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Mar. 31, 2009
My name is Debra Vincent (Edwards), daughter of Mary Edwards and Garnet Dee Popplewell. I am trying to locate Garnet's family. If anyone could help please call me at 812-498-1588, write me 1265 North County Rd 25 East,Brownstown, In 47220. My email is
- debfamily
This blog concerns the City of Ladue's pension plan for firefighters and police officers. The information was "cut and paste" from a recent study...

The Ladue Uniformed Plan is funded at 70%.

[By comparison, the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS) is a non-profit public pension system that provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits to Missouri's local government employees. LAGERS, a multi-employer public plan, is funded at 96%.]


The City?s funding ratio of 70%, as of December 31, 2007, ranked 19th out of 20, when measured against St. Louis Metro area plans for Police Officers and Firefighters.

Don't the firefighters and police officers of the City of Ladue deserve no less measure of assurance than the minimum assurances provided for by Statute for the LAGERS plan.
- LadueVanguard
My family bought a home and moved to aliquippa in beaver county pa 6 months ago since i have been here my child who is 13 has been choked by a kid over my cat and going to school had his head smashed aginst the school bus window and the school don,t even care enough to call me the parent the police won,t do nothing unless the school does something. most of the people are rude and heartless. living is not that bad have seen worst but as far as children i would think twice about moving. i now have to convince my children that thing will get better. there is trouble where ever you go but when you are the only one tring to fix the problems it,s not worth it. like our problems kids will go throught problems but when a child gets choked and threatened their life and the lives of family and happened at school or on the way to school and the school system see it to be ok with it and rides it off like nothing happened.that is telling you you count on your town. and that is a big problem.
- shygirl
Mar. 30, 2009
i recently heard a rumor that the subdivision in Mountain City Oaks was developed on top of an old cemetery. Is this true?
- ngreen
I'll be moving to alton soon, thought someone might have a few tips about the pros and cons of alton.
- coastrider75

Nice little city that I miss dearly since I moved away in 2000.
Good people, good neighbors and good living.
- allen70
Mar. 29, 2009
Just a short note to say hello.I was stationed at the radar base from 1956 to 1958 and had a great time in Gettysburg. I have made lifelong friends with Harold & Eileen Hegerle,Mrs Phyllis Wise,Bernie Webb & so many more. My wife & I were there three years ago for our 50th Air Force site reunion. Gettysburg was my first assignment in the AF when I was 18 years old. I can still remember hanging out at the Sunset Cafe when off duty, and also going out to Mike & Ida Herrons COD Ranch to help out & to attend Christmas dinners. I am now 71 years old but remember the good times like it was yesterday. I was a member of the baseball & basketball teams which played the Gettysburg boys teams. Some of our guys married Gettysburg girls like,Jim Baldridge & Mona Drew, Dick Brown & Yvonne Gross
I currently live in New Jersey and am married with four children & seven grandkids.
Gettysburg was and still is a wonderful experience which I am grateful for. Thanks, Ray Vena (
- abduct1
I love Dunmore, but there is something very important I need my fellow dunmorians to help me with. My dog ran away to and it is very important that I find him. He was spooked by another dog. He is a blue chihuahua breed, his color is dark grey with a white strip on his chest. He answers to the name of Gucci (guchi) and responds to the "kiss noise." I know the people of dunmore are amazing and I need their help.

thanks, katie

If found, please contact Mark at 570-977-0709
- kholla68
Mar. 27, 2009
I learned so much of life from being a member, troop 32, Milwaukie, during the early '50's. Thanks to George Wilson and my troopmates. I miss them.
- waynearthur
I have been living in this ara for 10 years. Mt.Rainier is not a great place to live!!!!!!!!I just contacted a agent to start a new house search. The police are the worse I have had 7-10 major issues in this area. The police refuse to get out there cars to address your thefts, B&E oh my goodness on & on my new complaint will be sent to Washington Post Monday. The crime is crazy and so sad the responce from our police are the worst!!!!!! Be very careful..
- cocobabe1
Cleveland has a nice computer center located in the Town Hall. There is 10 computers open to the public from 9:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. Computer classes are held each Thursday evening starting at 6:00 p.m. and they are free to anyone wishing to attend them.
- greeneyednicelady
Crawfordville is a small minded town. They do not like newcomers and are very excepting of anyone new regardless of race/color. I wish I'd never moved here!
- raggedychen
Grove City Ohio Couple Wins Grand Prize In Improveit! Home Remodeling Annual Sweepstakes

Jimmie and Janet Moore had forgotten they had entered the 2008 Sweepstakes offered by one of Ohio?s largest home remodeling companies.

