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May. 31, 2008
Cahokia: located about 5 driving minutes from downtown St. Louis, MO
- hazzan7
Parma Heights is a wonderful community, as long as you dont have to live on Stratford Dr. between Arlington and Dexter. There is one single female, who manages to rune the lives of everyone around her. She is a nuisance to everyone. The entire city knows who it is, yet does nothing about it!!!! Talk about wasting city taxes, she could cut the budget in half , if she was gone!!!!! Total shame!!!!!!!!!!!
- stratforddr
i would like to send a local newspaper a graduation announcement for my parents who live in chardon, but i don't know what the weekly newspaper's name is/address. can anyone help me?
- carolstartrek
Fairview- that's an understatement. It's a little town, it's not very sophisticated- but go down to Fred's and see how friendly people are. Go to the the hardware store once and they know you forever. Stand along the parade route and see every piece of city-owned property go by at 15 MPH throwing candy.

I love this town. I don't grumble when I don't want to cook and my restaurant choices are limited to fast food and greasy spoons. We could live near more restaurants, but that means more people, more houses, more traffic, more crime. I love this quiet life in this beautiful place. (Although I do long for the convenience of sidewalks).
- sweetmelissa
Kallen Miller just returned from Boys State this week. He is the only one from Comanche that attended.
- katmil

May. 30, 2008
My kids enjoyed playing in the park on a sunny Saturday morning!
- kdrats
The Motor Vehicles Department in Marietta is horrible. Where do I begin, its too small, the fact that the line snakes out of the door and into the parking lot is ridiculous, etc., etc. By the way the office closes at 5:00 meaning if you arent at a window receiving service you have to leave the building.
- seanfrommd
Is Monroeville a good place to live?
- doomface
Hays County is a great region in Texas. Located in the I 35 Corridor its an effective Hub between Austin and San Antonio. Local news here has been quite a rarity until was founded. Now the site, located in San Marcos, brings locally owned, local news everyday, rain or shine, to Hays County.
- bdoelle
There is so much to say about Wadmalaw Island. It has the only tea plantation in America. It has been host to many famous movies including "The Notebook". We have a wonderful winery called Irvin House Vineyards. There are acres and acres of unspoiled land which are home to many forms of wildlife. We have the friendliest people in the area. I frequently blog about Wadmalaw on my main blog which is
- gcushing
May. 29, 2008
Would be happy to share any Harrison history, pictures and information with anyone who is interested. Even though I live in another area in Maine, my "heart" will always be in Harrison. L. Gray
- music34
I grew up in Harrison during the 40s, 50s and part of the 60s....wonderful town. Life was good. Took piano lessons from Mrs. Flint. I went to Harrison Grammar School and then to Bridgton High School, graduated 1962. Any others in my BHS class out there? How about Harrison Grammar? L. Gray
- music34
I only have a question! My ancestor, Thomas Applegate, was one of the original settlers when Lady Moody established the Gravesend Community. When I drove through the town several years ago I noticed a street sign which said "Applegate Court." I researched and found that the street most likely commemorates the Applegate family of the 17th century. I'd love to have a picture of that street sign to include in a family history I'm putting together. At 91 I don't get around much anymore to take a picture so, if anyone has such a photo, or could take one for me, I certainly would be most appreciative. Maretta
- Moody
I live and work in The Woodlands, Texas. It's a great place to live and the area is growing by leaps and bounds. The master planned community has hotels and motels, restaurants, a variety of public parks, concert events and a long list of shopping locations.
- WoodlandsTraveler
May. 28, 2008
Interested in history of Todd,NC
I am looking for a company that may be in Saint Joseph County or was in the 1920's. They made a Seed Planter that I have and the printing on the device reads:

Sheffield Mfg Co, Durr Oak, Mich USA

I have a photo of the printing and device and would like to know from where it came and if the company still exists, has sold or is out of business. I collect old farm items and would like to include any information available in my records. I can email the photo but can't find a contct on this web site.
- JaTexas
Pros: Lived here more than 30 years. Love the (mostly) kind people and warm (albeit humid) weather. The city has grown from 500K (mid-1970s) to more than 1 million in the metro area(2008) and there's no shortage of things to do in our midsize metropolis. There is also abundant nature and the political climate has always been a liberal oasis in a very conservative Texas. We're definitely hip enough to be called the Third Coast and this may explain why many Californians choose to move here--they can truly get a real estate bargain by selling their small homes for a large fortune and moving into an Austin megamansion (if they can afford the taxes which are probably much more reasonable than California). If you can stand the summertime heat and traffic woes, you'll love it here! Also, wish we had more diverse (and pretty) terrain but I've seen worse. The Texas Hill Country is beautiful in it's own way (albeit a bit scrubby at times--especially with the periodic droughts we've seen).

