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Jun. 30, 2008
tell us the pros and cons of fairfax county
- tamaramarc
Which schools are the best
- tamaramarc
I recently loaded some photos of people who may or may not have lived in Middletown. Where can I find them within this site?

Michael Fleischmann
- MichaelFleischmann
great little town, what is the amount of people who attend
the rodeo ?
- johnott
Jun. 29, 2008
Nice town , not so small anymore ,street lights traffic ,some fine eating places . stay away from the fast food .many things to do in the area within a 30 min drive , when university is in session tends to be a party spot , and the walmart has a excellent view as it is on top of a hill
- merman1962

I'm interested in what is going on in a town where I formerly lived
- clemenspera
One of the most unique things about Harper, KS is the persistence of The Balmer Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization's determination to save historic Harper. Founded in 1994 by Harper native Rosalea Hostetler to preserve the history, art & culture of the prairies for future generations, it has meet with much resistance. Despite the local naivete about the importance of their rich heritage, known in the 1880s as "the intellectual oasis of America", The Balmer Fund has clung tenaciously against great adversity to preserve five major historic downtown structures: the 1883 hotel, the last remaining fresh oyster parlor in Kansas, the 1924 movie theatre, the 1885 Buckeye retail space and normal school dorm. Also included is one of the first bank buildings. You Tube has some good videos: Historic Tour of Harper, Rosalea's Hotel, Rosalea's Liars Pavilion.
- rosyposy4
Just wondering if there are wild cats up in the area, and I mean couger, puma or mountain lion.....not the homeless ones, that could be wild..........A large , about the size of our 75 lbs. dog, .....passed thought the tree line just in front of our home on Brand rd, just off bear kill rd. ,.....light beige short haired cat with rounded ears and a long tail looking at us , ......@ 50 feet away, .....this looked like a large youth , ....looked on line and found it to look like a young couger, .....been coming up for years and never seen anything like this before, ..........hoping someone who lived here all there life, .....could shed some light on just what we saw, ....Thanks, ....TakeCare, ......( *
- chillachella
Jun. 28, 2008
I spent a couple days at the Silver Lake Resort in a motor home with my family. At first glance it didn't look like much, but we fell in love with the lake, the people, and the view. It is a small RV resort with a motel and cabins, fishing docks, small store and nice grass area by the lake and in the middle of the campsites. Fishing was slow but what a way to relax. The views up and down the lake were wonderful; homes peeking out of the trees, lovely lawns stretching down to the the lake's edge, and Mt. St. Helens looming over the hills between it and the lake.
We have been looking for several years to find the perfect place to have a summer home, I think I have found it in Silver Lake, Washington!!
- griener
I'm looking at what is offered as events that are given in and around Melbourne
- arvillarose
A most beautiful place. Mountains Galore, waterfalls all over, peaceful everywhere you look.
- sweetcaroline1969
Jun. 27, 2008
Commuting information for the Tappan Zee Express Bus from Nyack to the Tarrytown Metro North station can be found at

Community news and information for the Nyacks is available at
- nyacknewsandviews
Jun. 26, 2008
we are moving to fayetteville from northern california, what to do there?
- default4u
i love this neighborhood. Great shopping, Ann Clairs Deli a neighborhood landmark. Express bus to Manhattan. Quiet tree lined streets.
- bronxboy60
Mina is one of the most unique town in nevada. It is all about its wonderful colourful characters. We should know, we photographed and wrote a book about it! "Mines minerals & Mustangs" now available at Sundance in Reno.
We miss Gene Gates, Dick whidden, Merle Swanson, Fred Parker and many more. What a beautiful state you have!

John and Jeannette Kerr
- focimp
How is the crime rate out there I hear the law is small minded. Lots of drug problems??
- vfabrizi
Any possibility of building on a tad under an acre yet?
- mjrothert
You omitted a very famous person born and raised in Drew. He is the famous football player, Archie Manning.
- dottiemaeevans
I grew up in Fairmont, WV and spent my weekends visiting my grandparents in Montana Mines, WV. For me, it was a childhood filled with fun and adventure. Unlike the children of today, the kids back then couldn't wait to get out of the house and play all sorts of games, run through the woods and build tree houses, play in the "crick" and play softball until dusk. Our familes all had the same values and believed in discipline. If you misbehaved, you were chestized not only by the neighbors--or even strangers, but if your parents found out an adult had to speak to you about your behavior, you were disciplined at home. The folks there are hard-working middle-class people who are genuinely good folks.