They had entered at a local Grossman?s early in the year then continued with their lives enjoying their family of two sons and daughter. It was a shock to the couple when the announcement was made that they had won the grand prize.

?I was surprised, cause actually we forgot about it,? said Janet Moore. ?I?m excited to get it.?

The product choices for the Home Makeover sweepstakes included a whole-house of window replacements, a one-day bath or shower system, siding for their home, or leaf and debris free gutter system.

Color Choice was the biggest decision that the Moore?s had to make.

2008 was the 11th year for the annual sweepstakes held by Improveit!, 53 winners were awarded other home improvement projects. Enter at
- tbriggle
Visiting Phoebus is like stepping back in time. Quaint shops, brick sidewalks, a tearoom and coffee shop. Just off of I-64 in Hampton VA.
- sweetrepeats
Does anyone have information regarding my relatives in Bulls Gap.

My father William Lawrence Jones was born there in 1927
His father and mother were Roy Lee Jones and Vertie Couch Jones

Vertie had sisters MAUDE Malone, Nells, and others??

My father's cousin was Fred Strong....married to Dorothy who passed away from cancer in the 60's. He remarried to Blanche. Dorothy and Fred had one son "WAYLON Strong"

I had the opportunity to meet Fred back in the 70's and meet my great aunt Nell's, who lived down the road from Fred. There was a little general store on that same road outside of town. I got a call Fred passed away in the 70's and I lost contact with the family.

Fred Strong's father was JOHN STRONG,,and one of Fred's brothers was CLIFF STRONG. I also got to see the house over the hill from Fred that was Uncle Johns old place and saw the tobacco barns that my dad helped to build when he was young.

Any information would be helpful, and I thank you for your time
- btous2
Mar. 26, 2009
I really hope people can beginning to let go of the stereotypical thinking about living on the outside of a military installation. Everyone on the I-5 side has worked very much to increase the peace and tranquil look with clean yards and upping the standard. Taxes have risen
to pay for the street widening and pressure sewage.
There are still idiots driving carelessly doing stupid acts even when police are patrolling as vigilant as they do.
The drug trade lives for those who live for it and keep it. Over the past 5 years there were cases of death on the lake involving motorboat accidents, homicide and child obduction and homicide. The stories send a sobering caution that while no place in America is tragedy free everyone should make the effort to live drug and disease free and outside of the stereotypical casting.
- RomeoUnraveled
Andover is a great place to live. There are many community organizations. The town is clean, safe and lively. It is wonderful! Just to note that Dylans "Family" Restaraunt is over priced and is not hospitable towards heterosexuals.
- educate
Mar. 25, 2009
I grew up in Woodlawn, NY 10470 from 1943-1964 with four years out for the USAF from 1958-1962. From 1949-1957 the boys in our neighborhood were the best "curb ball players of the decade.

In the summer of 1953 we beat the older guys (Richie Mullins, Billy Biggins, Ray Downey and several other guys). and four years later we beat the younger kids as well.

Man that was fun....

Who were we? Anthony "Animal Anny"or "Ace" O'Neill & Johnny "The Mouse" McCarthy, 3rd base; John "Klu"or "King" Kelly & Danny Berube, 1st base; John "Midget" Morrissey & Danny Donelin, middle infield; Jimmy "The Weazel" or "Pretzel" Whetzel, Donald "Duck" McMahon, Tommy "Fats" Barrett, Thomas "Meat" Murray & Jimmy "Babe" Bayreuther in the left & right outfields.

I have no idea where any of these guys are now or even if they are alive. I do know that one them, Donald, is no longer alive. He was (and still is) my best friend.

Good-by & good luck and God Bless us and you all too.

