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Oct. 19, 2008
Nice town, GOOD People, no complain
- originalk9
I have some photos of Elk Garden about 1905-1906. My wife's family comes from that part of the country. If there is any place I can send these photos by email please let me know. I don't want their historical significance to be lost. Please contact me at [email protected] & put Elk Garden in the subject line.

Thank you,
Gerald Robertson
- grwriter
I am new to Homestead but have been in Key West 25 years. I am interested in FEC railroad history and memorabilia and this seems like a great place to acquire some new information.

I live here on a 5 acre avocado farm with several hundred chickens. In Key West I was the Chicken Lady and owned the Chicken Store for seven years, until I lost my lease. It seemed to me the chickens were the heart and soul of old Key West, and it seems to me that the railroad is the heart and soul of old Homestead.

Do you have anything you would like to share with me?
- ChickenKatha
Oct. 18, 2008
It seems no one cares that there is a predator running around Duncan
Not only is he wanted for child support evasion on 2 cases in Duncan but an additional 6 cases for 7 boys with 6 different mothers, and 2 more pending paternity in Calif
He is 41 and married to a 20 year old that is pregnant again His back support totals over $500,000.00 so far and climbing
He is notorious for meeting woman and taking them for everything they have And hiding assets in thier names He has an unbelievable criminal back ground including assault and battery on the mothers
When the parents were notified that thier daughter was married to a monster, they responded by saying they didnt want to say anything to her because they didnt want to lose touch with her
Contempt charges have been filed but he cant be located to be served
If anyone knows the exact whereabouts of David Estrada DOB 1/16/67 tHE PUBLIC IS OFFERING A 500 CASH REWARD
investigationsunlimited with info you might have
Oct. 17, 2008
The only season thats not particularly wonderful in Rangeley is in Spring, which is fondly known as "Mud Season" for a good burger, try Parkside and Maine, great service, .. prices are fair. The Rangely inn offers decent meals as well although for some reason they're not open for lunches. Lodge Fancy, the Loon Lodge for stay and dinners, the ambiance is great. For breakfast, try the Gingerbread house for the special occasion, the BMC diner downtown is really good, old town feel and everything is good for a hearty breakfast, nothing fancy here, just good eatin'. Bald Mt. is an excellent day hike, approx 1.5 hrs. gets steep at the end but worth it. Kayaking up the river off 16 is fun, drive up and put in and have a 2nd car at the end to haul gear. Moose sightings most everywhere up 16 and 17. IGA grocer has most you'll need. FISH,Dunhams Fish Market has fresh fish of all kinds they sell from the truck in town, really good smoked salmon if you can get to them before its sold out.
- Rangeleygal

Pros of Living in Seaside Park -
* Close to NYC, the pulse of what's happening
* The Atlantic Ocean
* The Boardwalk
* All the Attractions Next Door in Seaside Heights
* Seagulls
* The salty smell of the air
* The "Shore" culture
* McGlaughlin's Store
* Surf Taco
* Betty and Nick's
* Seeing the expanse of water pretty much every day

Cons of Living in Seaside Park -
* YOU try finding a parking place on Memorial Day!
* It's too politically conservative
* Everything is closed during the off-season
* You have to go over the bridge for a lot of needs
* Long waits at the draw bridge
- Courage2B
I received sad news this morning via the news that Greg Melton, the Sherrif of Carter County, was found dead in his home of a gunshot wound. It seems small town values have completely flown out the window in our small town of Grandin. For a town of less then 300 people, there sure is a lot of unchecked crime. Vandalism, drugs, burglaries, murders, ect. There is no end to it, it seems. I moved here from a large city with lots of crime hoping to be in a place where a person could feel safe. I know there will be some crime wherever I go. I am not blind to that. But in a small enough town that everybody either knows or is related to everybody else, there really is no excuse for this type of behavior. It is time for the citizens of Grandin to stand up and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH". I drive through town late at night on my way to work and see young teens roaming the streets unsupervised. Moms and dads, where are you? In a town like Grandin there is nothing for them to be out there for at night.
- lttlrd171718
a man by the name of Bill i believe living a block east of north kansas near the low income apartments. the man is on disability i believe, is in a wheel chair has alot of friends who all hang out and smoke pot an illegal drug. this needs to be reported to the police.
- manicmode
Summerville, GA has to be the worst town in Georgia i am so happy i got out of there when i did or i dont know were i would be today, Chattooga and the High School has a rlly bad rep and i dont recommend that school for anyone.
- Cortney08
Oct. 16, 2008
Our town is a very special place to live. We are a small town with a big heart You can sit on your front porch and enjoy the days with mostly peace and quiet.