Is West Virginia almost Heave? You bet.
- ethelmstewart
How is the economy in Rock Hill?
- tableman
Some of the best memories I have as a child are of living at 500 east VanAllen St in Tuscola. We were there from 1952-1961. My brother graduated from High school there in 60.
I miss those days and all the friends we had such as ,of course Dr. Steiner and his family, Dr. Cunningham and his family (lived across the street from us and his daughter Susan was my best friend) and too many others to mention. Daddy was with Petro until we moved to Indpls then he was Ind U. My grandparents lived with us, mom and dad of course and my older brother. Such wonderful days-thank goodness for the old home movies!
- carolbmorrs
Jun. 25, 2008
Points of Interest
Skiatook Lake, World's Largest Statuary, Skiatook Museum, Antique Shops, Healing Rock, Civil War Battle Marker, Captain's Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, View from Javine Hill, Horse and Cattle Ranches, Skiatook Airport, John Zink Boy Scout Ranch, Herbert Pinc Auditorium, Vegetable and Fruit Market, Pecan and Flower Market, Community Building, Cedar Crest Golf Course, Cross Timbers Marina/Resort/Golf Course, and Crystal Bay Marina. Coldwell Bankers Select is the largest fully staffed real estate office in Skiatook with 16 REALTORS to assist you.

Sue Bridges, GRI
Coldwell Bankers Select
Skiatook, Ok
- sbridges
i would love to see this blog, is it possible?
- robertabarth
Jun. 24, 2008
Looking for info on this area. Hoping to move there.
- athomeinslo
what is there to do in town?
- sfne
Ballantyne area...the Ballantyne Breakfsat Club community information forum is having the new CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe as the featured guest speaker at their next meeting. That meeting will be at the Ballantyne Resort Hotel on Saturday morning 9AM on July 14th. There is no charge to attend the Ballantyne Breakfast Club meetings as they are open to all. In September on the 13th they will have Dr.Peter Gorman the head of CMS as their guest speaker.
- Goldenproperties
Former Long Islander inquires about how the cost of living / property taxes are affecting home buyers in Nassau.
- Goldenproperties
Interested in learning about property taxes and economic growth for the area. I've had several inquires asking for information about Charlotte NC recently. What is the local real estate market like.
- Goldenproperties
Monroe City's former name was Lovelydale, not Lively Dale.
Barnegat used to a quiet town, very little crime, everyone knew everybody. Now, no way would I ever even consider shopping there let alone living there. Settler's Landing always had it's seedy side but nothing like now. Lex Blvd, looks like a dump, holding N Jersey & NYC's trashiest citizens. THe politians sold out Barnegat's soul when the approved the overdevelopment of the beautiful Pines. Collin's farm used to be in no mans land, now look at it, houses cresting on every property line. Dumpy, cheaply constructed housing developments litter the area. Classless, trashy city folk moved in and brought their disgusting, baseless lifestyles with them. If there are any old timers left, best to get out now before something more serious happens.
- ousooner
Jun. 23, 2008
I sent an e-mail to you requesting what newspaper
is most popular in the What Cheer area? When my father
passes on, I want to put his obituary in that paper. How do you get on the blog after giving my user name and password?
- father
It's a great place to live, with ethnic diversity.
- victor2094
Hello, can anyone tell me when the Hopewell picnic is this year?
- booboo6746
I would like to correct the date for the Czech and Slovak Festival. It will be October 12, 2008. The website link is
Lois Hybl
Czech and Slovak Heritage Association
- lhybl
While my husband was working in Forrest City he was approached by and subsequently had an affair with a waitress from Don Jose's restaurant. She repeatedly came to his room at the Best Western and even they knew she wasn't registered no one ever stopped her. To this day she continues to call and harass us and this affair destroyed our 10 year marriage and he lost his job. Now the company will no longer allow employees working in the area to stay at the Best Western or eat at Don Jose. Any women whose husbands are working in the area should be warned so it doesn't happen to you.
- mspeacechief
Jun. 22, 2008
pros and cons of briarwood.Is there a need for an organic body care shop in briarwood?
- tiguidean
Is this a nice place to live>
- diamondring1946
pros and cons of Arcadia Park Estates, TX 2008