Air quality not as great as it used to be (lots of ozone action days). Zero decent public transportation and worsening traffic (although still not quite as bad as HOU, DA or LA). Has gotten more pretentious as evident in various expensive food places that need to get over it since they're nowhere near as good as you'll find in much larger cities (again, things are improving but slowly and there are many fine expensive and cheaper restaurants). There's also no affordable housing unless you can tolerate Section 8. For many artists and musicians that the city strives to support, it's sad that folks are getting priced out. It's even worse because the "Live Music Capital" moniker is a huge joke for this reason. Many excellent musicians but good luck finding a place to go hear old-school jazz on a Friday night (for example). Need more Elephant Rooms and blues clubs! Too much unintelligible grunge-rock and bad cover bands! This does not make for a stellar scene, in my humble opinion.
- bburnett
Here is the euthanasia list for the Ravenna, Kentucky Estill Dog Pound. There are at least 40 adoptable dog and puppies slaughtered each week because Ravenna residents do not spay and neuter their dogs.

Behold the list:

Puppies, 6 weeks old, 12 weeks old, there are 40 dogs on the list. How can you live with this in your backyard and do nothing? Help make spaying and neutering mandatory, and stop this killing of man's best friend every week, right in your backyard. It is a disgrace.
- nldunn
May. 27, 2008
Interesting little community and I just had to drop in a few years ago on our way back home from California to Washington as I had found out thru my genealogy that Leaburg was named after Leander Cruzan, one of my ancestors who settled there and became the first postmaster. To my delight the post office was still standing although was now a video store but walking on the old plank floors sent chills down my spine as I could almost sense Leander walking those same floors. One day I will return and spend a little more time exploring the area.

- greymomof5
I guess I'm the new KID lol on the blog. Hello to all of you Carter County fans. What a beautiful place. My first visit to Carter County was when my parents took me to visit my grandparents in Chilton; I was 18 days old.

Most of my father's family is buried in Carter County. My visits are as often as time permits. I love the History of this county; and respect the beautiful current river.
- elliem
We are considering buying in Bay Quarter Shores. Any comments about quality of life, safety, community relations, noise, etc?
- nokesville
May. 25, 2008
I'm almost fifty years old....Does anyone remember eating at the Sugar Bowl in Pottsville???? Best greasy burgers and fries!!! The Good Old Days!!!! Then up the street to The Treasure Chest, sure wish I had those Matchbox cars and trucks, they are worth a fortune...but maybe not as much as these great memories!
- wartrigger
Pros and Cons about Essex, MD?
- Brimarje
May. 24, 2008
I grew up in Skiatook from the time I was 4 until i turned 18 it was a small quiet town that grew a little at a time I wish it wouldnt have grown so large now I am ashamed of it and will never let my kids go there .. I loved Skiatook growing up went to all the schools hung out with friends on the weekend we for fun we dragged main st for hours and grabbed food at sonic .. now it just is a pain for me to see it now I know that towns grow but some are meant to be left alone ...
- Sktkraised
May. 23, 2008
I loved it so much when I visited that I decided to move from the unbearable Florida heat :)
- clarissa
May. 22, 2008
My name is George W. Bang, and I had the pleasure of spending my summers at Green Pond. My blog contains some stories I wrote about my childhood there, with stories about the old chapel on Notch Road, the Garbage Scow band (aka "Al Schmidt's All-Stars" and I will be adding more. visit us!
- copperas
"Cottage Grove Minnesota saves the nations natural gas supply by installing high efficiency furnaces"

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Don't waste our nations gas supply with a old low efficiency furnace. Call today for a 95% high efficiency furnace.
- woodbury
What are the neighborhoods like in Sunland-Tujunga like, the people, ect. I thinking of moving to Sunland.

- notabeliever
Please tell me the pros and cons of Fryburg, ME
- mknowles
Attention Chattooga High School Class of 1978 Alumni and Faculty Members!!

Chattooga High School
Summerville, GA
Class of 1978
30 Year Class Reunion

Members of the Chattooga High School Class of 1978 are currently in the planning stages for their 30 Year Class Reunion and need current contact information from classmates and faculty members.

If you were a graduate or faculty member at Chattooga High School in 1978 please contact one of those listed below ASAP with your contact information:

Kathy Floyd (

Roger D. Waddell (

Dave Henley (

We look forward to seeing each of you at the reunion!!
- CHSIndian
Columbus is a changing town. Back in 1985, when I moved to the village of Columbus, the population was just over 5000, and the areas surrounding the small villages were mostly farmland with beautiful old farmhouses interspersed. It was fairly quiet, and since I married a local, I soon found that I knew a large portion of the community, at least enough to recognize and get a wave or a "good morning". I felt it was a great community to put down roots in, and to raise a family in.
Many farms are now housing developments, population is nearing 9000, with many appearing to be disgruntled transplants from the north, who were displaced by a rising real estate market in New York City following 9/11. They have trouble adapting to the slower pace here.
Columbus is only a village in the large township of Mansfield, but it has the most-recognizable name, with its own zip code.
Columbus is facing growth challenges, but will most likely maintain its anonymity for a while.
- outtacontext
May. 21, 2008
Millington, TN is a great place to live and raise a family. The community is patriotic and has held onto traditional christian family values. Peacefully located north of Memphis, Millington has a front porch view of the MidSouth.
- flea
Nice little town
- Dpearce263
We need to do something about the propety taxes during this market.

