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Jul. 31, 2008
What are the pros & cons of Concord, CA?
- dee200
We are thinking about moving to the Rushford area. Can anyone tell me about availability of work in that area?
- Happy2some31
Cherryville may be a small town, but one with a wealth of character and great people. I have had the opportunity to meet some of those great people there while attending a RC (Radio Contolled) Dirt Oval Track Race right in heart of Cherryville NC Called C&S Raceway. This Dirt track is located inside one of the famous Red Barns on Sunbeam Farms Road. A place of natural beauty, rolling acreage and the best Dirt Oval Track on the Southeast. The Dirt Track is Managed by Steve Bess and Cam Beam. They would love for you to come by and see one of the races that are held every Saturday Afternoon. Summer Hours Races start at 5:00 Pm - Until 9:00. <A Href="">
Check out C&S Raceway Picture Show</A>
<A Href "">or go to C&S Racway's Site </A>
Please come join us this Saturday 2-August for the 100 lap $100.00 race that starts @ 5:00 PM.
See you There! Cindy Washam =
- washcs
Its a small community that watches everything you do, so beware when you travel through because theres a good chance you will be asked what your doing there. You may want to check all the fishing and hunting regulations if you plan on staying there. The hunting and fishing conservationists are always hiding in the bushes waiting to give you a ticket. Its no joke! If you catch a fish they jump out of the bushes like you pulled out a Kilo of Cocaine. So have fun but beware.
- scorpion
I am concerned about being a senior citizen and saftely.
I have heard some areas back east are not so good with the homeless etc.
I am looking to retire and buy a home without getting ripped off doing it.
Is the Fort Mill Area a good place to retire and does it have everything you want for retirement.
- wghassel

Hello, I am going to start my job as a Spanish Teacher on August 2008. I hope to find many friends and I came from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. In this city we have a great Shoe and Tanning industry. I am happy to came to work and live in this beautiful area of Texas. Thank you
- juanbeto
Jul. 30, 2008
Southport was a old great small fishing village. The developement is ruining the character of the town and our state politicians want to make it worse by wanting to build an international global container seaport on the Cape Fear River in Southport .

There are two roads out of town and they expect 2400 semi's hauling containers daily out of town plus about 10 trains for 900,000 containers yearly. Traffic is blocked up now and worse when there is our auto accidents.

To find out more about this future developement go to
- Cantalope
Jul. 29, 2008
With an elevation of Approx 3.0 Ft it is a terrible place to live in the event of a hurriccane
- rhoter
If you enjoy fishing this is the place Snook Redfish Mangrove Snapper ETC:

Also a wonderful place to live especially nice in the winter months,Lots of Foreign Vistors, {In the winter Months}
- rhoter
Hi, I used to live in Wilburton and moved to Texas in 1949. would like to hear how Wilburton has grown.I can use any news. How are the Diggers doing this year?
- lynwhi
Hello, I am planning to move to PA from Long Island. I work in NYC. We were looking at Pocono Farms Country Club community. Can anyone tell me about it. Also I would like to know about Tobyhanna, it seems that I can take the bus from there without a problem. I need advice Thank you.

- abcde
We stayed at the Holiday Shores Motel in McGregor and that place should be shut down.

The building should be condemned. We arrived as a group with probably 24 room reservation and arrived after 6:30 and if it had been earlier we all would have moved on to another motel.

The banisters are loose, so loose that someone could fall through them. The steps were not safe, some had holes in the wood. The cement walks were not even. There were broken windows, blinds with holes in them, curtains with holes. The TV's were very old as was the furniture that looked like it came from a garage sale.

The pictures on the web site were not what we slept in. The pictures are deceiving. The toilet did not flush well and some of the people were using the gas station next door.

The charge was outlandish; $89 for something I would not pay $39 for.

Like I said, the motel needs to be condemned!
- katcall
Jul. 28, 2008
Just heard about the Larchwood area Casino/Entertainment location. I am a Sioux Falls Resident and my comment is....Good for you!! and I hope you are successful. As you folks already know, this region isn't defined by state or county borders and I look forward to this great opportunity for many reasons. I am sure I am not alone in my opinion over here (SD) and if you ignore the naysayers at the Argus Leader you will be successful. Good Luck!
Hi, Can anyone tell me anything about this area of the country?
- andrea4620
I am curious to know if anyone remembers a restaurant in Butts' Corner that existed back in the 50' or 1960's, called "The Ark" run by a Father and daughter who were German My husband and I were struck by the sophistication of the menu and the erudition of the young woman managing the place, the daughter of the chef and owner who spoke little English but she was quite fluent . We wondered why they picked such a remote location to run a fine restaurant and then it struck us that they might be Germans who had been part of the Nazi regime and in hiding.We returned some time, maybe a yr. later and the restaurant was closed !Would anyone connected with a local history society recall anything about this place.? Do you know of anyone who would be interested in seeing the menu.? Any collectors of ephemera and/or local culinary history ? Thanks for assisting me in this matter. Sincerely,
Rita Shapiro
- rivke
I have some old photos of a fair in the 1920's. The vegetables are huge. The back says they were grown just outside of Floyd, NM. These were in my grandmother's large picture box and she passed away in May. We are trying to identify some photos and maybe I can find out which relative lived up there and took the photos. One is of watermelons on the courthouse lawn. The back says how many pounds of watermelon was cut and that you couldn't walk across the courthouse lawn for all the watermelon rinds. Does anyone have any info on this fair and when it was. Was it state or county?

