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Apr. 30, 2009
Pendleton is a quaint historic town in upstate South Carolina filled with interesting places and wonderful people. We may be a small town but we are an active town hosting events such as Spring Jubilee (first weekend in April)sponsored by Pendleton District Commission, Freedom Fest (Saturday before July 4) sponsored by Friends of the Park and Fall Festival (October) sponsored by Pendleton Area Business Association.
- hellams
Freedom Fest 09
June 27, 2009
5:30 - 10:00 pm
Veterans Park on Lebanon Road
Pendleton SC

Freedom Fest is a fun family tradition with a patriotic theme featuring music by Rendition, childrens games and activities, Bingo With The Mayor, great food, bake sale, cake walk, and a spectacular fireworks display that rivals any in the area.

Freedom Fest is organized by Friends of the Park and sponsored by area businesses and individuals including the Town of Pendleton. All profits from this event go back into Veterans Park.

Visit our website to learn more about this great event at
- hellams
are the homes in east setauket and roslyn heights that fall under roslyn school district have rights to the East Hills Pool Park??? looking to relocate but the entice factor are the schools and the pool amenities. Great if someone can explain to me why some properties list as east setauket and roslyn heights but then show as a village of east!!!!
- julesjosh
Apr. 29, 2009
Levasy is a great place to live. It is quite and not like any other
small town. People don't normally know any bodys buisness we all just keep to our selfs. its nice ive lived here since i was 2 and im 23 now. so i know alot about this place
- longtime
I think that Lewis county has a very good school system and if your the type of person that. Likes people to know you and you no them then Lewis county is the best place for you. Lewis county when I lived there I loved that school I had great friends that I miss dearly and family that lives there lewis co. is the type of place for kids and older people because they have a hardle any jobs and. They have the most beatiful water there are some beatiful scenes in Lewis county

There is just so much that people need to know about Lewis county a great school and there is lots of cool people down there they have the highest test scores in the state and they work hard but have fun why they are working hard they have a great JROTC program they are not there to get you ready for the war they are there to teach you respect and other things.
- crickie

Apr. 28, 2009
Austerlitz is a beautiful, small town in the foothills of the Berkshires which has always enjoyed a huge sense of community. My family, originally from the Bronx, moved there when I was a baby - 52 years ago. I grew up as a typical 'country kid' would. Swimming in local ponds, fishing, walking dirt roads, catching frogs, etc. A beautiful place to raise kids. Everything remained relatively the same, despite the growing population - up until about 10 years ago. At about that time, a different type of people started to moved in. With the influx of rude, obnoxious, elitists our small-town way of life is being threatened. Our neighbors are now watching every move we make, building fences, and instituting laws and talking about noise ordinances because "they know better" than we do. It seems to me that we were doing a pretty good job of being a town before they got here... otherwise, why did they come? Sorry, I had to vent.
- countrylife
Hello I am from Wittmann, Arizona and in order to fairly describe Wittmannites, I decided it be best if we could identify one! So at we tackled the many urban myths and some local legends to better help you understand this spot on earth another Podunk Ville as you speed along US Highway 60 (AKA Grand Ave) between Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. is a good place to start as is
when it comes to an inside look at this Podunk Ville hidden in Arizona.
- wittmannnewscom
Having lived in Holly Springs for 20 years I have seen many changes, some good, others not. The most troubling development is the almost constant animosity that has surrounded relationships and interactions between some of the town commissioners. Our town meetings remind me of nothing so much as bickering children. I have to wonder if the situation would become more constructive if we lowered the testosterone level by having some female representation on the Commission. A little discord can be beneficial, ensuring that at least there is discussion on issues but in Holly Springs it all too often sinks to the level of personal attacks. Rumor of our town leaders' poor relations seep out into the regional media, to no one's benefit. Plase guys, grow up and behave like the professionals that you are.
- gardengal
I don't know much about Elk City. My cousin was living there and recently was killed in a car accident out at Elk Lake March 24th. I know that my family does alot of bussiness there for their personal use and business use as well. I would like to know more about elk city and also would love to chat with anyone who may have known my cousin
- NeverGiveUp
One of the great things about Harrington, Me is that it has no zoning. One of the worst things about Harrington, Me is that is has no zoning. There is a tremendous opportunity for Harrington to help itself if it would only clean itself up. There are buildings in ruins and trash all over the place. The people need to take a little more pride in their town and get things cleaned up.
- cassidy
Vallejo has a Great Ferry Service to San Francisco. Vallejo Baylink Ferry tickets are on sale super cheap on right now. Going Fast. Check them out on