cons: I really wish my realtor had shown me homes in neighboring communties. Almost every one Ive seen has either a club house pool or both. All I have is a tiny kiddy playscape and a sidewalk wow Apparantly other homeowners have complained about the lack of amenities. There is no community spirit as far as block sales annual block parties for the owners to all get to know each other or anything. It's pretty much like you keep your grass cut I'll do the same I manage to have my grass cut at least twice a week and edged when needed but I still ended up getting a letter from the HOA that our grass was too long while a house a few blocks away had trash piled up outside for months and grass at least 2 feet high. Unless something changes, I'll probably sell in a couple of years.
pros: Arcadia is five minutes away from the new Heritage Trace shopping center, hospital and theater which should be completed by 2010 Although there is no closeby police dept the cops do make their presense known.
- wecoulddobetter
My 84 year old mom and her long time partner live there. She is in need of medical and social services. There are NONE on the Island. And as far as I can tell, the closest is Harlingen, one hour away. She needs meals on wheels, nurse visit once a month, housekeeping/driver help to get her to hair and nail appointments, shopping, doctor appointments and helpers who can speak English.
I am the oldest of her three daughters. All of us live out of state, in three different states. All three of us have been frustrated at attempts to help her.
Plus, her companion is very protective, very possessive, and sometimes quite paranoid about about our involvement. He is a fishing guide (who isn't down there?) and is quite content.
The whole island is primitive (and not in a good way) in terms of care and concern. No services, no trustworthy helpers, and very limited public transportation.
We would like to kidnap her and take her to live with one of us.
We learn lessons for our own aging.
- saj136
Jun. 21, 2008
. I used to spend all of my summers in west union and i really miss coming there.My family who I would visit has died I miss them. I loved staying in your quiet peaceful town of West Union. I live in Ohio with my own family. I really miss those long summer days.
- pumy53
My father was raised on a farm near What Cheer. He is in a nursing home in Chicago, Il. When he does pass on, I want to know of a newspaper that What Cheer residents subscribe to
so I can put his obituary in that newspaper. This is most important to me. I know that there are still friends of his that still live in the What Cheer area. Please contact me through my e-mail, which you have. Thank-you so much! Suzanne
- father
I go to Brooksville to visit my grandma every years. If you want a good place to retire, well that would be the place. It's small and nothing much to it.
- dchick39
Hello everyone in Brooklyn (schuyler county).I am feeling naustalgic about Brooklyn. And I am wondering about the people that stayed there, do you ever feel naustalgic? for Brooklyn? As this is my first time writing , I will wait and see if anyone reads this.
- drdix
Jun. 20, 2008
I am looking for some one that might still be in Crystal Lake that knew my family.

The family name is (last name) Layne. I was born in Elgin, in 1949 and lived in Crystal lake til I was 8 yrs. old. I remember a down town bar called Haznows (spelling may be inorrect). I lived at 370 LaMalado..which I understand was changed (street name). I also remember a family by the name of (last name) Lutz, Joe and Addey, they had several children and all I remember was Joannie, and Joe.

Is there anyone here that may know my family name?????
- sunlvr
I wish to know about the Artichoke Lake cemetary. I have relatives there. Christian is the first. He was the first to have been buried there. I understood he was a 12 year old boy. Ragna Johnson is my Grandmothers mother. She is buried there also. Under a bush. I visited this cemetary once and thought that it was the most beautiful I has seen. Right in front of a lake. I want to make sure that Christian and Ragna are being taken care of. Could you reassure me of this? Sicerely, Diane
- dianecoleman817
Cedar Hills is a nice place to raise a family, but it is growing too fast. Although I can still hear horses from my house, there are also too many McMansions, and the open agricultural areas are diminishing. Now we are getting a Wal-Mart: mixed blessings - no more seven mile drive for groceries, but it's Wal-Mart, and it will be the only game in town.
- osgrath
I have a diploma here for Georgia Mae Clark, who graduated from Wylie College in 1939. She was born 07\20\1909, to Jim Clark,Jr., and Anne Noland,in Quitman. If you have any information about relatives of Georgia,I would like for them to have this diploma and other papers. Thank you, Karen Belknap at
- inspiredl
Jun. 19, 2008
This is a little slice of heaven in upstate, NY. The Seneca tell us that the beautiful, crystal blue Finger Lakes were formed when the Great Spirit laid down his hands to bless this land. It is truely beautiful here - clean water, clean air and really good food and wine! It is Nature's Health Club.
- FingerLakesTraveler
We raised our family in Kingwood and I later moved to Humble. It breaks my heart to say more and more people are leaving the area because of the increase in crime. The schools were 90 % white but now Humble is over run with blacks and Hispanics which means the criminal gangs come with them. White kids dont have much of a chanch at an education because they are too busy trying to keep from getting jumped or having their possions stolen. I wouldn't be caught in Deerbrook Mall after dark or at Christmas. Nothing more than thug city. Thanks New Orleans.
- becky47
Heber is a recreational paradise! Close to 4 major resevoirs, the Olympic cross-country ski course in Soldier Hollow, Sundance, the Canyons & Park City Ski resorts and has great mountain biking and snowmobiling trails! It has been the little known secret in Wasatch County....but the secret is out! Population has boomed and is continuing to grow as well as home values. I have property in The Crossings at Lake Creek on the east hills just outside of Heber. Views are amazing, wildlife abundant but I am still close to town and all the resorts. You can see more about this development at
- jdinz
what are the pros and cons of hickory, north carolina?
- padroncervantes
info about abrdeen township

info about abardeen races and population
- jamumallari
Jun. 18, 2008
Oswego is a terrible place to live in, There are never any jobs available!!!!
- sedienta
For someone who lives in this area... How is this area, is it safe?
- whatever
I used to live in Cairo, from 1957-1965. I have a lot of fond memories of riding a bike built for two to the park, just me and my sister. Going to the point and having picnics with our family.
- olaughlin
Do you know of a place that used to belong to Governor John Gordon, known as "Deerfield?" It was a large estate near Ty Ty Station.