Also, can't we do something to slow down the building? Not only can our roads not handle it but it is causing our property values to decline even more.
- cfuller
I have a photograph taken in April, 2000 during a visit I made to Livingston Texas from my hometown here in Scotland, Livingston.

During a conducted tour of your city by the then mayor, Ben Ogletree, we met up with the Indian chief, Clayton ? who in turn showed us around the Alabama Coushatta reservation. He was in full chieftain`s regalia for the occasion.

Whilst there, there was a party of local schoolchildren also sightseeing. The mayor asked them if they would pose with us for the photo.

Now eight years on, these children will now be much grown up. I was wondering, therefore if, through your media, the photograph might be of interest to them if their attention was brought to it.

I would appreciate a response from you whether you can do something with the photo or not.


John P Stewart, 32 Corston Park, Livingston, EH54 5NT, Scotland
- livvyboy
May. 20, 2008
I used to live in Needville in 1952. My Daddy worked for United Gas Pipe Line, and we lived both in town, then later out by the gas plant. It's been a day or two ago, and when I was there in 2002, couldn't find anyone who remembered the gas plant. Any help?
- luannlmore
When you talk about the pros and cons of Ruidoso, you find the same things often make both lists.

Pro: Ruidoso is located 2.5 hours from anything resembling the noise, crime rate, population density, etc. of a metro area (that would be El Paso, Las Cruces or Albuquerque).
Con: Ruidoso is located 2.5 hours from metro area benefits like shopping malls, a good Greek restaurant, outlet stores, etc.

Con: If you've lived here at least 3 years, you know pretty much everybody and they all know your business.
Pro: Pretty much everybody knows each other's business, so when tragedy strikes, the whole community is ready to help.

Pro: Ruidoso is a WUI (wilderness urban interface), so there's lots of wildlife to enjoy.
Con: Bears like to tip over dumpsters, deer will do a number on your garden, and critters like raccoons and squirrels can be real pests.

In other cases, the pros and cons of living in Ruidoso seem to outweigh each other (depending on your priorities).

Con: Cost of living is high compared to average income. It can be hard to make a living.
Pro: Ruidoso's resort lifestyle is way above average with a mild climate, beautiful mountains and forest, and lots of intangibles that don't cost a thing. And a savvy entrepenuer really stands out in a community this size, which can lead to real money.

Con: Most Ruidosoans are retired people who like golf and gospel music. Young people are limited in their options for entertainment, night-clubbing and finding a mate.
Pro: Young people stick together in Ruidoso and it's a great place to get to know yourself, if you're the reflective type. For retired people, Ruidoso is an idyllic playground.

I can think of a lot more pros and cons, but to me, the pros always outweigh the cons.
- hyaltitude
Lindsborg, Kansas in located in the middle of Kansas just off I-135. It was founded in 1869 by Swedish immigrants from the province of Varmland. The Lindsborg experience is a special blend of history and culture. Rich Swedish heritage is reflected in the character of the community. Traditions of beauty, faith and learning are also important dimensions of Lindsborg's profile. Unique shops and restaurants, museums, art galleries and working studios, cultural and ethnic events, as well as great places to stay and lots of friendly people await you in Lindsborg.
- dalahorse
blog about oxon hill
- cholland
i lived there in the 1960's near a "general store" that sold the best hard rock candy and other delights. is it still there ?
- clovers
How does the Chief of the Belchertown Police justify any consideration for hiring Patrolman Michael Roney, when he has been disciplined several times by the Massachusetts State Police within the past five years? How does he ignore the presently pending disciplinary action against Patrolman Roney for discrimination, and past complaints of the same? Is the Chief choosing to overlook this questionable character, or is he unaware? Shouldn't he research his background and integrity before arming Patrolman Roney with the responsiblity of presenting himself as an upstanding Bechertown citizen? HHmmmm perhaps the selectmen need to poke around, I am certain there are women who would like to expand on the issue...anyone listening?
- truth
May. 19, 2008
Earle traffic cops are either dishonest or the city deliberately hides the speed limit signs in order to write more speeding tickets. Avoid this area at all costs! I recently had a bad experience in Earle with a cop who obviously had a "small town cop" mentality - that is he thought he was God. Both my wife and I were watching very carefully to fully comply with all the speed limits and yet this cop targeted us, probably because of the out-of-state license plate. You have no recourse - either you sign the ticket or go to jail - then you have to make the trip back to court if you don't admit to the "crime". You know the city is in cahoots with the police, probably directing them to write as many tickets as possible so you certainly were get a fair hearing in court! I will certainly travel by another route the next time I'm in that part of Arkansas and will advise all my friends and family to do the same. I'm sorry that the merchants in the area will no longer receive my business.
- victim
What is the best way to unite the Communityin one body for the healthy Community with no City Council decition in Our behalph without consult with the Community if we like it ?
- Heven
My sister just spent the week here and just feel in love with our little town. We shopped and ate at the Silver Caboose and explored all the shops.. Best day in a long while for me and my mother and sister. She left Saturday and mom had to go back to assisted living yesterday. Bad day today. Back to the grind.
- cs6966
I grew up in Neptune city
- iluvkats61
Crossville, Tennessee offers a wide diversity of living. From rural to city from retirement communites to farm land Crossville offers it all.

