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North Dakota

Our community listings for North Dakota include the following cities, townships and unincorporated places:

Abercrombie (city) Richland County
Abercrombie (township) Richland County
Acme (township) Hettinger County
Acton (township) Walsh County
Ada (township) Dickey County
Adams (city) Walsh County
Adams (township) Walsh County
Addie (township) Griggs County
Addison (township) Cass County
Adelaide (township) Bowman County
Adler (township) Nelson County
Adrian (township) LaMoure County
Advance (township) Pembina County
Afton (township) Ward County
Agnes (township) Grand Forks County
Akra (township) Pembina County
Alamo (city) Williams County
Albert (township) Benson County
Albertha (township) Dickey County
Albion (township) Dickey County
Alden (township) Hettinger County
Alex (township) McKenzie County
Alexander (city) McKenzie County
Alexander (township) Pierce County
Alexander (township) Stutsman County
Alexandria (township) Divide County
Alfred LaMoure County
Alger (township) Mountrail County
Alice (city) Cass County
Aliceton (township) Ransom County
Alleghany (township) Ransom County
Allen (township) Kidder County
Allendale (township) Grand Forks County
Alma (township) Cavalier County
Almont (city) Morton County
Alsen (city) Cavalier County
Alta (township) Barnes County
Ambrose (township) Divide County
Ambrose (city) Divide County
Amenia (city) Cass County
Amenia (township) Cass County
Americus (township) Grand Forks County
Amidon (city) Slope County
Amity (township) Bottineau County
Amor (township) Bowman County
Amundsville (township) McLean County
Anamoose (city) McHenry County
Anamoose (township) McHenry County
Anderson (township) Barnes County
Andrews (township) McLean County
Aneta (city) Nelson County
Anna (township) Ward County
Antelope (township) Richland County
Antelope Creek (township) McKenzie County
Antelope Lake (township) Pierce County
Antler (township) Bottineau County
Antler (city) Bottineau County
Apple Creek (township) Burleigh County
Ardoch (city) Walsh County
Ardoch (township) Walsh County
Argusville (city) Cass County
Armourdale (township) Towner County
Arne (township) Benson County
Arnegard (city) McKenzie County
Arnegard (township) McKenzie County
Arthur (township) Cass County
Arthur (city) Cass County
Arvilla (township) Grand Forks County
Ashby (township) Hettinger County
Ashland (township) Stutsman County
Ashley (city) McIntosh County
Ashtabula (township) Barnes County
Athens (township) Williams County
Atkins (township) Towner County
Atwood (township) Kidder County
Aurena (township) McLean County
Aurora (township) Benson County
Austin (township) Mountrail County
Avon (township) Grand Forks County
Ayr (city) Cass County
Ayr (township) Cass County
Backoo Pembina County
Baden (township) Ward County
Badger (township) LaMoure County
Baer (township) Hettinger County
Baker (township) Kidder County
Baldwin (township) Barnes County
Bale (township) Ransom County
Balfour (township) McHenry County
Balfour (city) McHenry County
Ball Hill (township) Griggs County
Balta (township) Pierce County
Balta (city) Pierce County
Banner (township) Cavalier County
Banner (township) Mountrail County
Bantry (city) McHenry County
Bantry (township) McHenry County
Barnes (township) Cass County
Barney (township) Richland County
Barney (city) Richland County
Barr Butte (township) Williams County
Barrie (township) Richland County
Bartlett (township) Ramsey County
Bartley (township) Griggs County
Bathgate (township) Pembina County
Bathgate (city) Pembina County
Battleview (township) Burke County
Beach (township) Golden Valley County
Beach (city) Golden Valley County
Bear Creek (township) Dickey County
Beaulieu (township) Pembina County
Beaver (township) Benson County
Beaver Creek (township) Steele County
Beery (township) Hettinger County
Beisigl (township) Adams County
Belcourt Rolette County
Belfield (city) Stark County
Belford (township) Richland County
Bell (township) Cass County
Belmont (township) Traill County
Benedict (city) McLean County
Bentinck (township) Bottineau County
Bentru (township) Grand Forks County
Bergen (city) McHenry County
Bergen (township) Nelson County
Berlin (township) Cass County
Berlin (city) LaMoure County
Berlin (township) Wells County
Berlin (township) Sheridan County
Berthold (township) Ward County
Berthold (city) Ward County
Berwick (township) McHenry County
Bethel (township) Towner County
Beulah (city) Mercer County
Bicker (township) Mountrail County
Big Bend (township) Mountrail County
Big Bend (township) Ransom County
Big Meadow (township) Williams County
Big Stone (township) Williams County
Billings (township) Cavalier County
Bilodeau (township) Wells County
Binford (city) Griggs County
Bingham (township) Traill County
Binghampton (township) Barnes County
Birtsell (township) Foster County
Bisbee (city) Towner County
Bismarck (city) Burleigh County
Bjornson (township) McHenry County
Black Butte (township) Hettinger County
Black Loam (township) LaMoure County
Blacktail (township) Williams County
Blackwater (township) McLean County
Blaine (township) Bottineau County
Blanchard (township) Traill County
Bloom (township) Stutsman County
Bloomenfield (township) Stutsman County
Bloomfield (township) Traill County
Blooming (township) Grand Forks County
Blooming Prairie (township) Divide County
Blooming Valley (township) Divide County
Blue Butte (township) McKenzie County
Blue Hill (township) McLean County
Blue Ridge (township) Williams County
Bluebird (township) LaMoure County
Bohnsack (township) Traill County
Bonetraill (township) Williams County
Boone (township) Sheridan County
Border (township) Divide County
Bordulac (township) Foster County
Bottineau (city) Bottineau County
Bowbells (township) Burke County
Bowbells (city) Burke County
Bowdon (city) Wells County
Bowen (township) Sargent County
Bowman (township) Bowman County
Bowman (city) Bowman County
Boyd (township) Burleigh County
Boyesen (township) Bowman County
Braddock (city) Emmons County
Brampton (township) Sargent County
Brandenburg (township) Richland County
Brander (township) Bottineau County
Brandon (township) Renville County
Breien Morton County
Bremen (township) Wells County
Brenna (township) Grand Forks County
Briarwood (city) Cass County
Brightwood (township) Richland County
Brillian (township) Ward County
Brimer (township) Barnes County
Brinsmade (city) Benson County
Brittian (township) Hettinger County
Broadlawn (township) Steele County
Broadview (township) Griggs County
Brocket (city) Ramsey County
Broe (township) Benson County
Brookbank (township) Mountrail County
Brooklyn (township) Williams County
Brown (township) McHenry County
Bruce (township) Cavalier County
Bryan (township) Griggs County
Bryant (township) Logan County
Bucephalia (township) Foster County
Buchanan (township) Stutsman County
Buchanan (city) Stutsman County
Buchanan Valley (township) Emmons County
Buckeye (township) Kidder County
Bucklin (township) Slope County
Bucyrus (city) Adams County
Bucyrus (township) Adams County
Buena Vista (township) Bowman County
Buffalo (township) Cass County
