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New Carlisle, Indiana

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New Carlisle, IN

Contributed by pabmew, an ePodunk user.

July 13, 2007

Pluses:  Recently I wrote a book called DO OVER: PEG WAltz and the Brain Trust and put New Carlisle in it. In fact I am supposed to be adding on to my website right now, but I am obviously just not doing that. When mom was alive my life partner, Mike, and I were down doing repairs and couldn't find what we needed in town. I was grumbling and he said, "This town is like a Norman Rockwell picture, you were so lucky to grow up here." and he was right. The town is filled with friendly faces, low crime, and a comfort level of really knowing your neighbors...which is a negative if your 16 out of town and doing something you shouldn't be doing...because someone from new carlisle will see you and tell. The main street is extremely attractive and I suggested to the mayor in Elkhart he look at it as a model. The restaurants are many and I've recommended them all at one time or another, and what could be better than the Black Cat Lanes for an evening of fun..sounds like a "Call me Earl" segment.

Minuses:  I like knowing everyone, but I also like a certain amount of anonymity and a larger town provides that. While there is some night life and culture..if not in town, close by..I guess that is not a negative. Grocercy shopping for can goods and cleaning products are pricey but meat and vegetables are cheaper than in a bigger city, and fresher at least they were three years ago. While a smaller school system offers more opportunities for students to be part of extracurricular activities, it also does not allow for the full curriculum that a larger school has.

A good place to...  kick back, have a picnic in the park, take a roadtrip for lunch; and yes, by aaaaalllllllll means, bank a golf ball off a tombstone.

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