Thank you Denita
- Sue50
I have a story that I hope someone will have some information on. In my estimation this event took place in the Deep Creek Valley about 1911 to 1912. My great grandmother was one of the first families to settle there. Her Name was Mary Elizabeth Bates. Her father was Sheldon Bates. She married a man whose family had also settled there named Joseph Lee, son of William Lee. Joe and Elizabeth lived on the edge of the Indian village which is now know as the Goshute Reservation. Elizabeth had an affair with an Indian man know only as Joe Martines. Joe Lee learned of the affair and shot Joe Martines dead while Elizabeth sat beside him in the buckboard. The product of that affair was my grand mother Emma Lee Kearny born May 4 1912. I am searching for any information on this incredible story. I need to find the existence of Joe Martines. This was his "given" name. He is my great grandfather.
- coyote2talz
A very sad police department and judicial system.
Most people in Kenton are on drugs and it shows. people have junk in there yards and junk auto's sticking out into alleyways. The police don't do anything to remedy this and when they do people only get slap on the hands.
People who rape children or people on heroin don't serve any time in jail, that is a joke. 2 days in jail "come on".
That is what i call a great place to call home.
- KDBurns
Jul. 27, 2008
The cons of living in Junction City, LA is there are NO ordinances ...and if there are, they are not followed. I wish that something could be done about all these houses that either the owners have left to ROT or the owners just don't take care of.
- cespoet
First time logon , just yt see what if any activity is ongoing. What topics if any are up for discussion?
- redlobo59
I visited my Step Grandfather in Climax back in the 50's at that time they had the mine working full blast. I really enjoyed the mountains, the cold clear streams. But, I found out it is nothing but a Ghost Town now. It really is to bad. I wonder if someone can buy some land in Climax?
- rables
Dickson has a great police department and some very good dispatchers....especially Mr. Dana Sanders.
It is a lovely town and I may just move there one day if I can find a good church.
- Shirleycaudill
Jul. 26, 2008
Would like info on what the univ is like and men's swim team.
- weme
looking for information about RM
- eleanahardy
I have a radio manufactured in Mifflinburg, pa from the 1920-1930 era. I can not find any reference to the radio. I have a lot of information on old radios and yet nothing on this model. It was called the "Masterdine"

Does anyone have any information? Another person who has the same radio says his 99 year old mother thought it was sold as a kit.

Hope someone can supply some infomation.

Regards, Bob
- brosier
hope someone can help me with info about THORNHEDGE, which stood on corner of Elberon Ave. and i think Lincoln. it was not too far East from RR station and firehouse. the house was mostly demolished/vacated in late 50's. i am sure President Garfield was even there. was secret passage behind huge fireplace in L/R.

any info would be so appreciated.

thanks, valerie
- grammy
I wanted to go to the Barnstable County Fair but felt the $10 admission was unreasonable. I can spend that on a good dinner somewhere. I am also a resident of Barnstable county and feel that county residents should not be charged admission. When I was growing up the county fair was free admission if you could walk in otherwise you paid for parking.
- elizabethforman
I've lived in Tremont for close to nine years now. I am originally from Norwich, CT. I will admit there was a bit of 'culture shock' when first moving here, but the small town charm and livability quickly made me feel comfortable and safe. I work 50 miles away in Harrisburg, and there are plenty of amenities there if I need. Many small family owned businesses have sprung up downtown, including a pizza shop that makes the best sicilian pie I've ever had. The owner is fully italian and speaks little English. While there are naysayers, as a transplant I find Tremont a fine small town to live and raise children in. Two of my adult children live here in town, and were readily able to afford nice homes, as this may be one of the last 'sane' real estate markets. Really, you get a lot of bang for your buck here, and I live very well for my salary. Frankly it's affordable. There are grocery stores and shopping close by, and the larger town of Pottsville provides just about anything you need.
- kimbo123
Hmmm...went to school there for several years and graduated in 1981. Loved it there and it is still very nice. If anyone knows how to get ahold of Jimmy Lee or Melanie Bonser, please let me know.
- jashercrawford
Oh! Where do I start! I love Mt. Vernon why! Well I grew up there and I happen to know some of the best humans ever born were, and are from this big little town! What do I mean. Well I don't consider myself as a messiah or anything but I know I would be lying face down in a ditch (gutter for you city folk) now if not for my growing up in Mt. Vernon. I am a soldier fighting for OUR Nations security in Iraq, Afganistan and the Horn of Africa. I have been there done that! And I know that when ever I faced hardships I thought about all those people in Mt. Vernon and how I would have to face them one day and be responsible to my teachers, and leaders and friends, and how I could not dishonor them with mu actions. I am proud to say that I served my country and that my experiences growing from a boy to a man in Mt. Vernon Helped me do that with honor.