The Anny
- anoneill
2009 San Antonio City Council Elections are going to be very competitive. District 8 has many candidates but Melissa Martinez-Carrasco has an opportunity to upset her opponents in a victory Apr 27th - May 5th. If you are in District 8 Vote for Melissa Martinez-Carrasco District 8 City Council. She is the best open-minded candidate for the job. You can learn more about Melissa Martinez-Carrasco at . If you don't know whether or not you are in her District you can visit the website and find out.
- ElectMelissa
I visit Worland occasionally to see relatives. Nice town but not very progressive. A lot of old people who do nothing but take care of their lawns with chemicals and waste of water when there are excellent recreational opportunities around them. There are teenage kids who drive like crazy at lunch hour, a lot of them in large redneck gas guzzling pick ups.

A friend of my relatives got ran over by a kid named Patrick Sweeney and I do not think much happened to him.
- Travelman
I recently moved into a home in Columbia TN and was clearing the brush away in the backyard when I came across a mans headstone that read David A Wray born april 6 1881 died april 12 1949 not sure what to do with it so I called city hall and they were able to trace it to Giles County TN and said they would get back with me if they found out anything else I would like for the headstone to be returned to its family. I cannot bring myself to throw it away, but I cant keep paying respect to it every time I walk by it. If you have information that would help please contact Columbia TN City hall
- deedee2qu
Mar. 23, 2009
I am looking for graduates of Fox River Grove High School, 1956 I believe who attended school with Roy John Pedersen, Jr. He may have went by Pete.
Thank you
- jannimarie
I lived in Powhatan went to River. I still call it home.I feel safe. I make it in about 3 or 4 times a year. I graduated from River in 1982. I live in Cleveland.Plan on comming in around Easter.Lisa Thomas Straka
- Robbin
Mar. 22, 2009
very good weather!
- nmunoz
Mar. 21, 2009
Mahomet,Il is a great little town that is great to raise children. The people are friendly and family oriented.
the spring and summers are beautiful. The winters are very cold and challenging! The spring and summers are not to bad. the only problem I don't like about Mahomet is the fact there is no jobs and its really high on the housing.
- Sher38
Mar. 20, 2009
wilmington looks like a very interesting little town. i like how eclectic the environment is: from the multitude of architctural styles to the variety of vegetation. from blogs i have read, there is as much disparity of opinions about living in wilmiington.
is there anyone out there with a balanced, rational perspective on the subject?
- jcschwende
Hello from Topsail Beach! Spring has arrived, and good fishing shouldn't be far behind. I am already getting reports of a few small sea mullets in the surf as well as on the piers. And yesterday I recieved a report of black drum in the surf. The first gray trout was caught from Jolly Roger Pier last week. Of course the puffers, sharks, and skates are biting, but they are scattered. There should be larger sea mullets arriving soon.

Surf City Pier opens Friday March 27, and they are having the "First Sea Mullet" contest again this year. The first sea mullet caught from the pier will win a free Season Pass to Surf City Pier. This is a $175.00 value so it will be worth the effort to get out there on opening day. Good luck to all who will brave the elements and get out there to fish for the free pass.