- Wragg
The Ocoee real estate market has picked up tremendously over the past few months. In the last month the % of homes sold is about 14%. That is a much better number than the 3 percent in the earlier part of the year.
- jdouglas17
mid the pines of grand old telfair....
- ccw
Jun. 17, 2008
Wondering if someone can tell me whether this is a good place to raise strong, independant children? Want to know if this is a close knit community that looks after each other, or if this is just another small town that shelters bad parents, pedofiles, and generally unwelcome people of society??? i.e. mothers that hit/hurt their children, and get to maintain custody?
- judycaron007
We are new to the area and are looking for nearby public tennis courts. Anybody know where any are?
- PBBuckeyes
Best Real Estate Agent and Agency in Lake Chelan & Manson, WA is Nick McLean - Morgan Picton & Associates
- nm1
what can you tell me about life in summerton sc
- mckennitt
Hi I'm new here and am planning on coming to Gladwin to camp this summer. I was wondering if someone can tell me if the Ceder river is now save for swimming, since it was not last year.
- BonnieL
How backwards can our mayor and the board be? Have they ever heard of notifing someone before they start cutting up driveways and culverts? Apparently not - it's easier just to have the excavator, on the day of the work, go to the door and let the homeowner know! How about some kind of notification - you know mail! It's not the 1800's anymore for gosh sakes let's get with the times people!!!
- justshowme
Jun. 16, 2008
Sugar Island is the best kept secret in Michigan. Everything that embodies Northern Michigan is Sugar Island. The people, scenery, nature, fishing, swimming, sun, rain, and beauty.
- millerlaura
How is the recall of Deputy Mayor Brian Brady going?
- db650
Roseburg is a lot different beneath the surface than it appears at first glance. You have to watch what you say.
Dont ask any questions. Remember Oregon is a border state to Nevada. And dont ask any questions.
- twilightzone
they should include town house motel in ''lodging search''... we're right here @806 492 3595 thanks,DON MATNEY
- wayneo
I am thinking about renting in Rosedale. How close to NYC?
- MarilynB45
I don't know much about Middletown, but I once dated a girl who lived there while I was in college at the University of Missouri at Columbia. As luck would have it, my father, who owned a drugstore in St. Louis, was also a landlord to a family and an individual, who lived upstairs from his store. The individual was a woman, a former resident of Middletown whose last name was Leverett. When she passed away, some people came to claim her things. Several photos and tintypes were left unclaimed, and fell into our possession. I have uploaded scans of all of these photographs in the event other residents, or former residents of Middletown might be interested in seeing long lost images of those who may have been their neighbors, or neighbors of their relatives.

Michael Fleischmann
- MichaelFleischmann
Just wondering if there is a need for a painting contractor in or near Apex.
- Palmers
I have a list of names buried in the cemetery by the Mt. Zion church. One of the youngest graves is a Nathan Hassig, deceased on 6/4/1998. There are other Hassig's there, Jacob, Rebecca, William. Perhaps someone knows of the family who would be interested in preserving this fine cemetery?
- mtzion
hey I love being in rutland, has been a great place to grow up and i want to take a minute to urge the good folks of rutland to really consider recycling to help our enviroment and help keep rutland green,I know you might think its not that important or that we being such a small part of this great big world could make a dent,but let me put it this way you get a new car its dent free no scratches etc, over the years even though you try and take care of it 3-4 years down the road as you look down the side ,dang look at all the small dings and scratches..well i guess all those little dingsndents do make a difference and the same can happen with recycling.Theres a new small family run business that wants to make a difference, and is looking for customers who feel the same ,I urge you to visit to get started on the recycling road in rutland ,vt.
- puglover6616
Jun. 15, 2008
Clarkesville is the pleasant and charming county seat of Habersham County. (It is not in the Cornelia metro area as stated on the website!) One will find many unique businesses in the downtown area that enhance the arts and culture of the foothills of North Georgia. In the downtown area alone, there are 14 privately owned restaurants that offer a wide variety of culinary tastes. Clarkesville offers a wonderful day trip destination for Atlantians and those from the Carolinas.
- deairby
Where do people go for entertainment?
- deeict38
Jun. 14, 2008
Pickett County, Tennessee is one of the most beautiful counties in Tennessee. Highway 52 is a great motorcycle ride. Also, get off the beaten path and ride the wilder side of Wilder Mountain, which is Hwy 85.
- Vickiecraig
The best place to stay is
GREAT accomidations!!!
- mitchsclarke
Anyone out there that lives in Beersheba and want to tell me more about this town.
- kevin1067
hi there
i m new to this and really dont know much about it..and have got and admission in CSU-sacramento..
so if some one can help me knowing the place better would be great
- prince2008
Jun. 13, 2008
Our family owned First Hungarian Hotel on Main Street next to Fire House.
Is it still there?
Is the Adler still operating?
- apisarelli
Please tell me what you think about Rome. We're taking early retirement and would like to move there. Any pros/cons? We'll have a 15 year old by the time we move.
- bellaroma
I have ancestors and relatives buried in Clyde Park; they pioneered the Shields River Valley in the late 1870s/early 1880s. The cemetery is on a ridge northeast of town.
- sflorman
Jun. 12, 2008
What are the pros and cons of living in Oceanside, ca?
Is it really a nice and safe family place to raise kids and have a relaxing lifestyle? How are the job opportunities?
How is the lifestyle comparitively to other cities within San Diego county? Is it a huge change to move from Los Angeles to Oceanside? Are people overall nicer there than in L.A.?
- anahit
My husband's family is from Rose Hill just down the road. We want to move close, but are looking for better schools and good ethnic diversity. We want a little land too, but not too far from the city. What do you guys think of Leland for this?
- talk2ac
Rockledge is a pretty safe community in a good school district. IMHO more repect to the blue collar worker that is the staple in this this community should be given. God forbid you try to park a work pickup. The cops are very bored they spend their days chasing teenagers and acting as "lawn police" not much going on here except the occasion DUI checkpoint on a friday night.
- rockledgeres
Most of the town employees are cool.
- karren12
is there flooding at Big lake?
- djk126
Jun. 11, 2008
I am looking for information about the Genundowa Indian Festival for 2008. Events and days? It takes place in Hammondsport, NY
- Betts
I see this place growing but they do tax you to death. Not worth the amount you pay in taxes.
- funster
Flooding~ hwy 82 closed at the Sheldon Junk yard area
due to planned water release from the Primmer damn.
Starting June 11, 2008
Need a short cut to Viroqua from LaFarge? Take Pierce Hill road to Orchard Rd, go right on Orchard RD to Cherry Grove Rd, Go left on Cherry Grove 4 miles to Railroad Ave then Left on Rail road to Cnty B then 1/2 mile to Mobil and hwy 14.
- Kathycow
For an informative site on the Tri Cities, try:

It is a clean and easy to navigate site full of useful information
about what is available in the Tri Cities.
- seanbhalliday
How would I best reach the Manville, New Jersey - area to locate a buddy I served with in the U.S. Air Force in Germany during the years 1961 - 1964? His name is David A. Smith!
- dennygil
I grew up in Holly and went to Holly schools. Actually I did not go to Holly High School because we (my parents) decided to move after my 8th grade year...My better half went to and graduated from HHS so between the two of us we went K-12 in the Holly school district without any problems. As a mother to a son just about to start kindergarten, I know it is scary not to know first hand. If I were closer I would send my son to Holly instead of Waterford where he's enrolled...So yea, personally I think Holly has a great school system. No matter where you go there is going to be something you don't necessarily like about the school (thats what I've found anyway) .
- MommaOf1

It is to benefit Kassi's grandfather (Phyllis' father), Joe Johnson, who had a heart attack in March and had to have a triple by-pass. He was readmitted for congestive heart failure and fluid build up for another 9 days. He had no insurance coverage. He was out of work for 6 weeks, as well as his wife who had to take care of him. He was tested last week and told he has sleep aptnea and will need to be put on oxygen at night for the rest of his life. The hospital bills have really added up. So we thought we'd lend a helping hand and hold the benefit pageant for them. ALL proceeds go directly to Joe and Cindy Johnson to help with medical bills, medication, and other medical needs. Please come out and support the cause. These two people have always come to the assistance of anyone in need. And now, it's time to give them hand and we intend to do just that! Visit

Pageant will be held at the Clegg Auditorium @ North Ga Tech in Clarkeville
- pkimbral
Jun. 10, 2008
I think Eaton Ohio Really Needs A Dollar tree store ! Not talking about dollar General ,or Family Dollar . A dollar tree is A Diffrent Than Those Stores ! The Town Would Really Benifit From a Dollar tree store ! Also Iam Really Surprised That their Isnt Even A Thrift Store in Eaton !! I thought All Towns Had a Trift Store ! like slavation army , Would Really be a good Thing In Eaton Ohio along With a Dollar Tree ! The Town Would Not Be Sorry Thats For Sure !
- bergger
looking at relocating to ogden utah, need all the information about the carma of the place
- skinutz
Jun. 9, 2008
very low graduation rates,low test scores for such a good school. why so many regestered sex offenders 1 out of every 68 people in lucedale is one. what is that about?
- hatley
Oostburg Wisconsin is one of my most favorite places on earth. My family has had a home on the lake since the 1960's and some of my most favorite memories are there.
The people are wonderful and the countryside is magical. I moved to California 20some years ago and have missed the lake ever since. Now living a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean I am constantly reminded of Oostburg as the ocean air smells like the lake and the blue of the water is the same blue of Lake Michigan.
I will always love Oostburg. It is the BEST TOWN IN THE WORLD!
- kuether
Growing up in Kinloch was quit an experience. I now look back and realize that I have so many memories. This was really an interesting place to live.
- mcricky
I am currently working on a social history of Dilley, Texas. My name is David O. Ortiz and I was born in Pearsall, Texas. My family moved to San Antonio in 1956 and I have lived in Houston, Flagstaff, Arizona and Kanab, Utah. I recently took early retirement and moved back home to San Antonio. I have a lot of relatives in Dilley, including Ramon Diaz, Giselda Zambrano and Alphonso Ortiz.

