It's Pittsburgh with an "h"

Pittsburgh is the most misspelled city in America, according to a recent study by ePodunk.

The spelling of the city in western Pennsylvania has long been a point of contention. The U.S. Board on Geographic Names ruled in 1890 that the final "h" should be dropped from the names of all cities and towns ending in "burgh," but the citizens of Pittsburgh mounted a campaign to keep the traditional spelling. The board relented in 1911 and restored the "h." All these years later, people remain confused.

Pittsburgh isn.t the only confounding American place name. See the full list at right for the 15 communities misspelled most often.

ePodunk prepared the list by analyzing 6 months of search entries on its Web site, which profiles communities across the country. After compiling a list of misspellings, ePodunk searched for incidences of the misspelled versions on the Web and in major publications (through electronic information services such as Lexis/Nexis).

For further information, contact Laurie Bennett, CEO of ePodunk.

Other rankings and top 10 lists
Rank City State
1 Pittsburgh PA
2 Tucson AZ
3 Cincinnati OH
4 Albuquerque NM
5 Culpeper VA
6 Asheville NC
7 Worcester MA
8 Manhattan NY
9 Phoenix AZ
10 Niagara Falls NY
11 Fredericksburg VA
12 Philadelphia PA
13 Detroit MI
14 Chattanooga TN
15 Gloucester MA
July, 2001

Los Angeles, CA

Pros: climate; entertainment-media capital; geographic diversity; beaches.

Cons: Traffic; bad schools; gangs; too spread out.

This is a good place to Enjoy nightlife, including restaurants, bars, clubs.

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