Buffalo (city) Cass County
Buford (township) Williams County
Bull Butte (township) Williams County
Bull Moose (township) Wells County
Bullion (township) Golden Valley County
Bunker (township) Kidder County
Burg (township) Divide County
Burke (township) Mountrail County
Burlington (township) Ward County
Burlington (city) Ward County
Burt (township) Ward County
Bush (township) Eddy County
Butte (city) McLean County
Butte (township) McLean County
Butte Valley (township) Benson County
Buxton (township) Traill County
Buxton (city) Traill County
Byersville (township) McLean County
Byron (township) Cavalier County
Caledonia (township) Traill County
Calio (city) Cavalier County
Callahan (township) Renville County
Calvin (city) Cavalier County
Cameron (township) Ward County
Campbell (township) Emmons County
Campbell (township) Hettinger County
Cando (city) Towner County
Cando (township) Towner County
Canfield (township) Burleigh County
Cannon Ball (township) Hettinger County
Canton City (city) Pembina County
Captain's Landing (township) Morton County
Carbondale (township) Ward County
Carlisle (township) Pembina County
Carpenter (township) Steele County
Carpio (township) Ward County
Carpio (city) Ward County
Carrington (city) Foster County
Carrington (township) Foster County
Carroll (township) Slope County
Carson (city) Grant County
Carter (township) Burke County
Casey (township) Ransom County
Cash (township) Slope County
Casselton (city) Cass County
Casselton (township) Cass County
Castle Rock (township) Hettinger County
Cathay (city) Wells County
Cathay (township) Wells County
Cato (township) Ramsey County
Cavalier (township) Pembina County
Cavalier (city) Pembina County
Cayuga (city) Sargent County
Cecil (township) Bottineau County
Cedar (township) Adams County
Cedar Creek (township) Slope County
Center (township) Richland County
Center (city) Oliver County
Central (township) Nelson County
Chaffee Cass County
Chain Lakes (township) Ramsey County
Champion (township) Williams County
Chandler (township) Adams County
Charbon (township) McKenzie County
Chaseley (township) Wells County
Chatfield (township) Bottineau County
Cherry Lake (township) Eddy County
Chester (township) Grand Forks County
Chestina (township) Kidder County
Chicago (township) Stutsman County
Chilton (township) Hettinger County
Christiania (township) Burleigh County
Christine (city) Richland County
Churchs Ferry (city) Ramsey County
Clara (township) Nelson County
Clark (township) Hettinger County
Clay (township) Renville County
Clayton (township) Burke County
Clear Lake (township) Burleigh County
Clear Lake (township) Kidder County
Clearfield (township) Griggs County
Clearwater (township) Mountrail County
Cleary (township) Burke County
Clement (township) Dickey County
Clermont (township) Adams County
Cleveland (city) Stutsman County
Cleveland (township) Walsh County
Clifford (city) Traill County
Clifton (township) Cass County
Climax (township) Williams County
Clinton (township) Divide County
Coalfield (township) Divide County
Coburn (township) Ransom County
Cogswell (city) Sargent County
Coleharbor (city) McLean County
Colfax (city) Richland County
Colfax (township) Richland County
Colgate (township) Steele County
Colquhoun (township) Renville County
Columbia (township) Eddy County
Columbus (city) Burke County
Colville (township) Burke County
Colvin (township) Eddy County
Concrete Pembina County
Conklin (township) Stutsman County
Connor (township) Slope County
Conway (city) Walsh County
Coolin (township) Towner County
Cooperstown (township) Griggs County
Cooperstown (city) Griggs County
Cordelia (township) Bottineau County
Corinne (township) Stutsman County
Cornell (township) Cass County
Corwin (township) Stutsman County
Cottonwood (township) Mountrail County
Cottonwood Lake (township) McHenry County
Coulee (township) Ramsey County
Courtenay (township) Stutsman County
Courtenay (city) Stutsman County
Crane Creek (township) Mountrail County
Crary (city) Ramsey County
Crawford (township) Slope County
Creel (township) Ramsey County
Cremerville (township) McLean County
Crete Sargent County
Crocus (township) Towner County
Crofte (township) Burleigh County
Cromwell (township) Burleigh County
Crosby (city) Divide County
Crowfoot (township) Mountrail County
Crown Hill (township) Kidder County
Crystal (township) Pembina County
Crystal (city) Pembina County
Crystal Lake (township) Wells County
Crystal Springs (township) Kidder County
Cuba (township) Barnes County
Cusator (township) Stutsman County
Cut Bank (township) Bottineau County
Cypress (township) Cavalier County
Dahlen (township) Nelson County
Dale (township) Burke County
Dalen (township) Bottineau County
Daneville (township) Divide County
Danton (township) Richland County
Darling Springs (township) Adams County
Dash (township) Towner County
Davenport (township) Cass County
Davenport (city) Cass County
Dawson (city) Kidder County
Dayton (township) Nelson County
Dazey (city) Barnes County
Dazey (township) Barnes County
De Groat (township) Ramsey County
De Witt (township) Divide County
Dean (township) LaMoure County
Debing (township) Mountrail County
Deep River (township) McHenry County
Deepwater (township) McLean County
Deer Lake (township) Stutsman County
Deering (township) McHenry County
Deering (city) McHenry County
Delger (township) Wells County
Delhi (township) Golden Valley County
Denbigh (township) McHenry County
Denhoff (township) Sheridan County
Denmark (township) Ward County
Denver (township) Sargent County
Des Lacs (township) Ward County
Des Lacs (city) Ward County
Devillo (township) Richland County
Devils Lake (city) Ramsey County
Dewey (township) Walsh County
Dexter (township) Richland County
Dickey (city) LaMoure County
Dickinson (city) Stark County
Dimond (township) Burke County
Divide (township) Dickey County
Dixon (township) Logan County
Dodds (township) Nelson County
Dodge (city) Dunn County
Dogden (township) McLean County
Donnybrook (city) Ward County
Douglas (city) Ward County
Douglas (township) McLean County
Dover (township) Griggs County
Dovre (township) Slope County
Dows (township) Cass County
Drake (city) McHenry County
Drayton (city) Pembina County
Drayton (township) Pembina County
Dresden (township) Cavalier County
Driscoll (township) Burleigh County
Dry Fork (township) Williams County
Dry Lake (township) Ramsey County
Dublin (township) Williams County
Duck Creek (township) Adams County
Duerr (township) Richland County
Dunbar (township) Sargent County
Dundee (township) Walsh County
Dunn Center (city) Dunn County
Dunseith (city) Rolette County
Durbin (township) Cass County
Durham (township) Stutsman County
Dwight (township) Richland County
Dwight (city) Richland County
Eagle (township) Richland County
Easby (township) Cavalier County
East Alma (township) Cavalier County
East Fork (township) Benson County
East Fork (township) Williams County
Eastman (township) Foster County
Easton (township) Steele County
Eckelson (township) Barnes County
Ecklund (township) Burleigh County
Eddy (township) Eddy County
Eden (township) Walsh County
Eden Valley (township) Renville County
