. Worse yet, noone seems to care.
- FrickinSmiths
The friendly city isn't that at all, if you don't believe travel highway #82 toward Albany, Georgia or back toward the FRIENDLY CITY-Tifton, the POLICE THERE HAVE THE NAPOLEON SYNDROME. VERY RUDE TO GUESTS IN THE CITY OF TIFTON. SPEEDING TICKETS ARE ABUNDANT IN THE SPEED TRAP CITY. A SOUTHERN CITY WHO HAS LOST IT CLASS, WHY? $$$$$$$$$$$.
- lokelley
Jan. 7, 2008
Sorry to hear about Pat Fisher and my sympathy to the family. He was a grade school classmate of mine.
- RW1029
Jan. 6, 2008
Looking for a new adventure. We live in St Petersburg Fl right now, but are looking for a new location to build a house and hang our hats. Any info from people living in Conifer would be welcome. We are the outdoor types and Wisconsin is where we grew up

- tknebes
The home of Walker Lake which had great fishing until agriculture upstream limited water
- williamtomany1
Mentone is great
- 259012
Who founded Witmer, Pa?
- sandysnow1
Jan. 5, 2008
My name is AVARD and I live in England UK London and wondered if there was any relationship to AVARD Oklahoma and my name.
- Avard1968
I have never been to oklahoma myself as I live in England, but wondered the the town of AVARD in Oklahoma is of any relation to myself, I wonder if the people whom created it was related to myself here.

My maiden name of AVARD I was born in 1968, in england london uk.
- Avard1968
I am not able to find any organizations that provide help to people with Disabilities. Moore County also does not have a Transportation System set up for disabled people like Durham has.
- Anja
Jan. 3, 2008
I used to live in Columbus a loooong time ago. I am Debbie Dalton and my family lived on Chapin St. I have alot of people there that I haven't heard from in a very long time.
Columbus holds alot of memories for me. I enjoyed living in columbus and going uptown on a Friday Night and getting popcorn from the popcorn wagon at the four corners.
My parents Bob and Betty used to live there but moved to Wausau.
Anyone who wants to chat please let me know
- Dalty
can anyone tell me if this is a good place to relocate?
- christinamo64
Thank you to all who provided such care on January 1st at your lovely church in town. The red cross and volunteers served so wonderfully. The security in your town provided safety as we traveled from I 65 to your community for the night. What a lovely little town and such gracious service. What could have been a bad nightmeer is now a fond memory. Slept well with so many conviences, met lovely people and got up and off with a good breakfast and to see a staff that never slept. You are to be commended for your services and for your wonderful management of travel problems. Thank you to all--May 2008 bestow blessings to you all
- cepegg
Jan. 2, 2008
We are the Roseville Visitors Association, and we promote the City of Roseville, and all the attractions, restaurants, and hotels in the area. We would like people to talk about what they like about this city and what they don't like. Also it would be nice to see different ideas on what they would like to see come to the city. Any comments would be appriciated.
- VisitRoseville
Tallulah is a small town with unfriendly people. It is a high crime area and police don't protect its citizens. While living here, I have had lug nuts loosened on my vehicle, have been cussed, have dodged bullets, and threatened. The parents in this town let their teenagers run wild and drink. I can't think of anything positive to say about this area. The cost of living is extremely high for a small town with a large number of people unemployed. I'm looking for a way out.
- ltlredhen
Jan. 1, 2008
Citizens, do you know the mayor is trying to replace Lifeline Ambulance with an ambulance company out of the Chicago Area charging Chicago area pricing. These prices are up to 3 times higher than you are paying now? Seems only the mayor is benefiting from this change. The people should demand to know why and what the benefit is. Lifeline Ambualnce has the reputation for being the best ambulance company in all of Northern Illinois, with cutting edge technology and highly skilled employees. Belvidere is lucky to have this available for them and at no charge to them. What is the Mayor thinking?? What will he be gaining while the citizens loose so much?
- emtpinstr1
In November 2007, I flew out to Glasgow, MO to look at a house we wanted & check out the neighborhood. Glasgow, which sits on rolling hills with big trees next to the Missouri River, has a lot of beautiful older homes. The people I have met & spoken with were friendly & helpful. When I returned to Port Angeles, WA, I told everyone we were moving to "Mayberry" which just happens to be called Glasgow. This small town (with very low crime stats & just over 1200 people according to, is charming! Many of the people I spoke with have the renovation spirit! When you visit Glasgow be sure to eat lunch at the bakery & then visit a shop around the corner that specializes in "made in Missouri" items & you, too, will appreciate how beautifully they've restored their buildings. Needless to say, we are very excited about our new home (which we will soon begin restoring) in Glasgow! I don't think we could have found a lovelier, friendlier place to live.
- HappyGlasgowGirl

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