If anyone has any historical information or photos they could share, I would appreciate it!
- davidortiz


Jun. 8, 2008
Is Rainelle a coal mining town?
- lulu2
What is the current water level at the lake/ I hear it is low.

I usually stay at Melwood Court an someone told me its out to the end of the peer.
- PaulHope1998
Jun. 7, 2008
If you were not born in Edgewood, then stay out. If you are not already there, you will not be welcome. If you have any idea of living a happy life, you will soon find yourself miserable in this town. If you want any quality of life whatsoever, look elsewhere.
- eastxisfreaky
Incompetent-- Unfit-- Unprofessional-- Discourteous-- Rude-- Fort Smith Transit-- The Worst Bus Service In The World. I have never seen a bus service like this, EVER. The drivers will advise you to take any route that will eventually reach your destination, with no regard to whether it is the shortest or the longest way there. They have no concept of the value of time; presumably because they are paid so very little. They will take you a full hour out of your way to get you one block closer to your destination, and when you see they are headed in the wrong direction, they will tell you if you don't like it you can pay another dollar on a different bus. The drivers will give you false information about their schedule; yet, the company will not take any action against the driver who has provided the false information and pathetic customer service. The company refuses to be held accountable for their drivers' incompetence.
- Silvergirl
Trying to find any information on the Olive Cemetery in Marshall County.

Does anyone have a list of people buried there?

- SLeeD
grew up there. quiet little town where everybody know each other

every boey knows each other to well
- onthewathome
Jun. 6, 2008
Binford North Dakota is a HATEFUL, UNFRIENDLY, EVIL little town. Full of HATEFUL OLD PEOPLE who spend their days looking out their windows and minding everyone else's business.
They are sooooooooooooooooo ignorant and close minded they don't realize there is an entire world out there that is decades ahead of them.
The majority are uneducated and cannot read a map to find their way 90 miles in any direction.
If you ever considered coming to Binford let me forwarn you DON'T run in the opposite direction as fast as you can without looking back,
Binford needs to be burned to the ground. sprinkled with holy water, and it would still be toooooooooooo evil to inhabit.
- XBDBV1222
Jun. 5, 2008
Mount Vernon is a high crime area in Westchester county.
low income ,drugs and low level street crime.
This was a beautiful place to live years ago and some famous
people lived there. Sadly now, I would be apprehensive to walk the streets. There remains a nice wealthy area still therein with big beautiful homes, but the city is a cesspool.
Mount Vernon and Port Chester have deteriorated while the
other towns in Westchester have become prime real estate on the East Coast.
- remyrx
If you are interested in Clarion, PA then check out this website:

Local politics, local daily news, local people.
- ClarionLinks
A different kind of Acupuncture in Centennial

A Classical True Acupuncture clinic opened in Centennial, Colorado at the beginning of this year. During your treatments for allergies, pain, infertility, depression, insomnia, fatigue, menopause, ... fewer needles are used with fewer treatments overall, but maximum therapeutic benefits and longer lasting results are gained! It's a great way to take care of your health and feel better quickly!

This clinic also carries a raw Chinese herbal pharmacy so that formulas can be made just for you. It seems like a lot of acupuncture clinics don't carry raw herbs in the Denver area (so we're told), yet this is the most potent way to take herbs.

Classical True Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine is located in Centennial on Dry Creek and Quebec. Check out for more info.
- Acupuncture
The only thing that a lot of people outside the area know about El Monte is that they got robbed by a company called Great Buy PC Tech of El Monte, CA. Most got double charged for a single purchase and the company (Andrew, or Clifford Young) sent them a bogus piece of mail with a piece of chalk enclosed with a bogus return address. When the unspecting customer signed for the envelope, Great Buy used the signature as proof of delivery to the credit card companies investigating.

This is the only exposure that I've ever had to El Monte. It sounded like such an intriguing name but it's all about bad news to me a lot of others. Links will take you to some feedback locations.
- daveladd
We visited the Sulphur Springs over Memorial Day Weekend. We went with the intentions that we would be able to use the coupons that were printed from their website. The coupons had indicated that they would expire 5/31 and I had printed them off only days before we went. The coupons were not honored and indicated they were not valid Memorial Day, not up until then. I understand it was a misprint, but they were not honored.

We spent maybe an hour there, and were disappointed in the springs themselves. I have been to hot spings before, and have never seen so much crap in the water. I thought it was filthy, but come to find out it was all minerals. Alsthough, it was minerals, I thought for some reason that the springs should be somewhat filtered. I would rather go to the Strawberry Springs in Steamboat or Glennwood Springs.