Only a short distance to Nahville, Knoxville or Memphis - Crossville is centrally located in the state of Tennessee.

Looking for property in Crossville or surrounding area's? Contact me today or visit one of my sites to find the perfect home or land.

- christinawillilams
The glass bottom boat is a rip-off. Costing $15.00 to board the boat one is asked to fork over another $5.00-$10.00 and effectively told that if one does not feed the fish there won't be any to see. What the heck? I didn't pay $15.00 to see murky water and sea weed! The deal is that one will see fish!

The old glass bottom boat was much better with a bigger window to sea and it had strong spotlights to penetrate the murky water. One could see hundreds of fish under the boat and the crew fed the fish lots of "stuff" at no extra charge!

Don't waste your money, stay on shore or go snorkeling!
- SilverlakeDehners
May. 18, 2008
Pagosa has changed so much it now resembles a tourist trap any where in California. Its funny how the beauty of such a place brings the wilderness want a be's who praise the artistry of God's work only to drive out wild life, trees and plants to build a world of cement.
I remember when the river through town was place for local fishermen to catch a trophy trout or young boys to go skinny dipping on a summer day. What ever happen to the little creek that ran under a bridge crossing US 160, its gone now and only senior citizens can recall the trout that used it as a by way to the San Jaun.
Does anyone living there today remember when a grocery owner named Brown would take a signature for a weeks supply and never have to remind a customer of what was owed.
- butch
I feel that the Higher powers of Elida are very discrimnatory to out of state land owners.They did not hesitate to take money when the property was purchased for back taxes.The individual who purchased a home there is disabeled and had a dream of living in Elida when his daughter graduated,but the town board has passed laws making it impossible for him to keep his house and fullfil his dream.The town government thinks they are benefiting Elida but in the big picture just making it more difficult for Elida to grow.I guess they want a town owned and operated by the elit few and there families.
- roxie12729
Can anyone tell me anything about Phil Campbell Alabama or Russellville?
- palm55
May. 17, 2008
Franklin County, Virginia, was formed in 1785 from parts of Bedford County and Henry County.

This county, named for Benjamin Franklin, was home to Confederate General Jubal Anderson Early, and Booker T. Washington, a slave who became one of the main civil rights activists of his era.

During Prohibition, local wits named Franklin County the ?Moonshine Capital of the World,? a name trumpeted today by the local chamber of commerce, although it is still being made commonly in the area. In 2002, a book was written about The Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935 in the County.