SSgt Jeffrey R. Gray
United States Air Force
13 Years and still Serving Proud
Thanks to you and all your support!
- pk79601
Jul. 25, 2008
Lexington,Tennessee is a beautiful city. Beech Lake is a awesome! You will be delighted to enjoy fishing,swimming,boating, and camping.
There is also a paved walking trail close to the entrance. Picnic tabes , pavillions are around the swimming and dock area of Beeh Lake.
The snack bar is open in the summer and also the building has restroom accommodations.There is a permit required for usage of the lake, on a daily or yearly rate.
Come join us and bring the entire family.You will Love It! Judy Carol Williams
- JudyCarolWilliams
Jul. 24, 2008
hello there is a benefit for lucian hill on august 3rd from 2-8pm at the pleasant plains community club building and i was wondering if there was anyway you could help. We are having a silent auction, a raffle, a bake sale, food music and more. We are still looking for silent auction items and any private donations can be made at any local I.N.B bank in the name of the lucian hill benefit. Thank you so much for your time. kayla
- kaylapearson
i've lived here for over 20 yrs. off & on it was and i stress was a beautiful friendly place where the people were nice and concerned w/ the wishes and privacy of neighbors. lately something has changed, people no longer care about others or the feelings. they are deforesting what was once space for deer and many other forms of wildlife w/o a care as to where these animals will live. or more likely be scrapped up off the blacktop. not to mention using their used to be home as a dumping ground for their rubbish. the up side i guess is some of the long term residents and council members still do care and are trying to stop this place from becomming as undesireable as some of the surrounding cities. i hope they can accomplish this mission and restore wheatland to the peaceful place it once was. regretably i can wait no longer and will be packing up soon, not soon enough though. to those of you that will stay all i can do is wish you well, of course GOOD LUCK!
- peevedinpa
Jul. 23, 2008
This is a great little town- not too big, not too small. Plenty to see and do.
Want to know more?
- CartersvilleTownies
Small town but alot of loving and caring people. Educational system is good with caring teachers who have invested alot of years to children. There is a serious need for growth and outside investors to keep up with surrounding areas. The town needs more shopping alternatives and places for the youth to become involved in positive things rather than walking the streets and committing juvenile offenses. I would love to see this town grow.
- lynwade
Any word when some "real" restaurants and department stores will be added to the Warrior/Hayden area? I built my house 4 years ago in the Hayden area - mostly because the lot was less expensive than Jefferson County - but also because I was under the impression this area was to start growing. What happened?
- 1oldcat
Jul. 22, 2008
This is the 1st time to MO. and I love it. The people in Collins have been so nice and helpfull. This a great and friendly place to visit.
- mnharvestjenn
I am just trying to find out about the city and the people of Burns, Oregon. What they do for fun, and
what kind of stores they have and what is the interests of most of the people there. Is it desert, or mountains, farming etc..
would love to hear from someone that lives I am thinking of maybe moving to Burns. Please email me would love to chat. Marlene
- marlene1234
Looking for real estate info for Cross, all properties. Thank you!
- klmcn
I am searching for information about my grandfather, Francis Mascio, who lived in Clifton Heights and raised 9 children, and had a masonry business as well. He was a
member of the Columbus Club.
I am searching for his Italian name that was changed to Mascio when he entered the US.Iwant to find his hometown in Italy.
Any info would be appreciated by a loving grand-daughter.
- iris946
This is a nasty little southern town. All gov officials are on the take, esp law enforcement. Watch your backside if you have the misfortune of moving there.
- forgetit
New London is a great family community with some of the finest schools in the State. Living in New London is a joy!
- iowaland
Berne is great place to raise a family and escape from the urban sprawl that plagues our large American cities. The small town charm is still evident in the local hardware shop that is still in business!
- detwd0hb
The water in New London, Iowa is fresh and clean to drink.
Whom ever bloged that it tasted nasty was drinking from a old water hose. The water tastes cool and fresh with no bad taste...just ask the kids...they and everyone I know in New London love our drinking water.
- iowaland
Does anyone know what they are doing or planning for the Inlet Square Mall?
- inletgirl1205
Jul. 21, 2008
Have photo of 8th grade graduation class - Lime City school - 1929. Does anyone else have this photo and know who the individuals in the class are?
- luma9
we are planning on moving to Mooresville within the next couple of years. We have three children which will be attending high schools and elementary schools. We are seeking any input on rather or not this is a sound decision on places to raise a family.
- jenjo
Thinking of buying in the Holly Ridge Area, west of HWY 17, or southof the area, looking to purchase 6 to 15 ac. How is the area and services for a retired person.
- JerseyKid
Just came back from Windber 1 1/2 weeks ago. My family hails from Windber, used to have a big farm, part of it is where the Berkey Church of the Brethren is and the Berkey cemetary. I love to visit and wish I could stay.

Found one of our relatives buried in the old Kunkle cemetary past windber hospital to somerset to 4th st. I couldn't find him because they spelled his last name Foust not the correct spelling of Faust. He was a private in the War of 1812.

Still have lots of family in the area. Just found out my neighbor on the next street just came back from Windber for their family reunion and of course we all stop at the Frosty Corner! and can I say I fell in love with the Peanut Butter gobs across the street at the gas station conveinence store.

We still own a couple acres by the church and would love to have a home there some day.
- faustloveswindber
My grandpa lives there so a lot of old people live there.
- omgitbekristina
Does anyone have any information on a stolen 2001 Red Rubicon Honda 4-wheeler stolen out of our barn the weekend of July 19, 2008? It has black baskets on the front and back. It was off Tyler rode in Wilburn, Arkansas. Thanks!! Any info would be confidential and much appreciated!!
- wkend
I am looking for information about where to eat when staying on the island. Thanks.
- Terri36
This is the worst area I have ever lived in. We have lived here for about 3 years and it has been a constant struggle with the Village Government to get the local ordinances enforced. Not one day goes by that we are not bothered by barking dogs. We cannot walk our dogs in the Village because of loose and stray dogs, eight of which have approached us aggressively. My neighbor moved but he still owns his property. His roof is crumbling, screens are torn out and his weeds are over 5 feet tall. This is not a family friendly community. If you want to live in the area look at Whitehall, Montague or Reeths-Puffer.
- chains1240
Jul. 20, 2008
what the hell happened to this place???? i have been out of ny for 23 years and before i left i lived on bowne park. i'm am from jackson heights and used to go to College Lanes in the 60's (i'm a geezer at 53 yrs) about adventurers inn? it's all about hookers and crack now????
- fiann1
I'm thinking about moving to the Villages. I was widowed a year ago to a wonderful man. I am looking for an active life and I understand there are plenty to do at the Villages. It all sounds great but what are the downs about living there?
- mthomasmo
Pierpont is amazing I live there and its the best place ever with woods and a creek and lots of nice people farms everywhere chickens in your backyard stores and a resturant and businesses are the only thing i wish we didnt have
- PierpontLover
We're considering moving to Coatesville. We'd appreciate any information, opinions about life in Coatesville that would help us decide whether to make the move. Thank you!
- janee
Beautiful.....what more can be said!
- kimmer800
We are looking for someone who can deliver hay to us in Red Rock. We can't afford to get a lot at once. We don't have anyway to move round bails so we need one at a time. Is there anyone who can deliver a round bail every month? Or deliver square bails so we don't have to drive to Bastrop?
- zema904
Hi. Our 4 generations have vacationed at Bethany ever since I can remember. Best skimboarding and surfing is near Indian River Inlet. Tower Shores community also has excellent skimboarding waves and local experts are among the best on the east coast. They put on spectacular free shows if you happen to be there when the waves are right. Be sure to check out the avenue of shops in Bethany and don't miss Rhodes 5 & 10 -- It's one of the oldest continuously opereated stores in the area. Still has great deals on everything beachy. Grottos pizza still rules. For more info, photos and a great place to stay, visit We love it.
- pneely
Orphan cowboy in Poplar, Montana - 1915 - "Orphan Boy"

I wrote a book about my father you might be interested in.

Dad was born 1904 in Monon, Indiana. He lived with his grandma near Knox on a small sand farm for two years (ages 5 to 7), until she died. Russell was then shuffled between relatives - often strangers - to work for his room and board. At age eleven (1915) dad was put on a train from Indiana to Poplar, Montana. By seventeen, he was a full-fledged ranch and farmhand. He could do any part of the roundups, even castration. Dad harvested fields encompassing Poplar, Montana, throughout Kansas and into Canada ( he describes the town, Indian Reservation, farm and ranch life).