They did end up refunded my money, which was nice.
- mclendom
love it here!
- teresakintz
Home of the Weissport Redneck festival held on labor Day weekend in this tiny community of 400 people. The northeasts best kept secret for a great time. Two days of just the silliest time. Fun for all and if you forgot how to laugh this festival is designed to reincarnate you back to the fun days.
This town for two days will just bubble with excitement good food and beer. From bikers to yuppies the battle for parking starts early in the day and end at 10;00 sharp.
Come to this great town where all is welcome.
- mrdealer
Jun. 4, 2008
I live in George Co. and I moved here from the Coast. I lived here when I was married 24 yrs. ago but had to move back to the coast because of my husband's job. But after Katrina we moved back and it's the best decision we ever made. This town is only a joke if you don't like friendly people. People who still wave or greet you as a neighbor. People who will help you and never ask for payment in return. George County is a down to earth, God Fearing, Healthy, Happy and Caring Community. The JOKE'S on you if you don't ever give it a chance.
- Jadesbuck
Jun. 3, 2008
We live a few miles south of Pilger, down a dusty, twisty gravel road. When we say we're "goin' to town," we mean we're going to Pilger.
Now, the lineup of stores in Pilger is pretty minimal--we have a bank, a farmer's cooperative, a store and gas station, a cafe and bar, a senior center and a super library. We also have a brand new swimming pool and a great park for the kids. We've spent many hours there.
The benefits of living in a small town far outweigh the negatives. When I walk into the store, there's always a conversation about some local incident or the weather or national news. And I value the opinions of the people behind the counter and the ones hanging around the counter.
I spent most of my college years trying to remain anonymous. Trying to remain anonymous in a small town is impossible. Everyone knows who I am, or at least who my husband is. They know that I'm a saint for marrying him, too!
I wouldn't trade this place for the world!!
- pigsnfish
Bad business practice

We have been visiting Lenox every summer for years and fully realize that most inns require a three day stay in the summer (esp on weekends) but have always been able to work around that by going during the week, calling around alot, etc. We recently had an experience at Kemble Inn where a two night stay reservation (made over the phone) was accepted and then was canceled (via email) over a month later.. Leaving us in the lurch with no place to stay - when we phoned we were told that three nights in policy and we should know that because it's stated on the website! Yet, the Inn owner took the reservation herself - REALLY bad customer service, we would NEVER attempt to stay there again!
- Sophiebean
My great grandfather was Henry Purvee. He came to Hamlin from Germany as a young man. he met and married my grandmother,Minnie Violet sch? about 1880. I have their wedding photo taken in Holley NY.
Grandpa was Robert(Shortie) MAcKenzie. He came over from Colburg, Ontario Canada around 1900. His family moved from Ireland to canada to escape the potato famine and save their children from starvation.
GGrandpa Purvee was a commercal fisherman of sturgeon. he also was known for how fast he could fillet perch.
Most of my family is buried in the Lakeside cemetary on Moscow rd. The rest are burried at the Parma Union cemetary.
My mother, Gladys M.(MacKenzie) Schouten Died December 2oth 2007. After an exaustive battle with lung disease and cancer. She had refused to submit any info for Mary's book Because She and the Kaiser's and others would make fun of and gossip behind my father's back when he was seriously mentally ill. He is now in the Orleans co.Nursing home, a quadreplegic.

As the daughter,I am willing to share my photos of my greatgrandparents; my grandfather; photos of the building of the parkway,etc... I also have civilwar photos of my two greatgrand uncles in the civil war.I am near possitive they were MacKenzies.
One grave we are looking for is of my aunt Alice. She died in the about 1916. she was 5 or 6 years old. she died of pneumonia. She is burried in the LAkeside cemetary in the far westside corner. No marker is present.
ABIG GRIPE-- when I go to visit my family's graves, flowers are rutinely STOLEN off the graves. KNOCK IT OFF! buy your own flowers! Some of the other graves have been vandalized. If I catch you.. All Hell will break loose! I will PROSECUTE!
My mother was close to being a saint,so was my grandmother.They were faithful servants of the living God Jehovah. They knew that if they died, Jesus would raise them to perfect life after Armegeddon, God's war. So you see, JW's do believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Sorry to rant.
- Debbie41
Jun. 2, 2008
Tell me, please, how long it takes to commute from Roslindale to Cambridge by public transportation.
- karenelaine
My father has a 25 acre tract for sale in the Diamond Ranch developement in Edwards County. I am trying to find additional information about that developement to assist him in selling his land. Any information about that developement or the surrounding communities would help really help, even driving directions from San Antonio would be a great help, as he is not in good health and it is very difficult for him to get in the car and show me the way. Thank you!
- Jacci
can anyone tell me is this a great place to move im a single mother with a son & daughter ages 8 1/2 & 11 1/2. is the schools good? is it a safe place not too much crime? how many hrs. from atl?
- dagiftedone
Smithfield NC is is on the 95 corridor, intersected by Highway 70 and Highway 310. It was, up until 25 years ago, a vibrant town with an icecream shop, hardware stores, clothing store, pharmacy and many other privately owned businesses. We even had a small Belks department store. Walmart moved in, the smaller Carolina Pottery became Factory Stores of America and this charming downtown came to a screeching halt. I moved here 21 years ago because it had that original charm and within 5 years it was gone.