We have two convenient stores with gasoline. We have an Italian restaurant on Main Street. We have a Family Dollar and also a Dollar General store is currently built.

The residents are very friendly and will welcome new people into town.
- slweeks
There is more than two communities in the county. Hurley, Big Rock, Harman, White wood, Oakwood, Garden, Council and more. The store owner say shop at home, but we have no home according to your listing.
- tommyg57
Oct. 15, 2008
Greenville, in the Lakelands of Western Pennsylvania
is a safe, snug haven - a peaceful little town of under 6,000. Big industry has left which leaves clean air and water, and many bargain priced houses. Three museums ( Canal, RR, Historical ), good schools and Thiel College, exc. Symphony, near 4 state parks, 5 lakes, fine fishing. Good game/deer country. Large Elk herd just outside of town. Eagles nest in Pymatuning where the ducks walk on the fish. No beggars or street people because the police are tough on crime, but helpful to honest citizens. Walk our safe streets day or night. Exc. golf and fine dining at
The Greens. Good horse country - near Amish farms with their experienced horse handlers, carpenters, quilters,
& childcare experts. Your dollars will go much farther here than elsewhere. For info, contact Mim at
[email protected]
- Mim
Tinley has really great events! Here's another great one I recently found: Creating the Life of Your Dreams Workshop...enjoy!
- evickyl
This county is evil. Bum Hess on the County Commissioner Chair has a conflict of interest that the Attorney General doesn't address. He is in a public office and gets all of the contracts to repair the public schools. If anyone else tries to bid they are ignored. He hires unlicenced contractors and gets by with it, but if anyone else hires his same sub contractors he reports them. He and his brother who is a principal beat people when they are drunk and cheating on their wives. When the sheriff is called in the young man who was beaten was told he better not mess with a couple of drunk Hess brothers and then the young man was thrown in jail. It is disgusting how the sheriff's department is run by scoundrels who do whatever their cohorts tell them to do.
- Joe2008
Oct. 14, 2008
New Milford is a great town to raise a family. One of the few problems is the mayor. She is actually against things like the town library.
Mayor Murphy does not even use the town library and has told others that she does not like it. She actually uses the library in another town.
Every year she does her best to undermine the library services and force the employees to look for new jobs.
She makes it clear that she doesn't care about the people who use the library or the people who work there.
By the way- I do not vote Democrat. I vote Republican.
- ThePhantom
I was born in Limestone, N.Y. and raised in Sinclairville.
My father, Elmer, ran the pharmacy there.
It was a nice town to grow up in in the 1920's and 1930's.
- georgelee

YOU CAN REACH US AT 1-615-765-5615 OR 1-615-653-9318.
- sharan1957
I want my road paved like the rest of the Bella Vista addition.
For some reason they are calling VISTA ONE a Private Rd. Isn't that a road someone made on thir own property. Well 6 familys owned they property on VISTA ONE.

COY RICHARDS can you answer why?
- Lee2355
Oct. 13, 2008
Well I have been in Milaca sense I was in the fifth grade and well looking back over the years I have to admit that I really love this tiny town.

Now that I am ninteen and currently serving in the United States Navy I can only say that I can't wait to see the world but when I return home I can only say that me and my fiance will agree to this.