Thank you,
Russell J. Milne, Jr.

Orphan Boy by R. J. Milne, Jr. available online at, Barnes & and
- russ44
Real Nice area , Everything you need or want is within a short drive ,Great schools ,Shopping and Housing, I moved here for work and I'm impressed ,my family loves it also !
- saagentile
Jul. 19, 2008
Incumbent Butler County Sheriff Craig Murphy, R-El Dorado, has many decades of law enforcement experience under three different sheriffs. Murphy is a likable fellow who has always treated me exceptionally well. If voters re-elected him, I would not be heartbroken. That said, I have heard some troubling chatter about the internal affairs of the sheriff?s department.

Murphy's opponent, Kurt Spivey has a long and honorable record of law enforcement service. He was an officer on the former El Dorado Department of Public Safety before becoming police chief in Towanda. He returned to the reorganized El Dorado Police Department where he serves as a school resource officer. I believe these varied experiences would serve Spivey well as sheriff. He would also be the first sheriff in a long time who has not worked as a Butler County deputy.

Please visit
- ltinpdx
I would love to learn more about Centerville. I live in NC and we are thinking about purchasing some land from some one we met in Wyoming that owns land in Centerville.
- ddcourtney
what size lot is requied for a house lot
- von
here is a great place!!! i have recently been to new braunfels texas and i was just thinking that we need lttel places that u can go to and have a place to hang out with friends and listen to a great little country band and have a couple beers.i mean really we went to a a little place called freighieght and it was a little place u could just hang out and listen to a great band and dance.

