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Mar. 31, 2008
Weld shaped me as a child, and soothes me as an adult. Because I live in the same county, I find joy in simply driving thru and remembering the summer days with my cousins and uncles and aunts - sand, water, food, camp and lake noises....simple games as a child, first kisses as a new teen. Then times on the water with my own children and now grandchildren. With my favorite Mt. Blue looking down on it all. Those from away will find being on and near the water with beaches, swimming, sailing, fishing and campfires all working to take your stress away. And hikes both easy and hard to views that are yours alone.
This small, magical place can restore your soul and create memories for a lifetime.
- mtblue52
I grew up in River Vale in the 1970s and much of the Township remains the same, with a few exceptions. Both the A&P and the Texaco station on Four Corners are gone, and the River Vale Public Library, which used to be adjacent to the public golf course, is now at the site of where The Grove used to be, across the street from Holdrum Middle High.

I left River Vale in 1983 and have only returned a few times since. My last trip was in May 2007 when I planned a Saturday morning run from Four Corners up to Pearl River just to see what had changed. My old doctor, Dr. Ferraro has long retired (he also owned part of the public golf course), but my dentist across the street, Dr. Chasolen, looks like he's still there. The Forcellati Brothers nursery is still open for business as is the "Country Store" that's on the northern tip of River Vale, just below Woodside Elementary.

I was 8 during the bicentennial celebrations and remember the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Baylor Massacre Park.
- LaFemmeMonkita
Mar. 26, 2008
I have been here quite a while, I live in the county close to the school.
I have enjoyed living here. At first it was a real eye-opener considering the size of the city we moved from.
The friendliness of the area is what really influenced us to settle here and raise our children. I miss the waves from just about everyone I meet on the road. Everyone used to wave whether or not you knew them. Than was very welcoming.
My children are raised and out on their own now.
I am getting to know this area again through more mature eyes and I appreciate the quiet and peacefulness of our community.
I can't say that I like everything but over all I would not like to go back to the city again. I feel at home here.
That is really a good thing, don't you agree?
Mar. 25, 2008
Renters in the Rocklin area need to beware of a local real estate rental agency called AIM Realty located on Pacific St

Although the rental rates of the homes are reasonable the practices are poor.

Upon renting we completed the application to rent and met all qualifications. We were asked to meet the owner so he could decide if he wanted to rent to us. Referred to as judging a book by it's cover. Since this is a subjective measurement for qualifications all renters will not be judged the same

Anticipate that maintenance repairs will take from 14 days to months to complete. Their sign on the building says "Home Repair" which is clearly not available.

Make sure you only submit service requests on line otherwise they seem to disappear.

Upon vacating the premises do not anticiapte to receive your deposit back. The agent stated the home was immaculate. The broker and homeowner retained 75 of our $2,000 deposit with bogus charges. Legal action pending.

Renter Beware
- classyldy
Mar. 11, 2008
My maternal grandparents settled in Rockdale in the 1910s. My mother and her four sisters were born there. I have fond memories from the '50s to the early '70s of visiting at the "homeplace" one Sunday every month with a bunch-and-a-half of family and family friends. Certainly, the town has changed in the 33 years since I was last there; however, it'll be eternally and wonderfully the same in my soul.
- weisscat

Mar. 9, 2008
A great little city. Friendly people who really care, low crime. Low cost of living, near Alfred University and Alfred State College. We are growning. Lots of old fashioned personal services.

Happy Tails
- HappyTails
Mar. 8, 2008
wonderful place to raise a family.
- jackie8793
Mar. 7, 2008
Pros: Great schools, beautiful parks, ABIA just less than 5 minutes away.
Downtown less than 10 minutes away, Bastrop less than
20 minutes.
Hwy 71 to hwy 290 on SH130 less than 10 minutes.
Sonic drive-in, Subway.

Home builders:
Centex Homes
K-B Homes
Lennar Homes
Legacy Homes

Land/acres is fairly cheap

There are no shopping centers:

The nearest grocery store are at least 6 miles away.
Movie thearters 6 miles.
- DelValle
Back in 1960 I went to The One room School House
Mrs. Bouer was the Teacher.
I sat in the Second row. First Grade..