That we return to this quiet hometown of Milaca, MN.
- bmbost
I am writing a small article about Perrytown. I recently met Dave Rose, Mayor, and was looking for some interesting facts about the city. I was also interested in who else would be on the "podunk blog" what better place to be.
- Rose101
Oct. 12, 2008
Hope, NY is a very small community located halfway between Northville and Wells, NY. The Sacandaga River runs thru it. It has beautiful scenery all seasons. The community is friendly although reserved. As a new resident, no one really goes out of the way to welcome a new neighbor, but if approached , are helpful and friendly. Many of the residents have been here most of their lives and live simply. Most services require travel as there are no stores, gas stations or any other facilities in the town. Wildlife is plentiful and weather is usually calmer than the more northern parts of the Adirondacks. I am still adjusting to the life here. Everyday is an adventure.
- sudav
It is a nice town to raise your children in because the crime rate is low. The down fall though is that there are no job opportunities.
- micheleaustin
Thinking of relocating to Lake County next year after visit in spring. Can anyone give some insight to the area? I'm enterested in Lakeview and Burns, am retired and looking for quiet area to relax and enjoy life. I've lived in the high desert before and miss it.
- jojahound
Jackson County is the heartland of the heartland
- walkelo
I have something to say about West Milford. As a general rule, the people are nice, and it's a nice little town. You know how there are always those few people that ruin it for anybody they come in contact with? Well, I unfortunatly, live right next to one set of them. It's only the adults, too. The kids are awesome (I feel so bad for them having to live in the home they're in).
The mother, Sherrie, feels everybody needs to have her same viewpoint and follow it as well, because nobody knows better than her! You know, she chose the man she is with right now over her own kids? See, one of her kids really disliked him after leaving the family for another woman, and if she took him back, he wasn't staying. Well, she did and he did what he said he was going to do...leave. She found him and made him come home saying in a nutshell that he was her property until he turned 18. What an awesome mom, right (I am being sarcatic).

Now, I understand feeling something for somebody and wanting to do one thing when you should do another, but NEVER choose a man over your own kids.
Now, her husband, Buddy, wants our land for next to nothing, and is trying anything to get it. I'm sure they have Howard (family) in on it too. My mother received a letter stating there have been complaints about having trash outside and our dogs barking too much, and if we didn't remedy this, we would be fined. Now, the trash, I understand. Our one problem is not having a truck to haul it in. The dogs, though, bark no more than any other dog in this neighborhood, so why and how can we get fined? Plus, they are inside by 10pm normally.
One other thing that gets under my skin is if they had such a problem with us, why can't they talk to us instead of reporting us? We aren't mean or nasty people. We can be pleasant and talk things out. Tell me the reason for that?
- LadySluff
Apollo Shores is a horrible place to purchase or even live. The neighbors or should I say residents terrorize and KILL your pets then brag about it over coffee the next day. My dog was recently poisoned with antifreeze. A very lethal doze that means that a food product was marinated in it. My dog did not "run" loose she just happened to get out on the wrong day. They shoot dogs out here tooo as well as chickens. These people are ignorant and dangerous. I am very saddened that I purchased such a beautiful home in such a nasty neighborhood !
- wyndeecindy
Oct. 11, 2008
When I was in middle school, Beloit received the All American City award. I was extremely proud of that award since it was in the 1970's, and at a time when our community was just on the verge of becoming a diverse city. Thirty years later, I see that Beloit still has a long way to go to truly be worthy of such an award. My daughter and I witnessed an ugly altercation at a local eatery, one we know mostly for their unique pizza. A political discussion between patrons that escalated into the parking lot, where nobody became a winner. What saddens me is that ignorance not truth or acceptance of other peoples ideas did win. I hope that when the election between McCain and Obama is decided the local bartenders, and restaurant operators will be prepared for what may occur. It is only October and already it is becoming ugly. We need open minds for change.
- myrtle599
With tough times ahead we need a community centr more now then ever. We would like your help!