Baylink Ferry Tickets on right now
- jharo1
Apr. 27, 2009
Hi, I am trying to get ahold of Euphemia Fay Adams on here. You left a message on here back in August 2008. I am sort of related to you and just want to see if I could possibly get some family tree info from you, if you have anything or know anything you would like to share with me. Please email me at if you would be able to help me.

Bonnie Adams
- bonnieadams
I am wondering if there are Vick decendents that would know or have knowledge of James Wilson Vick ( 1-8-1867 - 7-10-1933 )and Effie (Porterfield) Vick ( 1872 - 1945 and their family
- vickfromtamms
Apr. 26, 2009
Can anyone tell me what the large (massive) brick structures are that are near the boat ramp at Kate Adams Lake?? They appear to be partially buried with sediment but are still 20-25 feet tall.
- jimbaker
Apr. 25, 2009
my problem is with the council getting rid of donald church (aka) chief of police. he was a good officer and you could not ask for a better chief but the council for some reason dosnt know a good officer when they have one. they fired scott brooks who also was a good officer i think they need to get rid of a few council members. they seem to be the problem..
- duke76
I am a General Dentist with experience/training as a Prosthodontits, and I am in the process to buy a dental practice at either Salinas or Montere Bay. Salinas looks like a better deal, but I have heard/read so many bad things about Salinas that I am totally scared about deciding for Salinas. Is there any body who can give me some advises ( facts) about this two cities?
- blancaentrena
- arkienight01
Apr. 23, 2009
Often we bring groups up to the park and use the tennis courts, while I was there last time a gentleman mentioned that they might be taken out. I'd like to encourage you to keep them there, we enjoy the non-crowded courts and the wonderful park.
- tennisfan
Apr. 22, 2009
i think stallion springs is a great place for a family. we love it here.
- blindsey
I have roots going back 100 years in Edgewood also some old photos and letters of about the same time. the last name of some of my family from the area is Marks, Annis and Steel Looking for some one to share info with from the area I am from Canada
- fredandrusko
Apr. 21, 2009
Can you blog about a yard sale occurring in J-Town? Well if you can, hear goes....Multi-Family yard sale, Saturday, May 9, 8:00am, Mansfield Estates Lane, off Watterson Trail, one block east of Stony Brook Drive.
- nikki4417
The information about Windsor, OH and its name are not correct. Windsor Ohio was part of the Connecticut Western Reserve in the late 1700's. Two of the earliest settlers (Griswald and Phelps) came from Windsor, Connecticut (not Vermont), and hence the name Windsor. My eighth grade teacher, Mr. Loomis's family also came from Windsor Connecticut where there is a Loomis family Museum.
- rtslaughter46
Apr. 20, 2009
PROS: Was a great city and had some lovely restaurants.

CONS: Will be sorely missed.
- Springsteen
Apr. 19, 2009
Veneta, Oregon is located just 15 minutes West of Eugene and only 45 minutes East of the Oregon Coast. While visiting Veneta, Oregon make sure you do some wildlife viewing all around the Fern Ridge Reservoir. You will see many birds, mammals, and fish. Stop in at a few of the wineries located on the outskirts of Veneta. They offer many wonderful lush wine flavors to dip your taste buds. Veneta has shopping, coffee, restraunts, and real estate.