Since the 1980s, much residential development has occurred around Smith Mountain Lake, attracting both commuters to Roanoke, Lynchburg, Martinsville, and Danville. and many retirees, and has driven the county?s population growth.
- rjohnsen
May. 16, 2008
Deer Creek Illinois is a quiet community of good neighbors... and most everyone helps each other. It's one of those rural towns of about 750 people where everyone knows everyone.
After September 11th, 2001 attack on America by Terrorists, Thomas W. Rogers of Deer Creek Illinois came up with a plan to Celebrate Fire and Rescue Workers Everywhere by planning to form a Celebration and Car Show to take place the 3rd Sunday of September, just 11 days after the 1st anniversary of 911 in 2002. Monies would be raised thru a classic car show for Fire and Rescue Services. In May of 2008 Thomas W. Rogers Incorporated the Company as Deer Creek Cruising Classics, Inc. as the Company continues to expand and grow.
- travelback4u
does anyone know the story with that brick building on the corner of old montauk hwy and montauk hwy? it appears to be abandoned.
- bkdesignshop
May. 15, 2008
someone tell the cabinet maker (acrossed from the antique sales church) in Lisbon Falls who constantly blasts the Starspangled Banner on his electric guitar that he is not Jimmy Hendrix and to give up that dream
- lisbonite
Holly Springs is my mother's hometown (my father's is Waterford) and we visited every summer of my life during my childhood and teenage years. I have such an emotional connection although my fondest memories of Holly Springs are getting water from the well, running horses and cows in the pasture, me and my cousins going to the fields to get corn, snap beans and watermelons and chickens and guineas running in the yard. I have always dreamt of "coming back home" to Holly Springs. The food was always better, whether my aunt cooked or we ate from the Hitching Post. (I was very sad when I was told it closed.) The summers were hot, hot and hot and there was one air conditioner in the house. There were fans in the other rooms blowing hot air, but the times we enjoyed with our family are memories that never, ever leave me. Yes, it is slower and more rural than infamous Chicago, but I can't wait to retire to Holly Springs in about five years or so.
- crwalker19
We have in our possesion the 1979 Shay Ford roadster convertable (1929 deluxe replica) built by Ford that was shipped to Bluestem Ford Motor in Pawhuska,OK. With just over 4,000 miles on it now, anyone in Pawhuska who wants to bring it back home has the first shot before it goes on sale to the general public. It has no issues and is ready to go. Has always been housed. Pictures on request or you can see it on Tulsa, this week end. Bud in Katy Texas
- katytraveler
looking for photos of magician, Micky Magic, with Nate Robinson during his apology at the Tarrytown Boys/Girls Club in X-Mas of 2006.
- mickymagic
I was passing thru the town of argo in April 2008, and was unaware that i was in their city limits when i received a speeding ticket. it happened on a spot of Old Springville Rd that was near the intersection of Gadsen Hwy in St Clair County. The cop wasnt messin' around or nice in any way. Didnt even bother to lecture me about speeding or slowing down, it was obviously a speed trap. i will avoid their city in the future by all means possible. let me add that i am 52 years old, a careful driver and this is my first ticket. but i am outraged that they can operate a racket in full knowledge of everyone nearby who are powerless to do anything about it.
- divapitts
May. 14, 2008
Elida is being unreasonable and unfair to out of state property owners.In fact it seems the Town officials are trying to buy all the land and force out any one that is not in there elite group.The laws that they pass about the upkeep of property there seems to benefit there kids with jobs at $ hour.Who can aford these prices?????So Elida has become a very discrimminating town.
- roxie12729
Summers County West Virginia is one of the prettiest areas in the state. It has a long history of hard workers and close families. You will find the countryside beautiful and the people the friendliest you have ever encountered. Hinton is the junction of the Greenbrier and New Rivers. The later is the only river other than the Nile that flows south to north. The railroad was once the center of the economy of the area. Since the days of the railroad boom has passed, the economy struggles. As a rural county there is little in the way of jobs for the local population. This is sad as it is such a lovely area. Many urban families have migrated to the area at retirement to enjoy the physical beauty of the area and very reasonable real estate prices. As a native who moved away many years ago in order to obtain employment I will not be able to do so as I now have family in the area which I currently reside. However, believe me I would be there if I could. I miss my home town!
- SueM
Mottville is a great little place to grow up and live! :)
- CRSmithRN
I've been training @ CKO Kickboxing in Whippany and I've been loving it. It is the absolutely best workout that I've found to date! I've only been there for 2 weeks and I've already lost 5lbs! I feel a ton better and feel a whole lot less stressed out!
- donnadel
My grandfather Andrianus Vander Pluym was one of the original inhabitats of the township or original town of Breese, ILL. in and around 1856/59 and he and his wife built the 3rd home in what is now the city of Breese located on lots 4 & 5 in Block 1, looking for anyone who may have a picture of the original log home that was built there, I do have a oil painting of the place but not signed by the painter. Would like any information about this property and the name as I have been doing Vander Pluym genealogy for the past 30 yrs. and thanks in advance. The last person to live in the above home was a Mary Vander Pluym who was born in 1859 and died 1936.
- 7infopak
hi there...

I'm relocating to niagara falls, NY for work and would love if anyone could give me feedback on key areas to rent.
I just have no idea what areas are good and what areas are shady... would love suggestions.


- harmonyhay
zip codes and rental houses
- parwaaz
May. 13, 2008
Historic Restoration and Green Technology in Athens, NY

Howard Hall Farm is both an historic restoration project and a vehicle for educating people in sustainable, environmentally conscious restoration techniques. The site of our learning laboratory is a 1780s stone manor in the heart of the Hudson River Valley. This Federal style home presents a number of restoration challenges specific to this region of the country. We invite you to join us in our effort to RESTORE GREEN.

To learn more about upcoming events, go to:
- HowardHallFarm
I grew-up on Joy Lane. The neighbor hood was called Trot Addition. (did i spell that right?) Located something like 2 miles out of town on the top of north hill, we were in a unique environment.