Citizens here have moved into homes in the surrounding downtown area and have revitalized old bungaloes and historic homes, some of them are simply stunning. Unfortunately the downtown's appearance does not reflect the energy and hope of the people that live here. Many of those with the ability to make change enjoy the ease of power that takes no effort.

we blog at too.
- marbarcat
I was born and raised here,My entire family was raised on hard work and lots of love,we all worked at Burlington Industries,thats where my moma passed away in 1974,Marie Davis raised me and my 4 sisters,after her death I was left with Sandy,Sherry,Kay and Sue Davis allof us was very young I was only 11 years old.I had a lot of friends in Woodfin,I remember all of them and I loved them all..I guess the closest thing to Mayberry was Woodfin.I still love that little cotton mill town and all my memories
- mtd45
I grew up in Clifford during the '60s and '70s. After leaving for college, I never returned to live there. While growing up, I thought it was a great place. There was a safety and security in small town Americana that has unfortunately been lost. We never felt a need to lock the doore, and evern when we were gone for a vacation we left the house open so neighbors could come in and close the windows in case of bad weather.
The town has changed a lot since those days. The last time I was there, a large area of town was run down. Fortunately, it looks like a new generation of people who are looking for a place to live like I had are finding their way back to Clifford. In fact, I am seriously considering moving back in the near future. Where I am at now -- Greenville, SC -- is getting too crowded and crime is on a steady increase. I think being a part of revitalizing Clifford would be a great future for me.
- wordmaster3
I wanted to make contact and perhaps you will be able to assist in my search. We are relocating to the Wilmington, NC area from South Africa. I am an American and my husband is British. I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, therefore moving back to my roots. We are looking at the coastal areas as the temperatures will be about the same as where we live at the present time. We are in our 50's and 60's and work from home. Mike does Internet copy writing and websites, I do research and I also have a business which I will have to begin from scratch again as the equipment will be too expensive to ship, plus the voltage is much different. I hand craft solid wood furniture cottage/beach style and would like to carry on with this when settled in NC. I know in the initial stages I will have to look for employment, be it part-time or full time.

We are most likely going to have to rent some place for a short or long term as the difference in money exchange. Perhaps you know of someone in the area who is not really looking to sell, but perhaps they would like someone to live on the premises to manage and oversee the day to day operations, or have a lease with purchase option.

Please look at our website,, it is here that you learn more about us and in fact more than you really want to know, but this is who we are. Our lives are an open book and we hide nothing.

I trust I have not bored you to tears, but because we really don't have anyone in the area to help us, we thought you might be able to either pass this along to someone who can help or guide us into the right direction. Thanking you in advance for your kind assistance and your valuable time. I do look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours Sincerely,
Liz Mason
- lizmason
I am a hard working citizen that resides in Winnie Texas. It so happens that my family lives next door to a paralyzed man shot in the back due to a drug deal gone wrong. A local church in Winnie donated his home and put it in a neighbor hood filled with hard working citizens and children. He keeps known felons and law breakers at his home at all hours of the night and day, mostly night. I cannot tell you how many times the Chambers County Sherrif's Department has been called out for disturbances from this home. This past weekend minors and adults were on the front porch of this home smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, my children saw it all. My husband went over there amongst around 15 thugs to ask them to please keep their drugs in their home and not to expose our children to them. He was jumped by two males and a female. One of the males has robbed a Drug store twice. My husband was kicked in the head and side....long story short...he went to jail.

Tell me what is wrong with the Chambers County Sheriff's Department?? How many times do we have to call. This is just one incident. We fear to leave our children at home. I am going to write to every news paper and talk to every news station in this area.
- amyjgraham
Jun. 1, 2008
My family is from Johns Alabama. Now known as North Johns surrounding areas include Lawsontown, Adger, Blue Creek. I am looking for decendents of Milton Martin. This is my great grandfather. He was married approximately 3 times and had three different sets of children. He was married to a Blackston, Marcum, and Howton. Does anyone know of any relatives?
- bspbtwitty
nice quiet place to live , we moved here 5 months ago and its small...and the people seem to mind their own buisness.
down side is that you have to go to trussville od springville to buy groceries there are no dollar stores here and the gas is a little higher priced (so far 3.85 ) a gallon
- skyblu32000
looking for information about Taylors, high schools, colleges, How is it to live there
- bevster51
Ellwood City, PA is a great community to raise a family. The school system is very highly rated with 2 fairly new elementary schools and a high ranked parochial school. The crime rate is one of the lowest in the country for the size of the town.
The local website has a list of many local business websites.
- kahuna
What is like to live in Jordan, Mt.? What about the weather?
any bars that have Darts? I grew up in a small town in Central West Fl. and was use to the small town environment. Welcome any info.
- britishcracker

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