Posted by:
- JenniferBuchanan
My name is Mary. I'm a member of the Callahan family of White Oak and i wish to know the address of the Callahan farm. Many of my relatives were buried in st. mary's cemetary. I have the family history of the Callahan family only I don't have the address of the farm they owned. Can anyone help me?
- maryrodzewicz
I moved to Citrus a few years ago from further South in FL and I'm searching for another community. I didn't realize northern Florida was so much "southern". Also according a census report in 2000 we were the least diverse county in FL :(
- pferde01
Apr. 16, 2009
Nice place, good government. expensive. The Democrats here are mostly crazy
- rrguy
Issaquah Salmon Days Festival is always held the 1st full weekend of October, ie first Saturday/Sunday

This year we celebrate 40 years of Great Returns. As the salmon are returning to our lakes, streams and the downtown hatchery, witness their valiant journey up the Issaquah Creek.

This year?s festivities promise to be the best ever with all your favorites...the Grande Parade, delicious Foods of the World, creative and colorful arts and crafts, exciting live entertainment, and our central hub of family fun at the Field of Fun.

Watch the web site for the new and exciting 40th Anniversary celebration special events and activities planned just for you.

Remember ? October 3rd and 4th 2009, 10:00am to 6:00pm ? Historic Issaquah is THE place to be.
- Oscarkelley
Last night our wonderful boys in blue in Springhill proved how useful their time can be. Last night I was taken to JAIL...not because I am a drug dealer (though we have enough of those around here to keep the officers busy if they chose)...not because I hurt anyone or ran a red light. No; I was arrested because my 8 year old daughter accidentally left the door open and our puppy wondered out it. We realized it shortly afterwards and took off looking for her; we found her and were trying to get her on a leash when officer Edwards showed up. The dog did not hurt anyone or destroy any property. She came right to the officer when he called her. She has never gotten out or had a complaint of any kind called in on her. For this "crime" I was arrested and had to be bailed out of jail. I now have a criminal record. I have lived in this town for under a year. I have volunteered hundreds of hours to better this community. It's good to know that coummunity service is appreciated
- fwmommy
Pros- It's beautiful here. Cost of living is affordable. No charge for trash, they have dumpsters every where. Once you live here for awhile they will accept you. Your neighbor watches over you without asking.

Cons- No jobs, law enforsement is below standard. People around here consider new arrivals "outsiders" they label you drug dealers or users. If you don't have an Indian card it's very hard to get any help. People born here throw trash anywhere they damn well please. There is no law against dumping, killing, or starving dogs. They charge $35 a day if you end up in jail. Their court cost are outrageous.
- lilgoodman
Apr. 15, 2009
Hilliard is really a quite nice place to live. (Especially if you like the country) It's very quiet and peaceful yet is still close to Jacksonville and the nearby beaches. I live in a really nice apt. community called Eastwood Oaks and have met a lot of really nice people here. The schools are good and I like how everyone knows everyone!
- nancyeckstein
Apr. 13, 2009
I lived twice in NY State, now retired back in WV where I grew up. For some strange reason I dreamed about Stanley, NY. As far as I know, I've never been there and didn't even know if there was a town by that name. I understand it is in the Rochester area, and I have been there a few times. Have no recollection of ever going through the community or seeing signs for it -- nothing?? My dream revealed nothing about the town other than an awareness that it's where I was. Very strange. Can anyone tell me a little bit about the town and its history?