Till next time....
Tight lines!
- FishinTopsail
Mar. 19, 2009
- goldie1968
Newberg is a great family oriented place to live.
- Overcomer
I have only lived in Elk Run for about 9 months now. I have to say..." It's the Best City!" I have ever lived in. I love my neighbors, the neighborhood, the small community, so many parks. People here really take care of their houses and property. It's so nice to see a clean town. Everyone is so friendly! I know that if we ever had a crisis in this town, people would really pull together. I will never move from here! I finally found my perfect place in life!
- ReneeLee
Mar. 18, 2009
Garden City is widely known as one of the most desirable places to live and raise a family on Long Island. With its beautiful tree lined streets and elegant homes, complimented by a centrally located business and shopping district, Garden City continues to attract new residents every year. The Village is known for its traditional spirit and sense of community. The Village offers a Community Pool and Recreation Center, numerous parks and playgrounds and private country clubs. Many celebrities and professional athletes are known to make their home in Garden City. Just one visit and you'll discover why Garden City is an amazing place to live!
-Michele Mayo, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Village Manor
- MicheleMayo
Stewart Manor is a quaint village located between the villages of Floral Park and Garden City. Stewart Manor is a charming, close-knit community with tree-lined streets, well-manicured lawns and beautifully maintained houses. It is a place "where everybody knows your name." There is always a demand for Stewart Manor real estate due to only a handful of homes being on the market at any given time. Covert Avenue is a pedestrian-friendly shopping area with specialty shops and eateries. Residents can enjoy the Stewart Manor Village Pool and Country Club. Community activities are held throughout the year. Enjoy a peaceful setting, and an easy commute, with convenience to the LIRR. It truly offers the best of both worlds! If you?re looking for your new home, Stewart Manor is definitely worth a look!
-Michele Mayo, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Village Manor
- MicheleMayo
Mar. 17, 2009
I need help! Car stranded in Perdido, need a mechanic. Anyone out there?
I'm interested in locating anything in the archives or old papers with the names Carrigan or Young for my family research. If anyone has any thing at all I would be very interested....many sites out there but all have credit card inputs ???
thank you for anything you may have to offer
- Deej
Mar. 16, 2009
Darrouzett is a small little town but very clean and people here take pride n keeping it that way. I grew up here and evan went to school here. When i grew up i moved away and have lived n different places, but i came back cause Darrouzett was the only place i wanted to raise my kids. I grew up here so i know what safe and kind the people are. The people here work and come home to their families they live simple lives but when there has been a tragedy the community comes together and help out where ever needed. I like the fact my kids can go out and play and i dont have to worry about a drive by shooting or some guy on the street selling drugs to my kids. That is the kinda town i want my kids to be raised in and I am glad i can give my kids the safe evironment that i grew up in.
- sherriehuntress
My grandfather, Maurice Ruschenberg was the U.S. Marshall of Martinsburg, MO around 1892. I have a picture of him standing on the main street with a line of other businessmen. He and his wife, Katie moved to St. Louis and he died there in 1908.
- Katydido
Mar. 14, 2009
June 19-20, 2009 Johnson School/Community Reunion will be held at Johnson City Hall and in the park. For more information reply to email: It has been 60 years since District #109 (Johnson) school was consolidated into Fayetteville. This gathering is an effort to gather history of the community and to write a history of the town and its citizens. Everyone is invited to bring memorbilia for displaying.
- johnsonreunion2009
Mar. 13, 2009
Loved being there when I was little. Spangler train was sooo cool
- speters
Beverly Foy grew up in Glendo. A wonderful small community. It is a Mainstreet America town. I miss the wonderful people that filled the houses in Glendo. If anyone in Glendo reads this please email at
- beverlysue
are there any members of the class of 1973 around?
- jerrya
Boykins is a little town with a big heart. It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. This little town is getting prepared to celebrate its 125th birthday in November 2009. We are looking for old photographs that reflect the town and its inhabitants through the years. Anyone who has pictures to share may send them with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Town of Boykins, P. O. Box 363, Boykins, VA 23827.
- boykinsdr
Had a summer home there years ago, love Danny's reuben sandwich!!! The Emporium is the best store in the world!!!
- YEA821
Mar. 12, 2009
My Uncle; Gordon Bliss Pratt was married to Elizabeth M. ? on 23 Jun 1946. She was from Orange, NJ. So I'm guessing they may have married there. If she was, is there anyway of finding the marriage record? She was born 3 Sep 1914, and he was born in Coudersport, PA on 19 Nov 1914. So they would both have been 31 years of age. I'm trying to discover her maiden name and who her parents were. Thank you. Contact me at Michael
- Draperfam
Blog about Bradner huh? Not much u can say about the town now. Notihing to do besides look at campers. Kids have to run the street for something to do. What do u offer them? A pool not nearlly big enough? Nothing on the corners. No where to be a kid at. People get tired of being cooped up. For the adults theres nothing to do. Jeffs ok but the bar scence gets boring to normal people. No where for a nice cup of coffee. No where to take a family for a bite. I call for more action in this town. Move over old, let the new in!
- nate81
Wonderful place!!
- popcornqueen
Mar. 11, 2009
I just moved to the St Marys / Kingsland area and I LOVE it. It is such a peaceful relaxed area. The people are friendly and the town has the stuff you need without being over run with 1,000's of stores and people. It is far enough away from the bigger towns but close enough for a quick trip.
- caleaf

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