No one locked their doors. Kids at play used the closest house when in need of a restroom. No one paid attention to small bodies dashing thru the house and then dashing back outside.

I feel sorry for my grandsons,age 6 & 10 because of the way "times" are they can't run and play with the freedom and carefree spirit that I (and the other kids in neighbor hood) enjoyed.

LAUGH: newbes who complain about the wind!! It was a strange day when the wind didn't blow......and dust everywhere.....
- joylane
May. 12, 2008
Back in Richmond, after being gone for almost 10 years. There has been change.....but not all for the good. I've noticed the streets coming from Downtown to the west very run down. The downtown area looks dead, and the center of town has shifted, it is now centered around the High school, Mc Donalds, and Walmart area.
The possitive things I see is the parks, the Library, City Hall and the new area around Walmart.
May. 11, 2008
Afton is a great little town like so many, being runined by lack of a town goverment. some residents, no alot of residents, in town are allowed to let there propertys become "junk Yards" and Toxic desposal sites, one property on linclon st. has a back yard Full of 55gallon drums with warning lables on then and that same resident has piles garbage every where. there are no laws to stop this epidemic.
drive through the neiborhoods in town and you will see one trashed property after another. come on city counsel show some backbone and pass some laws to clean up your town of squaller!
- wyopahunter
This page makes Guadalupe sound a little grim. What it doesn't tell you is that it's the last intact railroad-town on the coast complete with all the historical buildings and that downtown is really starting to develop. It's already known far and wide as a mexican food mecca, and now we've got JMZ coffee company, which is a world-class espresso bar.
- hongo11
In Elbow Lake I've found the combination of landscape to housing, wildlife to people, and services to opportunities that convinced me to move there. I've lived and worked in cities most of my life, from Vienna, Austria to Minneapolis, MN. Over the past four years I've searched in cities and towns all over Minnesota, from Duluth to Orono for the perfect home. What surprised me was the variety of services and businesses already available in this small town. I found a library, museum, court house, grocery store, medical services, banks, decorators, hardware store, restaurants, post office, churches, second hand shops, gas stations and many more businesses within walking distance. This diamond in the rough is my idea of home, nestled between the lakes, farms and rolling prairie of Minnesota.
- lshores
My wife and I bought our home in New Auburn in October 2007. Our neighbors are friendly and there are many children in our neighborhood. We like the small town feel. Living near the lake is also a plus. We are concentrating on trimming the trees, cleaning up all the brush and ruble in the yard, and putting up bird houses and feeders at the moment and planting grass in the bare spots.
- justinlindahl1980
May. 10, 2008
Pay attention to the present town Warrant which would
require a buyer of prop. in town to sign a declaration that they are aware that their could be noise, odor etc from farming.

This is rediculous and the article should be defeated. What farmers are allowed to do now is fine. Why is this EMPHASIS and documentation necessary?

What is it the "farmers" will be allowed to do that they can't now? Pigs are ok, camels? slaughter on site, signs etc.

Town meeting is Mon 10/12/08
- sterprop
What's happening in Hawley? I heard that there is a family that needs help. Does anyone know anything?
- shawping
May. 9, 2008
Dear Friends in Greenfield,
Rememer the traditional Italian foods of the good ole days. You can find them at DOMA Importing Company . Imported meats, cheeses, traditional Italian sweets, olives, imported Italian ceramics and much more. A family owned business keeping the traditions alive. Please visit us for a truly enjoyable experience.
- ItalianMarket
May. 8, 2008
Its sad to see hickman co. going down hill. Our elected officals dont drive around the county to see what is going on. In different communties there are people using the land for junk yards, chemicals going into the ground water table. Engines transmissions radiators leaking. You would think that when the sherrifs office sees this some one would contact the epa or the county would have codes and care enough to stop property values from plumiting downward. I did not invest to watch what i have worked so hard for to be less than what i paid. You and your grand children sleep eat and attend school here. Do you even care? This county has big problems and issues of how tax dollars are being spent and how often our elected officals meet and greet with the folks who elected them. we also have issue with fast drivers and dogs loose. this needs to be addressed now.
- cocobchcowgirl
Jamestown is one of the first places I visited when I moved to Ohio (Cedarville) in 1968. I moved to a farm outside Cedarville and don't ask me how I did it, but got lost on the way to Cedarville and ended up in Jamestown. I thought it was a nice little town. I've since relocated to the suburbs of big city Columbus (Grove City) and miss the smalltown living. I want to warn people though, of an unscrupulous Landscaper (Scape's Landscaping) that I hired and he lives in Jamestown. He agreed to come all the way to Grove City last October and promised very nice changes to my back yard. The target date was Thanksgiving, then Christmas and long story short, he has left his tools and a horrible unfinished job. He won't return calls and I've turned him in to Attorney General's office, the Better Business Bureau and he still won't come out and finish. I have a pond complete with mosquitoes from him digging and leaving. Don't do business with the company. You will regret it.
- MSanger
I love Barbour County, West Virginia. I grew up in Ohio and lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 17 years before moving to Braxton County West Virginia. I lived there for 2 years and came to Philippi, West Virginia in 2003. I would never leave Philippi. It seems like I have found my home. It's a nice, clean little town, who keeps up with new technology and has many organizations to assist people in daily living. Philippi has public transit for the elders, several eateries, a bowling alley, several little stores and even a hospital. Also, large shopping centers are only 25 minutes away, and Ruby Memorial Hospital is just about an hour from here. Philippi is so nice. It's slower paced than large cities, but it still has enough hustle & bustle to keep a person interested and busy. There are also many successful businesses. I believe Philippi is as close to heaven as you can get here on earth. I look forward to retiring here and living out my life here in this quaint little town.
- PammyGale
May. 7, 2008
Small town feel with nearby access to metropolitan activites and culture.
- FBrookman
There's a website all about Winifred at
- bradbergum
I lived in Corona during the first half of the 60's (1960-1965.)
I loved this little town, The people are the most friendly that I have ever met throughout the world.
It has been over 40 years since I was trhere, but sometimes I actually 'dream' about that wonderful town.
I have thought about moving back there and live there for my remaining years.
I am 80 years old now, but I would move there if I had a chance!
- Phillip96635
Great place to live. Small town living, but close to the big city. Only disadvantage, is that it is 10 miles to the nearest full size grocery store. Still, it's worth the trip.
- kks
Uploaded pics - enjoy!

