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Jacksonville, Florida

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Jacksonville, FL

Contributed by ihatethisplace, an ePodunk user.

March 6, 2007

Pluses:  The winters weather is nice. The beach is pleasant if you haven't put a gun in your mouth during the drive there. The infrastruture is woefully inadequate.

Downtown is OK. There are some nice views of bridges and buildings and they have excellent fireworks. Rednecks do love an explosion.

The zoo is small but surprisingly nice. Don't miss the bonobos.

It isn't far from St. Augustine which is fabulous for walking and sightseeing.

You can grow a variety of plants in the garden including: bananas, oranges and loquats that won't grow further north.

If you are a professional, the pay is good because educated people won't stay here.

There are a few parks but they are not worth mentioning.

If you make the arduous drive to the few remnants of nature, there are armadillos, sea turtles, bison (near Gainsville) and other wildlife.

Contrary to popular opinion, the bugs aren't bad. I go outside a lot and have only had a couple of mosquito bites. I think they die in the heat.

Minuses:  This place is ever so slightly better than the 7th plane of hell. I've never met so many rude, ignorant, illiterate and violent people in my entire life. Furthermore, they are mean and rude.

Traffic is expected in a big city but this one comes without the ammenities of great museums and other culture. The traffic horrible, the driving is extremely agressive and stupid. The rule is: if you can pass a sheet of paper between cars you are too far from the car in front of you.

The urban fabric is just plain ugly, awful-awful. This city is a series of run-down strip malls, strip clubs and ramshackled trailers with bleach bottles and other flotsam in the yards and that's the good parts.

It's the only place I've seen commercials start,"Are you a methadone hostage?"

Don't go outside in the summer unless you are a bedouin tribesman.

Let's not forget the crime. Going our at night isn't the best idea. On the bright side, I've only had a knife pulled on me once this year!

A good place to...  leave.

 I know that the great citizens of Jacksonville will take exception to this but I am not worried because they can't read it.

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