Edendale (township) Steele County
Edgeley (city) LaMoure County
Edgemont (township) Sheridan County
Edinburg (city) Walsh County
Edmore (city) Ramsey County
Edmunds (township) Stutsman County
Edna (township) Barnes County
Egan (township) Mountrail County
Egeland (city) Towner County
Egg Creek (township) McHenry County
Eidsvold (township) Bottineau County
Elden (township) Dickey County
Eldon (township) Benson County
Eldorado (township) Traill County
Eldred (township) Cass County
Eldridge (township) Stutsman County
Elgin (township) Cavalier County
Elgin (city) Grant County
Elk Creek (township) Golden Valley County
Elkhorn (township) Divide County
Elkmount (township) Grand Forks County
Ellendale (township) Dickey County
Ellendale (city) Dickey County
Elling (township) Pierce County
Elliott (township) Ransom County
Elliott (city) Ransom County
Ellisville (township) Williams County
Ellsbury (township) Barnes County
Elm (township) Dickey County
Elm (township) Grant County
Elm Grove (township) Grand Forks County
Elm River (township) Traill County
Elm Tree (township) McKenzie County
Elma (township) Richland County
Elmdale (township) Ward County
Elms (township) Bottineau County
Elmwood (township) Golden Valley County
Elora (township) Pembina County
Elverum (township) Pierce County
Elysian (township) Bottineau County
Emerado (city) Grand Forks County
Empire (township) Cass County
Enderlin (city) Ransom County
Enger (township) Steele County
Ensign (township) Renville County
Enterprise (township) Nelson County
Epping (city) Williams County
Equality (township) Williams County
Erie (township) Cass County
Ervin (township) Traill County
Esmond (township) Benson County
Esmond (city) Benson County
Estabrook (township) Foster County
Estherville (township) Burleigh County
Eureka (township) Ward County
Everest (township) Cass County
Evergreen (township) Ward County
Excelsior (township) Kidder County
Fairbanks (township) Renville County
Fairdale (city) Walsh County
Fairfield (township) Grand Forks County
Fairmount (township) Richland County
Fairmount (city) Richland County
Fairview (township) Sheridan County
Fairville (township) Wells County
Falconer (township) Grand Forks County
Falsen (township) McHenry County
Fancher (township) Ramsey County
Fargo (township) Cass County
Fargo (city) Cass County
Farina (township) Hettinger County
Farmington (township) Walsh County
Farmvale (township) Williams County
Fay (township) Burke County
Felson (township) Pembina County
Ferry (township) Grand Forks County
Fertile (township) Mountrail County
Fertile (township) Walsh County
Fertile Valley (township) Divide County
Fessenden (city) Wells County
Field (township) Nelson County
Fillmore (township) Divide County
Fingal (city) Barnes County
Finley (township) Steele County
Finley (city) Steele County
Finn (township) Logan County
Fischbein (township) Bowman County
Fisher (township) Grant County
Flasher (city) Morton County
Flaxton (city) Burke County
Flint (township) Stutsman County
Florance (township) Foster County
Florence Lake (township) Burleigh County
Foothills (township) Burke County
Forbes (city) Dickey County
Forde (township) Nelson County
Fordville (city) Walsh County
Forest River (city) Walsh County
Forest River (township) Walsh County
Forman (township) Sargent County
Forman (city) Sargent County
Fort Ransom (city) Ransom County
Fort Ransom (township) Ransom County
Fort Rice Morton County
Fort Totten Benson County
Fort Yates (city) Sioux County
Forthun (township) Burke County
Fortuna (city) Divide County
Forward (township) Wells County
Foxholm (township) Ward County
Fram (township) Wells County
Francis (township) Burleigh County
Franklin (township) Steele County
Frazier (township) Divide County
Freda (township) Grant County
Frederick (township) Divide County
Fredonia (city) Logan County
Freeborn (township) Eddy County
Freedom (township) Ward County
Freeman (township) Richland County
Fremont (township) Cavalier County
Freshwater (township) Ramsey County
Frettim (township) Kidder County
Fried (township) Stutsman County
Frontier (city) Cass County
Fullerton (city) Dickey County
Gackle (city) Logan County
Galesburg (city) Traill County
Galesburg (township) Traill County
Garborg (township) Richland County
Gardar (township) Pembina County
Gardena (city) Bottineau County
Gardner (township) Cass County
Gardner (city) Cass County
Garfield (township) Traill County
Garner (township) Golden Valley County
Garness (township) Burke County
Garnet (township) Divide County
Garrison (city) McLean County
Gascoyne (township) Bowman County
Gascoyne (city) Bowman County
Gasman (township) Ward County
Gate (township) McLean County
Gates (township) Eddy County
Gem (township) Bowman County
Gerber (township) Stutsman County
German (township) Dickey County
Germania (township) Stutsman County
Germantown (township) Wells County
Gerrard (township) Towner County
Getchell (township) Barnes County
Ghylin (township) Burleigh County
Gibbs (township) Burleigh County
Gilby (township) Grand Forks County
Gilby (city) Grand Forks County
Gill (township) Cass County
Gilmore (township) McHenry County
Gilstrap (township) Adams County
Glacier (township) Stutsman County
Gladstone (city) Stark County
Gladstone (township) LaMoure County
Glen (township) LaMoure County
Glen Ullin (city) Morton County
Glenburn (city) Renville County
Glendale (township) Logan County
Glenfield (township) Foster County
Glenfield (city) Foster County
Glenila (township) Cavalier County
Glenmore (township) LaMoure County
Glenview (township) Burleigh County
Glenwood (township) Walsh County
Golden (township) Walsh County
Golden Glen (township) LaMoure County
Golden Lake (township) Steele County
Golden Valley (township) Williams County
Golden Valley (city) Mercer County
Goldfield (township) Bowman County
Golva (city) Golden Valley County
Good Luck (township) Williams County
Goodrich (city) Sheridan County
Goodrich (township) Sheridan County
Gooseneck (township) Divide County
Gordon (township) Cavalier County
Grace (township) Grand Forks County
Grace City (city) Foster County
Graf (township) Kidder County
Grafton (township) Walsh County
Grafton (city) Walsh County
Grail (township) McKenzie County
Grainbelt (township) Bowman County
Grainfield (township) Towner County
Grand Forks (city) Grand Forks County
Grand Forks (township) Grand Forks County
Grand Harbor (township) Ramsey County
Grand Prairie (township) Barnes County
Grand Rapids (township) LaMoure County
Grand River (township) Bowman County
Grand Valley (township) Dickey County
Grandfield (township) Eddy County
Grandin (city) Cass County
Grandview (township) LaMoure County
Grano (city) Renville County
Grant (township) Richland County
Granville (city) McHenry County
Granville (township) McHenry County
Grass Lake (township) Burleigh County
Grassland (township) Renville County
Grassy Butte McKenzie County
Gray (township) Stutsman County
Great Bend (city) Richland County
Greatstone (township) McLean County
Greely (township) Ward County
Green (township) Barnes County
Greenbush (township) Ward County
Greendale (township) Richland County
Greene (township) Ransom County
