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Oct. 29, 2007
Pluses: Apex, NC, is a fast growing town outside Cary and Raleigh, NC. Current population is approximately 31,000. In 1997, it was 10,000.
Modern subdivisions surround the quaint downtown, and there are several neighborhoods within walking distance of the downtown.
Apex schools are part of the Wake County Public School System, and are administered at the County level, including school assignments.
The schools are well-rated and considered desirable.

Proximity to Cary and Raleigh amenities, but preservation of small town vibe.
Good schools.
Affordable home options.

Minuses: Cons:
None worth worrying about.
- mikejaquish
Oct. 28, 2007
Pluses: Pros: "Nobody walks in LA" is so not true. I lived in "Weho" for 8 years and did a TON of walking. There are so many interesting little residential streets... and the business streets change so much from block to block; trendy to trashy to eccentric & artsy.

Minuses: Cons: The drunks spilling out of bars on the nearby Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards stumbling LOUDLY to their cars they parked on your nice little tree lined street... screaming, puking in the bushes, sirens, cars crashing.
- siamese6
Pluses: Pros: Greenest most tree-lined residential streets in all of California.

Minuses: Cons: Seems to be the Geriatric, Kidney Dialysis, Funeral home capital of CA. judging from all the businesses you see while driving down the street.
- siamese6

Pluses: Pros: Sonora is scenically beautifully. So many pretty places to go. If you love nature, you'll NEVER be bored... you'll always be mesmerized, and you'll always find new places to visit.

Minuses: Cons: there can be some sketchy folks. It actually had one of the larger meth crackdowns in the state a few years ago... so there can be some "back country" folkage.. but as long as you keep to yours and your own and be a positive citizen in the community, you're golden.
- siamese6
Oct. 23, 2007
Pluses: Quiet, less expensive housing than in neighboring Huntington West Virginia,good public library system,competent & well-equipped volunteer fire department,little to no violent crime,very good schools.

Minuses: Speed trap,gasoline and all utility prices higher than in WV,completely "dry" by local option ( this may be a "plus" depending on your perspective), no public transportation,very few jobs,very little diversity of populace( overwhelmingly lower to middle class Christian Caucasians)
- kww
Oct. 22, 2007
Pluses: Warm, friendly town in a peaceful, rural settings yet only 20 minutes from booming Oxford, cultural capital of the South.

Gracious, giving people

Lovely old homes (and still affordable!)

Level Five schools (State's highest rating)

Super hunting and fishing (world's largest crappie was caught here)

Annual Water Melon Carnival and Hobo Gathering

Casey Jones Railroad Museum

A growing artists community

An active Main Street Program . . . the list goes on!

Minuses: Still too many empty storefronts on Main Street. But that shouldn't last long.

Needs a good B&B . . . or three.

A Good Place To . . .
Enjoy a vacation, raise a family, open a business, retire
- BlackDog
Oct. 12, 2007
Pluses: Pros
Friendly people, public and private schools, midway between Jackson and Memphis, within 20 miles from Delta State University, Mississippi Delta Community College branch on Main Street, nice churches

Minuses: Cons
Nothing to do, no growth or growth potential, few jobs, poverty, shopping choices are SuperValu or Family Dollar.
- deltagirl
Sep. 25, 2007
Pluses: Mostly quiet town with good people.

Minuses: Low income. Not much work unless you drive average of 20 miles.

A great place to... Raise children.
- jtb
Sep. 24, 2007
Pluses: Quiet, good restaurants and bagel stores. Close to New York City. Good libraries.

Minuses: Traffic, deficient in parks. Annoying street fairs on every block during the summer.

A great place to... Sit out on the back deck and watch fireflies.
Walk your dog.
- terryballard
Pluses: small town, nice people. You can walk up and down the ave for exercise. You can walk to get Pizza. Cute town.

A great place to... raise children

Moved to Harrisburg for my Husbands job and miss Forty Fort. We grew up in Dallas, and i thought i would miss Dallas a lot when we moved to Forty-Fort, but I didnt. Forty Fort is more conveinant and easy to get to anywhere.
- missffpa
Pluses: family friendly rural community with Irish heritage celebrated
at the drop of a hat! A catholic community with a strong Irish Catholic heritage.

Minuses: isolated from major metro areas. Drive times to those areas are over an hour drive time one way. Secondary & higher educational opportunities are a challenge. So to is ready access to major health centers due to the same circumstances.

A great place to... raise a family in a strong christian backround and share the family's happenings among life lasting friends. Be in an agriculture based business.