if you would like a place like that please talk to someone to put on in..
- tp124
how hot are the summers there?
- brnngn
My Uncle, Joe Spratt, played a part
as a farmer in the filming of the 1967 movie,
"Bonnie and Clyde".
There was alot of people who interviewed him
and articles in the Pilot Point newspaper.
My father, L.D. Spratt, Jr., was Joe's younger brother.
I would like to find the articles that were written about my Uncle, Joe Spratt, when they filmed the movie in Pilot Point.
I am having trouble locating anything on the internet.
If anyone can help me, I would certainly appreciated it.
Joe Spratt had a son, David Spratt and a daughter, Sally Spratt, my cousins whom I have lost contact with.
If anyone knew my Uncle, you would know stories about
the "SPRATT FAMILY". If not, ask me, I will tell you. Very interesting family who had alot of humor and fun.
Marianne Spratt
- mariannespratt
Jul. 18, 2008
Paso Robles is a great town, but we stayed at the hotel from hell there! Stay clear of Economy Inn, on 2218 Spring Street in Paso Robles! It had vacancy, and as tired travelers, we didn't check it out before staying over night, BIG mistake!! Dirty towels, dust and cobwebs everywhere, rooms hadn't seen a paint job in years, worst of all, on top of the only vanity light in the bathroom, that worked, was a drug users syringe!! Did I mentioned ants in the bed, and a loose toilet ,that rocked like a rocking chair, while being used!!! Hope fully you choose a nicer hotel there!! Bjorn from San Diego
- bjornen
I have lived in Calera for about a year. I wish we had never moved here. It is a dump. The city doesn't cut the right of ways within the city limits and trash is everywhere. Grass is about 2 feet tall everywhere you look. If you want something decent to eat you have to go to Alabaster. We will soon be putting our house up for sale and moving to Hoover or Chelsea.
- Cleocat
are they putting section 8 up there
- jen007
We do not consider Veedersburg trashy, we do agree about the cops,The school system is one of the highest rated schools in the county and its just like every other school with there own cliques.and so what if everybody knows your name.
- Parker03
Does anyone use this?!? I find no history. Going to Grace this fall and wanted to know more about the area.
- MrsJ
Tell us why we would like to live in your community, pros & cons.
- bobbieA
Great SMALL town! Wonderful ranching community> Great involvement with youth and school activities.
- transplant85
Jul. 17, 2008
Nothing to see!
- scottbarnett
This is a terrific old town with loads of fascinating history.
- Spiritof1776mt
homes by water, for sale
- sauornelasc
Pro: Tiger Schulmann's Mixed Martial Arts located on Woodhaven blvd
- tskglendale
Newton Grove, North Carolina is a centrally located, small rural community in the Eastern part of the state. It is famous for the traffic circle found in the center of town, and for Hogslat, a company which invented the use of "slats" in hog farms to properly manage waste particles from the farms.
Newton Grove's name comes not from Sir Isaac Newton, (what a joke), but from years of being the "New town at the grove". When Newton Grove was first established, it was home to a small grove of pine trees, around which traffic flowed to and from other, larger towns. Later, the aforementioned traffic circle was built around the grove. Eventually, "new town" became "Newton" and "at" was dropped.
Newton Grove is about an hour from Fayettiville, Wilmington, and Raleigh, and less than 30 minutes from Clinton, Faison, Mount Olive, Benson, and Dunn.
The community is home to Hobbton Elementary, Middle and High Schools, as well as several daycares.
- MeganLHenry
why is finding a rental in Hampshire so difficult?
there are no ads in the local papper or on line anywhere. Can anyone help?
- tattoe61
I recently blogged about my frustration with two companies located in this area of Florida. One was the Debt Consolidation Company and the other was CRS Financial Services. Since that time I have been in contact with both companies and have reached an understanding of the services they are going to provide. They are keeping to their word as given to me, and that is satisfactory. That being said, I would like to remind ANY business owner that while you do provide a necessary service or you would not have gone into business, your customers are what keep you IN business. You are there to serve them. They are not there to serve you. Remember that in the way you speak to them, and do not be condescending, impatient, threatening, or abrupt in your speech. This is one of the failings of both of these companies. Even though they may be carrying out the letter of their agreement, the heart of the matter is that they seem to lack "people skills."
- mpaxson99
I have found memories of Woodleaf what short time I lived there as a child in 1964. I lived on Ridge Road and my school wasn't far away, but I don't think I could find it now. I don't even rememeber the name of it. I lived there only one year but I loved it.
My Aunt Lou lived just down the street from me. Bless her heart she's gone on to a better home now, but she and her kids were a big part of my life back then. I miss those simple days.
The Mooses were a big family and lived on the corner. They had a daughter about my age that I played with. She could sing and play the guitar. I can see her now in my mind but I can't remember her name. I've aften wondered if she grew up to be a music star. If anyone knows this person now, please have her contact me. I would love to get in touch with her.
- FranRay
Jul. 16, 2008
A wonderful place that I love to visit just to get away and relax. The best thing about Seadrift is that it is much quieter than other coastal areas, such as Corpus Christi, Port A and Rockport. It gives us all time to let go of our everyday stresses and enjoy the waves and the sun.
- mahalruby
If your looking to move to Lee County Florida. DON'T. there is a bad feeling i have had 4the last twenty yrs.. and it is this crappy little town of lee county. they let cape coral grow. and they keep fort myers poor. cape coral is going to be just like hiya leya miami. a low income housing project the size of fort myers. they have the crapiest law enforcement. I have never seen the immigration service ever in 35 yrs. there are so many illegal immigrants here that it is sickening. they look at you with their third world if you look away tehy are going to steal the shirt off your back.then rape you or your family. just because your a legal citizen..... because that is how it is in other crappy 3rd world countries. they want the illegals here so they can have free or almost free slavery.
- forgetleecounty
Hardtner, Kansas is considered the "Gateway to Kansas". We are a small community with a big heart. Everyone knows everyone, we take care of everyone, and we stick together. Our children attend South Barber schools in Kiowa, Kansas. Our little school has the largest swimming pool, and a beautiful park.
We are located 16 miles north of Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva, Oklahoma.
There are families here that go back as far as or before the Oklahoma Land Run.
We have a bank, library, post office, a very popular restaurant, store, service station, and even a lawyer's office right in the middle of downtown.
Hardtner is a very quiet, wonderful town, and I will never regret moving my family here 3 years ago.
- RockettLaw
I am interested in visiting - what are the opportunities for biking - are the flies and bugs a big problem??
Jul. 15, 2008
moving to Port Charlotte soon and wanted to find
out about fun things to do
- clamserenity
Jul. 14, 2008
Is there any oil or gas production in Colusa County, CA? Do mineral rights have any significant value?
- OKoilman
The Town of Sterlington have used various methods for years in order to get community members to vote The David Lowe Subdivision, an all black community, in as part of their town. The one thing that we know is that it would benefit the town more than it would our community.
The town of Sterlington have come into our community claiming property and evicting livestock, homeless dogs, and the community access to a property that we do not believe belongs to them.
In the Town of Sterlington's conquest to claim the David Lowe Subdivision as part of their town, they leave a bitter taste in the mouths of those who live here.
They have already annexed us into a corner, leaving our community with a total of (8) streets that's outside of their city limits and an unkept parcel of land where Myles High use to stand.
We have no desire to be part of the Town of Sterlinton. They are already attempting to take away property that our community have had access to for years.
- shadebro
Jul. 13, 2008
I remember every sunday at gramma blasks while my dad visited at the Dibbles. We would run back and forth to Aunt Plinks. Years later in High School I remember wanting to leave the valley and never come back. Well I am 46 now and thanks to the Air Force and sand in my shoes I have been through 39 states and 16 countries, and I have come to believe that my times as a youth in Middleville were by far the best. It took all these years of heartache and turmoil to appreciate the statement 'there's no place like home' I am back in New York now and will be relocating back to the Valley before christmas. If the youth of today could magically see through my eyes, they would come to apperciate middleville and the small town values that never, ever grow old.
- timblask
Jul. 12, 2008
Petersburg isn't a bad place to live I grew up there.It is a quiet place to live. The only thing about it there isn't n jobs.So I had to leave to another state to find work. The mayor needs to let jobs come in there to keep there residents at home.
- Mary1967
You wanna know about Roseau, Minnesota? Boring, nothing to do and overpriced. This itty bitty town has nothing for kids or teenagers to do unless you are a hockey person. They are not happy with outsiders. IF you can find a house that wasn't built by someone's BFF's uncle's cousin, you are lucky. They try to keep up with the cities, but don't have the same offers. The positive side is that the schools are great and there is virtually no crime. Teen pregnancy and STD's are high in this area because there is nothing to do except run off to some dark field with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You have a Dairy Queen and a Subway intertwined with mom and pop shops. Did I mention the Dairy Queen closes for 4 months during the winter? If you want GOOD shopping, you have to drive 2-3 hours into another STATE and if you just want a bite of McDonald's, you need to drive an hour east or west. Sad when a town smaller than yours has a McDonalds. Save yourself and move to at least Warroad.
- MNMomma
I am a genealogist doing research for a lady whose father, George Fagan graduated from a very small school near Clovis sometime between 1951 and 1953. Is it possible that someone there might help me with this? Her mother's maiden name was walsh or Welsh and they were farmers.
Thank you for your time.
- enigma46
Jul. 11, 2008
I love my little Roseville town. I just read it was named for the most popular girl at a picnic long, long ago. How utterly, romantically cute! I have always had a strong tie to this region, starting with growing up hearing stories of my grandparents shopping at Denios. Keep in mind that I grew up in Klamath Falls, Oregon, which is approximately 400 miles or so away from Roseville. My late grandmother grew up in this area and ended up migrating north to Oregon to raise her own family. How fitting it is that I ended up raising my own family in her old stomping grounds.

As I raise my own family here, I hope to discover and record the beauty and class that Roseville is all about. I am proud to be a petal on Roseville's ever-growing stem.
- princesstlv
What is the best part of living in Gilboa?
- Eifert
Jul. 10, 2008
Parks in Double Springs is something we do not have. There is no where nice to take your kids to play outside or inside. Yes there is a little play ground at the community center where the track is but to me it looks old and unsafe. We need a nice play ground so that people don't have to drive thrity minutes to enjoy watching their children play.

I went this past week to a park in Decatur. There was so much to do. Parks, play grounds, miniature golf, movies, cooks museum, and many more things. Most of which was free. Bouns since I had to drive a hour or so with these gas prices.