I have a plan to reach out and just see how comfortable Hot Springs is with itself. I know their regional development council ( they're called something else in NC) came up with a Comprehensive 10-year plan for Hot Springs. I have read thru it, and it tells me there are people committed to Hot Springs in their heart, but they are timid to look much past keeping their infrastructure sound for their citizens.

Oh, there are some oblique shots at tourism and pursuing grant opportunities, but there was little mention of budgeting , other than for town operations, and little mention of steps taken to implant change. I mean by this... no establishment of codes for zoning and growth .I know from painful experience, if you don't take a plan and reinforce it with explicit budgeting and codification, it becomes just a dustcatcher in the mayor's office... nothing ever happens.

I will venture out to talk to the one bar owner ( they KNOW everything), and the city elected officials.
- longtimer
May, 2008

Hot Springs is the most amazing place to me. The very things I love about it are the things developers hate, and I have a quandary about how much to promote it. A city planner's agony....

Oh, Hot Springs. What shall we do?You can see part of the problem when you look at the historic marker in town... founded in 1800 as a resort around "warm springs" . Name changes to Hot Springs in 1886 (when a 104-degree bounteous mineral water supply
discovered). Existing hotel used as an internment camp for WWI prisoners of war. Period. Zip. All. Fini.

Now, today, I see Hot Springs as a place of 680 hardy souls or so that are sitting on one of the eastern United States' treasures. A place where Spring Creek meets with the French Broad River and the:

Appalachain Trail - runs right down Bridge Street, in town.

The old Louisville and Nashville Railway - the only rail pipeline from western North Carolina to Eastern Tennessee, now CSX

The easternmost leg of the Dixie Highway - established in 1916 and put Hot Springs on the national map..the road bed that became U. S. 25 ( E and W) in 1926.

and the only 104-degree hot springs on the east coast..unbelievable
- longtimer
May. 6, 2008
Its a nice and small city. Good for environment lovers. Best for education too, as the USD provides an ample of study opportunities.
- Nagarajchatiri
It's the most beautiful little village!!! We own a cottage there and it has always felt like home.
- dingleireland
Cranfills Gap is a small community right in the heart of Texas. Full of Norwegian heritage and a sense of community pride, Cranfills Gap is a great place to live, work, attend school and worship! With a population of approximately 350, everyone feels welcome and at home. "The Gap", as it is called by the locals, has something to offer to everyone!
- rhubbard64
May. 5, 2008
This weekend I had the priviledge of driving for the presidential motorcade to Greensburg. I saw a town birthing on the prairie. I could see the new homes and the beginnings of a new community. The flags of the patriot guards said it all. America loves Greensburg. Greensburg is America.....people who work hard, face trials, make lives of value and trust God. I saw how much work had been done in this short amount of time. Greensburg is an inspiration. There is a pattern being made for the rest of us to follow. The instruction on how to rise from the ashes. God is blessing Greensburg with a new beginning. The graduating class is a symbol of the hope for tomorrow. The president was exactly where he should have been on Sunday. Thank you for allowing me to share in such a special day.
- motorcadedriver
May. 4, 2008
boyle heights is a commuity with a huge issue of gangs affiliation
- kloudy
May. 3, 2008
Wolf county is the best place not to live if you are looking forword to living in a big city place
- katie1325
In recent months the Board of Trustees has taken positive steps toward preserving and protecting the Village's trees. It recently declared participation in National Arbor Day and encouraged residents to plant trees in recognition of that observance.