Terry in WV
- Terrance
Apr. 12, 2009
My aunt and uncle Terry and Joan Stilles owned the bar/restauraunt called LORENZOS PIZZA. IN 1979 my aunt Joan died and a few months latter my uncle Terry died, but our family down state never really heard what happened ,my brother and 2 sisters spent our childhood up there snowmobiling and fishing in the summers with the most wonderfull memories with our couzins Terry, Cindy and Tracy Stilles .we havent heard from anyone of them in many many years , my wife and i took a harley ride up there a few years back, and i mentioned lorenzos pizza and some old timer heard what i was saying and he said he vaguley remembered what happened to the family, but i really want to know what happened. Onaway hold the most wonderfull memories of my childhood, my parents have passed on ,so if any one knows what happened way back when please let me know e-mail ( thank you DAVID GARRETT
- twincamfatboy
Apr. 11, 2009
The Kings Secret Place is a thrift store. We have gently used clothing at yard sale prices. We also offer a place to bring your donated items. If you are on a budget or just want something different come by and see us at 307 West ash St. Brinkley Ar. Across from K-Stop gas station We open at 10 am and close at 6 pm. Open daily

- overcomer1
Apr. 10, 2009
It was a great town to grow up in you could always trust you neighbors never had to lock your doors. Vestaburg Elem. School was like being a home with all your friends. The people who lived there were all ways willing to help each other no matter the task at hand this was back in the 50's now I moved with my parents to Ohio in the early 60's and never did like Ohio. I now live in Arizona and it is a great state also.
- azanimal
Visit the Northampton County and Accomack County blog by Melody Scalley ~ On the Edge of the Shore.

On the air Thursdays 6 pm to 9 pm Eastern time, also streaming live on the net.
- MelodyScalley
Looking for my family. My name is Candy Williams. I made the trip to Vian when I was 17 to meet my grandmother carolyn Trammel and my Father Robert Taylor of Fort Smith Arkansas. I moved and the box that had thier contact info in it was lost. I was able to track down my biological father once when i was 20. I would like to find out if my grandmother is still in vian or if she has moved or passed on. If anyone has any info u can contact me at .

Thank You
- blondspeck
Apr. 9, 2009
I have lived in Ponchatoula, Louisiana since 1984. From the beginning, people have not been very friendly. They are not open to "outsiders". It is very important to them how much money you have. The more money you have, or appear to have, the nicer they are. The sad thing about the patronizing behavior is that it refers also to the education system--from kindergarten to high school. I have never in my life experienced the kind of people as I have known here. I have lived in other places in the country, but the people are by far the most pretentious that I have seen anywhere.

The pros of living in Ponchatoula are the location is nice. It is not far from large cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge. You don't have to worry as much about flooding as other places in the deep south of Louisiana. If you are fortunate enough to get well water, I highly recommend it. The well water has to be the best I have ever tasted. It is like water from the spring. There are many churches to go to for all religions.
- seaghostdusk
Hello Jeffersonians, I was born in Jefferson City, Tn in 1963. I lived on Church Street. My parents tell me that as a child, I would not rest until I was allowed to sit on the stoop. Across from our house, a local woman sang and played her guitar at top volume. My parents say I was fascinated by this. As you may guess, I too, wrote and performed music as an adult. It would mean the WORLD to me if y'all could ask around and help me find out who she was, maybe talk to her family. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be if some recordings of her songs happened to exist. So , anybody remember the black blues singing acoustic guitarist of Church St, 1963 ? PLEASE let me know. Thanks alot, Meg Cole of the Shellis band (423) 208 - 2526 Thanks y'all. Meg
- shellis
I have lived here about 7 years. My spouse was born and raised here. I think it's quaint. I like that everyone knows (or at least recognizes) everyone else. It makes it easier to spot strangers or see something suspicious.
I think the schools are great. This town is very focused on our children. Between sports and recreation they have plently of outlets.

There is one grocery store, a pharmacy, and a hardware store. We have everything necessary to survive just not a whole lot going on in the WOW department. So unless your idea of a date is bowling , pizza and a movie - you'd better gas up the car. And the one main source of employment here is struggling. My spouse works out of town.
- cabinfever
Apr. 8, 2009
I moved here in December of 08 from south Florida,its the worst mistake I ever made in my life.BORING BORING BORING nothing to do.No jobs at all 2 million people here unemployed with only 2 job openings at your local fast food restaurant.The air quality is very very bad due to the high pollen content and air force smogg.Everthing at the stores are marked up .The economy is very bad with no relief in sight. But the people are nice.
- peppster
The Family's farm is near Star Ms. We have one of the few still standing Old Barns I know of. The Barn was built from the lumber of the "Old D'Lo Ice house. I can not find any info on when the Old D'lo Ice House was torn down. It was near the 1930's by my best guess.