We are a non profit organization that plans to provide a great many services for the people of Gloversville. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance if you can help in any way. And of course thank you very much to all those great members of the community tht have come foward with advice and assistance! Together we can make this work!
- bigblue
I would like to make a comment about Oran, Missouri. I was raised here, and have lived here most of my entire adult life. I have always believed this town to be safe and free of violence. Last week I had my two pet chickens killed, and then buried in the dirt pile where my son plays. I know this was not an act of animals, because the fence to their pen was cut to get the chickens out. I thought the reason most people choose to live in a small town is because they don't won't to be subjected to the crime of big city life. I also would like to comment about the railroad rightaway in front of my house. Small children and teenage kids are not allowed to play on the property, ride bikes, play games, or even ride their go-cart. I see people use the property daily as a riding ground for their horses.How come these people can use the property for their horses', but people who live by the property can not use it at all.Why don't these people ride their horses on their own place?
- susanmansker
Kohler Wisconsin is a great town. We stayed at the American Club owned by Kohler. I was a plumbing contractor at the time and the Kohler Company paid for our trip! They gave us a tour of the factory and the design center, which is worth the trip. I now sell <A HREF=""target="_blank">Kohler products online</A>. Thank you, Kohler.
- designerplumbing
Oct. 10, 2008
If you like to pay taxes come here, you will find many homes for sale to chose from and if you have unlimited income, you will have no problem finding a place to spend it. Also your children will go to Poynette and that school board is trying to get passed a 13,675,000 million dollar referendum for a school for k-3 grade school and repairs to the other building so we can have 4 gyms in this town after closing the two smaller schools in the school district. With 4 gyms that should tell you our school is very into WINNING. And we do at all cost, even at the cost of eliminating kids by 5th grade from basketball because the high school head coach says so. So if your child is really really good at sports and you don't mind paying more money to the school and paying more in taxes then your house is worth in a time when the economy is in crisis then this town is for you.
- comepaythruyournose
Oct. 9, 2008
Looking to find information on an ex postmaster from Capac. Went to school with this person. Name is Rita L. Voelker.

Does anyone know her?

Thank you,

Dale Osborn
Denver, Colorado
- DaleGOsborn
I have lived in Lancaster County all my life - 40 some years. Contrary to belief, it is not all horse and buggys! But we do have alot- depending on where you travel in Lancaster.
Used to be a land of beautiful farmland, but now I think we should make our motto " Lancaster: Give us a piece of land and we'll stick a shopping center on it". Getting ridiculous around here, sad, very sad. Our officials like to tell us though that more stores and traffic improves our quality of life. Nice try.
- jenann
If you have never lived in a small town stay in a motel
and visit first. People are not friendly to outsiders. There is no middle class here just the very rich and the poor
immigrants that work labor. Mexicans who do the hard work. Since it is a long drive to any good stores and not even a movie theater it can be extremely boring. Be careful and be tough , it's not an easy place to live. I would move today if I could. I was drawn by the beauty along the river but their is no housing and the town is run by a few rich people who only care about themselves. The town will lose it's Walmart at the end of the year and no new business will locate here. Unless you are very rich and want to be alone don't move here.
- Charlie7
Oct. 8, 2008
There once was a smilingbeachbum there. She was an asset to her community. People there are very giving.
- dadamek
good place to raise a family and to retire
people are friendly and help out when there is a need such as cancer patient money drives.
needs to be more unity in the businesses.
would like to see more of the stores stay open during the Christmas kickoff (the day after Thanksgiving)
We have a nice Chamber of Commerce working for the community.
Too bad about Mayberry's closing. guess The Horn is trying to get things going...
- sassycat
Brazoir county kinda seems like a black hole that will suck you back in no matter how far you get from it.
- xanecia
very small town
- dyneamo
Oct. 7, 2008
Lived in Munford for 6 months, June 1968 - Dec 1968 while stationed at Middleton NAS. Lived in a large old house owned by Mrs. Bibb. Does anyone rememeber her. She was so great to my new wife and me. Will be visiting in Dec of 2008 just to take pictures because we were so poor then we couln't afford a camera.
- pionono3194
I'm moving to Oconomowoc this month and I'm wondering what the options are for calble tv and high speed internet service. We are unable to install a dish.
- hp4atc
L'aide Conceirge