Jasper movie theater even shows a free movie through the summer three days a week. Don't think that I'm saying we need everything to be free cause I would pay to go to a movie, play golf, or swim in a pool in Double Springs.

I am saying we need ENTERTAINMENT in the town of Double Springs!
- Doodleinbama
i lived in canandaiqua and loved it but moved away 16yrs ago. i am looking for any one who knows dotty wright (smith) or her son george wright and where i can find them george has 3 children,sarah,george jr and kelly. if you see george or dot tell them there friend from virginia is lookong for them thank you
- tazzrn
Just checking out this website because my mothers great, great, great maternal grandfather founded Exline Iowa. Her maiden name was Germann. Her parents names were Willian and Rose. They are both barried in Exline.
- jkpetre
Am still trying to locate someone who knew my best friend. His name was Joe Strong. We were childhood friends. I believe he was killed in an automobile accident in the early 1960s. Please, is there anyone out there that knew this awesome young man ?
- enigma46
Its been years since I was in Center. But I grew up there. We moved to Utah in 1968 and was very sad about it. I had numerous freinds there. And would like to find where they are all at. I would of graduated in 1974 from Center. I loved where I grew up. It was a hard life when I was young but it taught me so much. My mothers family was from Center. They were Vicinte and Mary Trujillo. my moms name was Louise. But what I remember was the freedom we had to go and do things. From what I have heard about lately is that it has changed so much.
- albertinaarchuleta
how big is this town?
- jsmith273
Jul. 9, 2008
I hear the village is actually run by outside legal counsel that likes more fees. And the administrator cannot move without the lawyer's help. That should change.
- KingKong
Interested in purchasing a home in Elbert County, CO. I was trying to find out "pros and cons"?

- rmichae
Demarest is a pretty little town. We are in a Valley. "Weather" actually splits before coming to Demarest and it goes around us. Top schools and the main reason families move here. Multi-ethnic and the Korean population is increasing. Literally two sides of the tracks. The East side are the very wealthy. The West side are high middle. I don't think there is a low income in Demarest. I've been here since 1959 (it's now 2008). Town has built up a lot since then - as has all towns. Ask and I'll answer what I can.
- IreneNJ
I'd like to know about Blacksburg as I am considering moving there. - e-mail me
- IreneNJ
living out of state how is everyone
- denniswi
Jul. 8, 2008
great place to call home
- cbales
I went to school at GHS. Back in the early 80's, I dated a guy of a very well known family from Beverly Farms. They were well-to-do but also had lots of class and morally a nice family. It is hard for me to believe that this is what has become of GHS.

However, the girls from Beverly Farms in this float showed no class, no morals, and ignorance. Money doesn't BUY class, morals or intelligence. I do not agree with the morals of the girls that got pregnant; however, if I were a parent of the kids on these floats, I would be more embarrassed and ashamed of my child. It is sad that people are so ignorant to the fact that MONEY can't buy class, morals, intelligence, and love for other kids that will find their future not to be as they expected. The parents of the Beverly Farms kids should hang their head in shame. Money can only buy material things - you have to learn classy characteristic from your home life, which doesn't seem to be the case in this entire situation.
- SandyLBotta
The pro of Crowley County is it is a nice place to live and retire in. Everybody is so down to earth, friendly and pleasant.
The con is that there is not enough water to be able to keep our yards green. Also, the water we have now needs to be filtered to be able to drink half-way decent. Each Crowley County town needs to be able to control their water rights by theirselves and not have them controlled by other people.
- pattycole
good place to live
- KevinKevin
I live in Candlebrook Estates and it bothers me that even though Long Creek Zoning recommends against having 72 houses behind us because of our water problems, the Long Creek Board went ahead and passed it.
From what I have heard, the same thing happened when this edition began. If you haven't seen the water problems we have, you need to come look next time there is a big rain.
- sjbrown
La Honda is the land of my childhood. i am the last surviving granddaughter of one of its great ladies, Lelah Seares. there is a short street there named after my mother Beverly (because she fell off of a horse nearby while the street was being put in). there was a great bar called Boots and Saddles there, where my parents went with me and my sister often in tow. i used to sit on the floor there and play "Moon River" on the juke box over and over; it was my favorite song. this was in 1959, before La Honda was cool; but i always thought it was the coolest place in the world anyway, because of some things, and in spite of others.
Give me a chance to think about it and i'll write some more...
- VictoriaWoo
Wondering if there are any fast food rest. on the island. Other than the two cafe's?
- sharpshooter
Does anyone in Jefferson County possess a photo of John H. Perkins who built the Monticello Opera House? Would the historical society have one and how can I get in touch with them?

The graphic designer producing the next Opera House Program would very much appreciate it if anyone had one to loan us for a short period to be scanned and used in the next issue.
Actually I am the designer and if someone wanted to loan us a photo, I promise to take very good care of it and to return it promptly.

Delaney Pettijohn
- delaneymayo
I live in Knowlton, WI, was born in Monticello, Drew, AR, and my father John Turner was born in Hamburg in 1899. A W. S. Lawson was the Judge there a total of six years between 1882 and 1894 and I am trying to locate anyone who has information on his Geneology. My Great-Great Grandfather was also W. S. (William Spencer) Lawson, born about 1822, died on 05 Sept 1863, from a wound in the head, received in the Battle of Gettysburg on 02 July 1863 as reported by his son William Turner Lawson who was fighting with him, both in the Georgia Infantry Regiment, Company B. we do not know who his parents were or where he was born. His son reported that he was born in North Carolina, moved to South Carolina and from there to Georgia. I feel that there is a strong family connection there and if I can find the Geneology on Hamburgs Judge W. S. Lawson, it could possibly also lead me to our William Spencer Lawsons origins as well. If you have any information, please contact me,
- Rip1
Jul. 7, 2008
Does anyone know anything about gov't housing in West Mayfield, PA? Possibly villas?
- barb66215
I am trying to locate a past Mayor of Barnsdall, Oklahoma. His name is Max Simon and it had to have been at least 40 years ago or more! I believe he had a butcher shop or grocery shop in Barnsdall. It has been a long time ago for me. My Grandfather, Max Simon, passed away June 16, 1978 at the age of approximately 95 years.