Greenfield (township) Griggs County
Greenfield (township) Traill County
Greenland (township) Barnes County
Greenview (township) Steele County
Greenville (township) LaMoure County
Grenora (township) Williams County
Grenora (city) Williams County
Grey (township) Cavalier County
Griffin (township) Stutsman County
Grilley (township) McHenry County
Grover (township) Renville County
Gunkel (township) Cass County
Gutschmidt (township) Logan County
Gwinner (city) Sargent County
Haag (township) Logan County
Haaland (township) Wells County
Hagel (township) Pierce County
Hague (city) Emmons County
Haley (township) Bowman County
Hall (township) Sargent County
Halliday (city) Dunn County
Hamberg (city) Wells County
Hamburg (township) Dickey County
Hamburg (township) Wells County
Hamerly (township) Renville County
Hamilton (township) Pembina County
Hamilton (city) Pembina County
Hamlet (township) Renville County
Hamlin (township) Nelson County
Hammer (township) Ramsey County
Hampden (city) Ramsey County
Hankinson (city) Richland County
Hanks Williams County
Hannaford (city) Griggs County
Hannah (city) Cavalier County
Hansboro (city) Towner County
Hanson (township) Ransom County
Haram (township) Bottineau County
Harding (township) Ramsey County
Hardscrabble (township) Williams County
Harlem (township) Sargent County
Harmonious (township) Burke County
Harmony (township) Cass County
Harper (township) Slope County
Harriet-Lien (township) Burleigh County
Harrison (township) Ward County
Harriston (township) Walsh County
Harvey (township) Cavalier County
Harvey (city) Wells County
Harwood (township) Cass County
Harwood (city) Cass County
Hastings (township) Bottineau County
Hatton (city) Traill County
Havana (city) Sargent County
Havelock (township) Hettinger County
Haven (township) Foster County
Hawkeye (township) Divide County
Hawkeye (township) McKenzie County
Hawksnest (township) Wells County
Hay (township) Cavalier County
Hay Creek (township) Burleigh County
Hayland (township) Divide County
Haynes (city) Adams County
Haynes (township) Kidder County
Hazel (township) Williams County
Hazel Grove (township) Burleigh County
Hazelton (city) Emmons County
Hazen (city) Mercer County
Hebron (city) Morton County
Hebron (township) Williams County
Hegton (township) Grand Forks County
Heimdal (township) Wells County
Helena (township) Griggs County
Helendale (township) Richland County
Hemen (township) Barnes County
Henderson (township) Cavalier County
Hendrickson (township) McHenry County
Henrietta (township) LaMoure County
Henry (township) Golden Valley County
Herberg (township) Traill County
Herman (township) Sargent County
Hesper (township) Benson County
Hettinger (township) Adams County
Hettinger (city) Adams County
Hidden (township) Stutsman County
Hiddenwood (township) Ward County
Highland (township) Cass County
Highland (township) Hettinger County
Highland (township) Sheridan County
Highland Center (township) Ramsey County
Hill (township) Cass County
Hillsboro (township) Traill County
Hillsboro (city) Traill County
Hillsdale (township) Eddy County
Hillsdale (township) Wells County
Hilton (township) Ward County
Hobart (township) Barnes County
Hofflund (township) Williams County
Hoffman (township) Bottineau County
Holmes (township) Sheridan County
Homen (township) Bottineau County
Homer (township) Stutsman County
Homestead (township) Richland County
Hoople (city) Walsh County
Hope (township) Cavalier County
Hope (city) Steele County
Horace (city) Cass County
Horseshoe Valley (township) McLean County
Hove Mobile Park (city) Cavalier County
Howe (township) Grant County
Howell (township) Towner County
Howes (township) Cass County
Howie (township) Mountrail County
Hudson (township) Dickey County
Huff Morton County
Hughes (township) Slope County
Hugo (township) Steele County
Hume (township) Slope County
Hunter (township) Cass County
Hunter (city) Cass County
Hurdsfield (city) Wells County
Hurley (township) Renville County
Huron (township) Cavalier County
Ibsen (township) Richland County
Idaho (township) Mountrail County
Illinois (township) Nelson County
Impark (township) Benson County
Indian Creek (township) Hettinger County
Inkster (city) Grand Forks County
Inkster (township) Grand Forks County
Iosco (township) Stutsman County
Iota Flat (township) Ward County
Iowa (township) Benson County
Irvine (township) Benson County
Isabel (township) Benson County
Island Park (township) Ransom County
Isley (township) Ransom County
Ivanhoe (township) Renville County
Jackson (township) Sargent County
James Hill (township) Mountrail County
James River Valley (township) Dickey County
Jamestown (city) Stutsman County
Janke (township) Logan County
Jefferson (township) Pierce County
Jessie Griggs County
Jim River Valley (township) Stutsman County
Johnson (township) Wells County
Johnstown (township) Grand Forks County
Joliette (township) Pembina County
Jud (city) LaMoure County
Judson (township) Williams County
Kandiyohi (township) Burke County
Kane (township) Bottineau County
Karlsruhe (township) McHenry County
Karlsruhe (city) McHenry County
Kathryn (city) Barnes County
Keene (township) McKenzie County
Keller (township) Burke County
Kelso (township) Traill County
Kenmare (city) Ward County
Kenmare (township) Ward County
Kennedy (township) Hettinger County
Kennison (township) LaMoure County
Kensal (city) Stutsman County
Kensal (township) Stutsman County
Kensington (township) Walsh County
Kent (township) Dickey County
Kentner (township) Dickey County
Kern (township) Hettinger County
Keystone (township) Dickey County
Kickapoo (township) Kidder County
Kickapoo (township) Mountrail County
Kief (city) McHenry County
Killdeer (city) Dunn County
Kindred (city) Cass County
Kingsley (township) Griggs County
Kingston (township) Sargent County
Kinloss (township) Walsh County
Kinyon (township) Cass County
Kirkelie (township) Ward County
Klingstrup (township) Ramsey County
Knife River (township) Mountrail County
Knox (city) Benson County
Knox (township) Benson County
Kohlmeier (township) Rolette County
Koldok Barnes County
Kottke Valley (township) McHenry County
Kramer (city) Bottineau County
Kulm (city) LaMoure County
Kunze (township) Hettinger County
La Moure (township) Pembina County
Ladd (township) Bowman County
Lake (township) Cass County
Lake George (township) McHenry County
Lake Hester (township) McHenry County
Lake Ibsen (township) Benson County
Lake Town (township) Barnes County
Lake Washington (township) Eddy County
Lake Williams (township) McLean County
Lake Williams (township) Kidder County
Lakeview (township) Burke County
Lakeville (township) Grand Forks County
Lakota (township) Nelson County
Lakota (city) Nelson County
Lallie (township) Benson County
LaMars (township) Richland County
LaMoure (city) LaMoure County
Lampton (township) Walsh County
Land (township) McHenry County
Landa (city) Bottineau County
Langberg (township) Bowman County
Langdon (township) Cavalier County
Langdon (city) Cavalier County
Lankin (city) Walsh County
Lansford (township) Bottineau County
Lansford (city) Bottineau County
Lansing (township) Towner County
Larimore (township) Grand Forks County