I have Many Fond Memories of the Island.
Frogging in the Creek with Tommy and Ronnie....

We Ran the Brasser Store at the Time and Had big Baseball Games in the Back yard during the summers, In the Winter Tobogening and Sledding...

I Still Have Many Friends and Family That live there, One day I would love to return

Glendale Arizona
- mrcj
Forbes Magazine has recently named Forsyth County to be one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. In addition, on two separate lists, also published by Forbes Magazine, Forsyth County was ranked #13 on the list of America's riches counties and #2 on the "best places to get ahead" list. Obviously, Forsyth County is a hot location, drawing residents from all over the country. For those looking for a new home in this much sought-after county, look no further than Winmark Homes' Champions Run or The Villages at Castleberry. Whether you want a spacious single-family home to support a growing family, or a low-maintenance townhome, Winmark Homes can cater to your needs in Forsyth County. With homes priced from the $190,000s, budgets of every size will find what they are looking for with Winmark Homes. For more information, visit
- FlammerRelations
Mar. 6, 2008
I lived in Bude from 1941 until 1950 and thoroughly enjoyed my childhood there. I attended primary, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades there before moving to Brookhaven. My teachers were Mrs. Bogan, Miss Smith and Miss Byrd if I remember correctly. Those were some of the happiest times of my life and I will never forget them. Running up and down the streets, going in the different stores and the Bude Hotel. Oh, and Mr. Shelly McDaniel and the barber shop, the movie theater with it's double feature on Saturday. So many fond memories.
- wfortnby
Mar. 5, 2008
Jackson is a great town. The downtown is coming to life. Check out the Jackson Coffee Co. if you go. It's the best thing in downtown Jackson.
- BillBlossum
You fail to list the best coffee house in Jackson, Michigan, which is the Jackson Coffee Co. They are in the heart of the business district of downtown Jackson. In 2008, they were voted BEST coffee in Jackson. They bean out Biggby, starbucks, dunkin donuts and 6 other coffee house. They roast their own coffee in store and on site. It's the best you can get in Jackson. Check them out.
- BillBlossum
Aurora Missouri was home to my family from the mid 50s to early 60s. We moved there when my dad was the local Army recruiter. Being military brats, we moved quite a lot during my childhood. Aurora was a friendly, pleasant town to grow up in.

Our high school football team were state champs and we had a Teen Town and movie theaters (Princess Theater and Sunset Drive In) a skating rink and bowling alley to keep us busy and off the streets.

Wooten's Drug Store was where we headed on our way home from school, their soda fountain was really popular. If you owned a car or just could bum a ride from someone with a car, Vern's Burger Bar was the place to see and be seen. There was also the Squeeze In, Dairy Mart and other places you could go for a good burger.

Growing up in Aurora was probably the best memory of childhood I have. My brother moved back about fifteen years ago and my husband and I moved back a few years ago.