NEED SOME EXTRA HELP? L'aide is a great solution for anyone in need of help with various assignments, chores, projects, organization, senior citizen care, child care, office assistance, etc........ WE ARE LOCATED IN THE Dallas, Tx area and service surrounding areas within Ellis county. Contact us by email and we will send you a contact. Look forward to meeting with you. [email protected]

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We come to you!

Do you own a business and just need a little help with this or that? You want to avoid the temp agencies and not sure about hiring full time help.
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- Laide
I grew up here in 60's and 70's, when it was a great place to live, and many good folks. Since then it's become Sodom and Gomorrah. Adults are as bad as kids with drugs such as Oxycontin, and breaking into homes trying to steal from those who really need it! Oceana is letting itself become a haven for "pill pushers"! Ford's Trailer Park (near the park) is pill-pushers paradise, with druggers in-and-out at all hrs of the day, buying and selling, either their own prescription meds or of those they steal them from. And, even 'young girls are soliciting sex' just to get high from Oxycontin and other drugs, but Oceana cops turn blind eye and deaf ear! I use to love this town, but it can, and probably will, "go to hell" as far as I care. It's mostly prejudice against 'blacks', but with a reputation as being known as "Oxycontinana", or "Oxyana" (instead of Oceana), it doesn't really matter!!!
- 20082008
Oct. 6, 2008
I found this town to be a tourist trap that preys on tourists, drumming up charges on campers. You can be arrested for any minor infraction that's found, and will have to post bond, make court appearinces and use local attorneys. My camping trip has already cost me $2500.00 and I have another court appearance to go.
- riteprice
I am from the Robinson family of Jones Run. Ransler and Dora T. Robinson were my grandparents. My father was Garland. I used to visit my grandmother at the farm. I remember the old school house on Jones Run. In fact I have a picture of it, but it is at my Florida home. I won't be there until later this month and I will up load a copy of it to this site. It shows my father when he taught school there with his students standing in front of the school. We used to stay with my Uncle Glida in Shinneston. He had two big work horses, Tony and Doll. I can remember my father shooting ground hogs from my uncles front porch.
- rroboh
Oct. 5, 2008
Archiebald Murphey was my 4th Great Grandfather
I have never visited Murphy but hope to real soon
- gggggrandaughter
Oct. 4, 2008
Braselton is a very nice area with several great restaurants, fantastic sports bar, and a premium new child care center at 211 and Liberty Church (our children were our #1 reason for choosing the Chatan Elan area of your community).
We have been impressed by the growth in this area, the warmth of the people and hope to make it my home for a long time to come.
Thank you all for making our transition so tranquil!
- chanie
Oct. 3, 2008
I lived in Villa Grande late 50's and 60's as a child. It was the best time of my life. The post office used to be in the Villa Grande store, owned by Frank and Vi Veronda. Frank later built the laundromat.
Vi had a Mynah bird in the store and Frank had a dog named Laddie.
Some of the old timers that lived there were Art Rigor ( Art's Refrigeration). The Hancks. Wayne and Martha Heinbockel (who lived across the street from us and were good friends with my folks). Mr Willets who fished every day at Patterson (Villa Grande) beach. The Smith's,Galaghers, Dempseys, Kruegers, Lannings, Morgans.
From what I remember, back in the 20's it was a vacation resort for the more affluent. Aside from the old Hotel (I hope it has been renovated and restored. It was very beautiful and has a lot of history), there were tennis courts and what not. If I could afford to move back there again I would..but I couldn't believe the price of real estate of the two cabins(homes)that are on the market now.
- sliner

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