Any info on this would be great !
- Haveme1
RE: High School Class of 1937-38
I'm trying to run down the members of my mother's high school graduation class (around 1937-38).
She grew up in McBurg, TN, but I can't find anything here on ePodunk about McBurg. I've heard her mention Minor Hill, so hope someone who may have graduated with DOROTHY OSBORNE (red hair) may see this and contact me.
She played basketball in high school. Her half-sisters were Violet & Rebecca Osborne, Clara Harris and Lillian Harris. Sister was Patty. Half brothers were Harry Osborne and Reuben Harris. Brother was Roy Osborne.
I'd like my mother to be able to get in touch with some of her old high school friends. She is living now in Chapel Hill, NC near us.
Linda Duke DeJongh, daughter
- LindaDeJongh
dog found 4/6/09 route 20 sangerfield-janis road area

white female pit bull terrier mix

very sweet, no collar, markings:black surrounding eyes

please call 841-4853
- mstrong
Apr. 7, 2009

I am searching for any information I can obtain about my grandfather. His name was Harry Burton. He was an Adirondack Guide in the 1920's +.The homestead,
Burtons Camp, was north of Stratford at an area I believe they called Little Oregon on E. Canada Creek [?].
My grandmothers name was Alice and the children were -
Fern. Iris, Ivy, Harry, Jack and Chester. I have been told that my grandfather often discussed firearm production with one of the Remington's and that they had famous persons from downstate at the camp. I am trying to separate fact from fiction. Many years ago at the 200th. anniversary [I think] celebration of the village of Dolgeville I saw a full page newspaper article about Burton's Camp displayed in a store window. Now, years later, I have not been able to track the article down. Any information you my be able to give me would be greatly appreciated.

C.L. Burton
- guide
My grandfather was an Adirondack guide in the the
1920's +. His name was Harry Burton and the homestead was called Burton's Camp. It was in Little Oregon
north of Stratford on what I believe is E. Canada Creek.
His wife was Alice Burton; children.......Fern Minor,
Iris Call, Ivy Fineout, Harry Burton, Jack Burton and Chester
Burton. It was said that my grandfather drew the workings of firearms with one of the Remington's and that he had famous visitors from downstate. Am trying to divide the facts from fiction. Was in Dolgeville on what I think was the 200th anniversary and saw a full page newspaper article on Burton's Camp displayed in a store window, but when I went back years later I could not track it down. Any information would be appreciated.C.L. Burton
- guide
Mathias is home to thousands of chicken houses and millions of chickens. The whole county is infested with flies. The zillions of flies are disgusting but no one does anything about it because everyone here either owns a chicken house or is related to someone who does. There is also a "good old boys" network running the county and guess what...they also profit from chicken houses. You can forget about an outside picnic with your family in Hardy County if you live near a chicken house.
As if the flies and stench coming from the chicken houses weren't enough, the chicken farmers then take the chicken poo (litter) out of the buildings and spread it all over the fields, including hillsides, so when it rains, the chicken poo runs into the small mountain creeks and streams which then flow into the North fork of the Shenandoah river.
Other than the flies and the stench, Mathias is beautiful and quiet. If the flies would go away, Mathias would be almost heaven.
- FlyWarden
Apr. 6, 2009
Hey, please tell me what it's like in Canton!! We fell in love with a house there, but it is more rural than where we are from in Little Rock. My husband works in Vinings, and knows he'll have to go to work early or late. How does it compare to Kennesaw? Have one boy still in High school, so looking at Creekview. Two college age--is there anything for them to do? How are churches, etc.,????ANY info appreciated!!
- boots49
Apr. 5, 2009
I am trying to find all family related to Zelma Divers. I am 1 of her daughters.