I am iterested in knowing Mr. Simon's fathers first name if it appears on any paperwork that he may have filled out. I happen to be Max Simon's Grandson. The only thing I know for sure about his being Mayor is that he told me that after he was elected they found out he was not a Naturalized citizen and had to (quickly) correct that oversight!

I seem to remember feeding the chickens with my Grandmother, eating green apples till ill and cutting my finger on my first (illegal so said my parents regarding my age) pocket knife.

Info appreciateciated. Thank you.

Hersch Davis,, 1025 Patricia St., Wichita, KS 67208-2640, 316-684-7420.
I find myself appalled, as a resident of Gloucester, ma. and father of two children, that a family event in your neighborhood could allow a phallus squirting into a crowd atop a truck and the throwing of condoms filled with candy to children to go on. How disgusting!
- tonypal
I am interested in moving to Fairburn in Dec. I need to know about homes, neighborhoods and employment. I am a mother of two (ages 14 and 6, so schools are important).
- peacequeen
This poverty nothing town is the absoulute armpit of Florida. They will steal the parts off your car sitting in the driveway. They would steal Jesus Christ off the cross, and then come back for the nails! This is true poverty, no hope, no education and no life.
- gladtobegone
my name is erica robinson and i think that bonifay needs some type of animal control other than the city . we need to crack down harder on the law of people who own animals and having rabies shots and tags on their animals we have way to many stray cats and dogs running loose in the city and around children they need to be taken care of and soon . you never know when a child may be bitten by one of these stray animals and what would happen if they did . so please lets do something to help bonifay and keep our children safe.
- ericaharper
My family moved here in 1927 and 1928. My parents left in 1946 and kept dumping me back here for vacations and then dragged me back in 1966. I have tried to leave 3 or 4 times and guess what I am back again. I guess I love it.
- tagalong
relocating to oneida , by summers end ...looking for any info on the area , childrens activities, neighborhood info ..etc
- just1smile
Jul. 6, 2008
What a City New Carlisle is NOT.... We have no police protection, housing and zoning ordinances are not enforced, people are afraid to call the Sheriff for help, in fear of intimidation what a screwed up place to live. If your a hard working person who wants to get up and go to work for a living sleeping at night can be a chore. Want Drugs go to the 300 block of Drake, there is a blonde woman who drives a Red Pontiac Grand Am, she will fix you right up, the Sheriff's Office knows all about it, they wont do anything, drive into the city from the the south and the first thing you will see is a city landmark a broken down road grader, parked next to a garage that should be torn down. What a joke what a joke, this town has more people on Welfare and public aid mostly do to the highest IQ level is around 76.. I kid you not ... If I could sell my house I would be history, as soon as the market turns around I am gone
- Blueeyes
Great place to grow up in, my 4 sisters and I attended Saint A's and spent many a day at Simons Playground, great, great years in St A's!!!
- curtjccp
I am interested in moving to Jackson, could someone tell me something about this town. Thanks, Lucy
- Murtosa
I am looking for a townhouse etc with three bedrooms to rent in Manayunk, PA- searching from a distance so would appreciate any assistance, Thanks.
- dacurmudge
I have never been in Coconut Creek, Florida. I am sure it is filled with good people from all walks of life. Just as my home town of Poneto, Indiana has people with good and bad characteristics, I imagine Coconut Creek is the same. My frustration with this part of America is a company known as CRS Financial Services, with whom I have been assigned to work on my debt consolidation process. I began this "journey" with another company in another town, but have been"passed" to CRS Financial for them to supervise and assist. Sadly, I feel as if the companies in question (CRS and the original Debt Consolidation Company based in West Palm Beach) have not carried out the services they promised. I was told to send my first payment to DCC who would contact my creditors. Instead, they forwarded me to CRS who ALSO wants their first payment before they will assist me in settling my debts. Please beware if you are wanting to consolidate any debt. These 2 companies may not be your best choice.
- mpaxson99
The Clarksville Borough Council and residence are planning to construct a new veteran's honor roll in the town. We're looking for those who served or are serving in the millitary (but does not have a dishonorable discharge) who was born and raised in the 15322 area or is presently living in the 15322 area. We need these servicemen or servicewomen's information so we can put their name on the honor roll. You must be able to show proof of service. Email any information to
- tah1974
I live in West Goshen and it is a great quality of life. I will write more later. I have a web site that has a lot about West Goshen.
- APecone
plus and minuses of Monticello? planning to relocate
- pennyc
Jul. 5, 2008
Growing up in walnut was a good time for me. Even though the town was small. the people were wonderful. Alot of things have changed over the years. Its just not the town it used to be. Its not about the people who helped out their follow man anymore. But about the people who has a name in the town. I never would have thought I say that about my small town. But its true if you dont have a name backing you your nothing. And if you dont spend every waking hour at the Bar your nothing. I just wish things were like it was when i was a young kid running the st of that wonderful little town. When everyone would say hello as you met them on the st. Instead of rising there noises in the air and turning their head to avoid you. Those of you that im talking about deep down know who you are. But are to chicken to face yourselfs in the mirro each morning. And would never admit it. I fell sorry for you all. One day maybe you"ll wake up and remeber the town i grew up in. DJ
- walnutkids43
I am looking for some people that I think are from Alexander, N.Y. I have found an SD card that has about 500 family picture on it. One of the picture's have a picture of an Ambulance that said Alexander on it. Also thiers picture's of teenagers playing sports and the shirt said Lady Trojans on it. Also little tots and I think a set of twin girls. I found this card at the Rod and Gun in Harrisville, N.Y.
There is also a picture of some ladys in front of , I think the Clam Cove resteraunt in Gouverneur, N.Y. I would like to get this back to it's rightful owner. The picture are from about 2005 to 2008. If anyone know's of someone That this might belong t
- onecent1
Good things about Florence: beautiful, tree-lined streets; an excellent high school with good college prep; reasonably priced small state university with most classes taught by professors [not graduate students]; good access to outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, boating, hiking; low property taxes; housing costs low.