Larimore (city) Grand Forks County
Lark (township) Grant County
Larrabee (township) Foster County
Larson (city) Burke County
Latona (township) Walsh County
Lawton (township) Ramsey County
Lawton (city) Ramsey County
Layton (township) McHenry County
Leaf Mountain (township) Burke County
Leal (city) Barnes County
Lebanon (township) McHenry County
Lee (township) Nelson County
Leeds (township) Benson County
Leeds (city) Benson County
Lehr (city) McIntosh County
Leipzig (township) Grant County
Leith (city) Grant County
Lenora (township) Griggs County
Lenton (township) Stutsman County
Leonard (city) Cass County
Leonard (township) Cass County
Leval (township) Nelson County
Levant (township) Grand Forks County
Lewis (township) Bottineau County
Liberty (township) Mountrail County
Liberty (township) Ransom County
Liberty Grove (township) Richland County
Lidgerwood (city) Richland County
Lightning Creek (township) Adams County
Lignite (city) Burke County
Lillehoff (township) Ramsey County
Lincoln (city) Burleigh County
Lincoln (township) Emmons County
Lincoln (township) Pembina County
Lincoln Dale (township) Sheridan County
Lincoln Valley (township) Divide County
Lind (township) Grand Forks County
Lindaas (township) Traill County
Lindahl (township) Williams County
Linden (township) Cavalier County
Linton (city) Emmons County
Linton (township) Ward County
Lippert (township) Stutsman County
Lisbon (city) Ransom County
Litchville (city) Barnes County
Litchville (township) LaMoure County
Little Deep (township) McHenry County
Loam (township) Cavalier County
Lockwood (township) Renville County
Lodema (township) Pembina County
Logan (township) Burleigh County
Logan Center (township) Grand Forks County
Lohnes (township) Benson County
Loma (city) Cavalier County
Lone Tree (township) Golden Valley County
Long Creek (township) Divide County
Long Lake (township) Burleigh County
Longfellow (township) McLean County
Longview (township) Foster County
Loquemont (township) McLean County
Loraine (city) Renville County
Lordsburg (township) Bottineau County
Loretta (township) Grand Forks County
Lorraine (township) Dickey County
Lostwood (township) Mountrail County
Lovell (township) Dickey County
Lowery (township) Stutsman County
Lowland (township) Mountrail County
Lucy (township) Burke County
Ludden (city) Dickey County
Lund (township) Ward County
Luverne (city) Steele County
Lynn (township) Wells County
Lyon (township) Stutsman County
Mabel (township) Griggs County
Maddock (city) Benson County
Madison (township) Hettinger County
Maine (township) Adams County
Makoti (city) Ward County
Malcolm (township) McLean County
Mandan (city) Morton County
Mandan (township) Ward County
Manfred (township) Wells County
Manilla (township) Cavalier County
Manitou (township) Mountrail County
Manning Dunn County
Manning (township) Kidder County
Manns (township) Stutsman County
Mansfield (township) Barnes County
Mantador (city) Richland County
Manvel (city) Grand Forks County
Maple (township) Dickey County
Maple River (township) Cass County
Mapleton (township) Cass County
Mapleton (city) Cass County
Marboe (township) Sargent County
Margaret (township) Ward County
Marion (township) Bowman County
Marion (city) LaMoure County
Marmarth (city) Slope County
Marsh (township) Barnes County
Marshall (township) Williams County
Marstonmoor (township) Stutsman County
Martin (city) Sheridan County
Martin (township) Sheridan County
Martin (township) Walsh County
Maryland (township) Ward County
Maryville (township) Rolette County
Mauch (township) Sheridan County
Max (city) McLean County
Maxbass (city) Bottineau County
Mayland (township) Ward County
Mayville (city) Traill County
Mayville (township) Traill County
Maza (township) Towner County
McAlmond (township) Mountrail County
McClellan (township) Benson County
McClusky (township) Sheridan County
McClusky (city) Sheridan County
McGahan (township) Mountrail County
McGinnis (township) McLean County
McHenry (township) Foster County
McHenry (city) Foster County
McKenzie (township) Burleigh County
McKinley (township) Ward County
McKinney (township) Renville County
McKinnon (township) Foster County
McLeod Ransom County
McVille (city) Nelson County
Meadow (township) McHenry County
Meadow Lake (township) Barnes County
Medford (township) Walsh County
Medicine Hill (township) McLean County
Medina (city) Stutsman County
Medora (city) Billings County
Mekinock (township) Grand Forks County
Melrose (township) Steele County
Melville (township) Foster County
Melvin (township) Nelson County
Menoken (township) Burleigh County
Mentor (township) Divide County
Menz (township) Sioux County
Mercer (township) McLean County
Mercer (city) McLean County
Merkel (township) Kidder County
Merricourt Dickey County
Merrill (township) Hettinger County
Meyer (township) Pierce County
Michigan (township) Grand Forks County
Michigan (township) Nelson County
Michigan City (city) Nelson County
Midland (township) Pembina County
Midway (township) Stutsman County
Mikkelson (township) LaMoure County
Milnor (city) Sargent County
Milnor (township) Sargent County
Milton (city) Cavalier County
Minco (township) Benson County
Mineral Springs (township) Slope County
Minnehaha (township) Bowman County
Minnesota (township) Burke County
Minnewaukan (city) Benson County
Minnewaukan (township) Ramsey County
Minnie (township) Grant County
Minnie Lake (township) Barnes County
Minot (city) Ward County
Minto (township) Cavalier County
Minto (city) Walsh County
Mission (township) Benson County
Missouri (township) Burleigh County
Missouri Ridge (township) Williams County
Model (township) Mountrail County
Moffit Burleigh County
Mohall (city) Renville County
Monango (city) Dickey County
Monroe (township) Towner County
Mont (township) Williams County
Montpelier (city) Stutsman County
Montpelier (township) Stutsman County
Montrose (township) Cavalier County
Moon Lake (township) Stutsman County
Moord (township) Slope County
Moore (township) Ransom County
Mooreton (city) Richland County
Mooreton (township) Richland County
Moraine (township) Grand Forks County
Moran (township) Richland County
Morgan (township) Traill County
Morris (township) Ramsey County
Morton (township) Burleigh County
Moscow (township) Cavalier County
Mott (city) Hettinger County
Mott (township) Hettinger County
Mound (township) Slope County
Mount Carmel (township) Cavalier County
Mount Rose (township) Bottineau County
Mount View (township) Towner County
Mountain (city) Pembina County
Mountrail (township) Mountrail County
Mouse River (township) McHenry County
Munich (city) Cavalier County
Munster (township) Eddy County
Muskego (township) Renville County
Mylo (city) Rolette County
Myrtle (township) Mountrail County
Nansen (township) Richland County
Napoleon (city) Logan County
Nash (township) Nelson County
Nash (township) Walsh County
Naughton (township) Burleigh County
Nebo (township) Bowman County
Neche (city) Pembina County
Neche (township) Pembina County
Nedrose (township) Ward County
Nekoma (city) Cavalier County
Nekoma (township) Cavalier County
Nelson (township) Barnes County
Nesheim (township) Nelson County