With the arrival of new families in the Village the political structure of the municipality has changed to reflect more diversity.
- CharMason
A friendly little village with good people. Most of the residents keep an eye on their neighbor. My mother-in-law lived there for over thirty years. Even when she lived by herself and was up in her 80's, the whole village kept an eye on her health and well-being. I haven't lived there for over forty years and most of the people I know have left the town, but when I drive back for a visit, it is just like going home. I still have family there - good people! Carole
- CaroleWeaver
Duncan is a small town with great atmosphere. Their are a few restaurants that offer good food other than those they are mainly fast food chains here. The law enforcement is tough though they have a policy if you are cought speeding and it is your second offense ever on record you get two points and automatically charged minimum of 100.00. As long as you do not speed this is a great town to look around at some of the small farms. This town is also within 1 mile of the BMW plant operation in South Carolina. So come and enjoy the town and stop by Duncan Cafe for some good homecooking.
- Brianhvac
May. 2, 2008
For those without computers , be sure to go to your local library and click on megans website for a list of individuals to keep your children away from and by all not allow them to babysit your children. The predators listed on megans website are just the ones who were actually caught. There are hundreds more who are still committing crimes against children who haven't been caught yet. Chances are they won't be far from the ones who been convicted. And remember this, alot of the predators will say they were innocent and might even have bogus papers saying as such....however, if they are listed on megan's website, then they ARE guilty of their crimes and were found as such by the court system. Anyone can make fake documents claiming innocence...but they are NOT...beware of their deceptions. Thank you.
- enraged
LP is Great
- bgesullo
May. 1, 2008
Thought all residents might like to know that the New York Water Taxi is providing FREE RIDES on the ferry next Friday, 5.9.08, at Yonkers Pier, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

This is part of Yonkers Business Week as they are trying to raise awareness of the Water Taxi commuter service to Downtown Manhattan. All are welcome, including children!

PLease see or for further info or contact
- keenaross
I used to live in Dwight,Ill. That town is like no other town. In good ways and bad. They have Harvest Days which is a town carnavil. They have school parades, about four bars, and alot of nifty shops. New resturants like my friends Randy and John at the Dwight Pizza, to the old resturants like That 50's Place. Numerous gas stations, and car machenics. And ofcourse everyone knows one another or something about one another. But a few things stuck out in that town that bothered me. The teenagers were able to rome where ever and when ever they wanted to. It may be a small town but kids need disapline. Loud music, racing down streets, there were no actions taken upon these kids until it was to late. I feel parents in small towns such as Dwight should have more control over thier kids. On another subject, I feel the police in Dwight love to harress people because they have nothing else to do. They should help with the teenagers. Dwight I do NOT miss you!Goodluck to all of you who survive!
- reneelynn
Several of us "Troyers" are assembling a book on a pioneer by the name of Mose D. Troyer who homesteaded near Kenmare. I think it would be SO COOL to be able to include some information in the book on Mose Troyer's homestead. Is there anybody out there who would happen to know something about that place?

One of the Descendants of Mose D. Troyer wrote as follows: "On March 20, 1897, Mose D. Troyer left Millersburg, Ohio, and arrived at Kenmare, N. Dakota on April 24, 1897. They went on the Emmigrant train, and the country wasn't settled yet at that time. They first moved in the Immigrant House. Then on May 10 they made a claim . they had shipped by rail-road one car load of machinery and household goods mixed, a carload of livestock and one car load of lumber. First they built a barn and ... [lived] in it until the house was built. On August 30, they moved into the house. [It was] three miles west of Kenmare.

Contact Henry Troyer at Thanks much!
- htroyer
Elect New Rocklin City Council in November

It?s time to elect City council Members with fresh ideas and a Vision for our city.

The City of Rocklin has been ruled by the same City Council for many years now and like like a stagnant pond, there are no new ideas, direction or vision. If you add up the total number of years that Council Members Peter Hill, George Magnuson, Brett Storey and Kathy Lund have been in office it comes to 71 Years! While our current city council are good people, a time for a change is long over due.

Coming this November we have a chance to replace three of the ?old guard? - Peter Hill, Brett Storey and George Magnuson and elect people to the city council that can truly represent the citizens of Rocklin. Its time to get rid of the old dead wood and make it a time for a New Vision for our city.

Let us know what you think -
- jason0603
Berea is the best kept secret in all of Ohio. Great town to live in which offers many opportunities through the college. Also, close to Cleveland to participate in many of their events.
- joannboggs

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