Bad stuff: no good major grocery store chain; only one second rate bookstore; one theater chain showing mainly general interest movies; aging population; most younger educated move away to find work; extremely Bible belt; not very friendly - it matters greatly what local high school you graduated from; schools have high drop out rate and area has large poorly educated segment.
- skankycat
It was my first trip to NY and I stayed in Sunnyside. I loved it there!!
- tigerluvrgrl
How bout those tax increases?
- Happy21408
im new to the area where are the hotspots
- derickbinsley
Jul. 4, 2008
I saw the rosebud news article about the roof leak at the school. Is the damage extensive? please reply at thanks.
- hsaldana1
Is there still an active Bagpipe group in Chestnut Hill? On the "green " by the Episcopal Church, there were practice sessions when I was a student at Templ U.
Need to make contact at
Any in fo welcome. Thanks
- tempu
Interested in John Kinsman as a historical figure. It had been my understanding that he served in the US congress in late 1700's and for this service was awarded two townships in Ohio which he gifted -- therein the naming of this community -- is this correct?
- skinsman
Julesburg has been my home for the last 25 years. A pretty nice little town. We have great schools, an up-to-date medical center, assisted living, "rustic" golf course, several churches of various denominations, and stores that provide the essentials. The best part is the Historic Hippodrome Theatre - a bright spot in an economically depressed area. I have worked with this community owned and volunteer run movie-art house for 10 years (I may be prejudiced, but I'm not alone!) A great place to live and work in this new computerized work-at-home from anyplace world, especially if you have kids!
- sherridon
Whatever you do when in Romney, DO NOT eat at the McDonald's there. Service is pitiful, food is often cold, the place should be shut down due to uncleanliness, and management is the worst I've ever seen. Obviously whomever is the manager, has never had any responsible position held in their entire life. Poor management, poor service, and poor quality food is all you should ever expect from McDonald's.
- graciouswolfe
Olmsted Falls High School's has instituted a new yearbook policy that is illegal in three states.

OFHS now requires their seniors to be photographed by the school's "contract studio" in order to be included in the yearbook. If they want to save money or go to a studio closer to home, the senior and their parents must make another appointment at a different studio.

In today's busy world, parents and teenagers try to make the most efficient use of their limited time. The new yearbook policy is counterproductive to that end.

To see how you can let your voice be heard about this issue, visit
- maderemark
Jul. 3, 2008
I have heard somewhere that Freedom Ok was settled by freed slaves after the Civil this true
- cactusflower
I just want to let everyone know that Duncan Oklahoma is the worst place to live in the state of Oklahoma ....The police want more money but yet they won't do there job,The animal control is also sorry, The code enforcement don't enforce city codes got grass that 6' tall in the city limit houses owned by the city on the North side of the town,They won't fix the roads over on the North side of town, or help anyone over on the North side , but yet when it comes to the snob hill they make sure they come first the hell with the poor people but yet it's our tax money that goes to the city to help with things also ...
DUNCAN OKLAHOMA IS THE VERRRRY WORST PLACE TO LIVE soon as I can i'll find another town to move to I live here 5years and 5 years to long so if any one thinks about moving here I feel sorry for them DO NOT MOVE HERE IN DUNCAN OKLAHOMA I give them no stars because 1 star is to good for this town.....
- Buffy2008
I got the pleasure of living in Vinton for a very short time!! But in that short time i got the pleasures of meeting many wonderful people. And i got to work at the most beautiful place in my life!! its a place that i will never forget for the rest of my life!! i plan on visiting in the near future. i worked at Nibletts Bluff Park. That place stole my heart. And the people who run the park are great too. We miss the animals very much. Specially the deer Sweetie whom my son loved very much he loved to feed her and all the other animals Apples. well i just wanted to share my happy memories of the short time that i got to spend there and how happy it made me to get to wake up and go outside in the dark and watch the sun go up on the Sabine River!! : )
- JudyW
We are looking to relocate further South from Northen NJ. After house hunting in the Howell, Freehold areas we found the commute to work each day would be a bit too much for us. Therefore, we have decided to start looking in Aberdeen area. Want to hear mainly about
1.) the schools
2.) recreational opportunites for kids and adults
3.) Is there a section of the community that provides shopping, restaurants with a small-town feel? (not like Rt 9!!)

Thanks, Barbara
- barbarag
Needs to change name to Doily town. "Doilies" are painted at all crosswalks it looks ridiculous! What a waste of money. They should have put lines like originally planned.
- rockledgeres
been living in lafitte for about 3 years and have made more friends and had the best time of my life
- tboy0507
Jul. 2, 2008
The town of Atlanta needs to step into the new century. It's hard to believe there are still towns in Hamilton County that still hasn't got at least a convenient-mart or gas station.
- Former
In Corbin City, our home is right on the Tuckahoe River - a lovely view. The problem is renegade boaters who speed up and down the river in No Wake Zones ruining everyone's docks. Unfortunately, there are no patrols on this river. Any suggestions???
- PegBon
Jul. 1, 2008
West Liberty is the oldest town west of the Appalachian mountains. It was chartered in 1776 by the state of Virginia hence the origin of its name "West Liberty." The town is home to West Liberty State College, the world's first and unique Women's History Museum, Roadworthy Restaurant
( Excellent food and atmosphere), Lancelot Cafe (delicious sandwiches and fast food) and the old cemetery which was first used in 1770 and contains the graves of revolutionary war soldiers and veterans of the war of 1812 up to WWII. The cemetery contains the grave of a confederate General and a witch. There is an enormous oak tree believed to be almost 240 years old that has grown around and enclosed two gravestones. The Nellie Kreise Rare Book Room in the Elbin Library on the Campus of West Liberty State College and outstanding collection of rare books including a cuneiform tablet, an Egyptian scroll and and illuminated "Book of Hours."

Information presented by Prof. Robert W. Schramm,
Emeritus Professor, West Liberty State College. June, 2008.

Further historic information can be found in
"West Liberty State College" by Robert W. Schramm, Arcadia Publishing.
- schrammrus
I am moving to Orcutt. What is it like?
- RonaldD
Marshallville Georgia has always been home to me. My grand mother moved from there when I was 12 years old. Up until that time she as well as her parents and grand parents before her were members of this community. I have to come to Marshallville often just to keep myself grounded. Thank You all for keeping it as it was all those years ago.
- nanstan
Can anyone recommend any nail and hair salons in Nicholasville?
- Sassenach

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