Ness (township) Pierce County
New City (township) Towner County
New England (township) Hettinger County
New England (city) Hettinger County
New Germantown (township) Sheridan County
New Home (township) Williams County
New Leipzig (city) Grant County
New Prairie (township) Ward County
New Rockford (city) Eddy County
New Rockford (township) Eddy County
New Salem (city) Morton County
New Town (city) Mountrail County
Newborg (township) Bottineau County
Newbre (township) Ramsey County
Newburg (city) Bottineau County
Newburgh (township) Steele County
Newbury (township) Stutsman County
Newland (township) Ramsey County
Newman (township) Ward County
Newport (township) McHenry County
Niagara (city) Grand Forks County
Niagara (township) Grand Forks County
Nixon (township) Ramsey County
Noble (township) Cass County
Nogosek (township) Stutsman County
Noltimier (township) Barnes County
Nome (city) Barnes County
Noonan (city) Divide County
Noonan (township) Ramsey County
Nora (township) LaMoure County
Norden (township) LaMoure County
Nordmore (township) Foster County
Norma (township) Barnes County
Normal (township) McHenry County
Norman (township) Traill County
Normania (township) Benson County
Normanna (township) Cass County
North Creel (township) Ramsey County
North Loma (township) Cavalier County
North Olga (township) Cavalier County
North Prairie (township) McHenry County
North River (city) Cass County
North Star (township) Burke County
North Viking (township) Benson County
Northfield (township) Ramsey County
Northland (township) Ransom County
Northwest (township) Dickey County
Northwest (township) Kidder County
Northwood (city) Grand Forks County
Northwood (township) Grand Forks County
Norton (township) Walsh County
Norway (township) Traill County
Norway Lake (township) Wells County
Norwich (township) McHenry County
Oak Creek (township) Bottineau County
Oak Valley (township) Bottineau County
Oakes (city) Dickey County
Oakhill (township) Barnes County
Oakland (township) Mountrail County
Oakville (township) Grand Forks County
Oakwood (township) Walsh County
Oberon (township) Benson County
Oberon (city) Benson County
Odessa (township) Hettinger County
Odessa (township) Ramsey County
Odin (township) McHenry County
Oliver (township) Williams County
Olivia (township) McHenry County
Olson (township) Towner County
Ontario (township) Ramsey County
Ops (township) Walsh County
Ora (township) Nelson County
Orange (township) Adams County
Oriska (township) Barnes County
Oriska (city) Barnes County
Orlien (township) Ward County
Orthell (township) Williams County
Osago (township) Nelson County
Osborn (township) Mountrail County
Osford (township) Cavalier County
Oshkosh (township) Wells County
Osloe (township) Mountrail County
Osnabrock (city) Cavalier County
Osnabrock (township) Cavalier County
Ostby (township) Bottineau County
Otis (township) McLean County
Overland (township) Ramsey County
Overly (city) Bottineau County
Ovid (township) LaMoure County
Owego (township) Ransom County
Oxbow (city) Cass County
Page (city) Cass County
Page (township) Cass County
Painted Woods (township) Burleigh County
Palermo (township) Mountrail County
Palermo (city) Mountrail County
Palmer (township) Divide County
Paradise (township) Eddy County
Paris (township) Stutsman County
Park (township) Pembina County
Park River (city) Walsh County
Parshall (township) Mountrail County
Parshall (city) Mountrail County
Passport (township) Ward County
Paulson (township) Towner County
Peabody (township) Bottineau County
Peace (township) Kidder County
Peaceful Valley (township) Slope County
Pearl (township) Golden Valley County
Pearl Lake (township) LaMoure County
Pekin (city) Nelson County
Pelican (township) Ramsey County
Pembina (township) Pembina County
Pembina (city) Pembina County
Perry (township) Cavalier County
Perth (city) Towner County
Perth (township) Walsh County
Petersburg (township) Nelson County
Petersburg (city) Nelson County
Peterson (township) Stutsman County
Petersville (township) Kidder County
Pettibone (township) Kidder County
Pettibone (city) Kidder County
Pick City (city) Mercer County
Pickard (township) Sheridan County
Pickering (township) Bottineau County
Picton (township) Towner County
Pierce (township) Barnes County
Pillsbury (city) Barnes County
Pilot Mound (township) Griggs County
Pingree (city) Stutsman County
Pingree (township) Stutsman County
Pipestem Valley (township) Stutsman County
Pisek (city) Walsh County
Plain (township) Renville County
Plainview (township) Stutsman County
Plaza (township) Mountrail County
Plaza (city) Mountrail County
Pleasant (township) Cass County
Pleasant Hill (township) Kidder County
Pleasant Lake (township) Benson County
Pleasant Prairie (township) Eddy County
Pleasant Valley (township) Williams County
Pleasant View (township) Grand Forks County
Plumer (township) Divide County
Plymouth (township) Grand Forks County
Pomona View (township) LaMoure County
Pontiac (township) Cass County
Pony Gulch (township) Wells County
Poplar Grove (township) Ramsey County
Port Emma (township) Dickey County
Portal (township) Burke County
Portal (city) Burke County
Porter (township) Dickey County
Portland (city) Traill County
Potsdam (township) Dickey County
Potter (township) Barnes County
Powers (township) Mountrail County
Powers Lake (city) Burke County
Powers Lake (township) Mountrail County
Prairie (township) LaMoure County
Prairie Centre (township) Walsh County
Prairie Rose (city) Cass County
Pratt (township) McHenry County
Prescott (township) Renville County
Preston (township) Ransom County
Pretty Rock (township) Grant County
Price Oliver County
Primrose (township) Steele County
Progress (township) Wells County
Prophets (township) Sheridan County
Prospect (township) Ramsey County
Prosperity (township) Renville County
Pulaski (township) Walsh County
Purcell (township) Mountrail County
Quinby (township) Kidder County
Rainbow (township) Williams County
Rainy Butte (township) Slope County
Raleigh (township) Grant County
Randolph (township) McKenzie County
Raney (township) LaMoure County
Ransom (township) Sargent County
Raritan (township) Barnes County
Rat Lake (township) Mountrail County
Ray (township) LaMoure County
Ray (city) Williams County
Raymond (township) Cass County
Red Lake (township) Logan County
Redmond (township) Mountrail County
Ree (township) Ward County
Reed (township) Cass County
Reeder (city) Adams County
Reeder (township) Adams County
Regan (city) Burleigh County
Regent (city) Hettinger County
Reile's Acres (city) Cass County
Reno Valley (township) Pierce County
Renville (township) Bottineau County
Rexine (township) Kidder County
Reynolds (city) Traill County
Rhame (city) Bowman County
Rhame (township) Bowman County
Rice Lake (township) Ward County
Rich (township) Cass County
Rich Valley (township) Benson County
Richardton (city) Stark County
Richburg (township) Bottineau County
Richland (township) Burke County
Richland Center (township) Slope County
Richmond (township) Burleigh County
Rifle (township) Hettinger County
Riga (township) McHenry County
Riggin (township) Benson County