Aurora is close to Branson and a short drive down Hwy 39 to Table Rock Lake in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. If you haven't visited Aurora, I would highly recommend it.
- sweetpea950
I,m from Halifax , Nova Scotia Canada , Many of my friends and myself come to N. H , each year to visit Lacoina bike week ! but we love Conway !!! and this is where we stay for the week ! I just wanted to say how nice Conway is
- Bike
Mar. 4, 2008
there is a company DUNMAC FINANCIAL ASSOCIATES on 527 Main street ste 201, new rochelle, ny 10801. They are theives and unprofessional group of people especially Dillon Raymont that is if they even use their correct names.
They give me the runaround in returning my money that was wired to them on 2/18/2008 the loan did not go thru and they will not refund my money!! If I can save someone from going thru what I am I am happy. I can be reached at 915-383-9671 Please be aware of these theives
- mmarti
Mar. 3, 2008
Phillipsburg has nothing to do at all. probably the reason the cops yell at people for nothing is because they honestly have nothing to do. i have lived in Phillipsburg for 12 years.
all you really have to do is get into trouble...i know i did.
and you wander why all the stuff gets ruined in phillipsburg [the old building that got torn down] yeah the one i had to pay 80$ for and they ended up taring that down. people need to donate a little money and let the kids of phillipsburg have some thing we can actully do.
- juggalette1039
Mar. 2, 2008
The hotel price gouge at the only motel in white springs is a real kick in the *.ss*.the owners should be proud of what they are doing.It makes them look just like what tourist expect to see when they get here.(*back wood rednecks who like to steal from hard working americans*) I will definitely let everyone know that ask me. were is a good place to stay.I will tell them NOT THERE!!.stay clear of your place and a lot of travelers ask me and my friends about our southern hospitality.God bless all of my fellow NATIVE WHITESRINGIANS P.K.R.
- pkraymer
there is in fact a North Johns Alabama. it was formed around 1920 or so was a mining town for the early years and i believe the local coal mines shut down in the 1970's
there about 100 residents living in north johns today.
- thehutchhut
need to do something about the speed on Lyon Valley Rd. cars and tractor trailer trucks continually speed on this narrow and winding road day and night all the trucks cut through this road to go to the truck stop on 863 other roads which are straighter and wider have a lower speed limit many houses are being built on this road with many children moving into the area the current speed limit is 40 miles per hour which no one but the residents obey it's a raceway!!!!!!!
- deligirl
Mar. 1, 2008
I lived in Mount Union in the early forties (Ganister Hll) and have always consideres it my hometown. The Shore clan is related By marriage to 300 families in Huntingdon county, having first settled in Clay Township (Shore Valley ) in the 1700s. Would like to hear fronm old friends and relatives.

Sheldon E. Shore
[email protected]
- sheldonshore
Bonnieville Homecoming & Parade July 4th & 5th 2008
Located on 31-w. I-65 Exit 71 end of ramp turn right, end of rd at T, turn left.
Stars & Stripes Beauty Pageant July 3rd @ Bonnieville Elementary School located on 31-W. For more info contact: Ramona Lobb @ 270-531-1596 or Joel Atteberry @ 270-531-1533. " An Official Kentucky Festival State Prelimiary" Opende to all Kentucky residents. July 4th Parade @ 10:00 a.m. cst. Line-up @ 8:30 north of town. Signs posted. 2 days activities, Food, Music, Karaoke, Contests, Treasure Hunt, Scavenger Hunt, Food & Craft Vendors, Kid Zone, Cloggers, Firework Shows & Live Band. For Vendor information contact: Joel Atteberry @ 270-531-1533 or Email: [email protected]
- raba
This is a true mecca of once rich Mississippi Delta History of people who wanted change. One of the most agriculturally abundat regions of the nation-is rural and poor. If there are any companies out there that are sending jobs south of the border, send them here!!!!!!
- dreday
Feb. 29, 2008
Pros: I grew up outside of Cumberland, MD. It was the big town we went to go to the mall and hang out at the bowling alley and pool hall. It is close to skiing, lakes, rivers, hiking and camping. I love when I come home from New England and people wave and talk with that charming twang.

Cons: Yes, it is not a booming economic area of growth right now, but development is trying to come into the area. Some residents are resisting the change.

There are good schools and universities in the county. I went to one of them. Housing is dirt cheap and is being revamped. There is a new hospital being built as well.

If you are looking for a moderate pace of life, Cumberland is for you.
- carriec374
Traffic on the corner of Hall and Lake should be restricted to single frame commercial trucks, i.e. no tracker trailer or second trailer on dump trucks. These trucks cannot make the turning along these streets and are running over curbs and medians. These heavy vehicles also use engine assisted brakes which exceed the noise restriction of most cities, including EGR. The kicker to the heavy traffic is pot holes on the corners which are filled every day to be replace the next by our tax dollars.

Has anyone in EGR started a tax referendum to reduce property tax? I just received my city bill with a reduction in property value and an increase in the levied tax. Seems there is a "Catch 22" clause in the city property tax code.

Well the city has to pay for the improvement that Jade Pig did not.
- johnschn

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