I am the third child of Robert & Ann 'McQuillin' Dorsey. Patrick Joseph is my name. Birth date 10-06-50.
- randpdorsey
Sep. 23, 2007
Pluses: Family friendly

Minuses: Crim

A great place to... Live
- ssmith1
Sep. 22, 2007
Pluses: West Newton is located along the Youghiogheny River Trail. It has been designated as one of six Trail Town models along the Great Allegheny Passage. In the next five years people will see a new face to the community, and the development of a completely different business perspective. Have heart those of faith, our community is going to be something very special, not just for the citizens of the community, but for the entire region. See you on the river!

A great place to... bike, hike, canoe, fish, boat, relax and enjoy the day.
- Trailtown
Sep. 21, 2007
Pluses: Fountain Inn is still the "quaint" southern town where folks can call each other by their first names.

It is only about five miles from major shopping yet far enough away from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Minuses: Right now there are several empty buildings that need to be filled. This will happened in the near future as the "sprawl" of homeownership heads this way.

A great place to... live and have your office located here.
- JRHastings
Pluses: Small, friendly community. There are quite a few Churches (per capita) We have excellent farming and business opportunities that Route 127 allows. Though we have around 250 citizens we have 2 part-time Police Officers who keep a pretty close eye on things. Our local park is currently underway with some exciting projects for the play ground and play area. Gym Rental and/or Banquet Rental is available. As per our latest Census Report, our community is made up primarily of families. We have a small but thriving Convenience Store for neccesities and fuel. The Board and Trustees are currently working on Village cleanup to present a more proper image. All Municipal Constituents are readily available for citizen contact, with an open door policy. About 2 miles over is Coffeen Lake, which affords a tremendous amount of fishermen, and sometimes hunters.

Minuses: All Minuses are currently under heavy construction, Thank You. :)

A great place to... Raise a family, make friends, Open a Restaurant, or kick back and enjoy the day.
Sep. 20, 2007
Pluses: Good people, fun weekends. Good outdoors activities

Minuses: Everyone's related

A great place to... Call Home
- Beezer8
Pluses: I lived at the old Point Arena Air Force station in 1963. The winding road that led up to the station was called Eureka Hill road and was about 12 miles long. It rose to a height of 2500 feet, hight enough to be out of the persistant coastal fog, and at about 1500 feet one passed through a thermocline where it got noticibly warmer if you were on a motorcycle. But, crossing the bridge across the Garcia River was very cold and the cross into the thermocline was always welcomed by a rider. Living on the station was a wonderful experience, with the whole Pacific Ocean spread out before me. The station is closed now and falling into ruin. But many deer find safety within it's security perimeter fence. The station has one security guard to keep vandals and hunters out.

Minuses: The town of Point Arena was in the fox belt and most of the airmen who lived in town hated it due to the constant fog. One bar supplied liquid comfort from the fog. One needs to live above the fox layer if one wants to enjoy living in Point Arena all year round.

A great place to... Find hippies, dope, and free love as the place is now overrun with them. Not a good place for raising drug free kids, but maybe a good place to live out a peaceful, mellow yellow life without much trouble from local law enforcement. I hear tell that there was once a stricter County Sheriff but he was voted out of office and replaced with an easy rider.
- donwtimmons2000
A great place to... Raise a family.
- cdt86
A great place to... nice place to live
- johnpilkeille
Pluses: point out some good points

Minuses: what is negative there

are there any organic food sorces?
- conakee
Sep. 19, 2007
Pluses: The schools are very good...tops in the state. Your kid gets a private school education for a public school price.

All we can do is eat...there are some nice Mom and Pop restaurants, as well as a few chain restaurants.

Minuses: There is NOTHING to do if you are not involved in high school athletics. There are no places for kids to hang out except one skate park. Zachary needs some family entertainment center...a bowling alley, a movie theater, SOMETHING!!! I think it is odd that the high school has no PTA...only booster clubs for athletics and the band.

A great place to... Send your kid to public school.
- jcn1130
Pluses: Brooke County is a wonderful place to raise a family.
- rkd
Pluses: If You like a small town that's not rual, then this is good for you. No traffic worry's or busy big city living.

Minuses: Most of the older portions of town are empty buildings,could use a demolition do-over in most of the older parts of the city.

A great place to... To fish, relax and take a breather fronm the city.
- hendyzero
Pluses: Nice small town feel. Beautiful scenery. Nice folks. Lots of good hometown pubs. Osso's pizza. Shorty's hot dogs.

Minuses: No work or industry.

A great place to... See Pony baseball
- jopa
Pluses: lived all over US been away for 20 something years came back missed the cornfields, light traffic, and friendly people

Minuses: buses don't run late enough

A great place to... live and raise children
- lestel1

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