Riverdale (township) Dickey County
Riverdale (city) McLean County
Riverside (township) Steele County
Riverview (township) McKenzie County
Robinson (township) Kidder County
Robinson (city) Kidder County
Rochester (township) Cass County
Rock (township) Benson County
Rock (township) Grant County
Rock Hill (township) Burleigh County
Rock Island (township) Williams County
Rock Lake (township) Towner County
Rockford (township) Renville County
Rocklake (city) Towner County
Rogers (city) Barnes County
Rogers (township) Barnes County
Roland (township) Bottineau County
Rolette (city) Rolette County
Rolla (city) Rolette County
Rolling Green (township) Ward County
Rolling Prairie (township) Foster County
Roloff (township) McIntosh County
Romness (township) Griggs County
Roosevelt (township) Renville County
Roscoe (township) LaMoure County
Rose (township) Stutsman County
Rose Hill (township) Foster County
Rose Hill (township) McHenry County
Rosebud (township) Barnes County
Rosefield (township) Eddy County
Roseglen (township) McLean County
Roseland (township) Burke County
Rosemeade (township) Ransom County
Rosemont (township) McLean County
Rosendal (township) Griggs County
Rosenfield (township) Sheridan County
Roseville (township) Traill County
Ross (city) Mountrail County
Ross (township) Mountrail County
Round Lake (township) McHenry County
Round Prairie (township) Williams County
Round Top (township) Stutsman County
Royal (township) Ramsey County
Rubin (township) Nelson County
Rugby (city) Pierce County
Rugh (township) Nelson County
Rush Lake (township) Pierce County
Rush River (township) Cass County
Rushford (township) Walsh County
Rushville (township) Ward County
Rusland (township) Wells County
Ruso (city) McLean County
Russell (township) LaMoure County
Rutland (city) Sargent County
Rutland (township) Sargent County
Ryan (township) LaMoure County
Ryder (township) Ward County
Ryder (city) Ward County
Rye (township) Grand Forks County
Saddle Butte (township) Golden Valley County
Saint Andrews (township) Walsh County
Saint Anna (township) Wells County
Saint Croix (township) Hettinger County
Saint John (city) Rolette County
Saint Joseph (township) Pembina County
Saint Mary (township) McLean County
Saint Marys (township) Ward County
Saint Michael Benson County
Saint Paul (township) Stutsman County
Saint Thomas (township) Pembina County
Saint Thomas (city) Pembina County
Saline (township) McHenry County
San Haven Rolette County
Sanborn (city) Barnes County
Sand Creek (township) Slope County
Sandoun (township) Ransom County
Sanger Oliver County
Saratoga (township) LaMoure County
Sargent (township) Sargent County
Sarles (city) Cavalier County
Sarnia (township) Nelson County
Sauk Prairie (township) Ward County
Sauk Valley (township) Williams County
Sauter (township) Walsh County
Sawyer (city) Ward County
Sawyer (township) Ward County
Scandia (township) Bottineau County
Schiller (township) McHenry County
Schrunk (township) Burleigh County
Scorio (township) Williams County
Scotia (township) Bottineau County
Scott (township) Adams County
Scoville (township) Ransom County
Scranton (city) Bowman County
Scranton (township) Bowman County
Sealy (township) Logan County
Seivert (township) Cavalier County
Selfridge (city) Sioux County
Sentinel (township) Golden Valley County
Sentinel Butte (city) Golden Valley County
Sergius (township) Bottineau County
Severn (township) Stutsman County
Sharlow (township) Stutsman County
Sharon (township) Steele County
Sharon (city) Steele County
Shealy (township) Ward County
Sheets (township) Slope County
Sheldon (township) Eddy County
Sheldon (city) Ransom County
Shell (township) Mountrail County
Shell Valley (township) Rolette County
Shenford (township) Ransom County
Shepherd (township) Walsh County
Sherbrooke (township) Steele County
Sheridan (township) LaMoure County
Sherman (township) Bottineau County
Sherwood (city) Renville County
Sheyenne (city) Eddy County
Sheyenne (township) Richland County
Short Creek (township) Burke County
Shuman (township) Sargent County
Sibley (city) Barnes County
Sibley (township) Kidder County
Sibley Butte (township) Burleigh County
Sibley Trail (township) Barnes County
Sidney (township) Towner County
Sidonia (township) Mountrail County
Sikes (township) Mountrail County
Silver Lake (township) Wells County
Silvesta (township) Walsh County
Sinclair (township) Stutsman County
Sioux (township) McKenzie County
Sioux Trail (township) Divide County
Skandia (township) Barnes County
Slope Center (township) Slope County
Smith (township) Towner County
Smoky Butte (township) Divide County
Snow (township) McLean County
Solen (city) Sioux County
Solon (township) Hettinger County
Soo (township) Burke County
Sorenson (township) Towner County
Sorkness (township) Mountrail County
Souris (city) Bottineau County
South Cottonwood (township) Wells County
South Dresden (township) Cavalier County
South Fork (township) Adams County
South Heart (city) Stark County
South Meadow (township) Williams County
South Minnewaukan (township) Ramsey County
South Olga (township) Cavalier County
South Valley (township) Rolette County
South Viking (township) Benson County
Southwest (township) Sargent County
Speedwell (township) Wells County
Spencer (township) Ward County
Spiritwood (township) Stutsman County
Spiritwood Lake (city) Stutsman County
Spring Coulee (township) Mountrail County
Spring Creek (township) Barnes County
Spring Grove (township) McHenry County
Spring Lake (township) Ward County
Spring Valley (township) Dickey County
Springbrook (township) Williams County
Springer (township) Ransom County
Springfield (township) Towner County
Springvale (township) Barnes County
Stafford (township) Renville County
Stanley (township) Cass County
Stanley (city) Mountrail County
Stanton (city) Mercer County
Star (township) Bowman County
Starbuck (township) Bottineau County
Starkey (township) Logan County
Starkweather (city) Ramsey County
Stavanger (township) Traill County
Stave (township) Mountrail County
Steele (city) Kidder County
Steiber (township) Burleigh County
Steiner (township) Hettinger County
Sterling (township) Burleigh County
Stevens (township) Ramsey County
Stewart (township) Barnes County
Stewart (township) Kidder County
Stillwater (township) Bowman County
Stirton (township) Stutsman County
Stone Creek (township) Bottineau County
Stoneview (township) Divide County
Stony Creek (township) Williams County
Storlie (township) Cavalier County
Strabane (township) Grand Forks County
Strandahl (township) Williams County
Strasburg (city) Emmons County
Strassburg (township) Sheridan County
Streeter (township) Stutsman County
Streeter (city) Stutsman County
Strege (township) McHenry County
Strehlow (township) Hettinger County
Strong (township) Stutsman County
Sullivan (township) Ramsey County
Summit (township) Richland County
Sundre (township) Ward County
Sunny Slope (township) Bowman County
Sunshine (township) Slope County
Superior (township) Eddy County
Surrey (township) Ward County
Surrey (city) Ward County
Svea (township) Barnes County
Sverdrup (township) Griggs County
Swede (township) LaMoure County