Cindy young
- cindyroggowyoung
Has anybody in Chesnee had trouble getting the city to clear their sewerline? I certainly have and considering Legal action if they don't do something about it.
There remains today an endearing and quintessential charm about West Roxbury. We who have lived all our lives here in this corner of the city have always known why the quiet tree lined streets and stately old Victorian homes provide an antidote to the vissictitudes and drama that would engulf any other urban dweller.
- AllieKat
Apr. 4, 2009
Resdents of St Ann:
As you all know the reelection of some of our alderman are due, and I hope you every body has taken the time to think of whom you may our may not vote for.
Think of this what have they done for you? have they been there when you have needed them? Have they answered the question that you have asked? Remember they work for you not you for them . Thank you
- kdc744
Apr. 3, 2009
Was a great city especially when it contracted with Dixie Police Authority (DPA) for police services.

Now annexed into Fort Mitchell and this probably wouldn't of happened if Crescent Park stayed with DPA.
- Springsteen
I'm an avid traveler to Silverthorne and have had a great experience every time I have been until now. I recently had a reservation at the Luxury Inn and Suites that I was unable to make because the passes were closed. When I called to cancel and or change the dates they were unwilling to cooperate. In a resort town that is between two passes that are frequently closed, you think a hotel would help you out. If you are reading this and thinking of coming to Silverthorne I would say come and have a great time because it is a great place to be, but I would not recommend staying with Luxury Inn and Suites. They will not work with you no matter what.

thanks and enjoy,
- thankle82
My Dad Fred Krauth was born in 1890 in Henderson, Michigan. He came to Montana on the train in 1907.
He got off the train at Mon-Dak on the Montana-North Dakota border. It was a cold wintry morning with a west wind and snow.
He found his brother Frank working for Rick Sweetman, Fred went to work for William Crandell's south of Bainville.

In June he and Frank went to Glasgow. Fred went to North Dakota and worked until Fall, then went back to Michigan until 1909, when he came back to Oswego MT and worked the the United States Reclamation Service which was building the Frazer Reservoir at that time..

He also worked at Poplar Creek and homesteaded in the Spring of 1915 in Scobey. His farm was 22 miles south of Scobey.
- MariaAM
I have lived in old fort, ever scents i was a baby.. my dad was raised in old fort.. it is the best place ive been to!
- Rumfelt4Courtney
Hi There,
I am consiering moving to Marlton and and wondering what the overall attitude is on the Main Street in town? Also wondering what the Wiley church is about.
Wondering how the small businesses are doing there. Anyone have any c rime stats for the area? What is the general 'feeling' of the town and who lives there. I'm looking for something where I would be left alone, but yet have good neighbors who might be community minded.
- EarlGrey
Apr. 2, 2009
Wanting to check out a "Business" that showed up on an email with following information: WP Online, 2550 Cross Timbers STE116 Road, Flower Mound Texas 75028.

Searching for Pc users wishing to do online work from home, I want to know if they're legitamate or a scam.

Is anyone familiar with this company in a local setting?
- sandhiller
Wonderful little town with lots of up and coming young people
- lucyw1
Apr. 1, 2009
This is a great place to live. It is a very nice place to raise your children. This is the reason I picked a house in this area. However there are some people that live in the area that can't seem to mind there own business. They go to city council meetings every month and complain about the dumbest stuff. I have had the cops to my house over toys yes thats correct toys in my back yard. I have a 4ft fence around my back yard so my kids can play without being near the road. I guess there is some ordinence that states you have to pick up items your kids played with and will play with the next day. Items like balls, stuffed animals, outdoor toys. I could see if I had dead stinky animals or garbage that blew into my neighbors yards but I have two kids who play in the back yard. It seems everytime I turn around there is some new ordinence that we don't know about. They never seem to supply that to me. People need to mind their own business. Walk down the front street.
- ccwaller

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