Sydna (township) Ransom County
Sydney (township) Stutsman County
Sykeston (township) Wells County
Sykeston (city) Wells County
Tacoma (township) Bottineau County
Taft (township) Burleigh County
Talbot (township) Bowman County
Tanner (township) Kidder County
Tappen (township) Kidder County
Tappen (city) Kidder County
Tatman (township) Ward County
Taylor (city) Stark County
Taylor (township) Sargent County
Taylor Butte (township) Adams County
Teddy (township) Towner County
Telfer (township) Burleigh County
Tell (township) Emmons County
Tepee Butte (township) Hettinger County
Tewaukon (township) Sargent County
Thelma (township) Burleigh County
Thingvalla (township) Pembina County
Thompson (city) Grand Forks County
Thordenskjold (township) Barnes County
Thorson (township) Burke County
Tiber (township) Walsh County
Tiffany (township) Eddy County
Tioga (city) Williams County
Tioga (township) Williams County
Tolgen (township) Ward County
Tolley (city) Renville County
Tolna (city) Nelson County
Torgerson (township) Pierce County
Torning (township) Ward County
Tower (township) Cass County
Tower City (city) Cass County
Towner (city) McHenry County
Trenton (township) Williams County
Tri (township) McKenzie County
Trier (township) Cavalier County
Triumph (township) Ramsey County
Trotters Golden Valley County
Troy (township) Divide County
Truax (township) Williams County
Truman (township) Pierce County
Trygg (township) Burleigh County
Tuller (township) Ransom County
Turtle Lake (township) McLean County
Turtle Lake (city) McLean County
Turtle River (township) Grand Forks County
Tuscarora (township) Pierce County
Tuttle (city) Kidder County
Tuttle (township) Kidder County
Twelve Mile (township) Williams County
Twin Butte (township) Divide County
Twin Hill (township) Towner County
Twin Lake (township) Benson County
Twin Tree (township) Benson County
Twin Valley (township) McKenzie County
Tyrol (township) Griggs County
Tyrone (township) Williams County
Underwood (city) McLean County
Union (township) Grand Forks County
Upham (city) McHenry County
Upland (township) Divide County
Uxbridge (township) Barnes County
Vale (township) Burke County
Valhalla (township) Wells County
Valley (township) Barnes County
Valley (township) Dickey County
Valley (township) Kidder County
Valley City (city) Barnes County
Valley Spring (township) Stutsman County
Van Buren (township) Renville County
Van Hook (township) Mountrail County
Van Meter (township) Dickey County
Vang (township) Ward County
Vanville (township) Burke County
Vashti Stutsman County
Velva (city) McHenry County
Velva (township) McHenry County
Venturia (city) McIntosh County
Verendrye McHenry County
Verner (township) Sargent County
Vernon (township) Walsh County
Vernon (township) Kidder County
Verona (city) LaMoure County
Vesta (township) Walsh County
Victor (township) Towner County
Victoria (township) McLean County
View (township) Williams County
Viking (township) Traill County
Viking (township) Richland County
Villard (township) McHenry County
Virginia (township) Towner County
Vivian (township) Sargent County
Voltaire (city) McHenry County
Voltaire (township) McHenry County
Wadsworth (township) Stutsman County
Wagar (township) McHenry County
Wagendorf (township) Hettinger County
Wahpeton (city) Richland County
Walburg (township) Cass County
Walcott (city) Richland County
Walcott (township) Richland County
Waldo (township) Richland County
Wales (city) Cavalier County
Walhalla (township) Pembina County
Walhalla (city) Pembina County
Walker (township) Hettinger County
Wallace (township) Kidder County
Walle (township) Grand Forks County
Walsh Centre (township) Walsh County
Walshville (township) Walsh County
Walters (township) Stutsman County
Walum Griggs County
Wamduska (township) Nelson County
Wano (township) LaMoure County
Ward (township) Burke County
Warren (township) Cass County
Warwick (city) Benson County
Warwick (township) Benson County
Washburn (township) Griggs County
Washburn (city) McLean County
Washington (township) Grand Forks County
Waterford (township) Ward County
Waterloo (township) Cavalier County
Watford City (city) McKenzie County
Watson (township) Cass County
Wayne (township) Bottineau County
Wayzetta (township) Mountrail County
Weber (township) Sargent County
Webster (township) Ramsey County
Weimer (township) Barnes County
Weiser (township) Kidder County
Weld (township) Stutsman County
Wellington (township) Bottineau County
Wells (township) Wells County
West Antelope (township) Benson County
West Bank (township) Williams County
West Bay (township) Benson County
West End (township) Richland County
West Fargo (city) Cass County
West Hope (township) Cavalier County
West Norway (township) Wells County
West Ontario (township) Wells County
Westby (township) Divide County
Western (township) Wells County
Westfield (township) Steele County
Westford (township) Kidder County
Westhope (city) Bottineau County
Wheatfield (township) Grand Forks County
Wheatland (township) Cass County
Wheaton (township) Bottineau County
Wheelock (township) Williams County
Whetstone (township) Adams County
Whitby (township) Bottineau County
White (township) Pierce County
White Ash (township) Renville County
White Earth (township) Mountrail County
White Earth (city) Mountrail County
White Lake (township) Slope County
Whitestone (township) Dickey County
Whitestone Hill (township) Sargent County
Whiting (township) Bowman County
Whitteron (township) Bottineau County
Wild Rose (township) Burleigh County
Wildrose (city) Williams County
Willey (township) Sargent County
Williams (township) Nelson County
Williams (township) Kidder County
Willis (township) Ward County
Williston (city) Williams County
Williston (township) Williams County
Willow (township) Griggs County
Willow City (city) Bottineau County
Willow Creek (township) McHenry County
Willow Lake (township) Steele County
Willow Vale (township) Bottineau County
Willowbank (township) LaMoure County
Wilson (township) Burleigh County
Wilton (city) McLean County
Wimbledon (city) Barnes County
Windsor (township) Stutsman County
Winfield (township) Stutsman County
Wing (city) Burleigh County
Wing (township) Burleigh County
Winner (township) Williams County
Winona (township) Grant County
Wise (township) McLean County
Wiser (township) Cass County
Wishek (city) McIntosh County
Wold (township) Traill County
Wolf Butte (township) Adams County
Wolford (city) Pierce County
Wood Lake (township) Benson County
Woodberry (township) Slope County
Woodbury (township) Stutsman County
Woodlawn (township) Kidder County
Woodward (township) Wells County
Woodworth (city) Stutsman County
Wright (township) Dickey County
Writing Rock (township) Divide County
Wyard (township) Foster County
Wyndmere (township) Richland County
Wyndmere (city) Richland County
Yellowstone (township) McKenzie County
York (city) Benson County
York (township) Benson County
Yorktown (township) Dickey County
Young (township) Dickey County
Ypsilanti (township) Stutsman County
Zap (city) Mercer County
Zeeland (city) McIntosh County
Zion (township) Towner County


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